Labour Brownshirts Descend On South Thanet To Intimidate Voters

Oo – er, looks like Nigel is having a slash in the ballot box (Image source)

Info largely supplied by Roger Nichol, Boggart Blog’s man on the spot in Kent:

Thanet South is already one of the classic battles of the 2015 general election. According to the polls the Kent seat is a classic three way marginal. Any of the three candidates could win – the Conservative Craig MacKinlay, Labour’s Will Scobie or Ukip’s Nigel Farage. It is a fascinating race that tells us much about how our politics is changing. And this is why the story of the campaign needs to be told accurately.

While mainstream media are reporting the UKIP vote is collapsing, Labour are nevertheless jumpy enough to have pulled their extremist fringe Anti – Nazi League (ANL) and Unite Against Fascism neo – Nazi thugs into the constituency.

Rather than quietly support Labour’s Will Scobie from a distance, the anti-fascist fascists have been standing outside the UKIP local campaign office, uttering threats to anyone who shows interest, or attacking Farage. Being lefties they are, of course, too thick and ignorant to see the irony in those claiming to oppose fascism using fascist tactics to silence supporters of a democratic party.

Nor do they see any contradiction in their trying to intimidate voters while claiming to defend democracy.

And they are blissfully unaware that all these tactics were used by the Nazis during Hitler’s rise to power.

One sure way to fire up the kind of people the left assumes will vote UKIP however is to daub their walls with swastikas, damage shops and shout abuse before fucking off back to London to smoke some skunk and brag about how they put the shits up a few old blokes and biddies on zimmer frames. This is not just not very clever. It shows an inability to learn from history. In the European elections, in Clacton and in Rochester Labour turned the bully boys out and it backfired on them.

The anti-Farage barrage that has taken place in recent weeks frames the battle as between Labour and Ukip. But the real contender to Ukip in this seat is the Conservative MacKinlay. It is tribal Tories in places like Sandwich and Broadstairs who threaten Farage. But outsiders from the London leftie hate squad throwing their weight around while handing out literature that writes off MacKinlay is more likely to push the traditional Tory vote to UKIP. Scobie was running a very strong campaign but since the extremists got behind him, he seems to have lost his way.

Labour Scourge Of Tax Avoiders Is A Tax Dodger? WTF is going on?
We have often made points about the hypocroisy of the left, particularly those lefties, but surely Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheim – the diamond people) is the undisputed champ of left wing hypocrites. As a senior Labour MP Margaret was always eager to condemn tax avoidance. Unfortunately like most self righteous Labour millionaires she did not practice what she preached.