Authoritarianism in the Age of Pseudoscience

by Colin Todhunter for OffGuardian

Following the court decision in the US to award in favour of Dewayne Johnson (exposure to Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer and its active ingredient, glyphosate, caused Johnson to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma), attorney Robert Kennedy Jr said at the post-trial press conference:

The corruption of science, the falsification of science, and we saw all those things happen here. This is a company (Monsanto) that used all of the plays in the playbook developed over 60 years by the tobacco industry to escape the consequences of killing one of every five of its customers… Monsanto… has used those strategies…”

Johnson’s lawyers argued over the course of the month-long trial in 2018 that Monsanto had “fought science” for years and targeted academics who spoke up about possible health risks of the herbicide product.

Long before the Johnson case, critics of Monsanto were already aware of the practices the company had engaged in for decades to undermine science. At the same time, Monsanto and its lobbyists had called anyone who questioned the company’s ‘science’ as engaging in pseudoscience and labelled them ‘anti-science’.

We need look no further than the current coronavirus issue to understand how vested interests are set to profit by spinning the crisis a certain way and how questionable science is again being used to pursue policies that are essentially ‘unscientific’ … Continue reading >>>

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The Dark Side Of Biotech Just Got Even Darker

We hold up our hands, we are always taking the piss out of scientists on Boggart Blog and sometimes it goes beyond the limits of good natured banter and strays into cruelty.

If you have ever wondered why here’s a non funny article that explains why bloggers have a duty to ridicule, humiliate and belittle scientists.

Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.” ~ Albert Einstein

If you ignore the attribution of the quote above, it could be dismissed as the complain of another conspiracy theorist, a global warming ‘denier’ or an anti-GMO protester waving a Stop Monsanto placard. The name Albert Einstein, the scientist representing the very epitome of Western rationality and the triumph of secularism and logic over superstition. Einstein is often cited as an example of the pinnacle of human accomplishment by the very sociopathic science freaks he warns us against.

Perhaps Einstein was reflecting on the inevitable conflict of the so-called “technological imperative”–whatever can be done, will be done, versus the human imperative. Fundamentally amoral and irrational economic and political forces drive science and technology’s frenetic advance, tainting everything it touches with greed for profit and everything it touches power. And worst of all by some kind of bizarre, accelerated natural selection, the majority of modern scientists are so autistic as to lack any moral compass. Thus, “because we can” is the only justification for even the most inhuman atrocities they would inflict on us. Things like involuntary cannibalism for example.

Driven by wannabe – God complexes and the unshakeable belief that science can always improve upon nature, in the name of over hyped, ‘potentially life-saving’ biotech innovations, they blur the line between humane and inhumane. And when sociopathic, solipsistic scientists are involved, once the line is crossed there is no going back.

Bio pollution from engineered genes GMO for example, is virtually impossible to control after it escapes into the biosphere; you can’t “recall” a defective gene like you can a defective appliance. And let us remind ourselves what genetic engineering does. It is not just a process to speed up evolution as the biotech community dishonestly plead, genetic engineering involves removing genetic material from a cell to prevent the natural process that will destroy the cell when genes from another species are introduced. It is the creation of something that could never exist in nature, something that nature would abort. Genetic engineering is the science of creating monsters.

Once the genetic pollution is in place it is beyond control, all we can do is kill the host creature. There is no way to remove from our bodies a dangerous virus introduced in a vaccine (e.g. simian virus #40 [SV40] that contaminated millions of first-generation polio vaccines).

Once we have crossed a certain line – be it theft,lying, watching pornography, etc. it is difficult not to progress, a few sweets from the local shop, what a thrill when we get away with it, comics, books or small appliances from superstores, cars and so on, or how about viewing pictures of nudity and simulated sex, real sex, extreme sex, fetishism, S & M, ritual humiliation, sexual violence; the paths of progression are well trodden. Such is the human condition. And this is why we must be aware of the ethical implications of new technologies, whose developments must be open to public scrutiny so that group morality may control what is acceptable.

The Scientific Community Moves To Embrace Embryo Cloning for Medical Purposes

Few people are aware that the cloning of human embryos for ‘therapeutic purposes’ was made legal in the UK in January, 2001 through an amendment to the Human Embryology Act.[i] Not long after, in August 2004, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) approved the first license for cloning human embryos in the UK. Other E U nations have legalised similar activities. Media reports at the time which alleged the legal changes would result in the use of cloned human embryos to create “spare body parts” were met with the usual rabid hostility from the science community and the progessive left.

In an article published in 2000 titled, Biotech Cannabalism, C. Ben Mitchell, PhD summed up the pro-cloning movement by quoting a proponent’s justification: “If you could use tissue from human embryos to save hundreds of lives, there must be a moral imperative to do it.” Mitchell disagrees, countering: “Creating a human being for the purposes of killing that person for another human being’s health, sounds an awfully lot like cannibalism, only worse.”

Now Dr. Mitchell might be too religious for some. I am not religious, I don’t even like describing myself as an atheist because atheists are behaving more and more like members of some nutty cult. And I am not against abortion with appropriated medical control although I find the for profit abortion industry of the USA distasteful. Cloning for spare part surgery however is in my view an affront to human dignity, scientists would reduce us to the level of factory farmed animals. Do we want to end our days being bodged up with spare parts to keep us going for a few more months like some clapped out old car? I am very much an advocate of natural life and part of natural life is death. Deal with it.

Cannibalism is considered by all advanced societies to be the ultimate expression of uncivilized or barbaric behavior, it is intrinsic to many of the Western world’s most prized biotech and medical innovations. And having witnessed the BSE (Mad Cow Disease) epidemic that to the best of anyone’s knowledge was caused by the inclusion of bovine brain and nerve tissue in cattle feed, who knows what horrors involuntary cannibalism may unleash in the future.

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Agenda 21 in North West USA? Too late, Ore – gone?

According to the text of a Bill due to be passed into law by the state Senate of Oregon in North West USA next week, clause 863 accomplishes the following, ”Makes legislative finding and declaration that regulation of agricultural seed, flower seed, nursery seed and vegetable seed and products of agricultural seed, flower seed, nursery seed and vegetable seed be reserved to state.”

bearing in mind that the state government of Oregon is owned by GM seed biotech giant Monsanto, this means the only seeds that can be legally planted in the state will be those that have been fucked about with by Monsanto scientists.

Opponents of the bill believe that this is more than just a local push in the 4 Oregon counties listed in the Bill and is likely part of a statewide plan to halt Americans from being able to eat healthy food under Agenda 21 provisions set forth by current administrations.

But Oregon has a big grow-your-own community producing in their gardens everything from marrows to marijuana (but mostly marijuana). So bearing in mind the Democrats, the party pushing Agenda 21, rely on the hippy vote, how will this one play out as the 2016 election approaches.

We foresee the traditionally liberal state going Republican if the ‘pubs can find a candidate willing to run a “Vote for dope” campaign.

Or maybe Monsanto are already active in the hashish market? It would tie in with the New World Order’s need for a compliant population.

Agenda 21
Agenda 21 and global fascism

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Black Hat Beyond The Law (Black Hat Biotech part 2)

In the first part of Black Hat Biotech I reported on how a single corporation are close to establishing a monopoly as supplier of seed for the world’s staple food crops.Now we look at how that same corporation either by buying political influence or other, less ethical means (if you know what I mean) has come close to buying the cooperation of the U S government in placing itself beyond the reach of the law.

A clause in a new bill now going through congress that would have given Monsanto immunity from prosecutions related to problems caused by its genetically engineered products almost slipped through under the radar. Fortunately it was spotted by activists and is now being challenged.

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The Dark Side Of Biotech Just Got Darker