Fuel Allowance For Winter? I Could Be Dead By Then.

the road to wigan pier

The Taxpayers’ Alliance is in trouble with The Islington Screechers and their supporters, the brain dead people who vote Labour in the hope people will think they are ‘nice’, after suggesting the government could cut pensioner benefits now because they might “not be around” at the 2020 general election.

The group also commented that some pensioners might forget about the cuts by the time they go to the ballot box in the next election. (full story)

OK, poor taste but I’m sixty seven and it made me laugh.

The idiot lefties, apart from being completely humourless, have no practical solutions to the world’s or our nation’s many problems (when your credit in maxed out, increasing public spending is not a solution – go and live in Greece if you don’t believe me) but unable to win the debate with reasoned argument have become at taking offence on behalf of others.

One of the benefits under threat is the winter fuel allowance paid to people of pension age. Because of the ‘nice’ peoples’ obsession with the idea that benefits should never be ‘means tested’, we all get this. I don’t need it, none of my friends or family members need it, none of us would object to a simple means test (e.g. We all still pay income tax and therefore don’t need an allowance designed specifically to help older poor people). Why should it be take from the really needy because the ‘nice’ brigade think any kind of a means test is unjust?

The means test horror really shows that far from being progressive as they claim, the left are stuck in the past. In the great depression of the 1920s and 1930s a means test administered by the National Assistance Board was really cruel and unfair, to understand its injustices read George Orwell’s The Road To Wigan Pier – free online HERE, but a .txt document so you’ll have to load it into a word processor for readability.

When I have pointed out before that a lot of people such as myself do not need a Winter Fuel Payment, I alway had a few lefties telling me I should return it then. ONE: Why should I put myself out when I haven’t asked for it. TWO: It would cost us poor taxpayers far more than £250 per head to administer all the returned payments.

So why are we pandering to a bunch of confused fuckwits who are so selfish they’d rather be thought of as ‘nice’ in internet comment threads than be sensible about dealing with problems and make sure benefits go to those who need them.

NHS Tests And Drugs Do More Harm Than Good

What have I been telling you for the last ten years? For too long the NHS has been more about plundering our pockets on behalf of the Big Pharma Corporations that looking after our health.

NHS patients are being given drugs and tests they may not need because, as this blog has frequently reported over the years, GPs and hospitals are ‘incentivized’ to prescribe certain drugs, i.e. paid for the quantity not quality of their treatment, senior doctors have revealed in a new report.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges said patients should be encouraged to ask if their medical procedures were really necessary, in a bid to halt over-diagnosis and needless treatment of swathes of the population.

In an unprecedented intervention, the medics – who represent all 21 medical royal colleges in the UK – said too many patients were being forced to endure tests and treatments which could do more harm than good.

They said the payments system in the NHS, which means hospitals are paid according to the number of procedures they perform, and GP pay linked to diagnosis and treatment, could act against patients’ interests.

The report said it was time to “wind back the harms of too much medicine” and replace a culture of “more is better” with balanced decision making.

Patients should be encouraged to ask questions such as, ‘Do I really need this test or procedure? What are the risks? Are there simpler safer options? What happens if I do nothing,’ the doctors say.

This news comes as a leading scientist said millions of people should stop taking antidepressants, because their long-term risks outweighed the benefits.


Labour planned to privatise 40% of NHS as hypocrite Corbyn takes aim at Johnson
One quickly tires of Labour Party candidates and their supporters claiming the “The Wicked Conservatiovs plan to sell the NHS to private enterprise. They’ve been at it again throughout the current election cycle, and of course there is no more truth in the claims than there ever was before. But the lefties forget, as they glefully point at any conservatives whose heads appears over the parapet, yelling “Witches, burn them,” that the Labour government, between 1997 and 2010 under the traitor and war criminal Tony Blair privatised much of the NHS.

A-s Level In Compo Seeking

Pupils have been handed hundreds of thousands of pounds for injuries sustained in classroom accidents, new figures show.

Parents at schools in Lancashire have been paid nearly £800,000 in the last few years after winning legal cases against the local council after their little darlings sustained serious injuries such as a grazed knee sustained while playing footy in the playground or bruised kuckles from beating teacher to a pulp.

The awards include £12,519 to a pupil who fell while climbing a tree on school grounds and another who won almost £50,000 after hurting his hand climbing a gate.

A Freedom of Information request revealed there were 100 successful claims over injuries sustained while on school property between 2006-07 and 2011-12.

Figures show a total of £783,831 was paid by Lancashire County Council in public liability payments to parents who have sued over trips, falls and similar incidents involving pupils.

The largest single injury payout was £100,000 for a pupil hurt when a cupboard fell off a wall.

Meanwhile we are please to learn that Philpottism is not confined to the north. In one of the worst cases of professional benefit scrounging and living off the state yet revealed we found a London family in which no member has held down a permanent, full time job in seven generations.

Click image to enlarge

Stupid Criminal Of The Week Is A Benefits Cheat

Benefit’s cheat Robert Cave of Mansfield found crime does not pay when he was filmed practising his swing at a local golf course by Benefits Agency investigators.

50-year-old Cave had been claiming Disability Living Allowance for three years by that time after informing the Department for Work and Pensions in 2006 that walking was “extremely painful” and that he had difficulty completing minor tasks such as moving pans from the cooker to the sink.

On hios applicaytion for disability living allowance with mobility compnent Cave claimed that walking ten yards could take him up to two minutes.

However, video played at Nottingham Crown Court showed him hitting balls on the driving range and on the third hole at Norwood Park golf course on 18th October.

Though he was fit enough to play golf, the court heard, Mr. Cave used a buggy to get around the course. This was not accepted as a mitigating factor as it only proved he is a lazy twat who could not be arsed walking.

Cave now faces prison after pleading guilty to failing to notify the DWP about a change in his circumstances.

We think this charge is a tad unfair on Mr. Cave. Clearly his circumstances had not changed, he lied when making his claim and was still lying when he was caught. Also, if he didn’t see the blokes with video cameras he should be able to claim for impaired vision.

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The Bishops, The Benefit Cap And The Blairite Coup

I’d be willing to bet you never thought you would hear me say this but I feel sorry for the boy – politician Ed Milliband. The thing is I quite like him as a person, he is a man who landed a job way beyond his competence level by default because all the other contenders were so much worse. Now he is doing his best to hold together a party that is determined to splintr into Marxist, Maoist, Trotskyite, and Blairite (aka New Elitist) factions.

As a consultant I worked alongside many such managers in business. The most able young managers are sidelined early in their careers because as they gain experience they will pose a threat to their bosses, so those who do rise through the ranks bring to their job qualities that define them as a mixture of David Brent and Frank Spencer.

Thus it is with Ed Milliband. He tries desperately to get things right, as he did with the benefits cap which the Labour leader sensibly supports. But his party betray him; last nights unholy alliance of bleeding heart bishops and Blair’s barons was a guaranteed vote loser as survey’s show a majority of Labour voters also support a benefits cap.

So why was this Blairite coup organised by Ed Bollocks and Little Hattie Harperson to undermine the leader. Surely the arch populist Blair would have supporteed a benefits cap. Or at least employed more Machiavellian tactics to deral it.

Well, the Blairites are not as smart as Blair himself. They let their obsession with ousting Ed M and putting Ed bollocks or Mrs Bollocks Yvette Cooper in his place as head of a Blairshevik party that would oppose a benefits cap. Why?

Think about this:
“We don’t support a benefits cap that leaves people in London destitute,” a Labour source told journalist Mary Riddell …

Now look at what that means. Labour the party of wealth, privilege and patronage opposes a benefits cap because wealthy Labour supporters who own (via trust funds, offshore companies etc.) private rental property in London want to keep feeding their bank accounts from the cornucopia of tax money.

Lott at things from a different angle and they usually become clearer.

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Stupid Criminal Of The Week Returns

It is with great pleasure we announce the return of the Boggart Blog stupid criminal of the week award.

In the early days of Boggart Blog we would feature this occasional series whenever we encountered a news story about a really stupid criminal. Somehow the idea was abandoned, perhaps because every intelligent criminal is unique in heir cleverness but all stupid criminals are stupid in the same way. That sort of thing tends to kill the joke. Or maybe it became necessary to have a higher education qualification to start a career in crime.

The first award in this fresh cycle goes to Laqad Yacoub (40) of Manchester who had been claiming disability benefits for several years citing back and leg problems as the reason he could not work.

The suspicions of Benefits Agency staff were aroused when somebody bearing the same name as and a very close physical resemblance to professional cripple Yacoub, whose severe disability benefit was awarded because he had difficulty walking even a short distance, was billed to appear in a music gig at Manchester Town Hall.

Investigators who attended the show discovered Yacoub had been moonlighting as a breakdancer for years.

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The Lost Generation – Youth unemployment

News today that one in five eighteen to twenty four year olds is unemployed is indeed terrible. Are we to suppose this figure represents those actively seeking work and does not include young people in further or higher education, on gap years backpacking round the world of just sitting around getting shit – faced (as Brother Bastion did for several years at that age).

Also what about those who have taken themselves off the “available for work” register because they did not fancy having their benefits stopped for turning down a job as a sex worker. These people are now mostly living off Mum and Dad.

But with our industrial base having been demolished by thirty years wild adventures in free market lunacy, our agricultural base having been eroded by politically correct policies that paid British farmers to “look after the environment” while we imported cabbages from Hungary eggs from Turkey and chickens from Thailand, what can we do. How can we possibly find meaningful work for these young people?

Bring back slavery, that’s how.

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