Moronic American Vice President Gets More Moronic With Shotgun Remarks.

The big controversy going on in the USA aright now centres on the constitutional right to gun ownership. American’s love their guns. President Barack Hussein Obama loves telling Americans what they can and can’t do and right now The Prez Dude thinks Americans shouldn’t have guns (except for those working for him).

Some say the government organized the latest school massacre to provide an excuse for confiscation of guns. This is probably not true but The White House is certainly using the atrocity as propaganda to help achieve it’s political goals. And encountering a lot of opposition.

So far team Obama have backed off their initial position and are only looking at banning assault rifles. Boggart Blog is with them there, why do citizens need AK47s to deal with queue jumpers at the supermarket?

The National Rifle Association maintains it is the constitutional right of every American to own a machine gun, a rocket propelled grenade launcher and a DIY thermo nuclear device. Into the fray steps America’s greatest idiot, Vice President Joe Biden.

“You don’t want a rifle for defending your home against burglars,” Joe says, sounding for all the world like a Harry Enfield character, “What you want is a shotgun.”

Now we are not experts on guns and such but we know that an assault rifle can be set to fire single shots. Therefore to deal with a single intruder in your home only one misssile would be discharged, quick fix with polyfilla to fill the hole in the plaster and a dab of emulsion paint your home is as good as new.

Blast somebody with a shotgun at close range however and there would be so much mess you are looking at redecorating completely, plus a visit from the carpet cleanrs. And you would be finding scraps of human tissue on your books, objets d’art, CDs and your precious vinyl collection for years.

But nobody can accuse Joe the Idiot of not thinking things through. In his “Buy a shotgun” video below he give his reasons in the Bizarro World logic favoured by American politicians.

So here’s the vice president of the United States encouraging you to go on out and get yourself a 12-gauge, just like the one he’s got. Why? Because it’s easier to aim and use than an automatic rifle, (which … I’m pretty sure isn’t true, but WTF?) Just buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun. That way, if ever you have a psychotic episode and decide to set off on a random killing spree, the death toll will be limited. Unless you have a big bag of cartridges and can reload quickly …