Not Fair!

Ok so there I was surfing the interactive TV Olympic coverage yesterday when I lighted upon MEN’S beach volleyball.
“Whey hey,” I thought, “Shoulders and six packs and cute little bums encased in lycra!!!!!”
So I selected.
What did I get? Four chaps in baggy shorts and baggier vests. Not Fair!
This is obviously sexual discrimination. The only reason for ladies’ beach volleyball is so the blokes can ogle the fit girls in the bikinis, if you’re going to have a male equivalent then the girlies should be able to ogle the fit boys in skimpy lycra.
And let’s face it, whilst the Olympics may showcase the best in sporting achievement, most of the athletes haven’t got the right kind of figure, male or female, to be termed totty. Seeing chaps with their fun sized meat and two veg jiggling up and down isn’t really very enticing.
Perhaps we could have semi naked tennis. Novak Djokovic showed off a fine pair of shoulders and more besides as he ripped off his shirt on winning the bronze.
Rafa has a glorious physique, Federer can hold his own in any manly chest contest, as indeed most of the top male players can. What a treat it would be to see these splendid young men batting that ball about naked from the waist up, instead of having to hope the camera stays on them at change of shirt breaks.