Allah hu Akbar In Nomine Patris, et filii et spritus sancti

It’s not often you will see a link to a newspaper like The Catholic Reporter in this blog, but we have always been critics of the principle globalist think tank The Bilderberg Group (The NewWorld Order’s lunch club,) so when we read that the current Pope, Francis the 666th or something had sent a cardinal to this year’s Bilderberg meeting to deliver a message to the elitist global government advocates, knowing the current Pope’s papacy has been characterised by his enthusiasm for Islam, we were gratified to see the world’s Catholics appear to be waking up to the fact that their spiritual leader is The Bilderberg Group’s placeman.

This article, referring to a speech made by Pope Mohammed’s predecessor, Benedict, who did not die in office as Popes do, but was shoved aside, is well worth revisiting.

Regensburg redux: Was Pope Benedict XVI right about Islam?

Eight years ago Sept. 12, Pope Benedict XVI delivered a lecture at the University of Regensburg in Bavaria in which he seemed to diagnose Islam as a religion inherently flawed by fanaticism.

It was an undiplomatic assertion, to say the least — especially coming a day after the 9/11 anniversary — and it sparked an enormous outcry among Muslims and came to be seen as one of a series of missteps that would plague Benedict’s papacy until he resigned in 2013.

Now, with the Islamic State on the march in the Middle East, leaving a trail of horrifying brutality and bloodshed that has shocked the world, some of Benedict’s allies on the Catholic right are saying, in effect, “He told you so.”

“Regensburg was not so much the work of a professor or even a pope,” wrote Fr. Raymond de Souza in a column for the National Catholic Register, a conservative publication. “It was the work of a prophet.”

Eight years later, “we have ISIS” — an acronym for the Islamic State — “And beheadings. And persecution. And hatred. And war,” added Elise Hilton in a blog post for the Acton Institute, a libertarian Catholic think tank.

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“It appears that the world owes Pope Benedict an apology,” she wrote.

So what did Benedict say at Regensburg that continues to resonate so widely?


Is Bilderberg A Sinister Group That Runs The World Or Just A Tea Party For Rich And Powerful People

Are the Bilderberg Group meeting, this weekend in Dresden, Germany, really The Shadow Government (the New World Order, The Illuminati,) that rules the world?
For years the Bilderberg Group denied its own existence. Now thanks to the diligent work of dedicated investigative journalists we know it is real, yet many ‘liberals’ ‘progressives’, globalists and university dumbed down idiots still insist it is all a conspiracy theory.

But when you look at who is attending the shindig in Dresden this weekend it’s hard to imagine such people giving up their time just to get together for a chat. If fact their multiple links to big power and big money make a complex web that links the world’s major banks, corporate businesses and political organisations.


Here’s a handy chart to show who’s who (or more accurately who owns whom) at Bilderberg. Click through on the image and then enlarge until the text is readable (only suitable for PCs, Laptops and tablets.)
Here’s a handy chart to show who’s who (or more accurately who owns whom) at Bilderberg. Click through on the image and then enlarge until the text is readable (only suitable for PCs, Laptops and tablets.)

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Bilderberg Group – Bring On The Clowns

osborne bilderberg picture source The Guardian

So here he is, our esteemed chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, arriving at the 2014 Bilderberg in Copenhagen. In a snappy suit, and with a new razor-sharp hairdo, Osborne looks ready for business. You could skin a goat with that fringe. He probably got a trim and a shoe polish at the airport, wanting to look his best for the conference.

Osborne rolled up to the hotel with John Micklethwait, the editor-in-chief of the Economist and board member of the Economist Group. This year, in all, there are three members of the Economist board at Bilderberg: Micklethwait, John Elkann (the billionaire Agnelli heir) and Eric Schmidt (the executive chairman of Google).

During his stay in Copenhagen, Osborne will also have the chance to hammer out economic policy with three senior members of Goldman Sachs, three board members of Shell Oil, and two people whose nickname is “the Prince of Darkness” – Richard Perle and Peter Mandelson … more at The Guardian

Yesterday Ed Balls turned up for the conference at which politicians from the most economically powerful nations are given instructions on how to shaft the citizens for the benefit of the global elite. Unfortunately the Bilderbergers had got wind of Labour’s trials and tribulations over the last few weeks and turned him away as Huff Post UK reported:

“This year’s Bilderberg meeting is being held in Copenhagen. However one high profile British delegate may have missed a few of the early meetings.

Ed Balls was captured on video being turned away for not having his ID badge. The clip was published by InfoWars, the American organisation that believes the meeting of the global power elite is a secret world government.

In the clip, Balls appears to search through his arm full of folders for his access pass, but is unable to find it. Handing over his passport to the policeman he says: “That’s my name, I’m on the list.”

Unfortunately the Danish cop though he was talking bollocks and pointed him towards the exit – see video

Continue reading at Huffington Post

Will Bilderberg End Privacy As We Know It? Agenda Suggests The Elite Will Know Everything About You

If You Have Done Nothing Wrong You Have Everything To Fear #2

There has been a lot of talk about aliens secretly taking over the world recently. What kind of aliens? you might well ask.

Well, the Bilderberg Group, bankers, celebrities, business leaders, guys who think every human bean should be conceived in a test tube and genetically modified, and shape shifting reptillians like the person who said this:

”If you are a law-abiding citizen of this country, going about your business and your personal life, you have nothing to fear.” British Foreign Secretary William Hague, responding to the revelations of mass surveillance in the US and the UK” (BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show on 9 June).

The only reason you might not yet have done anything wrong enough to attract the attention of government snoopers is they haven’t invented an offence to fit what you do next.

Say you went down the car boot sale and bought a couple of DVDs for cash. That is a whole host of potential offences. First by buying DVDs in good faith you are inciting the seller to make fraudulent digital copies. Second, because you bought second hand for cash you are aiding and abetting tax evasion by entering into a transaction that cannot be electronically monitored. And thirdly, you knowingly deprived the government of information it needs if society is to be managed properly. you utterly evil bastard.

So what has William Hague and his total surveillance society to do with shape shifing aliens. Have you ever heard of the Mekon, the evil intergalatic overlord from the Dan Dare comic strip?

hague1 mekon

William Hague and The Mekon – the same shape shifting alien or what?

Surveillance and the police state

Television: Watching You Watching them Watching You
USA escalates threats against nations sympathetic to Ed Snowden
News From The Bilderberg Group
RIOT The US Government’s Snooper Software Project

Is Cameron A Shape Shifting Lizard? Ask David Icke

It was David Icke who broke the story some years ago of the race of twelve foot tall shape shifting lizards who have ruled the world for millennia.

Now following Mr. Icke’s appearance at the Bilderberg Group protest camp The Currant Bun has revealed that David Cameron has been genetically modified by Monsanto scientists and become a member of the Twelve foot, shapeshifting lizard fraternity popularly known as The Bilderberg group.

You don’t believe me, see for yourselves.

Shape shifting lizard makes itself look like David Cameron

DAVID Cameron joined “a race of shape-shifting lizards” last night as he visited the top-secret Bilderberg Group.

His presence at the clandestine meeting sparked a furore after Downing Street refused to discuss it — despite a long-standing transparency pledge.

The group of billionaire financiers, political leaders and media moguls is meeting this year in Watford, Herts.

Bilderberg’s secretive nature has sparked a host of conspiracy theories. Sports commentator-turned-nutty theorist David Icke claims the elite group “descended from a race of 12-foot, blood-drinking, shape-shifting lizards”.

Other politicians at the annual three-day meeting are Chancellor George Osborne, Cabinet veteran Ken Clarke and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls. Also there are IMF boss Christine Lagarde, Google chairman Eric Schmidt, and legendary former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Despite a £2million police operation to seal off the venue, a boat-load of protesters yesterday sneaked up a canal running through the site to shout insults at attendees.

Read more:

Now I don’t want you to get the wrong idea here, I do not believe this stuff. Well not all of it anyway. The Bilderberg Group are certainly a powerful and secretive group of elitists who run the world because they control the money but they aren’t lizards. Well not all of them, only yesterday we featured a pic of a very motherly Mme Lagarde of the IMF giving little Georgie (Gideon) Osborne a spit wash. You wouldn’t see a Mummy lizard doing that, not even to a hopeless little baby lizard like Gideon.

Osborne’s Bilderberg Spit Wash

George Osborne’s surrogate Mum, IMF chief and alleged bribe seeker Christine Lagarde giving the boy Georgie a spit wash before they go into a Bilderberg Group secret session.

bilderbergers Osborne and Legarde
Picture source The Daily Telegraph

So who was at the Bilderberg Group meeting?

For the first time ever the guest list was released and the press were at least allowed to report the meeting was taking place. One – nil to the “conspiracy theorists”. This is the guest list and agenda in full. and agenda was released and as I said yesterday who isn’t on it provokes more interest than who is.

Still it is interesting to browse the list for names you recognise and ask yoiurself “WTF was that loser / has – been / nonentity doing there?

Bilderberg News