Well Bugger Me With The Blunt End Of a Ragman’s Trumpet

I’ve never taken much notice of the ‘reality’ TV show Big Brother or its even more evil twin Celebrity Big Brother but I could not avoid the latest and most stupid to date “Waaaaaaycism” incident.

A short fat man who used to be in Coronation Street was reportedly telling a story about when he was working in panto with former heavyweight boxer Frank Bruno. Big Frank (6’4″) and the short fat actor (about 5’3″) got into a heated discussion. And the story rambled on until the actor said something like ‘The last thing someone like me wants is a confrontation with a big angry negro.’

Upon hearing this a big, stupid (or perhaps partially deaf) negro Afreekaaan Amerikan named Alexander O’Neill (a celebrity whom I’m sure someone somewhere has heard of started screeching “Waaaaaaaaycism”.

“You can’t say Negro in the presence of a black man,” O’Neill wailed.

Bugger me with the blunt end of a ragman’s trumpet, Since when? We know the kind of Premiership footballers who scream “Waaaaaaaaycism” if a European player tackles them think ‘Negro’ is honky slang for ‘nigger’ but the sub Saharan African races are collectively known to anthropologists as African negros just as the European races are know as Europeans and the north African / Middle eastern ethnic groups as Arabs.

I have a few questions, the first about Mr. O’Neill: how did a man who has had his brain amputated get through immigration control. Because whatever O’Neill might once have been momentarily famous for, he’s certainly a word class idiot with a PhD in playing the victim.

Are we to take it now that niggle means to irritate a person of colour, or to call someone niggardly is to suggest they are a tight fisted black person, or night refers to the time of day that is dark suggesting black people are unenlightened or when some nutty preacher says “The end is nigh, he means the blacks are coming to kill us all. Extrapolate such thinking and we quickly see how insane (and racist) it is.

The other questions are for those who scweam and scweam “Wayyyycism” until they’re sick. ‘Do you understand that back and white are not actually races? And have you ever seen a human being who is actually black or white.

I think not. So STF up  until you can act like a human rather than a sheep OK, because if you ignore the rabid rantings of Amereeka’s Obamessiah cult and talk to people from the African continent you will learn that they find references to things African are patronising and dismissive, there are many nations and many races on the African continent. Calling them ‘African’ is rather like if someone were to lump Spanish Flamenco and Scottish reels together as European folk dancing.


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Big Brother Is Right Behind You And He Knows What you Are Up To

Big Brother Is Right Behind You And He Knows What you Are Up TO

No doubt the smug complacent bourgeois fools will shout conspiracy theirist and the emotionally needy leftist Sheeple will bleat “racist bigot” (they always bleat “racist bigot”) but it is not alarmist to say the UK is slowly becoming a totalitarian state resembling the one in George Orwell’s novel 1984. What else can we call our nation if anti – terror laws are being used prosecute people for low-level offences such as Television licence dodging.

The BBC (yes, Auntie Beeb)which as we all must be aware is run by a bunch of greedy, self serving, authoritarian Bolsheviks is using laws designed to catch terrorists and organised crime gangs to track down people who dodge the licence fee, according to a Daily Mail report based on a post at the BigBrotherWatch web site.

The publicly owned broadcaster is using the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), designed by the last Labour government to fight terrorism, to catch those who evade paying the £145.50 fee. You may remember that the BBC’s claims to possess technology which their said could see into your home and monitor which TV channel you were watching was actually a lie (of course it was a lie, they’re lefties, they despise the truth.)

In 2012, Big Brother Watch discovered 345 councils had been authorised to use RIPA 9,607 times in just three years – the equivalent of around nine spying missions a day.

Seven public authorities, including the BBC, refused under the Freedom of Information Act to disclose why or how often they had used the powers. The most common use of the legislation is to demand phone companies hand over an individual’s communications data.

At the time, the BBC said the reason for its secrecy was ‘to ensure people without a valid TV licence don’t use this information to their advantage’. Last night a BBC spokesman said: ‘Legislation explicitly grants the BBC the right to use these powers to detect unlicensed use of television receivers.

‘We’re regularly inspected by independent regulators and have always been open about using this power when there is no other option to help reduce evasion on behalf of the vast majority of the population who pay for their licence.’

RIPA, passed by Labour in 2000 ostensibly as an anti-terror measure, gives public authorities sweeping powers to snoop on the public.

The most common use of the legislation is to demand phone companies hand over an individual’s communications data. This would include details of who a person called, when and for how long. However, the act can also be used to mount undercover surveillance operations – such as secretly following a person to see when they are at home. This could, in theory, be used to match the times when a TV is believed to have been in use.

The Metropolitan Police Force is also in trouble for abusing the powers to gain access the phone logs of reporters on two newspapers in order to trace their sources.

What is most striking about these events are that publicly funded bodies such as the BBC, the Police and local authorities are refusing to answer perfectly reasonable Freedom of Information Act requests whilst exercising powers they shouldn’t have granted by government bodies that voters do not approve of. There is proof that local authorities have used terror laws to surveil dog fouling and even people breaking smoking bans. And, where is all the data being stored of people being caught by anti-terror laws? Where will this end up? Big Brother is watching.


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Obama’s Big Brother Is Watching You

Beyond Orwell’s Worst Nightmare says the headline and it truly is.

orwells big brother
Picture source: talesuntangled

from Global Research:

“In his recent speech on NSA reforms, President Obama cited as precedent Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty, who patrolled the streets at night, “reporting back any signs that the British were preparing raids against America’s early Patriots.” This was a weak effort to find historical support for the NSA spying program. After all, Paul Revere and his associates were patrolling the streets, not sorting through people’s private communications.”

In order to get better contextual references, The Emperor Obama should have considered how the American revolutionaries had reacted to searches conducted by the British before the revolution. The British used “general warrants,” which authorized blanket searches without any individual suspicion or clear identification of what the colonial authorities were snooping for.

In a petition to King George III in 1774, The American Colonial Congress protested against British officers’ unlimited power of search and seizure. The petition complained that the power had been abused “to break open and enter houses, without the authority of any civil magistrate.”
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When leaders of the Revolution later drafted the Bill Of Rights, the Fourth Amendment was a prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures, they were attempting to ensure that our country would not become a police state.

Obama is citing the Founding Fathers of the American nation as justification for his administration’s behaving like the people they were rebelling against.

I’m not siding with the American insurrectionists however. If they had just toughed it out and helped us bring the plundering Hanoverians to heel or even restore The Plantagenet dynasty (OK, they were wankers but they had a great name) the instead of the Jug Eared Jihadist America now has as it’s leaders, they could have had a loveable little old lady and her tree hugging, half wit son who is good for a laugh if nothing else.

Parenting Classes Not Nanny State – They’re Worse

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed, if all records told the same tale–then the lie passed into history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” (George Orwell, 1984.)

Slavery is freedom,
War is peace,
Ignorance is strength. (George Orwell, 1984)

Describing vouchers for parenting classes in England as a “nanny state” policy is “nonsense”, David Cameron has said, defending another nonsensical policy aimed at extending the ability of a Orwellian Big Brother regime to reach into the private lives of citizens and control behaviour. The “parenting” (and who the fuck uses words like “parenting” except neo – Nazi public servants?) classes will be aimed at destroying family traditions and imposing uniformity so that future generations of children will be dead eyed little automatons programmed like Pavlov’s dogs to obey commands from agents of the state.

Those with children aged up to five can get a £100 voucher towards parenting classes.The government has also announced a new NHS online information service for parents of very young children.

Labour said it had an “open mind” about the scheme (well they would, wouldn’t they, it was their idea in the first place) but it needed to be “value for money” and reach a “wide range of parents”.

Defending the policy, David Cameron said: “I think this whole debate about nanny state is nonsense. Parents want help. It is in our interest as a society to help people bring up their children.”

How do we know this is a crap policy? Well Cameron supports it for one thing … and … if people are all such crap parents that we need help from Nanny State to look after our kids how come any of us are alive because no such help was available in the past. And how do dogs, cats and other animals go on?

The last people anyone neeeds to help with bringing up kids is the government. To quote Ronald Reagan, “The most dreded words in the English language are: I’m from the government, I’m here to help.”

If the government is serious about wanting to help young parents it could contribute by teaching pupils in state schools to read properly then they would be able to follow instructions on packs of disposable nappies and milk formula.

Like the kerfuffle over same sex marriage this latest focus on parenting and childcare is a diversion from “big issues” like the flood of upshitcreekness the world is drowning in. If people cannot bring up kins without help from “parenting experts” who have never had kids themselves but have spent years in toytown universities getting their PhDees in “Parenting skills with origami” which makes them far more knowledgeable than mothers who have brought up two or three children of their own and are more than willing to pass on their knowledge to their daughters.

But in the Lab Lib Concensus bureaucratic dictatorship mothers who help their daughters are about as welcome as parents who teach their kinds to read and do sums properly. Such people are enemies of the control freak state and its tax eating servants.

For new mothers in the past help was also available from big sisters, aunts, neighbours and as a last resort, if the problem was really serious, the District Nurse. Nowadays
“community” nurses are too busy with form filling and bean counting to be available to offer advice.

Five Golden Orwells to Camereon and the coalition for efforts to destroy individualitynd a special award, a box set of Call The Midwife to the smug twat who dreamed up this idiotic waste of money.


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Nanny State Is Alive And Well And Has Morphed Into Supernanny

Last summer Boggart Blog announced that our old enemy Nanny State was terminally ill, Dave and Nick had switched off her life support and it would only be a metter of time before we danced on her grave.

We could not have been more wrong.

Throughout New Labour’s thirteen years in power Nanny State ruled with a rod of iron. We were subjbected to a constant barrage of hectoring and finger wagging that made Maggie Thatcvher look like a rank amateur.

Nanny lectured us ever week about what food we should and should not eat, how much alcohol was safe, how we should raise our kids, where and with whom and how often we should have sex (the Gaybour wing of the Labour movement never managed to make homosexuality compulsory but they were moving that way), how cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco were modern manifestations of Enochian demons (though cannabis was OK so long as those smoking it were ‘right on’ people.

Nanny also lectured us about how we all had a responsibility to live forever without getting sick and how we should all aspire to go to university to earn a degree in leisure centre management with modern dance or something similar.

Many people greeted with relief the election of the Conservatives – Lib Dem coalition especially as they started to make positive noises about rolling back the stupidities of politically correct thinking and the overbearing protectiveness of Nanny State and replacing her with a renewed respect for individual freedom. It sounded great. It sounded too good to be true in fact.

Whenever elections produce a change of government we all assume a new broom will sweep away all the rubbish left behind by the last lot. This is not true of course, the very same people, the desk jockeys, box tickers, paper shufflers and bean counters are still running the country. We just have different faces spouting the bogus statistics cooked up by the bureaucratic empire builders to justify their latest control freak schemes to expand the state. Thus our hopes that Dave and Nick would bludgeon Nanny to death were dashed. Those early promises had been too good to be true. Nanny State cannot die but worse, she has morphed into Supernanny State.

David (Shiny – face) Cameron, his Mini Me Nick Clegg and their pusillanimous cohorts have pulled off the seemingly impossible feat of supplying Nanny State and her evil Politically Correct Thought Police force with an even more freedom-loathing, mind controlling agenda. Cameron calls it nudging and since the Conservative conference last September he had had his nudger out and pointed it and everybody who shows signs of wanting to think for themselves. The Coalition’s desire to nudge the populace towards something called a ‘Big Society’ makes New Labour’s prissy and prudish pokenosery seem almost libertarian and.

2011 looks like going down in history as The Year of the Nudge, the year of government agencies using Derren Brown-style powers of suggestion to trick ordinary, sane people of Britain into adopting a state-approved lifestyle that includes healthy-eating, bike-riding, never drinking more units of alcohol that the government’s arbitrary and unscientific ‘safe limit’, burning smokers at the stake and rewarding people for grassing up to the Thought Police anybody who looks as if they might be having too much fun. Living the Nanny sanctioned life will guarantee you health care, welfare benefits and a state burial should you ever need them.

Now the next bit gets really scary. The Con – Dem nation government have created a Behavioural Insight Team inside Downing Street. Inspired and advised by George Orwell’s 1984 Richard Thaler, co-author of the phenomenally successful book Nudge: Improving Decisions About Wealth, Health and Happiness, these faceless suits aim not only to change people’s behaviour but to “change the way citizens think” (to quote Big Brother Clegg himself).

Earlier in the year according to a report in The Independent, it was decided the Thought Police will use various “mental techniques” and “psychological tricks” to “alter our behaviour” – for example, by offering less well-off shoppers health vouchers to encourage them to buy Hellman’s Shite Light Mayonnaise rather than a six Carlsberg Specials, or by changing our local infrastructure to make it harder to drive a car and easier to ride a bike; or by having cashpoint machines ask us: “Would you like to make a donation to a charity?”

It’s a great pity the remake of The Prisoner shown on television last year was no more than a cesspit of Hollywood cliches; the original would have had far more to say about life in the modern Nanny State.

In the past, the revelation that there was a Behavioural Insight Team at the heart of government would have set alarm bells ringing. It would have brought to mind the worst excesses of the Soviet Union (which treated political dissent as a mental illness to be corrected) or Nazi Germany. The echoes of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four are too obvious. In that novel, O’Brien, a member of ‘The Inner Party’ says to the central character, Winston Smith: “We create human nature Winston. Men are infinitely malleable.”

1984 was written in 1948. No wonder teachers in the Nanny SWtate education system tell children there is no point in reading books written before they were born.

Cameron and Clegg have merely added a bit of Politically Correct spin to Big Brother’s authoritarian view of human minds minds as clay to be moulded into shapes designed by the elite, our New Unhappy Lords as G. K. Chesterton described them.

A document leaked from the Cabinet Office says that because the masses make decisions “outside of conscious awareness” (Newspeak for. we’re not capable of thinking things through), the government should aim to become our “surrogate willpower”, making decisions on our behalf. In short, the authorities should colonise our minds and do our thinking for us.

As the slogan of Big Brother’s regime put it: “Freedom Is Slavery”

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The Raoul Moat Case: What It Says About Our Society

The manhunt for Raoul Moat reached its inevtiable conclusion to the great relief of most people as it mean there would be no “urgent newsflash” interruptions at vital moments in the World Cup final.

The analysis of how the criminal justice system could fail so comprehensively as to allow, on the recommendation of one psychiatrist, the release into society of a man who was obviously barking mad will go on for a long time.

Another aspect of the case that deserves some comment though is what it says about our society when, attracted by the prospect of a Clint Eastwood style bloodbath as the desperate loner engaged with armed police (oooo-oo-oo-oo-oooooooooh – oo – oo- oo) It seems hoardes of people who should have been obsessing about the World Cup took time out to follow the saturation television coverage on 24 hour news channels and by watching live, real time web feeds.

What is most frightening however, 97% of the people watching web feeds thought Raoul Moat had escaped from the Big Brother House.

Queen’s Speech Review: The Return Of Freedom

Queen’s Speech day, the state opening of Parliament, is always a great day for tradition with people like Red Dragon Pursuivant, Maltravers Herald Extraordinary, Gros Nez Courant and Rouge Arse Hirsute making their once yearly appearances. Black Rod takes a day off from starring in porn films and a lot of old geezers get to wear tights.

Yesterday however The Queen’s Speech as well as being a pageant of Heraldry heralded a return to freedom and the revival of some important traditions.

For the first time in almost fifty years Her Majesty has a Prime Minister whose family owns a grouse moor (though he prefers not to talk about it.) At last The Queen will be able to talk to the leader of her government about something she understands. A palace spokesman said the Monarch was rather disappointed that the coalition of mortal enemies who form the government will not as their first act be repealing the ban on fox hunting. She finds the government’s concession that will allow the hunting with dogs of former Labour MPs some consolation and understands restoring the economy must take priority so the grouse moors can be restocked.

The other great tradition to be restored by the programme of legislation revealed in the speech is personal liberty. The flagship policy of Labour’s Politically Correct Thought Police, the National ID Card has been scrapped and along with it the restoration of the death penalty for people unable to produce their ID to agents of the Thought Police on demand.

We hear from our mole in Labour Party headquarters that Nanny State became so distraught at this news she has been put on suicide watch. Her Gentleman friend Big Brother was arrested after threatening to unperson “that little shit Clegg” by airbrushing him out of all official pictures and removing every mention of the Liberal Democrats from media archives. He is being held in a high security prison cell.

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NuLab’s effing Food Fascists Target Our Pies.

The government has really lost its collective sanity. Their only anser to the economic meltdown is more of the financial irresponsibility that got us into the mess and now we find their anser to rising unpopularity among voters is more of the kind of control freakery that made us all hate them in the first place. Read on to learn more…

If you were ever a fan of the 1980s and 1990s television comedies Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister you will remember that the terminally mediocre and very John-Majoresque politician Jim Hacker was propelled into Downing Street after standing up for British sausages against a tsunami of bureaucratic regulation emanating from the headquarters of the EU.

We need a Jim Hacker now, not to stand against the Eurorats but to resist the roll out of New Labour’s nanny state which is attacking all our great British traditions, the latest being our pies.

The British love of pie – eating goes back at least to the time of King Alfred the Great had just handed over a few recipes for pies to the marauding Danes he would not have had to give them half the kingdom (the Danelaw) and half the annual tax revenue (the Danegeld) Like most upper class southerners Alfred underestimated the cultural importance of pies as do New Labour’s politically correct tofu eaters. This treasonous government, not satisfied with its war on terror, war on drugs, war on binge drinking, war on anti-social behaviour and war of fun has launched a war on pies.

The whining, nannying busybodies and pokenoses who advise the government on matters of health and how to prevent it are, we learn in today’s news, proposing that draconian limits on ingredients be made law, thus effectively removing from pies things like saturated fat, salt, meat and everything that makes them tasty and comforting and great to eat, everything in fact that makes them pies rather than the bland much government inspectors want to make us eat.

What we want to eat (apart from co-author Fatsally who doesn’t do pastry) is a large portion of steak pie, chips, extra chips to give us another portion of veg. towards our five a day, a streak pudding on the side, with battered prawns to start and a deep fried Mars Bar for dessert. AND WE WANT IT NOW IF NOT SOONER.

They are doing this only because they care about us of course. They care that we increase our risk of heart disease by eating enjoyable food, they care that we are damaging heart, liver, brain and arteries by having a small shandy now and then or eating a chocolate snack, that we risk serious injury by horse riding, rock climbing, going out for a jog in chilly weather or sliding down Ben Nevis on a Grand Piano. The care in the way Big Brother cared in George Orwell’s 1984, they care because they need to make us dependent, because they want to control us.

Well it is not going to happen. Controlling our pies is a step too far. Already people in The Land Of Pie Eaters (a triangle around Wigan, St. Helens and Bolton) are manning the barricades and the old war cry is being raised:


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Britney Back On Top, Obama nowhere.

Should Britney Spears and not Barak Obama be U.S. President – elect?

After all that hype and hysteria about the deification by public acclaim of the dimwitted (his lips move when he thinks) junior senator, after all those ludicrous internet polls showing that if we in Britain had had a vote in the Presidential election 275% of us would have voted for Obama, after a million squillion sychophanic meeja commentators have told us that the world is changed forever now Obama is President (he’s not actually, infact he is not even President-elect until Dec. 15) because he can turn water into Stella Artois, feed the starving millions (and fatsally’s cats) with a tin of sardines and five barm cakes and solve the economic crisis with hope’n’change, at last sanity is returning.

Figures revealed by UK end of the internet search company Yahoo today show that the top search term for the UK so far in 2008 is Britney Spears. Second was reality TV show Big Brother and third came talent show for the talentless The X Factor.

The whole US election only made seventh on the list and you can bet searches for Sarah Palin Mooseburger Recipe were responsible for pushing it so high.

So much for The Obamessiah. Some evangelical Democrat blogger last week suggested we British are “mad about
Obama.” Mad, we’re effin’ furious. The sight of that stupid, grinning face makes most of us want to punch him. Hard.

So in spite of all the talk of hope’n’cchange, after all the brainwashing and the passing round of free kool aid, nothing much has changed.

Nothing much ever does.

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Muffin the Issue (The Blue Peter Cat)

What makes you think I’m planning to eat these muffins? I’m a cat, I don’t eat muffins. Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, you will not see me eat these muffins

The BBC do have a way of dumping shite on their own heads from a great height. The latest example of this skill is the scandal of The Blue Peter Pussy (ooooh, Mrs. Slocombe.)
Now the whole pussy cockup (oops, pardon!) revolved around the choice of a name for the new Blue Peter cat. The reason given when it emerged that the cat had been named “socks” although the name voted for by the viewer was “cookie” was that the production team had been so busy patronising non middle class kids they forgot to switch on the vote counting computer.

Within hours of the announcement Boggart Blog had been contacted by a whistleblower who revealed that in fact “Cookie” had been rejected because it could be interpreted as a slang term for female genitalia.

You would think someone would have known that cookies and muffins are not the same thing, but no, what we have always suspected about the Blue Peter team was confirmed, they really are so twee they don’t have holes in their bottoms. Or if they do, they have their heads up said holes.

The whole sorry business did remind us that children love pets, so to encourage more young readers to Boggart Blog, we asked fatsally (who has more cats that Jenny Greenteeth has frogs) to fix us up with three kittens for the office.
To avoid confusion their names will be Minge, Quim and Slit.