Poor sleep a heath risk for old guys – or a survival tactic?

Once again I have stumbled on a health scare story that makes me question WTF we are paying these researchers for:

Poor sleep quality greatly increases the risk of high blood pressure in older men, a study has found.

A lack of deep sleep has been found to raise the risk by 80% over a period of 3.4 years.

Researchers measured how long 784 men with an average age of 75 spent in “slow wave sleep” (SWS), a deep stage of sleep from which it is difficult to awaken.

What planet do these arseholes live on. There’s this stge of sleep from which it is difficult to wake up right? And they’re looking into why old guys over 75 spend little time in it, right?

Does it not occur to them the thing old guys over 75 fear about going to sleep is not waking up?

It’s about wanting to stay alive FFS.

full story in The Independent

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