Chilcott and Burying Bad News

malcolm tucker bury bad news
Were he real Malcolm Tucker would be busy burying shitloads of bad news between now and May (source)

The long General Election campaign looks like it might be quite entertaining. This morning as the staunchly conservative Daily Telegraph ran an op-ed that wittered at length about how UKIP support was flowing back to the Tories and the Greens are going to be the surprise package in May, taking over 10% of the vote, two new polls were published, both showing a narrow lead for The Conservatives and Labour support ebbing away to The Greens. UKIP polled 20% and 18%, but figures higher than their recent average. UKIP haemorrhaging support seems a rather perverse interpretaion of those figures.

That was not what promises the most fun however, even if watching pundits and my critics eat their words is a favourite pastime of mine. No, the thing that offers the most potential for wallowing in schadenfreude is the attempts to justify holding back the publication of The Chilcott report into the Iraq war of 2003 with its dodgy dossiers, weapons of mass destruction, sexing up evidence and the likely exposure of a former Labour as a traitor and war criminal.

I am talking about Anthony Charles Lynton Blair of course. He’s long gone from the domestic politics scene of course, but even so the full disclosure of dodgy deals he cooked up with the Bush administration in Washington would result in Labour meltdown.

And trying to ‘bury bad news’ to employ a Blairism, might well be more harmful. Not only does it hand Nigel Farage a stick with which to beat Labour (note the correct syntax – us Libertarians are well educated), it reinforces the impression that the main parties are all uniformly corrupt and dishonest.

Manipulating the ‘free press’ is of course par for the course in the western democracies these days, as this article from US News site Washington’s blog explains very clearly.

And if they’re doing it in America you can bet our lot are at it too.

The Death Of Democracy – Are The Elites Running Scared From Public Opinion

When did democracy go out of fashion. I don’t remember voting on whether we wanted to give up our civil liberties or be ruled by a dictatorship of unelected bureaucrats from Brussels, but that is where we are heading, along with the other free nations of Europe. And the USA, so-called land of the free is further along the road to fascism than Europe.


Buggeration! Blair Is Being Rehabilitated


When I heard this morning that GQ magazine had given their prestigious previously unheard of Philanthropist of the Year awarn to Tony Blair for ‘his tireless work on behalf of charity (The charity involved being “Make Tony Blair popular again” we assume?) I thought, “Right, I’ll show those bastards, I’ll never buy their magazine again. Then I remembered I’d never bought it before. Hence my exasperation.

When Blair was improbably named the recipient of the award by GQ magazine in front of a a celebrity-packed, invited audience last night reporters present described the response as ‘muted’. That the honour was in recognition of his ‘philanthropy, establishing three charities’ (all with the goal of promoting the Tony Blair brand peace and understanding. – See ritual arse kissing in GQ)

GQ’s choice drew immediate criticism, Labour MP John Mann commented: ‘It sends the wrong message. This sort of award should go to an unsung hero who has given up their time for charity.’

Given Tony Blair’s pariah status in the UK after the deadly decision to join the US in destroying the Middle East it is hardly any surprise that he could use some good ‘PR’ back at home which raises the question, ‘How much did his ‘Tony Blair Faith Foundation’ spend on schmoozing the adjudication panel’.

And looking back to the good old days of ‘sexing’ up documents, we also have to ask did Blair called up old chum, the spin doctor of spin doctors Alistair Campbell to ‘sex up’ his pitch for the award, old Al being a recently hired employee of GQ. You really couldn’t make it up, could you?

Some unkind souls are already saying that giving the notoriously self interested Blair an award for philanthropy would be as insane and unintentionally ironic as if, for example, the Nobel Prize committee gave the peace prize to warmonger – in chief, Mr. Drone Strike himself, Barack Hussein Obama. Oh ….. erm ….. I might want to rephrase that …
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I’m no fan of the Royal Family but – Two Words

Saw a post today on Hang The Bankers Blog that, while i have no objection to what the guy is saying I think he is simply not seeing the bigger picture.

He writes:
Look at the photograph (of Phil The Greek). This picture will fill Millions of Brits with pride, nostalgia and patronism. Women, old and young will inevitably coo. Men, no doubt with a look of steely determination on their faces will give a quick nod at the photo and say to themselves; “Yes mate, you know”. I look at it and want to wring the hypocrites scrawny neck. The mere sight of him makes me want to puke.

You will not spot a single tear in this abomination’s eye. And for the Daily Mail newspaper and no doubt the vast majority of others to even suggest it, is tantamount to fraud. Worse still, it officially costs the tax payer nearly half a million pound a year to view propaganda like this. Unofficially, the true cost is in the millions.

You have no idea how hard I find it to write about The Duck of Edinburgh and his family of parasitic in-breeds without descending into a torrent of foul mouthed abuse. Continue reading:

Well yes, as I said I’m no fan but his argument can be totally demolished in two words …

President Thatcher

or alternatively

President Blair

If you know what I mean.

At Last: Political Leaders Are Getting The Message About Blair

You’ve got to love this headline:

Serbian Prime Minster Refuses To Hire ‘English Gay Fart Tony Blair’

Several news gathering services are reporting today that Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Meerkat Vucic has refused to hire Tony Blair as his advisor on the country’s accession to the EU on the grounds he’s too expensive. Instead the prince of darkness Peter Mandelson has got the gig. It the press release Vucic failed to mention that he previously edited a book entitled “English Gay Fart Tony Blair”.

Earlier this month Vucic met Blair in Belgrade to discuss engaging him as his personal advisor. It has now emerged the discussion were related to Serbia’s ambition to gain membership of the European Union so they can get their hands on some of Germany’s money and send their rapists, thugs, pimp, ponces and people traffickers to Britain. Slovenia is the only former Yougoslavian Republic to have gained EU membership so far.

But Mr Vucic has not always been such a big fan of Blair. As Yugoslavia began to breakup Blair persuaded the international community to pursue a very hard-line with Belgrade. This ultimately led to the West invading both Bosnia and Kosovo, allowing both to secede from Yugoslavia, effectively ending its existence.

The book’s title, Vucic’s press officer claims, was not intended to cast aspersions on Mr Blair’s sexuality but instead to suggests that he is comparable to flatulence. The writers are thought to have believed that being compared to a gay person’s flatulence would be more offensive.

Yeah right. So they were not referring to that hushed up conviction for cottaging then. The linked page does not provide a date, I can tell you Blair was convicted in 1983 but my source, though 100% reliable is not available online.

Austerity and Globalism Driving Civil Unrest

Want A Good Laugh? Try This

War Criminal and Traitor Tony Blair: ‘Iraq invasion didn’t cause current crisis’

It is often said that the funniest people are those who don’t know they are funny. Therefore if there was an award for funniest man in the world, Tony Blair would surely be a contender because the more seriously he takes himself the more idiotically surreal his comedy becomes.

Having continued to insist that there were Weapons Of Mass Destriction in Iraq in 2001 as justification for the British and American invasion, Blair is now trying to say that short war and the long occupation which followed it had nothing to do with the social and political meltdown of Iraq since Obama’s premature withdrawal of American troops in 2011.

Blair seems to think his illegal war in Iraq brought great benefits to that country which is also laughable. Still, funny is largely a matter of personal opinion and I doubt the people of Iraq, Afghantistan, The balkans or sierra Leone would agree with my view that Tony Blair is nearly as funny as Tommy Cooper.

nothing lasts forever of course and even before he has been crowned funniest man in the world, blair is facing serious challenges from barack Obama and David Cameron who, in their knockabout, slapstick way are trying to tell us the FUKUS axis backed coup in Ukraine has been an enormous victory for freedom and democracy and stories of conflict, atrocities and mass killings are just propaganda being put out by the Russian government.

That again is mostly a matter of opinion:

Ukrainian civil war looms as 49 die in plane shot down by rebels

While the world’s short attention span may have been diverted to Iraq where the ISIS insurgents are now knocking on Baghdad’s door, and with it – Iraq’s vast southern oil fields and infrastructure (which if taken offline would send oil up to $200 according to T. Boone Pickens). the “out of sight, out of mind” conflict in Ukraine, which the western media dropped covering like a hot potato some time in early May for reasons not entirely known, continues to escalate and where the latest outbreak of violence took place overnight when a Ukraine military transport Il-76 was allegedly shot down by separatists in the city of Lugansk as it was about to land.

As a result of the crash all 49 Ukrainian service personnel on board were killed. The death toll would be the biggest suffered by government forces in a single incident since Ukraine’s government launched a military operation against pro-Russian separatists in the east. Continue reading

White phosphorus’ reports: Ukraine military ‘dropped incendiary bombs’ on Slavyansk

Residents of Slavyansk and its suburbs were awoken overnight on Thursday by what they say were incendiary bombs that were dropped on their city by Kiev’s military. Witnesses and local media reports suggested that the bombs might be phosphorous.

Much of the village of Semyonovka, located in the Slavyansk suburbs, was set ablaze. Local residents told RT that the ground didn’t stop burning for some time.

“We all saw what happened here yesterday. They used rocket launchers as well as incendiary bombs against us. The ground was on fire. How can the ground burn by itself. It burned for about forty minutes,” resident Roman Litvinov told RT over the phone. Continue reading

While none of these reports come from what we would think of as totally reliable sources (but what is a totally reliable source in a world of spin and deception?) we do think they serve to illustrate why The Boggart Blog bookie is refusing to take bets on Barack Obama being proclaimed the funniest man in the world:

Obama to Tumblr users: “… the world has never been less violent or more tolerant than it is right now.”

Iraq bloodshed IS linked to 2003 invasion, says ex-Foreign Secretary Jack Straw as critics round on ‘unhinged’ Tony Blair
US Citizens Arrested For Criticizing Obama

The NHS Was Privatized By The Labour Government

health corporate businessHealth is a corporate business now, your wellbeing comes second to profit

The Queen’s Speech yesterday was the usual non event, but as the rabid rabble of Marxists, Trotskyists, Stalinists, Maoists, Corporatists, and Butterkists lined up, sweaty toothed and with eyes bulging madly to denounce The Coalition government, other news published yesterday and reported in mainstream media today ought to have reminded us what an inept, idiotic, ideologically obsessed, intellectually bankrupt, reality challenged bunch of tossers constitute our only alternative to Cameron’s Coalition Of The Clueless.

In an exclusive, The Independent reported that with the economy under the stewardship of Brown The Clown and Ed (the very fat man that waters the workers beer)?Balls, Labour ministers helped private firms make quick killing from PFI, a scandal totally ignored by the left dominated media (with the exception of some valiant efforts by The Guardian’s George Monbiot to raise awareness of how PFI was just a fancy name for shovelling taxpayer’s money into the coffers of billionaire buddies of theose gobshites Blair, Brown and Mandelson.

Here’s just one of George Monbiot’s reports on the insanity of Labour’s PFI schemes, search ‘Monbiot pfi’ for plenty more. George explains in simple terms how this method of financing public expenditure is just legalised extortion.

And next time you hear some swivel eyed lefty raving about The Tories privatising the NHS, remember that the job may have been started by Margaret Thatcher’s conservative government, but it was carried on with extreme relish by the shits and hypocrites of Labour under the war criminal Tony Blair.

In spite of this latest report of Labour’s addiction to wealth and power however, there are still people out there who think the nation would be better off with these scum sucking scab lice back in power.

from The Independent:

Private contractors have pocketed hundreds of millions of pounds of profits in the past four years by exploiting deals that were controversially awarded to them by the last Labour government.

Companies that were awarded contracts to build and maintain state schools for 25 years have been doubling their money by “flipping”, or selling on, the Private Finance Initiative (PFIs) projects just four years after finishing them.

The chair of the Commons Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge, described the huge profits as “a total scandal” and said it meant “we have all been ripped off”. The Independent’s findings shine a new light on how private companies have made fortunes in pure profit from the rising value of the schools and hospitals they have built – value which critics say could have been retained by the taxpayer.

Four contractors alone made profits of more than £300m. Of the companies studied – Balfour Beatty, Carillion, Interserve and Kier – Balfour Beatty is by far the biggest beneficiary of the rising value of its Private Finance Initiative and Public Private Partnership deals. It alone has made profits of £188.9m.

Only this week, it flipped the University Hospital of North Durham and seven schools in Knowsley, near Liverpool, generating a gain of £51m. In the case of the schools, it doubled its money from the £19m investment made when the 27-year contracts were awarded in 2007 and 2011.

The Durham hospital, which was one of the first hospitals to be built under PFI-style private financing, was dogged with controversy about bed shortages and poor design when it opened.

Carillion has made £12.2m, Kier £20.7m and Interserve £90m, according to stock market filings and company documents.

Boggart Blog’s partner in crime (the crime of exposing establishment corruption and cronyism)have already reported on the sheer looniness of PFI schemes and how only Labour economists could think there was any befefit to the public in giving a private firm the money to build a new hospital and then renting that hospital from the private owners as a fully managed facility.

What is most upsetting however is that the shits and hypocrites of the Labour party assume we the punters are too stupid to see through their criminality.

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I’ll Save EU" War Criminal Blair tells Angela Merkel.

bliar - merkels white knight
Picture courtesy David Icke

As I have said before the world of politics and business is now so insane, it has become impossible to write satire. No worries, reporting the news should be enough to give you a laugh.

One of this morning’s main stories was the row brewing over who is to be the next president of the EU Commission. German leader Angela Merkel and most of Europe’s federalist parties support Jean-Claude Junker who apart from being the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and for many years a leading advocate of the dissolution of sovereign states in the EU and their replacement with a centralised bureaucratic dictatorship in Brussels can offer among the many qualifications that make him ideal for the job the fat that he has held the title of world’s most boring man for the past twenty years.

When I worked in Luxembourg in the 1980s, Junker was known as Mr. Personality (all together now) because when God made him he missed a personality.

David Cameron and Francois Hollande however are vehemently opposed to Junker’s candidacy, saying such a boring bell end can only make politicians like Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen who have a little charisma look even more attractive to voters.

It was looking as if poor Angela was outnumbered until a knight in shining armour rode to her rescue.

“I will defend Europe from the extreme right,” Blair said, as he threw himself into the fray, thus fuelling speculation that he was preparing to mount another bid to become President of Europe.

The former Prime Minister reacted angrily after the Financial Times ran a leaked account of his meeting with Angela Merkel last Tuesday, claiming he had offered his services to the German Chancellor in a high-profile ‘pro-European role’.

The newspaper – which enjoys a close relationship with the Brussels elite – said the former PM had made it clear to Ms Merkel that he was willing to ‘defend the EU from its increasingly vocal critics’.

It good be a good offer for the federalist camp. Junker has an amazing track record of under achievement whereas the traitor and war criminal Blair has proved his ability, having saved Britain from the political right by selling us out to the American right.

Blair, who is increasingly believed to have been directly intrumental in blocking publication of the Chilcot Inquiry* that could prove him guilty of war crimes in Iraq (a charge which the former Prime Minister denies) remains unashamedly active on the political stage and is desperate to get into any postition of power.

According to numerous reports he is angling for a Brussels position which would give him a ‘pan-European role’ campaigning against Euroscepticism, which sounds suspiciously like a disguised bid to become the next president of the European Council.

*Sir John Chilcot’s Iraq Inquiry was expected to report in 2010. But since then, blair and his advisers have been locked in a dispute with Chilcot and Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood over which Government documents could be released as part of the final report.