Oh What A Tragedy For Globalists: Here’s what we will miss by being outside the EU

Under the treaty of Lisbon, a massive transfer of soverignty from member states to the unelected Bureaucrats of Brussels which was sneaked through by the EU commission after plebiscites in France and Netherlands voted down a European constritution, here’s what would have been coming our way in 2017 had we not voted to leave.

Massive Transfer of Powers to the European Union

From 1 April 2017 the rule of ‘Qualified Majority Voting’ and the double majority rule is obligatory; henceforward a blocking minority can be made up of at least four Member States representing at least 35% of the EU population. In other words, Germany, France and two debtor nations that are in thrall to the EU and so will do as they are told or face punitive ‘sanctions’ from Brussels, Greece and Portugal will be able to exercise control over EU policy.
What this means is that a British Government no longer has control over forty-four areas of policy that affect every area of life for the British people.

Transfer of Powers under the Lisbon Treaty.
Policy Area Nice Treaty Lisbon Treaty

1. Administrative Co-operation Unanimity QMV
2. Armaments Agency, Rules Concerning Unanimity QMV
3. Asylum QMV QMV
4. Border Controls Unanimity QMV
5. Citizens’ Initiative Regulations Unanimity QMV
6. Civil Protection Unanimity QMV
7. Committee of the Regions Unanimity QMV
8. Common Defence Policy Unanimity QMV
9. Crime Prevention Initiatives Unanimity QMV
10. Criminal Justice Co-operation Unanimity QMV
11. Criminal Law Unanimity QMV
12. Culture Unanimity QMV
13. Diplomatic & Consular Protection Unanimity QMV
14. Economic & Social Committee QMV QMV
15. Emergency International Aid Unanimity QMV
16. Energy Unanimity QMV
17. EU Budget Unanimity QMV
18. Eurojust Unanimity QMV
19. European Central Bank Unanimity QMV
20. European Court of Justice Unanimity QMV
21. Europol Unanimity QMV
22. Eurozone External Representation Unanimity QMV
23. Foreign Affairs, High Representative Election N/A QMV
24. Foreign Affairs, Initiative of the High Representative Unanimity QMV
25. Freedom of Movement for Workers Unanimity QMV
26. Freedom to Establish a Business Unanimity QMV
27. Freedom, Security & Justice – Co-operation & Evaluation Unanimity QMV
28. Funding the Common Foreign & Security Policy Unanimity QMV
29. General Economic Interest Services Unanimity QMV
30. Humanitarian Aid Unanimity QMV
31. Immigration QMV QMV
32. Intellectual Property Unanimity QMV
33. Organisation of the Council of the EU Unanimity QMV
34. Police Co-operation Unanimity QMV
35. President of the European Council Election N/A QMV
36. Response to Natural Disasters & Terrorism N/A QMV
37. Self-Employment Access Rights Unanimity QMV
38. Social Security QMV QMV
39. Space Unanimity QMV
40. Sport Unanimity QMV
41. Structural & Cohesion Funds Unanimity QMV
42. Tourism Unanimity QMV
43. Transport Unanimity QMV
44. Withdrawal of a Member State from EU N/A QMV

Now do you understand why Brexit was the only acceptable outcome not just for Britain but for the free world and the principles of democracy.


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