Oh bummer! More on the Blaggogate scandal

Things are getting interesting over in America

As the story of the FBI investigation into political corruption that has hogged the news all week widened yesterday, more senior members of Barak Obama’s campaign team were implicated.

Obama himself backed off from his original denial of ever having even heard of Blagojevich, Chicago or the State of Illinois after it emerged the Son Of Goat Boy junior senator and former lecturer in law at Chicago University had in fact endorsed Blago’s campaign for the governorship.

Instead Obama shifted his stance from complete denial to admitting he had worked closely with Blagojevich and others already indicted in the case but claiming he had no knowledge of their crookery. It seems Sisi Obama knows nothing about anything and does not care how hard we will find it to believe him.

Perhaps this is an example of the “change” he promised to bring to America, after all when George W bush said he did not know what was going on nobody had any trouble believing him.

Once again we are left wondering what kind of imbecile the American’s have elected. Just how many times does he think his Manuel from Fawlty Towers (“I know nothing”) schtick will work. He did not hear Rev Jeremiah Wright’s odious sermons though he regularly attended Wright’s church for 20 years and Rev. Jerry does not exactly preach in dulcet tones. He did not know William Ayres the philanthopic trust fund kiddie was the same person as Bill Ayres the failed terrorist.

Even if we acceptMr Oh Bummer did not know the sordid details we must wonder at his lack of judgement. What kind of moron, when seeking election to high office would associate himself with a hustler whose name begings with the syllable “blag?”

Oxford English Dictionary: Blag (18c coinage) to steal, carry out a robbery. Modern slang: to beg agressively, obtain without paying for.

How very appropriate.

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