Arsenal: Going Forward Towards Banality

No, I’m not talking about early season form.

This season, to celebrate the club’s 125th anniversary, Arsenal have commissioned a new crest and motto. Fortunately the gun, a reference to the clubs origins, is still there so the team will still be known as the Gunners. There was always a danger that the Politically Correct Thought Police would order it replaced with a dolphin, panda or whatever they are saving this week. But (shock, horror! Arsenal’s wonderful old Latin motto, “Victoria Concordia Crescit”*, has gone. In it’s place is the politically correct, positivist “Forward” as in “going forward”, “moving forward”, “taking things forward or a thousand other newspeak cliches.

Boggart Blog says “Shite to political correctness.” We will be retaining our old Latin motto “Oderint dum metuant”** no matter what anyone says. That’s the beauty of having no advertisers and no public relations people.

* Victory comes through teamwork (in modern fooball-speak though it’s really harmony)
** Let them hate me so long as they fear me (attributed to Caligula but adopted by Alex Ferguson).

Wenger Proves Football Is Getting Sillier

Those whom the Gods would destroy the first make mad. This saying is often wrongly attributed to the Ancient Greek playwright Euripades but was in fact first uttered by Wilf Eadthball the Slaghoughton Times and Observer football writer in respect of the FA’s decision to appoint Steve McLaren the manager of the England national team.

Wilf’s words were very true. For those who reach the pinnacle of their profession in football management like the people who become political leaders, insanity seems to be an occupational hazard.

The latest top Premiership manager to show symptoms of advanced looniness is Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. Wenger has had a long standing dispute with Machester United’s Alex Ferguson, himself stark raving bonkers in the head, and has had a go at several other managers. In his latest outburst however he is obsessing about the Aston Villa team’s long balls. Arsene reckons long balls like those the Villa players favour have no place in top clas football.

Perhaps the Frenchman is worried his star players will trip over the dangling sacks and injure themselves.

After the three – one defeat by Manchester United last weekend however it is only a matter of time before Arsene vents his spleen against Wayne Rooney, probably by claiming the United strikers shrek ears had his defence helpless with laughter.