Wikileaks Vault7 Release Reveals CIA Contamination Of Apple Devices

WikiLeaks latest from the Vault 7 documents which related to the CIA’s electronic espionage programs to monitor the electronic communications of everybody in the free world has been dubbed ‘Dark Matter,’ and reveals the specially developed techniques to enable hacking of Apple products. In a statement on ‘Dark Matter,’ WikiLeaks said Thursday’s release includes details of the ‘Sonic Screwdriver’ project, described by the CIA as a “mechanism for executing code on peripheral devices while a Mac laptop or desktop is booting.” (Sonic screwdriver is named after a fictional high tech tool featured in the Doctor Who science fiction TV series.) The spy software was developed by the CIA Embedded development branch.

What makes Sonic Screwdriver far more sinister than other hacking tools used by security agencies is that it is embedded in the device’s firmware which means it is part of the operating system, thus it cannot be removed even by highly skilled users, it will simply reinstall itself every time the operating system is rebooted.

More sinister still, while mainstream commentators are saying that access to the firmware means the CIA have ‘assets’ in the Apple supply chain or are able to intercept shipments of devices and tamper with the system before the goods reach retailers, all coyly avoid mentioning the most obvious means of getting CIA spyware into Apple devices is by direct collaboration between Apple and the security services.

Outrageous as this may seem, it is widely known that high tech corporations in the electronic communications business owe much of their phenomenal success to collaboration with US government agencies. The ‘postern gates’ (back doors) installed operating systems and browsers are the best known examples of this.

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How To Be Totally Uncool (By TryingTo Look Cooler Than You Are)

Many of the 4700 people camped outside the Apple store on New York’s 5th Avenue in the picture above are unemployed (and very likely being paid cash in hand by others to queue for days). Few, if any, among either the campers or the buyers will spend $3,600 for a “gold” iPhone like someone in China just did. But those who are buying will gladly pay hundreds of dollars, or in the case of those who budget to the last penny every month to maintain the lifestyle their social pretensions demand, simply lease with zero money down, the latest and greatest aspirational gadget to show they are cooler than they actually are.

If we are brutally honest, the new iPhone 6 does little that the iPhone 5 technology was not capable of doing, but some people are so enslaved by the “cool person” image they imagine owning the latest Apple technology endows them with, they simply don’t care that they are junking their old gadget for the sake of a few bells and whistles.

No doubt when the latest Warmageddonist scare goes around these folks will joing the ‘save the planet’ screeching never pausing to think that the fractions of grammes of rare earth metals their new gadget contains have done as much environmental damage as driving a family car for a year (I made that up for effect, its not an actual statistic.)

Here’s a typical Apple worshipping airhead talking about why he had to get an iPhone 6 on the day they were released. From USA Today:

Chris Johnson, 53, who waited in line at the Apple Store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the goal was to get a new phone and to get one faster than his girlfriend. “My girlfriend, she pre-ordered, so I’m just trying to beat her.” said Johnson. “She thinks I’m crazy to be out here, but I think she’s crazy to pre-order because you may not get yours for 7-10 days. I want to pretty much guarantee.

How insane in are those people outside the main Apple store in New York? Well it was highly publicised that customers could have ordered the iPhone online and have it delivered on launch day. Ah but to the apple cult crowd its about being seen to be a desperate fanboy (or girl) whose self esteem depends on owning fashionable gadgets I suppose. Dunno about you, but I pity people who can’t understand that genuinely being cool involves not giving a flying fuck what other people think about you.

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Google buys Nest for $3.2 billion: Does this home automation acquisition point to ‘the internet of things’?

Google’s $3.2 billion (£2bn) acquisition of Nest, a company that specialises in building sleekly designed, internet-connected products for the home, has sent shockwaves through the tech community – and for good reason.

Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas aimed to promote the idea that the ‘internet of things’ (adding computer chips, memory and software to ‘dumb’ appliances) will the next big thing in technology, with Cisco CEO John Chambers predicting that the market will be worth $19 trillion by 2020.

But despite this hype, most ­of the products soon to be available don’t hold much attraction for the average consumer on the average income. Do you really want a washing machine that can text you to complain about supermarkey own brand detergent? Or a microwave which you can have on the meaning of life?

internet of things

Peter Nieh, a partner a Lightspeed Venture Partners and a Nest investor, ­told the Financial Times that the company’s “magic” was its ability to “marry software and hardware in a way that makes them sing together in a customer experience.”

from The Financial Times
Nest’s brilliance is that it cuts through this confusion, creating technologies that have been hailed for their ease-of-use, attractive design, and for actually solving problems rather than creating them. They’ve only release two products so far (and these are only on sale in the US and Canada) but both have been extremely well received.

The Nest thermostat learns users’ habits – you set it manually a few times and it will pick up and automate temperature changes depending on your routine – whilst the Protect smoke-detector takes some obvious steps forward by being easy to turn off (you can wave your hand at it), connecting up to your mobile for peace of mind on the move, and adding carbon monoxide detection to the traditional set up.

If you are thinking that the “Internet of things” bollocks sounds a lot like the kind of hype Apple would use to sell a fairly standard cell phone with a cutesy pie logo for three times the price of an equally serviceable phone from a less hyperbolic manufacturer, you could be onto something. Nest CEO and co-founder Tony Fadell is a former Apple executive e known as the “godfather of the iPod”, and many are surprised that the company was sold to Google and not the world’s most hypocritical fascist corporation.

Business Insider went so far as to suggest this could be down to a long-standing animosity between Fadell and British-designer Jony Ive (credited with the look of Apple’s most famous products and now head of industrial design at the company).

Apple has not yet revealed any plans to get involved in the ‘internet of things’ market, but it has a number of products in its portfolio that could fit into the nerd’s wet dream lifestyle. iBeacons, for example, has been described as an “indoor GPS” that tracks your exact location in a house (for apple fanboys who are so thick they don’t know whether entered a room intending to have a dump or make a cup of coffee), whilst Siri’s voice recognition would also be useful in issuing commands at home (enabling thick fanboys to tell their dishwasher to make them a cup of coffee – well at least it would taste like Starbucks).

There’s nothing definite from Apple yet, but when it comes expect it to arrive presented in a drab grey box and be hailed as a design masterpiece and fanboys to queue for days to get their hands on one from the first batch, only to have to go straight to the back of the queue again to wait for the arrival of version 2 to replace their now obsolete and unkool version 1.

Beyond the stupid factor that will make some people buy a pointless gadget just because a technology company tells them to, there are privacy issues to consider here. Big internet players are known beyond any reasonable doubt to play fast and loose with users’ privacy. In using the internet we give up personal data in exchange for services whether we intend to or not. Google has been one of the biggest privacy violators, using info about its users to created personal profiles which it sells to advertisers enabling them to hit is with targeted ads. Adding information about your home habits would surely be a step too far for most people.

Fadell has given assurances that Nest’s privacy policy will remain unchanged. To anyone who knows Google however it seems pretty inevitable that before very long your Nest enabled domestic appliances will be linked to a Google server so they can gather even more info about users’ daily routines.

On top of all these drawbacks, what about the security issue. We know, thanks to recent leaks and whistleblowing that Microsoft, Google and other technology firms have built postern gates into their software to allow government agencies to collect users data. And we know that no internet connected device is 100 per cent secure. Do we want to surrender control of our lives to Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, Television sets and crazy OCD-bell-end hacker cliques with names like Anonymous or The People Of Evelyn Tent?

How hard is it to set the washing machined for cool wash? not as hard, I would guess, as recovering cash siphoned from your bank account or convincing a court it was not you who used your credit card account to subscribe to a kiddie porn website, but your washing machine, after you had fallen out with it over skid marks in your guzzies.


New From Apple – SP iPhone

With the usual ballyhoo, which as iusual amounted to Much Ado About Nothing (we’re nothing if not cultured at this blog), Apple computer launched its latest iPhone offering this week iPhone 5 with iOS 7. As usual the Apple fan club are raving about innovation, technical brilliance and how Apple are years ahead of the competition in smart phone technology. And as usual the new iPhone costs far more for equivalent specification and will do nothing that the latest Samsung Galaxy, Sony Eriksson Xperia or Nokia Lumina cannot do (and the competition does most things rather better). So what does the iPhone offer for your money? The video below explains it all.

Once again Populis have taken the ability to embed videos from me. Here’s a link – it’s worth a click.

Latest from Apple – iPhone5 NSA

‘Fraid it’s true, the blessesd Jobs was a government agent, even more diligent in giving government agencies access to Apple users privacy that Bill Gates and his Microsoft backstabbers when it came to putting your privacy on the line online..

So what kind of products can we expect from Apple in future. We can only speculate what features will be built into the I Watch but we guess only a fool or someone who facied sharing their most intimate details with NSA and GCHQ agents would take one into the bedroom at night.

Sainted Apple Boss Really Working For The Worm


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App – alling

Isn’t it time we curtailed the criminal careers of the crooks and scumbags who have hijacked communications technology and turned what should be a great way of communicating and finding information into a criminal scam for corporate fascist who want to rob innocent and vulnerable people.

What drew Boggart Blog’s attention to the criminality of the internet technology industry is the case of Sam Vesty, a father-of-three who plays Rugby for Bath and has two caps for England.

Now I would not say Sam is innocent and vulnerable even if I thought he was because he’s probably a lot bigger than me. However it wasn’t Sam who was taken advantage of by technology scammers but his young sons.

The boys, aged six and eight, were playing the game on his iPhone after memorising his password. They managed to spend more than £1,000 an hour creating their own mini monsters in a popular game.

During this time they bought virtual food for the monsters 54 times, paying up to £69.99 a time for a “mountain of food” for each monster. Now you might think that the kind of cupid stunt who would pay £70 a pop of very real money for virtual food to feed virtual monsters in a virtual world deserves to get robbed. We agree.

Those irritating, technology addicts tossers and tosseresses who walk around waving their iPhones in our faces to show they are so kewl they are happy to pay twice the price for a gadget that does half the job simply because it has an Apple logo deserve to be robbed. But Sam’s boys were six and eight, they’re not stupid, they’re just children.

The app thyat robbed Sam’s iPhone is free to download but various extras, known as “in-app billing”, require cash payments to move up levels and develop monsters.In other words you click an icon and you account is automatically billed. Now I can think of at least three consumer protection laws that breaks.

Mr. Vestey only became aware of the bill when he received an email from Apple’s iTunes store charging him for “one mountain of food” at £69.99 last month.

He then checked his account and saw the damage.

He wrote on Twitter: “My kids did £3,200 playing a game called tiny monsters – it was £69 for some food for virtual monsters. Absolutely disgusting.”

He admitted he had left his sons alone with the phone and although the app needs a password for purchases to be made he said he boys had learnt it off by heart. Yeah, kids are good at that kind of thing and very bad at understanding money (even when they are 38 and 34 if it’s Dad’s money) which is why kids and computer automated billing systems don’t mix.

Bosses of the company that markets the game tweeted back to Vesty, asking him to get in touch. When he did the cash was eventually refunded after Tiny Monsters Ltd. accepted the purchases were not authorised by the user.

Pity really, I would love to be able to report that Sam and some of his Rugby playing mates had gone round to the firm’s office to “have a word.”


FFS It’s A Phone

The iPhone 4s went on sale around the world to great rejoicing from worshippers of Thre Byted Fruit. Devotees of Apple technology cult queued all night outside Apple stores, killing fatted calves, sang hymns and chanted prayers, and did everything associated with ancient religions except the ritual defloriation of virgins (well these are neerds you know.)

Sadly the worshippers wete disappointed. The heavens did not open to reveal a golden staircase ascending to the light, nor did Almighty Jobs send personal text messages to his disciples.

In the Temples Of Mammon sccountants and cashiers raised their arms to the skies and roared Ker – CHING as the great and gullible threw their gold cards towards the hungry mouths of the Chip and Pin Cherubim. (Sorry, did you think Cherubim were those cutesy pie little fat babies on cheap Christamas Cards? Think again. They’re flesh eaters.)

It’s a moblie phone for fuck’s sake. An overpriced one at that.

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The New iPerv App.

A new App for the Apple iPhone launches this week. It’s a bit of a weird one too because this little software gadget will, according to its creators, raise an alarm when a pedophile is getting near your child.

Now having been a computer guy who specialised in networks and communications I was intrigued because I could not for the life of me fathom out how such a programme might work.

I have blogged many times about the way Apple’s kit often falls way short of the hype and about those technology addicts who are as determined to believe computers are intelligent, thinking creatures like us as they are to convince us science is infallible and people who question scientists believe the earth is flat. In these lampoons I have said that machines are not intelligent and can only follow the instructions programmed into them.
When news broke of the iPervert (as it ought to be named) App my confidence was rocked. Maybe I had been wrong, maybe the nerds had been telling the truth all along and they can make an intelligent machine with consciousness, perceptions and the ability to discriminate. Maybe Apple are selling a piece of kit that can spot a paedo I told myself as I began to research this piece.

Then in a Damscine moment understanding dawned. Apple’s gadgets access the internet via cellular networks, each device emits a slow poll, an electro – magnetic pulse to let the network know it is live and where it is. So each iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. knows where all the others are because when it interrogates the network the information is there. Here’s the clever bit though, humans have an electromagnetic field too. With iPerv loaded on an iPhone the presence of humans can be sensed.

Naturally, being Appleheads, iPhone owners habitually walk round with their gadgets held prominently in front of them. ‘Look, I’m not a geek, I’m human,’ they are saying, ‘I have my iPhone ready in case one of my thirty million facebook friends sends me a status update.’ In reality they are waiting for the call from Davros Steve Jobbies that will signal Appleheads are to rise up and take over the world.

This means the iPhone is always in the ideal position to scan any approaching human who does not have an Apple gadget about their person. When such a person is identified a little gnome jumps out of the iGadget, points at the Apple rejectionist and begins to jump up and down screaming “Paedo, paedo…”

Nobody wants to be branded a paedo so as word gets round we will all have to hurry off to order an Apple gadget which we will then never leave home without. And so Apple’s World Domination Agenda will be advanced again.

From an ethical point of view it may stink but as a cynical marketing ploy it will be hard to beat.

(We should point out the new App monitors e-mail, instant messaging and chat rooms for signs of grooming. Unfortunately some people still insist on trying to take Boggart Blog seriously.)

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