Trump Warns Facebook, Twitter And Google To Tread Carefully

Donald Trump may have failed in his bid to take on the Military – Industrial Complex, The Pentagon, The CIA and The State Department, which would have been a formidable task for any US president, even one with the whole of his party and a solid majority of the country behind him, but his bid to challenge the stranglehold of globalists (aka progressive liberals) on the media and in particular the left leaning near – monoplies of digital media, amoral, power crazed organisations like Google, Facebook ans Twitter, look likely to have better outcomes for lovers of free speech and individual liberty.

President Trump yesterday reiterated threats against Facebook, Twitter and Google with new comments from the Oval Office, saying the social media platforms are “treading on very, very troubled territory and they have to be careful.”

“I think Google has really taken advantage of a lot of people and I think that’s a very serious thing and it’s a very serious charge,” Trump told reporters following a meeting with the president of FIFA. “They better be careful because they can’t do that to people.”

Meanwhile, free speech activists have petitioned the White House to encourage Trump to “request that Congress pass legislation prohibiting social media platforms from banning users for First Amendment-protected speech.”

The petition, stating that “The power to block lawful content should be in the hands of individual users – not Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey.” can be fopund at

Earlier in the day, Google responded to an accusation by Trump over Twitter that they’re “rigging” search results against him, providing as evidence a “Trump News” search which showed predominantly “left” media publications popping up in the search results.

Google replied “Search is not used to set a political agenda and we don’t bias our results toward any political ideology” As sombody who has always been considered slighty left of centre on most issues (a classical libera,) Google replied “Search is not used to set a political agenda and we don’t bias our results toward any political ideology”I would say from my experience of comparing Google results which those of independent search operators and metasearch tools anybody who believes that also believes in Santa claus and The Tooth Fairy.

Perhaps Google can salvage a little credibility by explaining why Trump’s picture is just about the only thing that appears when one does a Google image search for the word “idiot”? And while Google had visited the Obama White House over 230 times in seven years, we wonder how many times they’ve visited since Trump took office?

A comparison of results from an image search on “idiot” from Google and DuckDuckGo Bear in mind that search results can vary from user to user and according to what’s ‘trending’.

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the daily stirrer


Lay Off Cambridge Analytica, Facebook Are The Evil Doers

Information Technology firm Cambridge Analytica are being attacked by the hysterical mainstream media mob for their alleged role in the alleged collusion between The Kremlin and Donald Trump to steal the US Presidency in 2016, and similar abuse of private date to influence the result of the Brexit vote. It should be Facebook under attack, Cambridge Analytica only took advantage of a deal Facebook offers on the open market …

Trump blocks Sale Of US Tech Company To China

President Trump has reportedly blocked the attempted acquisitions of a US technology company by a Chinese firm. while his opponents accuse him of breaking election promises and betraying votes, although they offer little evidence to support their claims, the increasingly tough policy against China’s acquisition of US companies continues, despite the firing of White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who supported Trmp’s “economic nationalism.”

Trump blocks Sale Of US Tech Company To China

Fan Bois Mad For Apple’s New “FaceID” But Is It A Powerful New Mass Surveillance Tool

On Tuesday, Apple revealed their newest phone. The new line was anticipated by Apple users and is another cult favorite. But many are rightly skeptical of the “FaceID” feature.
FaceID, is a tool that would use facial recognition to identify individuals and unlock their phones for use. Unsurprisingly, this has generated some major anxiety about mass spying and privacy concerns. Retailers already have a desire for facial recognition technology.

Welcome to the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Technological Deceit
Pretty soon, computer wizardry and artificial intelligence will allow video footage to be created that is practically indiscernible from the real deal. Add holographic technology, and soon a person apparently be speaking live on screen and you’d never know it was fake. The ethical ramifications of AI and technology are simply mind-boggling.

WikiLeaks have today released documents from the Vault 7 cache, a group of leaked information which contains details on the CIA Angelfire spyware tool which was developed to facilitate loading and execution of implants targeting computers using Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Electrosensitivity – the Wi – Fi disease.
So you thought people who wear tinfoil hats are crazy conspiracy theorists? Not so fast there, some of them might actually be onto something.While these people are not tinfoil hat wearers either literally or in a metaphorical sense, the measures they take to avoid exposure to electromagnetic radiation (radio – activity) can seem rather paranoid until you know more about them.

Google: Benefactor Of Mankind Or Evil Empire (or buch of idiotic nerds who got lucky?)
They way Google has come to dominate the internet just as the internet has come to dominate our lives can’t all be down to good luck and careful planning can it? As this page develops you will see how sinister forces guided Google to their current position.

Shock, Horror! Millennials Safe Space Violated As Facebook Algo Accident Exposes Them To Diverse Ideas
Late last month (August 2016,) the Zuckerbugger’s zoons put an algorithm in charge of the Facebook “trending” feature, to select the most popular topics, articles and keywords on the web in a narrow timeframe and with due respect for the ‘safe space’ of millenials who can be traumatised if they encounter microaggrrrrressions in the form of controversial ideas or unorthodox opinions …

Government Paid Trolls Are Using ‘Psychology-Based Influence Techniques’ in Social Media

Have you ever come across someone on the Internet that you suspected was a paid government troll? Well, there is a very good chance that you were not imagining things. Thanks to Edward Snowden, we now have solid proof that paid government trolls are using “psychology-based influence techniques” on social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Zuckerberg reveals Facebook Working On Apps ‘Smarter Than Humans’

In an online Question and Answer session this week Facebook supremo and founding megalomaniacal sociopath Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company is engaged in building AI systems “that are better than humans at our primary senses.”

War On Cash – A Country By Country Guide
More on the global war on cash being waged by ruling elites in parallel with their war on privacy as they try to exert total control over everything.

Obama Crowns Himself Emperor Of The Internet
Barack Obama’s seizing control of the internet by executive fiat is a serious breach of The US Consitution but for the rest of the world is perhaps the clearest idication yet of what the man is all about. Comparisons with Hitler can no longer be dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

Online shills paid to control your perception by spreading propaganda using up to 10 online personas
Libertarian and freethinking bloggers and new media writers are having a great time. For years our efforts to warn people about the opush towards global fascism earned us hate attacks and accusations that we were conspiracy theorists. And now, almost daily, another of those conspiracy theories is being proved true

War On Cash Begins, It Is Not About Keeping You Or Your Money Safe From Muggers
Government and big busin.ess has been nudging us towards abandoning cash for electronic money for a long time. Now the Frech government has become the first to move towards making cash illegal (because government can’t keep tabs on what you do with your money when cash passes from hand to hand …

Being Evil? Just Another Day At The Office For Google Boss.
Google boss Eric Schmidt has defended Google’s barely legal tax avoidance practices saying Googl;e’s contribution to UK national life is more important than the money they owe us. boycott Google, Bing is a good serach engine, so is DuckDuckGo.

Who Fact – checks the Fact – checkers

Image source:

The proliferation of “fake news” in maninstream media (let’s be honest, new media was always full of drek, readers had to engage their own bullshit filter,) many publications and readers have turned to self-styled fact-checker sites like Snopes, and PolitiFact although the objectivity these sites bring to their verdicts on the reliability of sources has been shown on many occasions to be suspect. Snopes and Politifact have been exposed by conservative commentators as having a covert liberal bias while was founded by a supporter and political mentor of a certain Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

This month the Media Research Center unveiled a new project entitled “Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers,” which is designed to “ensure the fact-checkers themselves are reliable and unbiased, or exposed as liberal partisans if they aren’t.”

The Media Research Center explained in its announcement:

“Sometimes you have to check the fact-checkers.”

With more major news outlets running down their news gathering operations and relying on “fact checkers” to, allegedly, ensure that news fed in by ‘anonymous sources’ is factual, and press statements are accurate it is essential that fact checkers be motivated only by a committment to real news and not by private political agendas.

Fact checking groups such as PolitiFact have been observed to routinely present the opinions of their left – leaning ownners as fact while failing to disclose their connections to left-wing and ‘progressive’ political campaigns. Mainstream media, most of which is left of centre, tries to cast these groups as neutral third parties when, in fact, they are part of the liberal echo chamber and offer a soddy service that relies on the discredited Google fact checker algorithm. A 2016 Rasmussen poll found that 62% of American voters think the fact-check-ers are biased.

Many people believe it’s time to turn the tables and give the public the real facts. While Americans attempt to separate truth from propaganda, especially in regards to politics.

“In an era of ‘fake news’ and inaccurate reporting, it is important now more than ever that the fact-checkers themselves are exposed for their biases,” MRC President Brent Bozell said in a statement.

“MRC routinely finds instances when fact-checkers bend the truth or disproportionately target conservatives,” Bozell continued. “We are assigning our own rating to their judgments and will expose the worst offenders. Americans deserve the truth. There must be accountability across the board, and that includes these alleged arbiters of fact and fiction.”

Emmy-winning investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson recently gave a Tedx talk at the University of Nevada, on the subject of the “fake news” narrative that generated tremendous discussion during and following the 2016 U.S. presidential election, saying that “the whole thing smacked of the roll-out of a propaganda campaign.”

While Attkisson admitted that fake news has long existed in various forms, she said tha something different took root within U.S. mainstream media in 2016. Suspecting that the origins of this growing “fake news” narrative which heaped opprobium on Republicans and burbled enthusiatically about the wonderous wonderfulness of anything comnnected to those Democrats who supported Hillary Clinton were less than organic, Attkisson began researching found connections between the origins of this phenomena and a decidedly progressive non-profit organization called “First Draft,” which, she notes, “appears to be the about the first to use ‘fake news’ in its modern context.”…

Upon investigation, Attkisson discovered that one of the main financial backers and movers of First Draft’s anti-fake news coalition was none other than Google, whose parent company, Alphabet, was chaired by major Clinton supporter Eric Schmidt until Dec. 2017. Schmidt “offered himself up as a campaign adviser and became a top multi-million donor to Hillary’s bid for the presidency. His company poured money First Draft around the start of the election cycle,” Attkisson said. “Not surprisingly, Hillary was soon to jump aboard the anti-fake news train and her surrogate, David Brock of Media Matters, privately told donors he was the one who convinced Facebook to join the effort.”

This was apparently a bid to swing the election for the Democrat candidate and secure a continuation of the Obama administration policy which saw Google executives sitting in on cabinet meetings in The Oval Office.

To learn more about the rise of the “fake news” narrative, watch Attkisson’s enlightening TedxTalk below:


Fake News Alert: Trump Links To Russia Were Just Attempts By Friends Of Hillary Clinton To Discredit Him: Congressional Committee
Obama Trumped As He Tries To Persuade Germans He’s Still PresidentAs the political system in Britain seems to be falling apart ahead of the election, the mess in America seems to get worse and worse because delusional Democrats just can’t accept that they lost the election last November Just as was predicted, based on the …

Fake News Alert: US Govt Puts Out Ten Year Old Propaganda

Source: Russia Today The Pentagon’s website no longer shows an “important intelligence” video obtained in a fatal Yemeni raid, since officials realized the footage has been available online for a decade. On Friday, the Pentagon posted a video to the Defense Video Imagery Distribution System (DVIDS) website they said justified the operation in Yemen which …

Fake News: Thousands Flee Aleppo to escape Assad troops. Real News: Thousands flee Aleppo to join Assad army’s advance.

The world’s biggest FAKE NEWS organisation, the BBC has kept the pro – war propaganda generator turned up to eleven all week with reports of terrified Syrians fleeing Aleppo before the army of President Bashar al Assad arrived to crush the brave, head amputating, vagina mutilating, human organ noshing barbaric scum suckers freedom fighters of …

Is ‘Fake News’ The New ‘Conspiracy Theory’?

For decades now, since soon after the assassination of JFK in fact, ‘Conspiracy Theory’ had been the standard official response to those who question the official version of events and whose evidence based speculations about what might really have happened get too close to the truth. In fact the knee jerk shouts of ‘conspiracy theory’ …

Stephen Nolan’s Pro-Migrant Stance Puts BBC Under Fire

by Arthur Foxake

Following a barrage of criticism from fair minded listeners,The Biased Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has acknowledged that Radio 5 Live presenter Stephen Nolan, a tub ob blubber in a terrible shirt, did not phrase his aggressive, pro-migration, anti – British haranguing of phone-in callers who disagreed with his white genocide agenda as well as he could have.

Fat bastard Nolan pissed off most of his listeners last week after launching verbal assaults those who said that Britain shouldn’t accept tens of thousands of new migrants as announced by Prime Minister David Cameron earlier this month.

He was subsequently challenged to a debate on the matter but the cowardly gay gutbucket, instead blocked many of his Twitter followers that urged him to accept the challenge (lefties can’t debate of course, they can only hurl childish insults – a stle of debating which they are absolutely shit at so I give them a few lessons below), and was dismissed by fellow radio presenter Jon Gaunt as a “fat boy, pompous prick”.

His opinions, which he clearly and robustly put across in his role as a publicly funded broadcaster which empowers him to tell his audience what opinions they may hold, are totally out of step with the majority of British voters, who don’t want Britain to accept more migrants before clearly and robistly cutting off callers who took him to task on his bigoted, anti – british statements.

Steve Nolan, BBC Fat Bastard
BBC Presenter Steve (Nosher) Nolan gets ready to gobble a snack that would feed an entire African village for a month

Ironically it is the BBC who will be on the wrong side of history, I do wonder were they will all crawl off to when they eventually find themselves out of work as the BBC is told ‘observe the terms of the charter or lose the licence fee.

The arrogance of the BBC authoritarian left will never allow them to recognise their error here or how out of touch they are with their audience. We have had wall to wall pro migrant propaganda for months now from the national broadcaster, followed by a BBC commissioned poll which showed majority of the British people didn’t want any more migrants, of any sort. This moderated the BBC propaganda for about 24 hours, before they renewed their efforts to ‘educate’ us to the error of our ways.

Then on yesterdays Any Answers a forlorn BBC presenter said we are only getting interest from the public one way on the migrant issue, that of not wanting any. Then today we get Peinaar putting his stupid question.

And this should be taken in context with the BBC having to admit they didn’t represent the public opinion on immigration.

The BBC is un-reformable , and even when they are picking up their unemployment checks they still won’t understand why.

As for Lard Mountain Nolan, maybe callers should learn the words to that song by The Macc Lads, Fat Bastards, and serenade him with it on air.

Fat Bastard by The Macc Lads

He’ll eat your pies, he’ll tell you lies,
You wouldn’t believe that fat bastard’s size
His massive gut is forty foot, it goes dark when he walks in the pub
His buttocks part, you’ll smell his farts,
He’s so fat, he can’t wipe his own arse.
So now you’ve heard about the ugly turd,
He’s a virgin and he’s never had a bird

Does anyone know he’s gay? He goes round spreading AIDs.
(We haven’t got a clue where the fat fucker is)
Has anyone seen him eat? He’s never seen his feet.
The fat bastard.

Five hundred pounds, he’s very round,
But he gets taller when he lies on the ground
He busts his flies, but he can’t hide,
Coz he’s too big, too fat and too fucking wide

Can anyone guess his weight? That was his fourteenth plate
(We haven’t got a clue where the fat fucker is)
His backside blubbers about, cleavage peeping out
The fat bastard

Where’s the fat cunt at? Even his fat is fat.
(Found him, he’s over here)
You took your time to spot him, he’s got an enormous bottom
The fat bastard

Callers Flood The BBC With Complaints Over Migrant Crisis Reporting Bias

A compilation of undisputable evidence of left wing political bias by The BBC in its reporting of Europe’s migrant crisis has been posted YouTube. In spite of rather amateurish production it shows BBC Radio 5 host Stephen Nolan at odds with much of his listenership.

In spite of technical shortcomings, the video doesn’t just show the BBC’s familiar tactic (used on both television discussion programmes and rado talk shows) of demonising and baiting guests / callers who don’t subscribe to its ‘right – on’ politically correct narratives, which in the case of the immigration crisis calls on the government to abandon all border controls and allow in anyone who turns up at our borders claiming to be a ‘refugee’. It also reveals that the publicly funded broadcaster is willing to silence, or cut off callers that it doesn’t want – in Nolan’s words – “taking up the airwaves”.

Nolan can be heard ignoring the clearly agitated callers’ requests for balance in their coverage, with multiple people telling him that they are sick of being made to feel perpetually guilty about the migrant crisis.

Despite the fact that 75 per cent of those coming to Europe from Syria are fighting age Muslim men, Nolan refuses to accept that we might not know who we as European nations are welcoming to the continent with open arms, instead seeking to emotionally blackmail his listeners with endless talk about “the children” who only make up around 10-15 per cent of Syrian migrants.

Towards the end of the clip, Nolan is asked to apologise by a number of callers, to a caller from the day before who they claim had been “slandered”. Nolan refuses, and says that those who wish to complain about his coverage should complain to the BBC directly rather than calling into his radio programme.

Specifically, complaints have been made about the treatment of “John from Swansea” who the bigot Nolan took to task on air for disagreeing with the loony left anti – British line adopted by the BBC


Christians Are Not Safe In Europe, European Parliament President Says
In a meeting on religious tensions in Europe today (3 December, 2015), European Parrliament (EP) President Martin Schulz said that the persecution of Christians in Europe is under – reported and does not receive enough media attention, which has also meant that it “has not been properly addressed”.

Immigration composite
Immigration Germany
Sweden’s dystopian collapse
Sweden: National Suicide ?By Immigration
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Callers flood BBC with complaints over migrant crisis reporting bias
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EU Immigration: The People’s Pushback – Immigants are now being asked to sign pledges to uphold host nation’s values.

EU Bosses Fear Brexit Domino Effect
European leaders met for the first time today to discuss the deal reached over changes to the conditions of Britain’s membership of the European Union. Public opinion in member states has led to fears that an out vote may prompt other EU member states to follow Britain’s lead.

ISIS Oil going through Raqqa
ISIS and Turkey linked in illegal oil deals
Turkey conveying arms to ISIS
Is ISIS a US Creation
Evidence of Turkey ISIS links

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Another Big Result For The ‘Conspiracy Theorists’

German Author Reveals US CIA Corrupts Western Journalists.

That the print and broadcast news media in the free world is controlled by the invisible hand of the corporate / political, left-of-centre, globalist collective has been obvious for a long time to “those with eyes to see and ears to hear,” (funny how those Biblical phrases come in handy even for a heathen non – thesist like me, maybe its the portentous cadences of the King James Version’s early seventeenth century prose.)

When it was pointed out, as it often was in new media, that left and right leaning, and supposedly non partisan news channels and publications all appeared to be singing from the same song sheet, intelligent discussion was drowned out by shouts of “Conspiracy Theorist.”

A new book published in Germany has given those of us dubbed Conspiracy Theorists another win by providing proof that the United States Central Intelligence Agency has been paying western journalists to spin news and ensure American inteests were presented in the best light while those opposing American government or big business were demonized.

With that in mind, a lot of recent developments will suddenly make sense. Read more in this article appearing in the embed window below via News Beacon Ireland.

And remember, on a long timeline, those shouted down by cries of “Conspiracy Theory” are usually proved right.

Best – selling German Book Reveals How CIA – the US Central Intelligence Agency – Pay Western Journalists For Spin And Biased Reporting.

The Criminalisation Of Dissent And Suppression Of Free Speech
Globalism and the elitist collective pose a threat to free speech
The Importance Of Free Speech And Access To Information
The Elite’s Global Takeover Plan

Shanghaied in shanghai, Deja pre- vu

Following China’s slight cock up in releasing a statement to the press regarding the successful launch of her first manned space rocket, when the rocket was still securely planted on terra firma, BoggartBlog was fascinated to receive the results of Sunday’s GP.

Another exciting weekend for F1 fans as Felipe Massa effectively clinched the F1 drivers title, despite not finishing the race earlier today.

The drama started before the grid had even formed up, when Lewis Hamilton of McLaren, the current championship leader, was given a 10 second penalty for looking at Kimi Raikonnen “a bit funny”. In the view of the stewards this was a tactic designed to put Raikonnen off, and could have impaired his prospects in the race.

Hamilton consequently had to start from the back of the grid, forfeiting the brilliant pole position he secured in the final qualifying session, despite running on full tanks as the Stewards had insisted that this was the new reqirement, only to retract this edict when it was shown that nobody else in the pitlane had been ordered to run on full tanks.
Although the McLaren team professed themselves dismayed at the blatant bias against their driver, Hamilton showed true maturity in accepting the punishment and vowing “just to get on with the job, get my head down and drive to win.”

The start itself was explosive, with Fernando Alonso storming up from the third row and slipping down the inside of Robert Kubica in third, before locking up the brakes and missing the first corner, forcing cars to take to the grass to avoid a collision.

Alonso was adamant that this was all down to Hamilton’s dangerous style of driving, which was a little hard to credit as Hamilton had only managed to make up five places in the first 100 yards and was well behind the Spaniard at the time.

However, the stewards took Alonso’s part and Hamilton was given a drive through penalty, thus losing the ground he had made up and over half a lap to the leaders.

Back out at the front the two Ferraris were battling it out, with Massa all over the gear box of the resurgent Finn. Sensing a chance to slip by in the chicane, Massa ran wide and ended up in the gravel trap. The safety car was immediately deployed, whilst the marshalls pushed the stricken Ferrari out of the kitty litter and then bump started it to get it back in the race. Several teams appealed against this, as push starting is outside the rules, however the stewards over-ruled the appeals by claiming that Massa’s car had been interfering with the progress of the race and needed to be moved.

Massa was then allowed to pass the safety car to regain the lap he had lost, but was now tucked up behind Hamilton.

Despite all the set-backs Hamilton was in “the zone”, and as soon as the green flags were waved he began his task of overhauling the cars in front of him, leaving Massa floundering in his wake.

Driving like a man posessed he scythed through the backmarkers, making up eight places in the restart lap. He then proceeded to reel in the Toro Rosso pair who were battling it out for 9th and 10th. Whilst the team mates were locked in their own battle Hamilton drove smoothly past the pair of them down the start finish straight, a move which once again incurred the scrutiny of the stewards.

Back up at the front Raikonnen was having a hard time staving off the charging Kubica, who himself was being harrassed by both Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel.

With the pit stops looming there was everything to play for, but disaster struck again in the pits for Raikonnen, when once again the electronic relase mechanism failed to work properly, the light swithching to green after the Ferrari had been stationary for just 3 seconds. With the adrenalin pumping Raikonnen was pure reaction and was halfway down the pit lane before he realised that he was running on his brake discs, as the mechanics had not had time to fit the new wheels. However as the fuel hose was still attached, he really was lighting up the pitlane as the sparks from the brake discs ignited the fuel.
The stewards immediately closed the pit lane whilst the fire was extinguished, the injured mechanics taken to the medical centre and the debris tidied up.

By now the cars on the track were queuing to enter the pits, unable to continue as their fuel supplies ran dangerously low, all apart from Hamilton, who had of course started on full tanks.

Hamilton knew what he had to do and kept the hammer down, banging in fastest lap after fastest lap with metronomic precision and opening up what appeared to be an unassailable five lap lead.

The pit lane finally re-opened the stewards announced yet another inquiry into Hamilton’s driving, claiming that it was unfair that he had been carrying so much fuel. They then issued a penalty to fit the crime and Hamilton was reqired to come in and top up the tanks every five laps.
Massa, meanwhile was still languishing down the order and was quickly being caught by the race leader, Adrian Sutil in the force India car. Seeing the blue flags Massa appeared to be making room on the right for the young driver to pass, however as Sutil drew up alongside, Massa edged over forcing the car into the pit wall and out of the race and sending himself into a spin.

A charging Hamilton had to swerve to avoid the Ferrari at which point Massa’s car regained traction and lunged into the back of Hamilton’s car ending both their races.

The stewards were quick to announce an investigation into the incident, suffice to say the Force India team were stunned to learn that the stewards deemed the first incident to be Sutil’s fault, whilst the blame for the second incident was laid firmly at Hamilton’s door. Massa was duly given 10 points for not finishing the race whilst Hamilton has been given a 10 place grid penalty for the start of the final race.
Max Mosley, head of the FIA, denied that the stewards had been biased towards Massa and against Hamilton but did say that none of the punishments were subject to appeal.