Nobody Does Conspiracy Theories Like The Ruling Class

For years the political – corporate cartel in the west establishment sneered “crazy conspiracy theorists” at people who claimed Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was poisoned with polonium-210 by either Israeli or American agents. The most committed of the New World Order supporters even responded to suggestions that Israel was the number one contender were -of course – dismissed as extremist nut jobs!

Funny how the very same lot as were saying it was impossible for Arafat to have been murdered in that way and who backed up their argument by claiming the difficulties of killing someone with polonium were insurmounable were the ones who knew for certain, without any shadow of a doubt, that the murdered spy Aleksandr Litvinenko was poisoned with polonium-210 by the Russian authorities in London in 2006.

As to whether Arafat was poisoned, or Israel was responsible,jury is still out. however, after last week’s news that Swiss forensics experts have found levels of polonium-210 18 times higher than normal in his exhumed body, it is much harder for these elite gatekeepers to haughtily dismiss as ‘cranks’ those who maintain that Arafat was murdered.

And by their own admission we know that it is not impossible to kill someone with polonium.

And as yet nobody has managed to answer conspiracy theorists questions as to how weapons expert Dr. David Kelly managed to commit suicide by hitting himself on the back of the head. (The official inquest said he cut his wrists but an independent autopsy confirmed that he had not severed any arteries and there was too little blood loss for that to be the cause of death.)

Trust nobody … especially the people who tell you anyone with a healthy enough level of scepticism to question government, big business and the whores who do the dirty work for those people is “just a crazy conspiracy theorist.”

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