Which Sports Star Uses Cash For Bog Roll

Yes the pictures shows what one overpaid sport star uses to wipe his arse.

the sports stars toilet paper

Yes, one overpaid ball juggler with the social sensibility of a sewer rat (sorry, that ws unfair ……………. to sewer rats) uses cash for toilet paper. Who is it do you think.

Hands up if you said Super Mario Balotelli. His was the first name that came to my mind, but we are wrong. The scumsucker responsible for this stunt is one Gilbert Arenas who was already one of the biggest stars in the NBA when he signed a six-year, £70 million contract with the Washington Wizards back in 2008.

To add insult to insult, a catalogue of injuries, loss of form, suspensions and legal difficulties mean he has hardly played. In fact Arenas has become become basketball’s answer to Chelsea’s Winston Bogarde.

Bogarde collected just £2 million a year by not playing for Chelsea, which is grotesque because most of us would be happy to pick up a grand a week for not playing football. Arenas however has collected over £10 million a year for barely touching a ball .

He’s not played a single minute in the NBA in over two years, but remains one of the biggest-earners in the sport; the Orlando Magic apparently owe him £15m for 2013 alone.

All in all he’s a total arse and a fine example of what is wrong in modern society.

Not to be outdone, The Premiership has its own totally overpaid arsewipe in West Brom’s Liam Ridgewell as this story from The Currant Bun illustrates.

Outrage! Obama Tortures Cameron

Boggart Blog has reported previously and with great relish that U. S. President Barack Obama despises Britain. Until yeaterday the most recent calculated insult was the way he stabbed us in the back over the Falkland Islands controversy.

Now however he is guilty of arranging for the British Prime Minister to be tortured. What’s more, in the style of his political inspiration, the Roman Emperor Caligula, Obama made a public spectacle of humiliating Dave.

David Cameron might be a tosser but he’s our tosser and to make him publicly endure torture is no diferent than doing the same to a national treasure, Ronnie Corbett say, or Dame Judi Dench. Boggart Blog has always been patriotic and will not stand for this, we even defended Gordon Brown against Bammy’s insults.

What did Bammy inflict on poor Dave? He made the P M watch a basketball game. Now basketball, a game played mostly by seven foot tall homosexuals though said to be the fastest game in the world is actually the most boring. What happens is this:

Team A gets the ball, they bounce it and pass it around a bit, then run up the court and throw it through a hoop.

Then Team B get the ball, they bounce it and pass it around a bit then run up the other end and throw it through a hoop. This goes on until scores in the region of 1,046,882 to 1,046,880 are run up.

It is about as entertaining as watchiong a game of billiards which is somewhat less entertaining than watching lettuce go limp.

Bammy says that in return Dave can take him to a cricket match. What? When polayers like Alistair Cook and Jimmy Anderson are in form the excitement would be too much for him.

No, they only way to get back at the Yanks fort this is to take the President to a bowls tournament.