Transgender bullying is scaring respectable old organisations into silence

For years Katie Alcock had helped that pillar of middle class Britain, The Guide movemeny run Brownie and Girl Guide groups in her hometown, Lancaster. Then suddenly she was fired. The reason given in a statement by Girlguiding
(the trendy new name for the modern, gender – fluid Girl Guides was that Dr. Alcock,who in her day job in a lecturer and researcher in developmental psychology at Lancaster University, was she had violated its policies on equality and diversity.

Her offence was to suggest that science is correct and fashionable virtue signalling wrong, that people born male who simply say they must be accepted as real women because they feel female inside, should not automatically be welcomed by a female-only organisation and, for instance, share tents or bathrooms with adolescent girls. Remember, these biologically male women need not have surgically reconfigured genitals, we are required to accept that chicks-with-dicks are not likely to behave any differently in communal showers that girls who are born girls.

In any other context, Alcock’s views would be seen as plain old fashioned common sense. But when it comes to transgenderism, common sense has been thrown out of the window. Read her account of the incident HERE

Organisations like Girlguiding must now have policies safeguarding the rights of transgendered girls in interactions with real girls. We all know adolescent girls can be absolute bitches and capable of being unspeakably cruel if, for example, the new girl has to get her dick out while on a camping trip, and that those whose male anatomy gives them the potential to be a threat to those girls cannot be trusted in one on one situations (adolescent boys are notirious for misreading signals, cn we reasonably expect adolescent chicks-with-dicks to behave differently. In a sane world, Girlguiding would stand squarely behind Alcock.

So why, when the interests of transgender people are invoked, does Girlguiding operate a different standard? Why not organise joint camping trips with the scouts and arrange acommodation so boys and girls share tents and shower facilities in the name of diversity?

Girlguiding is not alone in this insanity however. Universities, local councils, the BBC, and charities are among organisations where women and who question badly thought out, scientifically incorrect, politically correct policies intended to promote transgender equality fear to express their opinions because to question the extreme left line would be career suicide.

A common concern is that measures intended to protect people born male who now identify as women or vice versa will have consequences for services and opportunities previously reserved for people born with biologically female bodies. Because there is no getting away from the science, women and men are physically different. We have already seen evidence of this unfairness to biological women in sport, where transgenderd weight lifters with typically male upper body strength (and typically male wedding tackle,) have anihilated the competition in womens’ events.

The question of toilets comes up with depressing frequency in this debate too. Many organisations are introducing “gender neutral” bathrooms, or designating women’s toilets as “gender neutral” to spare transgender people the awkward choice of risking ridicule by use the facility that aligns with their physical sex or their professed gender or a kneee in the bollocks by using the womens’ facilities.

It is all being done in the name of transgender ‘rights. ‘But what about women who aren’t happy sharing such private spaces with biological males? Or who worry that opening facilities and services formerly reserved for women to male-born transwomen (who are not surgically altered or even receiving hormone therapy is unfair on women who, according to feminist orthodoxy, have faced a lifetime of social and economic sexism? What about their rights. Where is the fairness in stripping a group of their right to the privacy of gender – segregated facilities in order to grant a small but completely unreasonable minority the privileges they demand.

There has already been a case in Britain of a convict who in his male persona was a convicted rapist, successfully convincing the authorities that he ‘felt he was a woman’ to obtain a transfer to a women only prison, where within a few months he was arrested and sent for trial on several counts of rape and sexual assault against female inmates.

And then there is Canadian the case of Jessica Yaniv, who has sued several beauty therapists to financial ruin because they refused to give her a bikini line was on her female cock and big, hairy ball sack.

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You Couldn’t Make It Up

A few days ago this blog reported on the case of Vancouver man Jonathan Yaniv, who identifies as Jessica and wears little girl style party frocks. In politically correct Canada this is sufficient for him to be legally recognised as a woman.

Revelling in his new, legally but not visually affirmed feminine identity Jessica, who in his male persona as Jonathan is a convicted sex offender, has been harassing female beauticians who refuse to give him a bikini like wax job because – well in short he doesn’t have a bikini line, he still has his big, hairy old male dangly bits. And some ladies in the beauty business do not wish to handle such ugly things.

OK, so why am I repeating all this when it was reported last week? Well, because today I came across this news item at Press For Truth:

“’Jessica’ Yaniv UNHINGED! Press For Truth ASSAULTED At Tribunal Hearings!!! Jonathan Yaniv (who goes by the name ‘Jessica’) wants to FORCE other women to legally have to touch his genitals. While covering the tribunal hearings Dan Dicks of Press For Truth politely requested an interview but was met with an aggressive reaction which led to an assault.”

The whole story is beyond sanity of course, but what is so brilliant here is that the online news site reporter sent to cover the story of the man who wanted a bikini line wax on his cock and balls is called Dan Dicks!

You couldn’t make it up.

And for all you red blooded men out there, here’s another look at the lovely Jessica who, I’m sure you will agree, looks as feminine and alluring as a spotted dick pudding.



13-year-old fights school policy allowing ‘trans girls’ into girls’ changing room
February 7, 2020 (Paul Smeaton, LifeSiteNews) – A 13-year-old UK girl is taking her local council to court after it issued guidance that would allow boys who identify as “transgender girls” to access girls’ bathrooms, changing rooms, and dormitory rooms on student trips.
The guidance was issued last year as part of the Oxfordshire County Council’s “Trans Inclusion Toolkit for School 2019” project.


Good, better and even better

Just after seeing the news that Nigel Farage in to stay on as UKIP leader (which will surely gladden the hearts of our leftie friends, I took a look on Guido Fawkes blog and saw the old conspirator is predicting Ed Balls will soon be back in Westminster.
Could Ed Balls soon be back in the Commons? There is a rumour going round that Labour’s veteran MP in Coventry North West, Geoffrey Robinson, who was at the centre of a huge internal row about whether he would stand down before the election, could quit and trigger a by-election This soon had Coventry Labour members tweeting:

Jason Cowley @JasonCowleyNS Whisper it but will Geoffrey Robinson fall on his sword offering his dear friend @edballsmp a route back to the Commons? If not now, when? 8:27 PM – 10 May 2015

Jayne Innes @JayneInnes Cov NW needs diverse long list – I’ve already said I’ll help put it together

Ciarán Norris @ciarannorris@JayneInnes it would be insane for Cov NW to give it to an outsider

Jayne Innes @JayneInnesPersonally I don’t want Cov NW to have someone who was rejected by voters elsewhere.

See more tweets on Guido’s post

Memories of Brown The Clown

A wonderful moment during campaigning for the Newark by election yesterday, when Labour deputy leader Harriet Harperson and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls (the very fat man who waters the workers’ beer) had an uncofortable encounter with a working class woman who just wanted to get on with her shopping.
Sorry, the embed script for the video is in javascript which this blog doesn’t like. Here’s a link if you want to se the moment.

In a scene painfully reminiscent of Gordon Broon’s accidental encounter with a working class person in Rochdale back in 2010, the woman spoke to Hattie but wanted nothing to do with Mr. Bollocks. After she has snubbed his attempt to shake her hand, Ed clearly wants to say “Racist bigot” and his expression tells us he found the experience of meeting a working class person as distasteful as Labour leader Ed Miliband found his bacon sandwich experience.

With the Lib Dems already dead in the water, the way Labour and the Tories are going UKIP will not even need to campaign for next years general election.

Bilderberg Group – Bring On The Clowns

osborne bilderberg picture source The Guardian

So here he is, our esteemed chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, arriving at the 2014 Bilderberg in Copenhagen. In a snappy suit, and with a new razor-sharp hairdo, Osborne looks ready for business. You could skin a goat with that fringe. He probably got a trim and a shoe polish at the airport, wanting to look his best for the conference.

Osborne rolled up to the hotel with John Micklethwait, the editor-in-chief of the Economist and board member of the Economist Group. This year, in all, there are three members of the Economist board at Bilderberg: Micklethwait, John Elkann (the billionaire Agnelli heir) and Eric Schmidt (the executive chairman of Google).

During his stay in Copenhagen, Osborne will also have the chance to hammer out economic policy with three senior members of Goldman Sachs, three board members of Shell Oil, and two people whose nickname is “the Prince of Darkness” – Richard Perle and Peter Mandelson … more at The Guardian

Yesterday Ed Balls turned up for the conference at which politicians from the most economically powerful nations are given instructions on how to shaft the citizens for the benefit of the global elite. Unfortunately the Bilderbergers had got wind of Labour’s trials and tribulations over the last few weeks and turned him away as Huff Post UK reported:

“This year’s Bilderberg meeting is being held in Copenhagen. However one high profile British delegate may have missed a few of the early meetings.

Ed Balls was captured on video being turned away for not having his ID badge. The clip was published by InfoWars, the American organisation that believes the meeting of the global power elite is a secret world government.

In the clip, Balls appears to search through his arm full of folders for his access pass, but is unable to find it. Handing over his passport to the policeman he says: “That’s my name, I’m on the list.”

Unfortunately the Danish cop though he was talking bollocks and pointed him towards the exit – see video

Continue reading at Huffington Post

Will Bilderberg End Privacy As We Know It? Agenda Suggests The Elite Will Know Everything About You

Bollocks Is As Bollocks Does

Anyone hear the Labour Shadow chancellor Mr. Bollocks talking bollocks on the Andrew Marr show this morning? Apparently Mr. Bollocks thinks the way to solve our problems is to raise taxes for “the rich”, erase the deficit by printing shitloads more money.

“Ed Balls has rejected claims that Labour’s pledge to bring back the 50p top rate of income tax is part of an “anti-business agenda” in the party.

The shadow chancellor said it was a “fair” measure to be used while Labour reduced the “huge” deficit it would inherit if it won the 2015 election.”

Would that be almost exactly the same huge deficit as the coalition inherited from Labour when they took power in 2010?

Bollocks also said the coalition had failed to get to grips with the deficit and Labour would take a different approach to reducing the budget. Was he talking bollocks again? Well the only thing we have seen from Labour that even faintly resembles a policy for dealing with inflation are the hints that pensions and savings of ordinary people might be raided to fund “action on climate change to save the planet.” (see Little Nicky Machiavelli today for more on the climate scam)

Testicular Fortitude Needed To Read This One Boys


A Newcastle woman who had previously been jailed jailed for biting off her partner’s testicles has been back in court after the pair rekindled their romance.

Martin Douglas required emergency surgery and 19 stitches to re-attach his scrotum after the blow job gone horribly wrong drunken assault by his girlfriend Maria Topp.

We must wonder where Douglas keeps his brain because after having his balls chewed he allowed himself to be tempted back into their relationship by Maria whose picture we reproduced below at the risk of causing distress to our male readers.

Ball Biter

Topp says she was ‘stabbed in the back’ by Mr Douglas after he reported her to police for breaching her restraining order. We couldn’t fault the lad if he had stabbed her in the back with a big blunt knife, she did bite his bollocks after all.

Topp, 45, had a ‘friendly chat’ with her ex-flame when they bumped into each other in Yates’ Lodge bar in the city centre.

She then sent Mr Douglas a text asking ‘Do you still love me?’

Ignoring several options including not replying, leaving the country and curling up in the foetal position in a dark room while hugging a security blanket, sucking his thumb and whimpering, Mr Douglas resumed his relationship with Topp. It fizzled out again in June this year at which point Mr Douglas reported Topp’s breach of her restraining order.

Appearing in Newcastle Magistrate’s Court Topp pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order.

Prosecuting, David Thompson said: ‘This is a breach of a restraining order where the relationship ended against a backdrop of domestic violence for which Ms Topp was convicted in November last year.

Yeah but … he didn’t have to get back with her did he?

Somehow we have to stop these people from breeding.

Three More Shades Of Grey
Budgie Smugglers the only safe swimwear on Hampstead Heath
Different Clothes

CAlm Down Dears – Cammers Isn’t Man Enough To Be Sexist

In one of the most bizarre comments to come out of the Labour Party conference Yvette Cooper (Mrs Bollocks) has said David Cameron is losing support among female voters who are increasingly angry at his sexist manner and policies.

Mrs Bollocks, main rival to her hubby Ed Bollocks in the race to thow Ed (Bluebottle) Miliband under a train suggested the Coaliton was increasingly out of touch with women and the issues that matter to them which in the perception of leading Labour feminists are gay rights, free drugs for chavs and a 1 million per cent testicle tax on men’s earnings.

She also told the Labour conference in Liverpool that Mr Cameron’s public persona was increasingly putting off female voters. She highlighted an incident in the Commons in April, when the Prime Minister dismissed Angela Eagle, a Labour MP, by saying “Calm down, dear”.

Miss Cooper has emerged as a potential future candidate for the Labour leadership after assured performances admired by party members. After this outburst Cameron will be pushing her for the Labour leadership too.

Zombie Economy

Another Load Of Balls From The Government

Ed Balls, Minister for Child Related Cock-ups today announced that in light of public and professional uproar concerning his proposal to set up the Independent Safeguarding Authority which would use not only hard evidence of abuse as used in the Criminal Records Bureau check currently in place, but would also use soft evidence such as having been involved in an investigation but not having been brought to trial, hearsay and suggestions of inapproprite behaviour, the government would be reviewing it’s plans.

Many commentators have noted that child abuse is usually perpetrated by a friend or relative, not by the Mum’s who take it in turns to share the school run or give of their time to demonstrate particular skills to schoolchildren.

The ISA would vet all such people who come into contact with children on a regular basis. The check would be a once in a life time event, they say, although the CRB check has to be up-dated every three years or whenever you apply for a new job, even if it is with the same employer.
Boggartblog can reveal that Mr. Balls has directed his minions to look at ways of vetting anyone who has a child or has the ability to have a child at some point in the future, and all relatives, friends, and possible contacts of said person.

Mr. Balls hopes this will silence those who have criticised the proposals, and also, bearing in mind that the CRB check costs £30 a pop, will be a nice little earner for the cash strapped government.

Lib-(Dem)-erate Your Civil Liberties

Cooking With Balls

The organiser of the World Testicle Cooking Championship has published a book full of his favourite recipes,

The Testicle Cookbook, Cooking with Balls.

As you may deduce from the title it is all about cooking testicles. Recipes include:

calf testicles in wine;

testicle pizza;


battered testicles;

I do recall Ramsey suggesting that a particularly inept french chef should have been strung up by his bollocks from the Eifel Tower, but I didn’t think he meant it.