Negative Interest Rates – Final Nail In The Coffin Of Neoliberalism?

Negative interest rates, in plain terms a situation in which we pay bankers for holding our money, are the latest ruse of politicians and economists to make uis start spending our investments and savings, thus kickstarting the global economy they have screwed up.

The idea is if your saving and investments are costing you rather than earning a little, you will start spending instead of saving. More likely, when people understand they are being shafted again the backlash will become to big to contain with propaganda.

Click the link to learn more about this latest globalist scam to grab out money

Negative Interest Rates – Final Nail In The Coffin Of Neoliberalism?


The Greek Fiasco Trundles On

Has a deal been reached to solve Greece’s debt problem? No.

Has a deal been cobbled together to impose more hardship on the Greek people because the arrogant EU pen pushers and backroom deal makers are unable to admit failure and thus will do anything that will allow them to kick the can down the road a little further before the inevitable default and Greece is forced out of the Euro? Yes, well sort of.

Will the Greek parliament approve the deal? Unlikely.

If the Greek parliament does approve the deal will there be a return to civil unrest in Greek cities? Very likely.

Will the government of Greece fall? It’s a question of when rather than if.

Will the other EU nations approve the deal? The Finns have promised to veto it and Germany’s parliament, The Reichstag is deeply divided on the issue. About half of EU member states have strong misgivings, based on fears that sooner or later Germany will do the same to them.

So what should all this tell us in Britain? That we should ignore the blandishments of those neo-Nazi lefties who would sell out our national sovereignty and be happy to see our great nation absorbed into a Euronazi bureaucratic dictatorship (called The German Empire) because by now anybody with eyes to see and ears to hear should be aware that the EU is an undemocratic attempt by a cabal of unelected bureaucrats to destroy national independence and create a supranational tyranny.

Cameron’s Tories and the Labour leadership contenders with the exception of Liz Kendall, the only one talking any sense and so, predictably, the one trailing in fourth position behind the two spouters of anodyne platitudes and the left wing idiot) are making populist noises about reclaiming sovereignty from Brussels.

The Greek debacle should demonstrate to even the most brain dead political apparatchik there is no way to negotiate with the bureaucratic fascists, it’s like punching a sponge. The only way to escape is to walk away and face the consequences, which is what Britain should do now. Every day’s delay will only make our eventual exit harder.

Let’s put the optimistic drivel of mainstream media into perspective by looking at what is really happening in Greece as this will be the pattern for other nations that do not quit the EU.

Greece’s governmental debt to private investors (bondholders) as of, first, December 2009; and, then, five years later, December 2014, fell by over 80%. In almost all countries, private investors either eliminated or steeply reduced their holdings of Greek government bonds during that 5-year period.

(Overall, it was reduced by 83%; but, in countries such as France, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, and Belgium, it was reduced closer to 100% — all of it.)

In other words: by December 2009, word was out amongst the financial aristocracy that only suckers would want to buy their Greek debt holdings from them. So where do you find enough clueless saps to pay premium prices for worthless shite? There just aren’t that many idiots in the world so the bankers and investors deployed the fail – safe system set up in past centuries that permits or rather compels governments to buy the wealthy elite’s bad bets at face value despite its worthlessness in real terms; for governments to become the suckers with pockets full of taxpayers money when private individuals back off.

Not all Greek debt was sold directly to governments; much of it went instead indirectly, to agencies (bond dealers and brokers) that the industry elite set up as basically transfer-agencies for passing junk from the private sector to governments; in other words, as middlemen, to transfer unpayable debt-obligations to various governments’ taxpayers.

So who actually bought Greek debt you might well ask. Who were these governments and middlemen-agencies? According to Bloomberg, as of January 2015, they were: 62% Euro-member governments (including the European Financial Stability Facility); 10% International Monetary Fund (IMF), and 8% European Central Bank; then, 17% still remained with private investors; and 3% was owned by “other.”

What got bailed-out was private investors, not ‘the Greek people’ or ‘The Greek nation’ as mainstream media have constantly tried to suggest.

A reasonable assumption (and one often used by media commentators) is that a large part of the Greek debt to the Germans was the result of Greek consumption of German goods and services bought with the German provided credit. In that case, the Germans have lost the Greek goods and services that could have potentially been bought with the money that is owed to them.” But this is entirely false: that “consumption” was by the aristocracy, not by the public, anywhere or at any time.

After all, as we have showed, it’s the elite and their agencies that get bailed-out, not the public, not now, not ever. (The same thing is happening now in Ukraine.)

In other words this whole Greek crisis has been about transferring debt from bankers, investors, hedge funds and financial institutions to taxpayers. Because in spite of what the pseudo-anarchists of the occupy movement may tell you, the bankers and their buddies are not stupid and they have leaned that if bureaucracies such as the E U and the United Nations are put between the democratic process and the global financial system so that voters cannot call ‘ enough’, the flow of cash from us poor taxpayers into the pockets of the super rich is endless and unstoppable.

Russel Brand Anti Bankers Documentary Funded By Bankers

It’s taken the avid publicity seeker Russell Brand less than twelve months to go from channeling wealthy, elitist leftie Tony Benn to channeling capitalist’s conscience money into his own growing bank account. Russel Brand’s journey from comedy leftie to hypocritical twat has been quicker than any before.

from The Daily Telegraph

When Russell Brand wanted to film himself confronting bankers about their bonuses, he chose to storm RBS, regarding the bank as the very embodiment of the capitalist system he so despises.

But, not for the first time, Brand has left himself open to accusations of hypocrisy after it emerged the film company he set up is largely funded by City investors – including a former RBS banker.

Brand raised almost £1 million by issuing shares in Mayfair Film Partnership Ltd, the production company making his next film, a documentary called Brand which will explore his ideas on the redistribution of wealth.

At least 11 of the 21 main investors in the company are current or former employees of banks or other financial institutions, while a 12th is a pension fund.

They were all able to claim tax relief by offsetting the money they invested in the shares against their income tax, as part of a government scheme to attract investment in high risk start-up companies.


Market Rigging: Another Conspiracy Theory Is Expose As Truth

Evidence of market rigging

A few days ago I had a comment from outside the community complaining about my having suggested several times in one article that the Rothschild Banking Dynasty was well served by the latest scaremongering pack of lies about climate catastrophe to come out of the United Nations Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). I was gobsmacked to learn that there was still somebody who either did not know Goldman Sachs is owned by Rothschilds or did not know that Goldman Sachs was the leading player in efforts to create a trillion dollar carbon trading market. G. S. made many times more money from the putative carbon cap and trade scam than even Al Gore.

But after a promising start back in 2009 the putative carbon cap and trade market stalled and the Rothschilds had to look elsewhere for opportunities to loot the saving and pensions of ordinary punters. And their greedy, beady eyes focused on other cash cattle. And that is where out latest “conspiracy theory” that has proved to be pure, 24 carat truth.

Why then did Goldman re decide to redesign its uber-profitable FX vertical and redo it from scratch? Simples – their ability to rig and manipulate FX markets, which are now under every global regulator’s microscope after the “Cartel” members so foolishly let themselves be caught with their fingers in the till, no longer exists. The last big sting by the Goldman banksters was the gold bubble a couple of years ago when after spiking briefly at around $1900 an ounce, the yellow, shiny stuff crashed back to below $1200. That was done by short selling, a system for getting rich in the markets by selling stuff you don’t have and that probably does not exist at all as I explained in Naked Finance.

Exposure of a conspiracy to rig FX markets, coming so soon after the Libor scandal which exposed the manipulation of interest rates was a gift to make us “conspiracy theorists” (aka truth tellers) feel a little tingle in our lower abdomen.

Goldman’s move out of the naked shorting business in foreign exchange was confirmed when news broke that a dozen large investors have filed law suit against 12 major banks for “allegedly conspiring to rig global foreign-exchange prices.” Actually, “allegedly” is redundant in that sentence, anyone who has not known for years that the foreign exchange markets were rigged is either a Buddhist monk or a heavy drug user.

Wall Street Journal had this to say:

“The class-action lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York late Monday, was from a group of investors across the U.S. and Caribbean, including city and state pension plans.

“They accused the banks of communicating “with one another, including in chat rooms, via instant messages, and by emails, to carry out their conspiracy,” and for rigging foreign-exchange rates as far back as January 2003, the lawsuit said.

The banks sued are BofA, Barclays, BNP, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche, Goldman, HSBC, JPM, Morgan Stanley, RBS and UBS, or, in other words all the usual suspects. And certainly all the Too Big To Fail banks that know they can rely on our money being stumped up to cover their arses.

In the complaint, the investors accused the banks of controlling foreign-exchange rates via a “small and close-knit group of traders.” They allege it became possible for banks to rig the market because the traders “have strong ties formed by working with one another in prior trading positions” and by in many cases living “in the same neighborhoods in the Essex countryside just northeast of London’s financial district.”

“They belong to the same social clubs, golf together, dine together and sit on many of the same charity boards,” the complaint adds.

And I can tell you they are often linked by having shagged the same women, oh yes, it’s an incesteous little world out there.

But the punchline is not that FX is rigged, as I said everybody who was paying attention knew that, but that as Goldman has shown by shifting its focus, the commodity market is the only one where manipulation, rigging and fraud are not only possible but smiled upon by regulators. Because one of the key commodities in said market is gold. And as everyone knows, alongside getting the stock market indices to all time highs, the other core mandate of central bankers everywhere is to push gold to 0, thus making fiat money the only currency in which goods can be traded and making us all slaves of our debts.

The worst news for champions of scepticism and freethinking is we are rapidly running out of “conspiracy theories” that haven’t been revealed as conspiracy facts yet.

(picture source)

TAFTA another free trade and corporate fascism treaty
Our New Unhappy Lords

If You Have Done Nothing Wrong You Have Everything To Fear #2

There has been a lot of talk about aliens secretly taking over the world recently. What kind of aliens? you might well ask.

Well, the Bilderberg Group, bankers, celebrities, business leaders, guys who think every human bean should be conceived in a test tube and genetically modified, and shape shifting reptillians like the person who said this:

”If you are a law-abiding citizen of this country, going about your business and your personal life, you have nothing to fear.” British Foreign Secretary William Hague, responding to the revelations of mass surveillance in the US and the UK” (BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show on 9 June).

The only reason you might not yet have done anything wrong enough to attract the attention of government snoopers is they haven’t invented an offence to fit what you do next.

Say you went down the car boot sale and bought a couple of DVDs for cash. That is a whole host of potential offences. First by buying DVDs in good faith you are inciting the seller to make fraudulent digital copies. Second, because you bought second hand for cash you are aiding and abetting tax evasion by entering into a transaction that cannot be electronically monitored. And thirdly, you knowingly deprived the government of information it needs if society is to be managed properly. you utterly evil bastard.

So what has William Hague and his total surveillance society to do with shape shifing aliens. Have you ever heard of the Mekon, the evil intergalatic overlord from the Dan Dare comic strip?

hague1 mekon

William Hague and The Mekon – the same shape shifting alien or what?

Surveillance and the police state

Television: Watching You Watching them Watching You
USA escalates threats against nations sympathetic to Ed Snowden
News From The Bilderberg Group
RIOT The US Government’s Snooper Software Project

A Baaad Time Fer Pirates, Mates

Greeting you scurvey swaabs, Boggart Blog Pirating correspondent Blaack Jaack Baastard ‘yer to wite th’ blog for Internaaational Talk Like A Pirate Day. Not my usual boisterous style of greeting eh mates? No, well you see poor ol’ Jack, ‘ee’s been depressed. These paaast twelve months has seen nothin’ but baad news for us Priates.

What with them S’mellialies takin’ to the high seas, Bankers and Members of Parliament what is supposed to be trustworthy turnin’ out more crooked that us an’ even they world leaders being frauds, there’s no place left for a honest crook to go. Did you know as Sarkozy wears personality lifts and Obama’s six paack is photoshopped, pair o’ scumsucking scurvey sharkshaggers that they are. And people says I’m a fraud acause I dyes my beard.

I did see a bit of brighter news today though, not exaaactly gren shoots of recovery but a whisper of a chaaance of and opportunity if you take moi meaning. Cyberpiracy was never for me, I ain’t interested in no hacking through the baack door for me mates, I’m a stylist. In through the front door and slice the lubbers from chin to codlings, that’s old Blaack Jack’s style. but there may be a more acceptable way of hijacking data on the horizon.

An IT company in Durban, South Africa, was so fed up with the speed of the broadbaaand service they was getting from the local telecoms operator that it bought a courier pigeon. The pigeon took two hours to carry a 4GB memory stick 60 miles to another office, in which time just 4 per cent of the data was transferred using the internet connection. It looks like carrier pigeon is the future of the internet mates.ow Blaaack Jaaack and his shipmates, the most scabrous, syphylitic cut throats on the seven seas is partial to a pigeon pie and we reckons they memory sticks will fetch a ‘aaandsome ransome.

Other that that laaandlubbers, a priate’s prooospects for the next twelve months is as gloomy as yourn.

Big Brown Bag O’ Shite

Last week I posted an article to remind you all what a bag o’ shite Tony Blair is. The purpose was to make sure the truth is out there as Blair tries to reinvent himself as The World’s Greatest Catholic. The responses to the post included along with the usual witty banter from regular readers some outraged whines from fans of Tony Blair. These sad little people were, with one honourable exception, they are the type who create an e-mail address solely to comment in one thread so their comments have no value at all. But I would not want the nerds to think they are not appreciated. You see, being nerds they just couldn’t let things lie, they had to try to impose their views on Boggart Blog. This meant we got a bumper crop of comments which kept the thread attracting traffic for several days.

Let’s see if we can pull off the same trick with Gordon Brown who has been nominated this week’s bog o’shite of the week. Why has he been awarded that title you might well ask? It is because he continues to believe we are all too stupid to know that when he talks of green shoots of recovery he is just trying to get us spending insanely again.

Brown, supported by two sidekicks, the one who looks like a Thunderbirds puppet (for non – British readers, Thunderbirds was a 1960 sci – fi puppet show; no, really, it was; which has gained cult status around the world) and the one who looks like a puppet from Fireball XL5, another 1960s sci – fi puppet show which has not gained cult status and deservedly so, wants us to cough up more money so he can give it to bankers and businessmen. The man who thought up this ruse is another Brown buddy who looks like a Dark Lord from Lord Of The Rings. We will not identify him as mention of his name has been known to drive people to suicide.

Brown and his gang are desperate to get the economy moving. They have spent all the government’s money on bailing out bankers and feeding fat cats caviar and cream and now as no-one is spending, no –one is making any money. Therefore the government are not raking in any taxes to pay the seven per cent interest on the money they borrowed from the banks having lent it to the banks a 0.5 per cent interest.

As we have no manufacturing industry left and no natural resources to exploit because Brown’s silly commitments to reduce our carbon footprint put our coal off limits (You may notice that other nations make vague noises about carbon emissions but keep on pumping the oil, digging the coal and helping their economies to flourish,) the only way the British economy can be restarted is by Mr. and Mrs. Average Briton resuming digging themselves ever deeper into debt so they can start consuming and the economy can grow. As Steinbeck wrote in The Grapes of Wrath, “The economy is a monster that must grow because if it ever stops growing it dies.” It has died and cannot be resuscitated by Mr. & Mrs Average Britons’ debts.

Unfortunately for Ol’ Bag O’ Shite Brown Mr & Mrs Average Briton are already so deep in debt there are two big blokes waiting outside their house for them to show their faces. As soon as our typical couple set foot outside these two, the Psycho – Bastard twins, Ugly and Murdering will deliver the message their boss E. Ville Loanshark wrote on the baseball bats with nails through the end that the boys are holding. The message reads: “This is nothing personal, it’s just business. If I let you rip me off everyone will think they can too.”

Yes, debt collecting, usury and prostitution are the only industries that are growing in Bag O’shite Brown’s Britain. Yet in this dystopic environment the government thinks a few bland statements about things getting better because the rate of decline has slowed will all us all with confidence. That or they think blaming our selfishness for the recession will guilt trip us all into selling our kids into slavery to save this failed government from complete annihilation as a political force at the next election.

Right, any Brown fans out there let’s be ‘avin’ you. There must be some if there are Blair fans, Blair is even more despicable than Brown slightly. At least Brown only preaches politics to us, he does not blether on about “faith.” So anybody who thinks as one Blair fan does that I am sitting here with my beer and chips (actually it is Claret and Canapes sweetie) carping and criticising while good people like Saint Tony are “at least trying to do something,” bring ‘em on.

The Economy Is So Bad Talk Radio blog Blaney’s Blarney presents a roundup of the best “economy up shit creek” one liners.

Engage With Blair – No Thanks No longer constrained by the cynicism of Alistair Campbells, that slimy little shit Blair is free to push his “faith agenda.” But will anybody put their faith in a proven liar and hypocrite who has proved he is addicted to monry and celebrity. As a Saxon scribe once wrote “Preachers are attracted to monery like flies to a turd.”

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Q.E. with Stephen Fry: The television panel game for recession and financial crisis.

A television studio set of a pnel game. four panellists are arranged in pairs on either side of the host, Stephen Fry.

Stephen Fry:
A very good evening and welcome one and all to Q.E. the panel game about Quantitative Easing and other aspects of the financial crisis that have led to recession and possibly the end of civilisation as we know it. This is a show similar to QI in many ways in that I ask incredibly difficult questions about the collapse of the global economy so the panel can give excruciatingly incorrect answers. I then correct them in a smug and patronising yet simultaneously witty and charming way only a national treasure like myself could possibly carry off.
It matters not though that our panel are seldom able to give the correct answer as nobody truly knows what the correct answer is so we give them points for being Quite Entertaining which is a form or Quantitative Easing for the stressed out spirit.

Well now that everybody is totally confused about what is going on I shall introduce the panel. On my left we have The Politicians, a dour, curmudegeonly Scot to whom we shall refer as The DCS and a Tory Posh Boy (though obviously he is not as posh as me) who shall go by the monicker of TPB.

Over on my right meanwhile, straining at the leash as they wait to dive into the fray we have The Entertainers, a Working Class Dolt or WCD for short…

That’s a bit like WMD innit? WCD, that could be weapon of complete destruction. I like that.

That is Quite Entertaining so you can have a point. It is I however who shall be the Weapon Of Complete destruction as I make you all look ridiculous. And speaking of looking ridiculous, completing the line up tonight our final panellist is the woman with the biggest tits in Britain; Katie Price. And now the formalities are done with let us move to the first question. Who or what is to blame for the credit crunch?

Yeah, I know this. It was Oscar Wilde. (bells ring, sirens wail and a chorus of Flash Bang Wallop What A Picture plays.)

No, no, no, oh dear me no. In this game you should not give the obvious answer because nothing is ever what it seems to be. No it was not Oscar Wilde, a character portrayed with no little excellence by myself in a film some years ago I might add.

Samuel Johnson, George Bernard Shaw, Shakespeare, Winston Churchill?

Unfortunately it was not Samuel Johnson, George Bernard Shaw or indeed any of the usual suspects. When an inquisitor asks for the originator of a particular epigram it is always a good idea to answer Wilde of Shaw. The point you missed though is the credit crunch is not an epigram but a sobriquet for the collapse of confidence in the global banking system.

Aye och aye, it was the last Tory government.

What ho chaps and chapesses; It was the Dour Curmudgeonly Scot on my right, Absoluteleah yah?

You all lose points for not being entertaining.

Katie Price:
I got the biggest tits in Britain.

That’s very nice for you Katie but I hardly think it is the cause of the credit crunch.

It might be, right. If the Sun and Nuts and all that lot paid Katie per inch for the amount of busty tissue she was getting out cos they knew the more she got out the more copies they’d sell if could have led to all the blokes in the world maxing out their credit cars to see more of Katie’s boobs.

Total nonsense but very entertaining. Have some points.

It was the ban on foxhunting.

Why, how did the ban on inbred idiots like you molesting small furry animals cause the credit crunch you inbred idiot?

No idea but it did. I said so and I’m posher than you.

I know, och aye. It was that fat tongued idiot Jamie Oliver and his healthy school dinners. Mt predecessor Tony (hack – phut) Blair let the fool loose with school dinners budgets and instead of feeding little cavs on turkey twizzlers and monster munch that they enjoy he was giving them cous cous that costs a fortune and they hate.

A cous cous conspiracy. That’s quite entertaining but completely wrong.

I say you chaps, it was caused by the Bee Colonies dying. (Bells ring, Sirens wail and a chorus of The Bee Gee’s Stayin’ Alive plays)

Oh dear, we knew somebody would say the decline of the Bee population was to blame but it is not right. The decline of the bee population is a problem as bees are responsible for pollinating many important food crops but I’m afraid they are not involved in pollinating the global economy.

Did you know Bees invented radar.

Two bees featured on the logo of Bradford and Bingley Mortgage Banks and the credit crunch started when they went bankrupt.

My uncle had his savings in Bradford and Bingley. When they went bankrupt he lost the lot. It stressed him out so much he had an attack of hives.

That’s very entertaining, you can have five points.

Katie Price:
Ashley, the credit crunch was caused when the so called sub prime mortgage market in Britain and the USA was revealed as a glorified Ponzi scheme. Bad loans made to clients lacking the means to repay were collateralised by over-valuing poor quality properties. Eventually the overvaluation of assets to provide collateral for loans reached such ridiculous levels the banks lost confidence in the collateralised debt obligation they were trading, realising that such derivatives were not underwritten by real, negotiable assets.

That’s amazing Katie, you’re absolutely right, but who is Ashley? Moving on to the next question, what is the biggest thing in the solar system?

A Blue Whale. (Bells ring, trumpets blare and the theme from Jaws plays.

Oh no, you always fall for it, it isn’t a Blue Whale.

It’s a very big Blue Whale that is swimming through space with The Universe balanced on its back.

Not, that’s a turtle you are thinking of. Lose all your points.

You know in The Bible right? It says a whale swallowed that bloke Jonah. Well a Blue Whale can’t swallow anything bigger than a grapefruit so Jonah must have been a dwarf.

Very good, that is quite entertaining, you can have back half the points you just lost. Anyone got an answer? What is the biggest thing in the solar system.

Katie Price:
Ashley it’s me tits.

I’m sorry Katie, I don’t want to destroy your self esteem but there are much bigger things in The Solar System than your tits although a Blue Whale could not swallow either of them let alone both.

This is easy, it’s the Labour majority in Parliament. (Bells ring, foghorns hoot and a chorus of The Red Flag plays)

SF: No.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. The Sun. (bells ring, a lone wolf howls and a chorus of The Sun Has Got His Hat On is played.)

SF: Absolutely wrong and very obvious. You will have to be more entertaining than that.

Katie Price:
Ashley it’s the total indebtedness of the American nation, not the annual trade deficit, not even the national debt but the total indebtedness of every household, business, non commercial organisation and government department. It currently stands at $63.7 trillion and if you stacked up 63.7 trillion dollar bills they would reach further into the sky than me tits do when I lie on be back.

Absolutely right Katie but don’t call me Ashley, it isn’t my name.

Katie Price:
I know you’re called Stephen Ashley.

No, I’m called Stephen Fry actu… oh I see. Apologies. Anyone able to tell me what a trillion dollars is?

The amount what Katie has insured her tits for?

Gerrahtofit. Those is priceless.

They would be if you had them amputated but on to the final question. If the government’s Quantitative Easing policy fails what could possibly solve the global crisis?

Och aye, copy everything Barack Obama does

OK yah, we can bet The Crown Jewels on Kauto Star to win The Gold Cup again next year.

Start printing money.
Rob a few banks.
Ask Vince Cable.

All wrong except for the one about Vince Cable but he isn’t here. Everybody loses all their points.

Aye but ye see Mr. Fry…

You sound like a Bond villain, ye see Mr. Bond nobody can stop me because I control all the porridge in the world.

Ye see Stephen Quantitative Easing cannae fail because transferring toxic assets to the taxpayer will free the banks to restart lending at usurious rates to people who have no jobs, no income and no means to repay the loan except by borrowing more, using the toxic assets they hold as collateral.

OK yah, my party would reintroduce slavery. There has never been a successful economy that was not based on slavery.

Katie Price:
The Tory Posh boy is not living on Planet Reality and the Dour Curmudgeonly Scot has lost the plot, what he is proposing is just a repetition of the debt fuelled boom that got us into the mess. We must first address the deep flaws in the system used to move money around the world by introducing strict but fair and transparent regulation then the banks can be held accountable for their malfeasance. Secondly the government must be willing to let banks fail rather than throwing taxpayers money at them. It is sufficient to underwrite clients’ savings. Bail outs and stimuli are simply a reward for failure. Third we must buy up houses with serious mortgage arrears due to the mis-selling of mortgages. By doing that we can allow people to stay in the homes they have made for themselves. Finally we must close tax loopholes which make it profitable to import from China good that could be made here. A system that exports British jobs and punishes local enterprise is insanity.

Absolutely right. Katie Price, you astound me.

Of course I do because…

(she rips off her prosthetic breasts and tears away the false skin that has covered her face)

I’m not Katie Price at all, I’m really Vince Cable, the only personb in politics who saw the crash coming.

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The Slug And The Snail – poetry for the recession

The Dead Flag

As the idiocies of Brown, Lord Mandy and their Nu Labour buddies get even more inept we take one of our occasional excursions into song with a new revolutionary anthem. If you don’t know the tuneCLICK for the melody and original lyric to The Red Flag which was once the official song of The Labour Party. On visiting the plage click Play Midi to hear the audio track.

The Dead Flag.

Now all the bankers have gone broke
And can’t afford a line of coke
They rigged the markets, cooked the books
And filled their wallets, oh what crooks
Where selfish greed has led the way
Now we the public have to pay,
But will we get a word of thanks
Or will New Labour help the banks.

As rich folk move their wealth offshore
Our savings have walked out the door.
Their funds are sealed as tight as clams
by clever tax avoidance scams,
The bastards say they’re hard done by
But still not one can tell us why
we are bankrupted by the crash
as they the rich get bailout cash

But social justice cuts no ice
in this New Labour Paradise
However you choose to relax
they’ll hit it with a higher tax.
Surveillance with CCTV
curtails your civil liberty,
and even when we’ve paid our due,
the buggers tell us what to do.

They treat us if we are retards
and plan to charge us for ID cards
that will track us through GPS.
How did we get into this mess.
They tell us what to eat and drink,
and even what we’re allowed to think.
A revolution’s overdue
We’ll tell the bastards where to go.

Are Barack Obama and Gordon Brown planning an attempt to achieve world domination this week or are they just meeting up in Washington DC for a bit of mutual analingus. Read what Jeff Scheiber thiks in Made For Each Other an article on Brown’s sudden reconversion from Free Market capitalism to Keynesian tax and spend economics.

Worth A Read: Texas Darlin’ on how Michelle Obama has elevted herself from minger to fashion icon by blagging designer dresses from top designers in Buy You Own Damn Designer Dresses Michelle No matter which designer Michelle hits on however, it does not disguise the fact that she is a minger with an arse the size of an asteroid and the dress sense of a sack of potatoes. But as Texas Darlin’ a US Democrat BTW asks, why is Michelle proclaimed an icon for bumming free outfits when the much better looking (even if you do hate her politics) Sarah Palin was pilloried for doing the same? Double standards among the Politically Correct Thought Police across the pond maybe?

We boggart Bloggers like a bet as much as anyone and with Grandad having been a bookie why not. So is it worth opening a book on how much the Brown / Obama global bailout will cost taxpayers. not according toeconomic writer Will Hutton who was warning anyone who’d listen about the state of the world economy a decade ago. Will writes today Thanks To The Credit Crunch All Bets Are Off. Now he tells us.

Get The Snouts Out Of The Trough

The Anorak, a populist and sensationalist web news and scandal sheet we like very much has started a campaign to get the porcine snouts of Greedy banker out of the trough of public funding by launching a petition.

Boggart Blog, being a more highbrow forum for informed opinion and comment does not trouble itself with polls and petitions but while we are having an easy day you might like to look at The Arorak post Snout Of Order and join the campaign to hassle Gordon Brown, you MP, Alan Sugar, Alistar Darling (wouldn’t you love to be a fly in the wall when those two re talking; “Alan sugar?” … “Yes Alistair darling”) Uncle Fred and that bloke who looked at you a bit funny in the pub last night to quit feeding the porkers and hand over to We The Punters” all the shares in the banks that we have bought, paid for and never seen hide not hair of.

AND ON THE SUBJECT of snouts in the trough and people who tell porkies to conceal their mendacity, what about Home Secretary Jaqui Smith whose job in government is to oversee the police and the legal system. The minister for law and order you might say. Ms Smith was caught fiddling her expenses by saying her main home was in fact her constituency pied a terre whille her main residence was the spare room in her sister’s house in North London. Thus the taxpayer (We The Punters) were paying the mortgage on Ms Smith’s family home. But who do you think would have trousered the money when she sold it? Not We The Punters that’s for sure.

So the Home Secretary fiddled her expenses, who hasn’t done that? Except when its a free house that has been fiddled rather than a free lunch and the culprit is the government minister in charge of law and order it starts to look a bit different.

To compound the crime, when Ms Smith was pulled up for having her snout in the trough of taxpayers money, clearly a criminal fraud, she blatantly lied. Now having been thoroughly exposed has she resigned. Has the moralising Gordon Brown sacked her? And have the ascendany Tories crucified her with calls for her resignation. NO, the corrupt set of shyster have closed ranks around her.

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