Maybe I Should Have Watched Atlantis

I have to admit I scoffed at Atlantis, Herecules is from myth, Pythagoras is from schoolboy hell and Jason is from Milton Keynes or somewhere, yet there they are prancing about in a place that never existed along with Medusa whose legends said one look at her and men turned to some.
Now the actress playing tat role is probably a very nice girl but as for turning to stone, she doesn’t even give me a semi.

All in all, after being hyped as a successor to Merlin it was a huge disappointment. hercules played by a little, fat Yorkshireman? FFS.

But maybe I should have taken more notice because it seems the Greek myths are reaching out to us. There is new evidence that Atlantis did exist, and now the seven headed Hydra from the Hercules myth has put in an appearance. OK, it’s in India rather than Atlantis but who knows where Atlantis was anyway?

Anything to do with Photoshop? I couldn’t possibly comment.

Hercules and the Hydra

And what with sea monsters being washed up ready fried on the coast of California, and the earth opening up to swallow whole communities, something funny is going on.

IN HINDU MYTH the many headed snake is the Naga. In the epic Mahabharata, the character of of Nagas is mixed. One poem calls them “persecutors of all creatures”, and tells us “the snakes were of virulent poison, great prowess and excess of strength, and ever bent on biting other creatures” (Book I: Adi Parva, Section 20). At some points within the story, nagas are important players in many of the events narrated in the epic, frequently no more evil nor deceitful than the other protagonists, and sometimes on the side of good.