Marilyn Manson Does Not Know What Racism Is. Do You?

Its a sad comment on our society when we need a professional weirdo like Marilyn Manson to stand up to the the neo-fascist bullying of the ‘liberal’ wankerati on our behalf. But any defender of free speech and freedom of thought against the left wing hate merchants is to be welcomed.

Marilyn Manson

This blog had often commented on the debating technique the left stole from Hitler’s National Socialists, that of shutting down debate by screaming “racist” and “bigot” at anyone who challenges certain dogmas in their catechism (yes dogma and catechism are religious terms, has it not struck you that the ‘progressive left’ are like fanatical religious zealots?)

The Marilyn Manson incident, covering an exchange in an online intereview for The Bret Easton Ellis podcast, was reported in The Independent. As the interview went on two hours, I’ll just give the transcript of the relevant section rather than posing the video. At this stage Manson and the interviewer are discussing racism. Manson has been accused of racism by the screeching mob many times.(Spelling errors in the transcript have not been corrected.)

Ellis: “Getting back to the idea of racism and how it’s so widely applied to people now, it’s just gotten crazy.”

Manson: “I don’t even really know what to do with it. You know, it’s the old tradition of like, ‘Yeah man I got a lot of black friends, I got a lot of Jewish friends’ or whatever, it’s like, the people that I know that are my friends that are black are completely comfortable with my sense of humour because I think that racism is more about if something is like – whatever, it’s a stupid word, it’s a made up word, it’s an ism. Jizm is an ism. (Um – no it’s not but we knoiw what you mean – Boggart Blog)

“But it’s like if you’re not doing something hateful to somebody, you’re not trying to hurt somebody, then it’s not really a problem. You can make comments about culture, don’t avoid the elephant in the room. Stand-up comedians can say whatever they want and somehow that’s a free reign but if you say it as a rockstar, say it as a writer, sometimes people misinterpret it – people interpret everything differently.

“But it’s a silly way of someone trying to – the other lesson I learned in journalism class was if you criticise something it makes you sound like a better writer than if you compliment it.”

Ellis: “Of course that’s true and that’s why I think there’s so many haters on the internet, but racism, you know, let’s just clarify, does exist, in a big way.”

from The Independent:

It is true to say racism exists but accusing people who advocate immigration controls of being motivated by racism is just an attempt to deny them the right to hold their opinions, just as left wing haters deliberate misinterpretation of UKIP’s policy of limiting immigration and enforcing the border controls that exist in law as an intention to ban all immigration is an attempt to shut down discussion. Sadly the left have to resort to this kind of thing because they have no coherent argument to support their position. 

The left do exactly the same when intelligent and justified criticisms of the ‘gay rights’ lobby are shouted down with screams of homophobia.

It is satisfyingly ironic that in depth analysis of polling data shows it is the left’s hysterical hatred of British culture, British values and traditions, anything British and the British working and lower middle classes that is driving UKIP’s surge in opinion polls.

Neo – fascist Left’s Idiotic Obsession With Racism Becoming More Insane

buddelia - victim of racism
Buddelia – Is it racist to mention they are from India (source)

Not long ago we had the spectacle of left wing idiots screaming that UKIP’s calls for tighter immigration controls made everyone thinking of voting UKIP a racist bigot. All this proved is that in spite of all their claims to moral and intellectual superiority, those who style themselves ‘left-wing’ on the internet are politically illiterate because they do not understand their authoritarian tendencies make them fascists, do not know what either racist or bigot mean which makes them illiterate and borderline retarded and do not understand that the working classes whom they despise as ignorant, ineducable, knuckle dragging neanderthals had the condescending, elitist snobs sussed out a long time ago and are now deserting the Labour party in droves because at last in UKIP they have found a party that relates to normal people instead of patronising them while taking their votes for granted.

Labour has become a more elitist party than the Conservatives, a party of lawyers, academics and people who have become rich by getting their piggy snouts ion the public services trough and keeping it there. This is the kind of leftist politically correct fuckwittery I’m talking about.

Popular Gardening Show is Racist Because It Talks About ‘Non-Native’ Species, Says Academic

A popular BBC radio gardening show has been denounced as racist by an academic. Dr Ben Pitcher, a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of Usedtobeapoly, Westminster, said that discussions on non-native species and soil purity promote racial stereotypes, with white listeners using the show as a covert way to vent discriminatory opinions.

BBC Radio 4’s “Gardeners’ Question Time” is generally viewed as a gentle show that has provided help and advice to gardeners across Britain every week since 1947.

Dr Pitcher says, however, that the panel show is “saturated” with racial language. Speaking on another Radio 4 show, Thinking Allowed, he said: “Gardeners’ Question Time is not the most controversial show on Radio 4, and yet it is layered with, saturated with, racial meanings.

“The context here is the rise of nationalism. The rise of racist and fascist parties across Europe. Nationalism is about shoring up a fantasy of national integrity. My question is, what feeds nationalism? What makes nationalism powerful?”

Dr Pitcher added that the “crisis in white identity in multicultural Britain” means that people are unable to express what they really think of immigrants and ethnic minorities for fear of being labelled ‘racist’, so they express their opinions in other ways, including through gardening.

“Nationalism is historically about narratives of blood and soil,” he said.

“The distinction that gets made between native species and non-native species and this kind of policing of what belongs and what does not belong I think is symptomatic of a kind of desire to defend the fantasy of the national space.”

More on this:
The Independent
Breitbart London

And thus we see another example of a left wing academic trying to suppress free speech by outlawing perfectly reasonable words and expressions to make open discussion of everyday topics (such as garden problems problems in this case) impossible. This thick twat Pitcher (who is drawing a salary from the public purse for filling the heads of students with arse dibble like this, remember) does not seem to understand that humans, Indo – Caucasians in the case of most of us) are a non native species in Britain but are not a problem for gardeners (apart from a minority of chavs who throw beer cans and fast food packaging over fences).

Unfortunately all lefties are stupid (there are enough history books that describe what life in the Soviet Union under the communist regimes of Stalin and Mao was like; why would anybody want such butal authoritarian rule as we would get under an extremist government controlled by reality challenged loony leftie academics and morons like Hattie Harperson and Gauleiter Bollocks.

As Boggart Blog warned you back in May, a vote for any of the main parties is a vote against free speech and British values and for the ultimate triumph of Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin and Chairman Mao.

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This Will Make Globalists Understand Why They Should Have Voted For UKIP

This morning I read that two journalists from Corriere della Sera discovered there were 72,000 official cars [in Italy], costing 1.85 billion euros annually. In Spain, “the airport of Ciudad Real boasts one of Europe longest runways. Its vast airy light terminal is designed to handle 5 million passengers a year. It cost nearly a billion euros. Yet there are no planes.”

During Ireland’s property boom, “In the space of 10 years, 553,000 houses had been built. Nearly 300,000 of them lay empty.” One city, Valencia in Spain, ran up a debt of 25 billion Euros.

These crimes of negligence by those responsible for overseeing the spending of OUR £56 million a day, and the money stumped up by other net contributor members of the EU, Germany, France, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Luxembourg were all linked to the synthetic boom that created a false economy in the European Union after the single currency was launched in 1999. German economic prudence culture didn’t stretch as far as Brussels or Strasbourg, instead the pen pusher and bean counters adoped a culture of WTF, we’ll just demand bigger contributions. The Member states can always raise taxes.

The single currency (Euro), in effect monetary union without fiscal or political union, played a major part in getting the EU into its current mess and is also stopping them getting out of it. Monetary Union was never going to work without political union first. Unfortunately political union is and always will be a non starter with the citizens of twenty eight member states which have vastly different cultures.

anti austerity greece
Anti European Union protests in greece (source)

It is a gross understatement to say the single currency was introduced prematurely in 1999. The creation of the Euro was a political act by a pen pushers and bean counters who fancy themselves as a pan European elite. Unfortunately these smooth faced, soft handed milksops could not organise a piss up in a brewery, let alone broker the political deals that would be needed to create a single European super-state. The military approach favoured by Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler was a more sensible approach but they failed to take account of British bloody – mindedness and Russian obduracy.

The European Monetary System was always about politics not economics. It was supposed to be the next stage to an “‘ever-closer union”.

Unfortunately, the single currency was also an open invitation for countries with very different economies, and very different economic and political cultures to Germany’s, to get into serious trouble and for incompetent bureucrats to start acting like despots (the least amount of power always leads to the greatest desire to abuse it – Bernard Levin).

As interest rates were artificially lowered to boost borrowing and spending and fuel a debt led boom, in the poor countries of southern Europe borrowing and spending exploded, loonytoons business ventures like those descrbed in the opening paragraphs were financed with loans guaranteed by the EU and debt rocketed. The financial crash of 2008 brought the hang-over: exposure, markets pushing up the cost of borrowing so high that only EU/IMF bail outs could prevent a default; and then the so called troika of the EU, the IMF and the ECB enforcing a new religion of austerity on spendthrift governments. it was the poor, the people that socialist politicians claim to care about but love to shit on, who were hit hardest.

Want to know more about The Lost Continent:
here’s a review in The Express

As mere mention of The Express with have swivel eyed lefty UKIP haters foaming at the mouth, here’s a review in the Sunday Times you will have to pay to read.

Unfortunately the left wing ‘quality’ papers, The Guardian and The Independent have shown typical left wing bigotry in adhering to the policy of refusing to acknowledge that a lot of intelligent, well informed people do not subscribe to their Maoist European Superstate agenda and have not published reviews of one of the most important of recent non fiction publications.

And those hypocrites have the arrogance to call their opponents bigots. “Bigot – a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race” Concise Oxford English Dictionary

Self-Managed Communities Thrive in Spain Without the State

Memories of Brown The Clown

A wonderful moment during campaigning for the Newark by election yesterday, when Labour deputy leader Harriet Harperson and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls (the very fat man who waters the workers’ beer) had an uncofortable encounter with a working class woman who just wanted to get on with her shopping.
Sorry, the embed script for the video is in javascript which this blog doesn’t like. Here’s a link if you want to se the moment.

In a scene painfully reminiscent of Gordon Broon’s accidental encounter with a working class person in Rochdale back in 2010, the woman spoke to Hattie but wanted nothing to do with Mr. Bollocks. After she has snubbed his attempt to shake her hand, Ed clearly wants to say “Racist bigot” and his expression tells us he found the experience of meeting a working class person as distasteful as Labour leader Ed Miliband found his bacon sandwich experience.

With the Lib Dems already dead in the water, the way Labour and the Tories are going UKIP will not even need to campaign for next years general election.

Racism – The English Language For Lefties Lessons Keep Rolling Out

It seems a lot of educated people in the blogosphere and on facebook and other social media were as pissed off as I was with those semi literate, politically correct, brainwashed idiots who tried to shout down intelligent discussion by screaming ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’ at anyone who disagreed with them.

These people, knowing that one of the main UK parties (the Liberal Democrats) campaigning on a globalist agenda platform in the European Parliament elections were heading for extinction while the others (Labour and Conservative) were simply treading water thanks to the Lib Dem vote collapsing, had no arguments, no policies, only blind rabid hatred of anyone who disagreed with their anti – British agenda.

In a post by longrider which is really a plug for an article by Allison Pearson on a generation so indoctrinated with politically correct ideology they think intelligent debate consists of the Fascist tactic of screaming pejorative insults at opponents.

Sadly I noticed people older that the teens / early twenties here who are afflicted with the same disease.

What in my view made the point most strongly on that Longrider posts was a comment from Stonyground:

“Who is it who has brainwashed these children so that they believe that racism, rather than being prejudice against people because of their race, is simply failing to use approved terminology when referring to race related matters?”

I can tell him that on my fiends list at Facebook and in this community, the people screaming loudest were schoolteachers. Is it any wonder our schools are turning out pupils who are illiterate when their teacher are illiterate?

Liberal Bigots

Orwell was on the case

George Orwell was on the case of the authoritarian left.

I find the left amusing, sorry, can’t help it, they way they try to patronise people they are sure of their intellectual superiority over and they way when challenges they quickly resort to hurling around words like “bigot” and “racist” as if such terms do not lose what little power they possess when used incorrectly (bigot: one who is intolerant of any opinion difering from their own; racist: a person who believes that people of a different race are an inferior species,) is comical.

And the moral relativism is beyond a joke. “It’s OK for me to be a bigot and hate people who disagree with me, I love gays and blacks and paedophiles, I’m so much better a person than you,” their attitude seems to say. Who can forget Gordon brown showing what a bigot and total twat he is when he dismissed a working class woman as “a typical bigot” when she tried to raise the issue of immigration. And then it was made worse by his excruciating grovelling when he realised the impact his outburst had because it showed how the left wing intellectuals truly despise the people they claim to care about.

Here’s a post I wrote back in 2011 about the hypocrisy of the left. Because it was done for an American site it refers to “Liberal Bigots” because there is no Labour party in the USA, but it refers generally to the politically correct bandwagon riders who think chanting the mantras of globalised socialism make them politically literate.

Liberal Bigots

Talk of self-loathing Jews is not uncommon in fact the stereotype is a staple of Jewish comedy. Self-loathing proles – working-class people who look back with contempt at the communities they had the misfortune to grow up in – are an altogether more modern invention of the politically correct left.

There’s a very good example of it  in this article by Lynsey Hanley a woman who has made a career in the journalism of the politically correct left, which is mostly about denigrating the working classes in a patronising, condescending way. On the back of the fact that she grew up on a council estate (housing project) Ms. Hanley usurps to herself the right to stereotype all working people as ignorant, chainsmoking, binge drinking, sexually incontinent scumbags in the way that all left wing thinkers claim the right to describe anyone who disagrees with their crackpot multicultural utopianism as a bigot. That her writing is read and appreciated by so many faux middle class, upwardly mobile, left wing materialists is a testament to the way media has been hijacked by a totally unrepresentative and agenda driven cabal of university educated lefties who despise the true working class as much as they pretend to empathise with the lazy, whining career benefit claimants who are now the political activists of the left.

In the column I link Ms Hanley writes of the “terrible ignorance” of the community she used to live in, prior to her moral and mental rescue by “metropolitan elite liberal values”.


Like most “progressive liberals” the lady is an attention seeker, every action, every word scream “Look at me everyone, see what a good, enlightened and caring person I am.” Keen to assure her readers that she is now one of them and has been scrubbed clean of any trace of lower class rough edges, Ms Hanley sneers at the “view of life” that held strong in the community she was born into.

These people were “paranoid, suspicious, mistrustful, misogynist and racist”, she trills before heaping disdain on the “social conservatism” of white working-class communities, which are given to “silently or violently rejecting anyone who is different or who expresses a different opinion to that of the crowd”. Thankfully for her (and let’s face it, for the community this condescending bigot was born into), Ms Hanley escaped from this “crowd” (before the human rights industry became so prominent they called it “the mob”) by embracing what she refers to as metropolitan, liberal values. She pleads with her beloved Labour party (the party of millionaires, academics, professionals and elitists) not to ditch these “progressive” values, since there might be other “provincial working-class teenagers like me” who also want to be rescued.

It is an excruciatingly self laudatory and self indulgent column, embarrassing in its smugness but also a revealing. In treating The Labour Party which once styled itself “The Peoples’ Party” as a kind of modern-day version of those Victorian do gooders that once rescued “fallen women”, she assumes that only by subscribing to the warped values of Labour social policy with its agenda of diversity, multiculturalism, support for minorities no matter how unreasonable their demands and hatred of anyone who dissents from those views can one become enlightened. Wannabe – intellectual teenagers who yearn to escape a life of witless racism and violence and themselves become part of the metropolitan, liberal elite must learn to despise their brutish families and the benighted communities that nurtures them.

Ms Hanley embodies the extent to which the Labour movement in the UK and the Obamacrats in the USA are now detached from and contemptuous of to the communities it once claimed to represent. Where Labour once promised to embody the values of working-class communities, the progressive left now looks upon those values as deeply problematic and in need of a serious spring clean. It views unwillingness to accept arranged marriages and abandon long observed local traditions in order to embrace new customs imported from alien cultures in the name of multiculturalism and diversity as racist. From their imposition of parenting classes on perfectly competent people and their jihad against junk food to their treatment of anyone who holds a non-metropolitan, non-liberal value as a “bigot”, the progressive left and its media cheerleaders increasingly look upon the white working classes as an ignorant, morally deficient, socially repugnant mass which must be beaten and reshaped into something more respectable:  more Politically Correct and a lot less fun.

Ms Hanley’s self righteous burblings are not just offensive to the working class, this article is nothing but moral porn for the chattering classes, who so enjoy reading about the weird goings-on in mysterious council estates over breakfast,, the prejudice and closed mindedness of conservatives and the irrationality of the religious. It addresses directly the prejudices that are rife amongst the community she has now embraced: the real bigots, the most illiberal people in the world “metropolitan liberal elite”.

The irony of this elite’s war on the wantonness, gluttony, slothfulness and bigotry of the little people is that it is fuelled by a bigotry of its own, a respectable, PC form of bigotry – one which treats the white working classes as unenlightened and in need of moral deliverance by right – on lefties. It is not the working classes who “silently or violently reject anyone who is different”; rather it’s this increasingly arrogant, self righteous and intolerant metropolitan elite, which can’t even abide the fact that some communities eat and drink differently, never mind think differently, to itself. In presenting white Britain as being neatly split between a morally superior race of progressive left supporters and mongrel race of violent, drunken, drug abusing, wife beating, paranoid racists, Ms Hanley and others are unwittingly rehabilitating the very prejudices that originally fuelled the politics of racism in the 19th century: a mean-spirited, Malthusian view of Britain’s own native lower classes as morally defunct.

Perhaps Ms Hanley had the misfortune to be born into a peculiarly horrible bit of Britain. I have lived in many areas and yes there is social conservatism, especially amongst the older generations, but not amongst the young, who were forever experimenting with drugs, weird music and sex., And none of this is confined to a particular social class, income group or as the meeja savvy progressive left would say, demographic. 

When I was in my teens and early twenties, half a lifetime ago the media denounced working and middle class youth alike for being over reckless, over sexed, ill mannered, uncouth and not conservative enough. What I remember most clearly however was that although neither we young people nor our parents had as much materially as comparable people do now, the relaxed atmosphere and social cohesiveness could easily have been  a million years away from the stifling sameness and unhinged prejudices of the world the metropolitan liberal elite live in today.
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Scientists have only questions but Boggart Blog has answers

In one of those scientific studies that was set up for the sole purpose of proving that to get a job as a scientist you have to be too stupid to make a living claiming benefits, a bunch of scientists have found that mothers who suffer from depression are more likely to have short children.

Researchers tracked the progress of more than 6,000 mothers and babies and found that when mothers reported moderate to severe symptoms of depression in the nine months following delivery, their children were more likely to be shorter than others by the time they started school, according to a report published in the journal Pediatrics.

5-year-olds with mothers who’d suffered from post natal depression were almost 50 percent more likely than their peers to be in the shortest 10 percent of kids that age.

The new research doesn’t explain how kids with depressed mothers end up shorter. Scientists say another project will have to be set up to look at that.

Boggart Blog can save them the trouble. When the kids are howling hungry the mother is so busy sitting around feeling sorry for herself she can’t be arsed feeding them.

Read full story

Maths Fascism

The Continuing Soap Saga Of A Bigot

Gillian Duffy, professional northerner, Gordon Brown’s favourite bigot and dyed in the wool posh-boy hating ‘what-about-the-workers’ chanting woman of Rochdale should have feaded into obscurity after she became a ‘celebrity’ because Gordon called her a bigot.

Mrs Duffy was not a bigot on that occasion.

Unfortunately she has lost any credibility she had bey becoming Rochdale Labour Party’s attack dog.

Yeah. It was mildly amusing when she ambushed Nick Clegg this week. The exchange would have been funny if Mrs Duffy had showed any signs of understanding the issues she challenged him on.

It became amusing in an ironic sense when the local Labour MP tried to deny that he had used Mrs Duffy in an attempt to embarrass cry baby Clegg. Fortunately Nick is a real posh boy and too well brought up to call anyone a bigot while the media are anywhere near so he didn’t fall for the trap.

The story really descended into farce however, or tragedy depending on your point of view, when it emerged today that Mrs. Duffy not only hangs around Labour MPs offering her services as a cruise missile to aim at coalition ministers but that she has a PR firm working for her.

Are we really that desperate?

How to be a bigot

How To Be A Bigot – A DIY Guide To Politics

Yesterday when Gordon Brown accused Mrs Ordinary of Number 5 Ordinary Street, Rochdale of being bigoted he effectively took control of the election and made it clear to everybody involved in this election you either agree with New Labour or you are a bigot. Now you punters may have been under the impression that you are entitled to your opinion and your right of free speech entitles you to express that opinion and question those in power.

How very wrong you are, Labour has not been in power for thirteen years without succeeding in changing some things and your right to think for yourself is one of them.

Mrs Ordinary in Rochdale made the mistake of assuming she still had the right to say what she thought when instead of heaping praise of Gordon Brown for all the wonderful things he has done over the past thirteen years that have given us the best economy in the world, abolished sickness, death and child poverty, given out such lavish benefits that nobody has to work unless they want to and everybody in the world would like to come and live in Britain and generally spreading a little happiness wherever he goes she asked him WTF he is doing about unemployment, the economy, debt, climate change, crime and immigration.

Naturally Gordon was exasperated. He and his New Labour cronies have told us many times these things are not problems because the government and their tame advisers have had lots of meetings and solved everything on paper and it is only the right wing press and extremist nutters who will not accept that.

What Mrs Ordinary had done however was bring to the fore all the topics the Government (and the opposition parties) did not want to discuss before the election simply because ordinary people are not intelligent enough to understand them. It was quite understandable then that The Prime Minister lost his rag. How dare an ordinary person challenge a member of the political elite and a member of the New Labour elite of elites, it was an outrage. Only a bigot would do such a thing. Everyone who is not a bigot knows it is the most extreme form of bigotry to question the New Labour elite of elites because it is common knowledge that New Labour politicians are politically correct and thus cannot be wrong about anything.

Gordon Brown’ response to Mrs Ordinary voicing her bigoted opinions was very clever. What he has done now is sideline the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats and let everyone know this election is being fought between the enlightened, politically correct heroes of New Labour and the dark forces of bigotry. You either support Mr. Brown’s government or you are a bigot, it is as simple as that.

If you have not yet chosen which side you want to be on but are leaning towards being a bigot because you like the ideas of thinking for yourself and speaking your mind and you support the very bigoted idea of respecting other peoples’ right to have their own opinions here is a Do It Yourself test to show if you are a true bigot or if you should return to the sheepfold and support New Labour.

You are a bigot if:

You think immigration levels are too high (racist bigot)

You are sick of hearing about “gay rights (homophobic bigot)

You think climate scientists should be scrutinized as closely as
financial derivatives treaders (climate change denying bigot)

You think government spending is way too high and talk of an economic
recovery is hogwash (Conservative bigot)

You think the police have lost control of the streets and abandoned
crime fighting to become collectors of selective taxes ( alarmist

You think the government is hiding how bad unemployment really
is by creating phoney public sector jobs and sponsoring pointless
training courses ( Capitalist bigot)

You are a “right on” supporter of New Labour and the politically correct thought police if:

You believe whatever Peter Mandelson tells you to believe.

You believe that your (Peter Mandelson’s) opinions are the only ones
that should be heard because anything different is bigoted

You believe that questioning the government on the economy, crime,
immigration, debt, public spending or anything else should be a

You believe that questioning climate change science should be a
capital offence like holocaust denial

You believe economic recovery is steaming ahead thanks to New Labour
and Gordon Brown’s brilliant stewardship of the economy.

You believe that five more years of Peter Mandelson running the
government is what the country needs to get back on track

You believe that anyone who disagrees with you about anything is a

On May 6th use your vote wisely.

Bigoted Britain