Outbreak Of Democracy Could Prove Undemocratic

ed miliband looks weird sounds weird is weird
Ed Miliband – looks weird, sounds weird, is weird according to a senior labour MP (picture source)

Fallout from the European parliament elections continues to dominate the news and I don’t see why Boggart Blog should miss out on traffic by abandoning a topic that lots of people are searching on.

Good news for UKIP today is that the traitor and war criminal, Tony Blair, fresh from campaigning for western military intervention in Syria, Ukraine and Nigeria has announced that the anti EU party are nasty and unpleasant. What more proof to you need that UKIP are in truth, nice and convivial. (Hey Blair, you bloodthirsty shit, I just libelled you again – still waiting to hear from your lawyers about all the previous times)

One of the big themes of commentators around Europe is the rise of anti EU and anti – integration parties is good for democracy. It ought to be, but in Britain the rise of UKIP as a party opposed to the anti – democratic consensus politics of the political mainstream could turn out to be damaging to democracy.

Nobody could reasonably expect UKIP to form a government after next years general election. Short of Cameron, Clegg, Miliband and their front bench teams being videoed having a circle fuck in The House Of Commons Gym and the results ending up on YouTube its hard to think of anything that could cause a Lib Dem style total meltdown in Labour and Conervative support.

What could turn out to be an ironic unintended consequence of the European election earthquake is that Ed Miliband could become Prime Minister next year on a platform most of the British people and certainly most English voters loathe and destest.

The parties of the broad right, the Tories and Ukip, polled more than 51 per cent of votes cast in the European election. Miliband’s Labour Party mustered the support of a quarter of those who could be arsed voting.

As UKIP to date have taken more votes from Conservatives than Labour, electoral arithmetic shows that if the same UKIP – Conservative split is repeated in the general election, Labour could form a government next May.

This would be a travesty of what democracy is supposed to be about.’

Time for us pro democracy, anti – authoritarian-rule-from-Brussels bloggers to start campaigning for tactical voting. Unless Ed Miliband, a man I have perhaps unfairly suspected of being too decent and honest to be an effective party leader and Prime Minister, can take on and rout the dark forces of global Naziism at work in his own party and return The People’s Party to being the part of ordinary people rather than the party of people who are billionaire bankers, wealthy lawyers or cossetted academics.

Outcry as David Cameron says ‘Let’s extend the EU towards Asia’
Racism And The Left: According To Many (White) Left Wing Idiots, For A White Person To Breathe Is Racist

The Real Racists Are The People Calling UKIP Racist

It is really pathetic to see the leaders oif the three main political parties, bereft of ideas, bereft of intellect, bereft of charisma, trying to make a big deal of the fact that Nigel Farage will not be standing as a candidate in the Newark by – election.

Now we can disregard Nige’s claims that it wouldn’t be right as he has no connection with the East Midlands. If he thought he had a chance of winning he’d be in there like a ferret up a drainpipe. Newark however is one of the safest Conservative seats in the country, if you stuck a blue rosette on a dog turd they’d vote for it in Newark, if Karl Marx stood as the Conservative candidate, he’d win.

A more credible excuse from Farage is he’s currently fully occupied leading the party that looks like topping the polls in the European election.

Today’s polls:
TNS-BMRB have European figures of CON 18%(-3), LAB 27%(-3), LDEM 10%(+1), UKIP 36%(+7), Others 9% (tabs here). Changes are from their last poll in early April.
ComRes/ITV have European figures of CON 18%(-4), LAB 27%(-3), LDEM 8%(nc), UKIP 38%(+8!), GREEN 4%.
More poll info:

Still, with an eagerness only equalled by their enthusiasm for covering up the activities of the crooks, liars and paedophiles among their MPs, supporters of the LibLabConsensus in the media continue trying to smear UKIP, blissfully unaware that it is backfiring.

Dan Hodges, a regular UKIP hater who wites as a Blairite New Labour supporter for the Daily Telegraph (this boy is very confused)today includes in his blog this paragraph:

“Not so long ago, the Ukip leader was a mildly eccentric – but fresh and interesting – addition to the British political scene. But he’s made two fatal mistakes. The first is to believe his own publicity. The second is to take the British people for fools. When he says that “the ordinary voters who are worried about immigration aren’t racist”, he’s right. But when those voters look at the likes of Andre Lampitt and William Henwood, then at themselves, they know how to spot the difference.” (more …)

Hodges suffers from the typical progressive left, arrested adolescent delusion that he’s the only person in the world who understands what’s going on and one he has expressed his opinion everyone with understand how wrong they have been and will agree with him. A total bell end in other words.

Is this metrosexual, metropolitan wanker really so hidebound by his “inside the M25 mentality” that he believes people in Bristol and Birmingham, Manchester and Merseyside, Blackburn and Bradford, Gateshead and Glasgow are going to be put off by nonentities like Lampitt and Harewood. The traitor and war criminal Tony Blair is campaigning for Labour, does that put off most traditional Labour voters (clue: they vote for the benefits not the politics), does he think the bluster of Bollocks or the mumblings of Miliband will influence 2010’s Tory defectors to Lib Dems to switch to the Labour (clue: they’ll vote for the tax cuts)

There are two reasons people will support UKIP, 1) protest vote because everyone is sick of politics as usual and the main parties have done nothing to show they plan to change 2) We have to get out of an EU that is galloping towards fascism. The three main parties aren’t, they are one party. I was gobsmacked to read recently that Cameron regularly wines and dines and consults the war criminal Blair for advice on how to run the Country. Now, that’s treason! No wonder there’s not a cigarette paper between the Lib Dems, Labour and Conservative! UKIP is our only hope of breaking the mould!

The real question, but one which mainstream media will not address is; do the press think we (the British voter) are morons?

If you are with Hodges, you probably think that we the voters be shocked when someone in UKIP said “bloody foreigners” five years ago, in comparison to the serial sex offenders, expenses cheats, criminals, rent seekers, bung takers, liars and crooks in the LibLabConsensus who have much less coverage in a scale of seriousness of offenses?

OK, so was Andre Lampitt, who featured on UKIP’s recent election broadcast, has tweeted: “I was born and grew up in Africa please leave Africa for the Africans lets [sic] them kill themselves off don’t go there.” Or Ukip council candidate William Henwood, who told Lenny Henry to “go and live in a black country”

I don’t really understand what Lampitt was on about, Harewood, in fairness was responding to comments made by that pompous, pontificating racist tit Lenny Henry who opined that “there aren’t enough dark skinned people in media”. That was the nearest Lenny has come to saying something funny for twenty five years. If there is one industry in which dark skinned people are over represented (apart from cab driving) it’s the media.

But mainstream media forgets to mention that UKIP removes or suspends these people. The overt racist Diane Abbott, along with other black supremacists and Islamists still holds a prominent position in The Labour Party? And don’t get me started on Labour’s other leading racist David Lammy.
(I’ll make clear here that I have not found Ms. Abbott’s remarks offensive, she’s a person of strong opinions and I respect her right to free speech. It’s when coprophagiac media luvvies like Dan Hodges say that I and others who hold different opinions should not have the same right, I get pissed off.)

So do you agree with Hodges then that Farage is taking us voters for fools, or are you on the mind that for far too many years the LibLabConsensus and their loyal supporters in the media has taken us for a bunch of cunts.

According to the polls, with around 50% opting out of the political process and 30% planning to vote UKIP, we’re not.

Child Abuse Cover Up: Pressure mounting: Former Prime Minister Tony Blair

With the liberal Democrats squirming under the forensic scrutiny of the hypocritical efforts of party managers to cover up the allegations about the bizarre desires of gut bucket MP Cyril Smith and the Tories developing selective hearing loss and saying Leon who? every time the name of a certain former future Prime Minister is mentioned it is heartening to see that the main parties recent urge to collaborate (in smearing UKIP) is not exactly a new thing.

Con, Lab and Lib Dem press officers have been collaborating to cover each others arses for years it seems. Not long ago we happy few, we band of bothers who make up alternative media were on Labour’s case about the links certain senoir figures had with the Paedophile Information Exchange and the “equal rights for kiddie fiddles” policies endorsed by deputy leader Hattie Harperson. I did intend to provide a link to a Little Nicky Machiavelli post in which the name of that Tory former future Prime Minister was almost revealed, but the item seems to have disapeared as completely and mysteriously as a Boeing 777 flying over The Gulf Of Thailand. Hmmmmmmmm ………..

christine keeler mandy rice davis scandal Christine Keeler and mandy rice Davis – better looking than L… B…… and R.. D….. (picture source; Guardian archive)

Now the wheel, revolving at an increasing rate it seems, has gone full circle and Labour are back in the frame.

from The Daily Mirror
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is under increasing pressure to say what exactly he knew about allegations of abuse at a London children’s home. Al least one newspaper, The Daily Mirror is demanding that Blair answer questions over the Mirror’s revelations that a child sex abuse probe was axed after a minister in his government was named as a suspect.

MPs joined forces with a victim of abuse to call on the former Prime Minister to reveal if he knew about the alleged cover up or of any allegations against the politician.

The demands followed our story that an ex-social services boss told police in 1998 the Blair minister made evening visits to a children’s home in Lambeth, south London, run by paedophile Michael John Carroll in the 1980s.

A spokesman for Mr Blair said yesterday that he would not comment.

The Metropolitan Police continued to remain silent about their review into the cover up claims which they launched over a year ago.

A former care home boy who was sexually assaulted by Carroll in the flat allegedly visited by the politician, said yesterday: “Mr Blair owes it to the children who have suffered to come out and say something about this.”

The 45-year-old delivery driver added: “He must tell us what he knew and the longer he doesn’t, the worse it will get for him.”

Continue reading

Left – Right Unite, We All Hate Blair

Tony Blair is at it again; no, not claiming there were loads of WMDs in Iraq and Saddam had them hidden up his arse. This time he’s found another way to justify supporting Bush and thus justifying the war that destroyed the Iraqi nation and killed so many of its people.

Invading Iraq prevented Syria-like civil war, claims Tony Blair

iraq after blair prevented civil war
Iraq today – a peaceful and harmonious nation thanks to Blair (picture source)

Speaking on the day after at least 11 people were killed in Iraq, when a suicide bomber rammed a fuel tanker into a police headquarters in the city of Tikrit and six men were kidnapped from their homes and executed near Baghdad, former Prime Minister and perpetual pain in the arse Tony Blair said that had he and his best mate George Dubya Bush not invaded Iraq and destroyed the regime of Saddam Hussein, the Arab Spring – the wave of pro-democracy uprisings – would have spread to Iraq triggering a conflict like that in Syria.

Does he mean a conflict like they are having now in Iraq. Ever the warmonger, currently engaged in a blood drinking contest with Barack Hussein Obama as both act as shills for invasion of the middle eastern trouble spot, Blair said: “Supposing you had left Saddam in place, I think it is reasonably arguable, surely, that you would have had the so-called Arab Spring come to Iraq.

Last year saw the highest levels of violence in the country since 2007, and around half a million people have died since the 2003 invasion due to war, according to an academic study published last year.

How Saddam May Yet Win The War

Save The African Clitoris

We at Boggart Blog are proud to have become part of an international campaign to save one of the most endangered species on earth, the African Clitoris.

These charming little creatures which live inside ladies naughty bits, have it seems been hunted to extinction by African males who believed for many generations women had no business enjoying themselves.

Colonialisation brought some enlightenment but unfortunately that led to the African clitoris becoming a valuable trophy among the elite. The hunters redoubled their efforts, and when the creatures became scarce even left the shores of Africa to pursue the bounty to the land former colonial powers where African women, desperate to protect their Clitorii had fled.

Soon the African clitoris was being hunted in the streets of London, the savannas of Birmingham and the rain forests of Manchester. This week saw the first successful prosecutions for Female Genital Mutilation in British Courts. This give you some idea just how serious the plight of the African Clitoris has become.

Why do Africans hunt the Clitoris so fanatically? Why do Africans do any of the things they do? People on the left of the political spectrum blame it on the effects of colonialisation. Others say most of Africa’s problems are a result of too little colonialisation. Take for example the case of Burkina Faso, which sounds like a nasty disease contracted through having unprotected sex with warthogs but is in fact an African country.

You’d never heard of it? No worries, neither have most of the people who live there. Burkina Faso is one of the poorest nations on earth. Out of 229 nations, there are only 26 whose inhabitants manage to earn less per head every year and this includes Italy where sensible people don’t earn anything at all officially.

There is little electricity in Burkina Faso, and where there is a supply it doesn’t work for days on end. Fresh water is at a premium and in many places even water that an elephant has shat in is scarce. Education is practically non-existent.

The men sit in the shade of the Shea trees when they are not hunting and destroying the African Clitoris, whilst the women laboriously grind the Shea nuts into Sheanut butter to complement the endless diet of millet porridge. When it gets cold at night, the men stir themselves to chop down the nearest Shea tree for firewood thus making a bad situation even worse. Every year they lose 32,000 hectares of the very trees they are dependent on for protein in their diet. That’s the kind of place it is …

Continue reading about the Adopt An African Clitoris campaign at Anna Raccoon

And what happens to all the aid money given by western taxpayers to the great and good, the charity millionaires in the hope that their benificence and superior intelligence can improve life in places like Burkino Faso? Take a look at this:

Tony Blair handed £3 million slice of Barack Obama’s aid for Africans

Tony Blair is celebrating another multi-million pound contract after his charity secured a key deal with the US government.

This time, the former prime minister’s Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) has won a £3.3 million contract to play a key role in Barack Obama’s flagship African aid programme.

The three-year deal – with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) – gives Mr Blair’s charity an important role in the initiative, called Power Africa. The money represents more than AGI’s combined total income in 2012, the most recent set of accounts available.

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Was Twiggy Garcia Just The Vanguard? Blair Arrest imminent?

How Chilcot could ‘slap the cuffs’ on Tony Blair

Telegraph Evidence from (civil service) mandarins suggests that Tony Blair’s entourage deceived the Cabinet on Iraq.

Andrew Gilligan writes in The Daily Read full article

Twiggy Garcia was working in a restaurant in Shoreditch, east London, last week when he learnt that Tony Blair was in the building.

“My heart rate increased,” he said. “There was an eerie presence … I went over to him, put my hand on his shoulder, and said, ‘Mr Blair, this is a citizen’s arrest for a crime against peace, namely your decision to launch an unprovoked war against Iraq.’”

Sadly, Mr Garcia couldn’t quite see it through. “One of [Mr Blair’s] sons went to get the plain-clothes security from downstairs,” he said. “I decided to get out of there sharpish. I’ve had a few run-ins with the police in the past and it never ends well.”

But as Sir John Chilcot’s Iraq inquiry shows signs of at last creaking to a close, could it be the former civil servant who finally slaps the metaphorical cuffs on Mr Blair? Ten years to the week after the first official Iraq investigation, by Lord Hutton, was published, it seems clear that this one will be more critical. Key figures in the debacle are showing distinct signs of nervousness.

Blair dragged off through Traitor’s Gate to the Bloody Tower? I wo=uld pay good money to see that – and so would a lot more people.

They’re All In It Together

Told you so. The three main political parties are all the same organisation, a local branch of the New World Order, they cover one anothers’ arses and serve the same masters. Want proof?

Here it is:

David Cameron blocks report that exposes Tony Blair’s Iraq war crimes

‘David Cameron is blocking publication of the Iraq Inquiry report because it confirms a secret conspiracy by Bush and Blair to take the US and Britain into an illegal war.

While David Cameron was laying wreaths of poppies at the Cenotaph this weekend, to remember the past war dead, he has been blocking an inquiry set up to tell the truth about the war in Iraq.

That is the meaning of the refusal of the Cabinet secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, to release records of conversations between then prime minister and US president George Bush, in the run up to the war on Iraq.

Read full article

Now WTF is a Conservative Prime Minister whose party is trailing in the polls thinking about when he passes up the chance to nail a Labour former Prime Minister as a traitor and war criminal? If Cameron was a politician rather than a New World Order office boy he could have stitched up Labour and guaranteed winning the next election three times in the past three weeks.

And you know how the old saying goes, once is circumstance, twice is coincidence and three times means you’ve been kicked up the arse by your corporate bosses.

I’m not going to do a Russell Brand and say don’t vote. I say vote for absolutely anybody so long as they have nothing to do with the three main parties.

Do as I say, not as I did – Blair

Tony Blair delivered a veiled attack on Ed Miliband and other modern political figures for lacking experience outside politics, claiming they should work normal jobs for several years before heading to Westminster.

The former Prime Minister said in an interview with The Independent (titled somewhst naughtily “How I Became Prime Minister Of The World”) there is a “general problem” in western nations with career politicians who have never worked outside the political sphere.

The husely successful Middle East peace envoy said: “I advise any young person who wants to go into politics today: go and spend some time out of politics.

“Go and work for a community organisation, a business, start your own business; do anything that isn’t politics for at least several years.

“And then, when you come back into politics, you will find you are so much better able to see the world and how it functions properly.

“So – but I – you know, this is an issue that they’re debating in the US right now, in many places in Europe, and I do think there is a big gene pool problem with modern politics and how we get round I think is very challenging.”

This might seem a reasonable enough outburst of gibberish typical of the man until we examine the former Prime Hypocrie’s early career.

B lair’s wild adventures as a rock music promoter, putative rock star, mature student and pupil barrister in a law practice founded by a family friend is hardly an impressive CV to build before entering politics and of course there was that conviction for cottaging in the early 1980s but we’re not supposed to mention that so I won’t, you’ll have to follow the link (scroll down to the sub heading ugly rumours).

Clearly though some of us, like good wine, inmprove with age, Blair, like cheap plonk, becomes more unpalatable.

And finally:
here’s an opinion from a retired commercial lawyer who was his senior at Derry Irvine’s Chambers.

“He wasn’t very good” says “Frankly he didn’t listen to the brief, and he caved in to the Judge…to the fury of my clients. So I fired him. I told Derry, ‘Don’t ever send that twat to me again'”.

Write To Your MP

I woke up this morning (no, this isn’t a blues song lyric) and felt that while almost powerless to do anything to halt world War Three I must make some gesture no matter how small and futile.

So I lobbied my MP to oppose military intervention in Syria. It’s easy (if you are a British voter) to email you MP, just click the link below and follow the instructions.


If we all urge our MPs to oppose the vote to approve military intervention and it is defeated, the outcome is not likely to be affected. It is now clear that Cameron, Osborne, Hague et al take orders from the faceless members of a business / banking cartel that rules the world from somewhere beyond the reach of national jurisdictions as did Blair, Brown and a bagful of foreign secrataries in the Labour government.

but it would give heart to those MPs who want to dump Cameron and put an end to the bureaucratic dictatorship of Brussels and Geneva.

And if you think military intervention in Syria would be a good idea you are free to lobby your MP for that via writetothem.com and then you can fuck off, warmonger.

Here’s a copy of my letter:

Dear Graham Jones,

I write to appeal you you to do anything in your power to oppose any
resolution committing the UK to take part in military action against
either faction in the Syrian conflict.

Although we know beyond doubt that chemical weapons in the form of
nerve gas have been used in the conflict, my reading of a wide range of
sources suggests it is far from clear which side instigated the attack.
Evidence from UN investigations into similar attacks earlier in the
year suggest however that those fighting to overthrow the Assad regime
were responsible for using illegal weapons.

I have no doubt that the Assad regime is and always has been a brutal
dictatorship, but there is no indication that those trying to overthrow
Assad will offer anything better. The Jihadists are certainly not
planning an enlightened liberal democracy.

We need only look at what has happened in Iraq, Egypt and Libya
following the overthrow of dictators to see that military intervention
without massive follow up support is not viable. In common with many
other British people feel that our nation’s involvement would cost
British lives and in the long term only make things worse for the non
partisan people of Syria.

I thank you for this opportunity to contact you on a matter of concern
to us all.

Yours sincerely,
Ian Thorpe

Gotcha! Labour Leadership Linked Lockerbie Bomber Release To Arms Deal

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. but it cannot survive treason from within.

An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not a traitor, he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.

Marcus Tullius Cicero, (circa 45 BC)

Lockerbie Bomber Release Linked To Blair and Gadaffi’s Secret arms Deal?