Vegetarian Corbyn And Lardarse Abbott Were Lovers

As lefties carry on grizzling about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn not singing the Royal Anthem (they don’t even know that God Save The Queen is not actually the national anthem) was yesterday a bigger story than The Conservatives voting to cut tax credits which, the loonies claim will ‘plunge thousands of families into poverty [wong, because a) we knew about that in April, and b) it will only significantly affect houseolds with annual incomes over £40k ], today’s Corbyn story is much better.

It has been revealed that weirdie beardie, vegetarian matchstick man Jezza and Tub Of Lard MP Diane Abbott were one lovers.


We can see from the picture why the affair did not last. Jeremy is a stereotypical sandal wearing, tree hugging tofu scoffer who looks like a good meal would kill him, Diane looks likes she has enjoyed a few too many large helpings of curried goat with rice and peas, steak and chips or pie and mash.


Tokyo’s education authorities have ordered head teachers to make sure students stand to attention and sing the national anthem. Since 1999 it has
been compulsory to stand for the anthem. Tokyo alone has handed out warnings, suspensions, pay cuts and sackings to more than 300 education
staff for anthem-related offences since 2003.

I wonder why the Americans have not caught onto that one. Anthem related offences seems to me to be a great reason to put people on a chain gang like in Cool Hand Luke. Perhaps they could have flag related offences too.

Thankfully we are more civilised about our anthem, flag and stuff in Europe. I hate to think how many anthem related crimes I have committed over the years.

“She is notorious, useless and spurious,
still she reigns over us…etc.”