Burnham Slams BoJo as PM imposes Tier 3

from Politicalite

BORIS Johnson was slammed today by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham who said he was “playing a game of poker” with people’s lives.

Picture source: Politicalite

Originally putting £60m on the table to help the people of Greater Manchester get through the harsh Winter Boris Johnson later walked away from negotiations and refused to put £60m on the table.

The Government was accused of “playing with people’s lives” in a “game of poker” after he refused to give real support to Greater Manchester.

“Is this a game of poker?” he asked.

“Are they playing poker with people’s lives in a pandemic? Is that what this is about? Are they piling pressure on people to accept the lowest figure they can get? Is that what this is about?

“Is this a government committed to levelling up this country?

“What we’ve seen today is a deliberate act of levelling down.” said Burnham. … Continue reading >>>

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You Could Be Arrested for Breaking New Coronavirus Rules, Says Boris

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses a news conference to give a daily update on the government's response to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, inside 10 Downing Street in London on March 20, 2020. - Britain's government Friday rolled out a series of extra measures including direct grants to cover …
Boris – the strain is showing (Picture: AFP / Getty)

It is fair to say the extension of restrictions on movement and socialising announced by the government yesterday have been received with underwhelming enthusiasm by the public. Despire firgures broadcast by BBC News and other establishment propaganda parrots in mainstream media suggesting wholesale approval of the new measures, the feel one gets from internet comment threads and pub conversations suggests the opposite.

In a live broadcast from Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the nation that people could be arrested and fined £100 rising to £3,300 for repeat offenders if they breach the new social distancing rules which ban gatherings of more than six people in public or private or are caught not wearing masks in public areas outdoors despite the facts that mask wearing has been shown to offer little protection and there is close to zero chance of the infection being passed on outdoors. In other words the new rules are not much different to the old rules.

Mr Johnson made the announcement on Wednesday after <a href=”https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/09/09/uk-social-gatherings-more-six-banned-govt-reportedly-mulls-curfew/”>earlier reports</a> had suggested that draconian measures would be announced in order to avoid another full lockdown.

The prime minister said that from Monday, gatherings will be limited to six people. If you do exceed that number, “you will be breaking the law”. Grandparents are still not allowed to hug their grandkids and of course casulal sex is out of the question.

“The rules will apply in any setting, indoors or outdoors, at home or in the pub.

“The ban will be set out in law and it will be enforced by the police — anyone breaking the rules risks being dispersed, fined and possibly arrested,” Johnson said.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has slammed the government’s new lockdown laws as too harsh, saying that it is hard to justify law-abiding citizens following the new rules when police fail to stop protests and illegal raves … Continue reading >>>

Coronavirus fear and panic
Death of Democracy
Free Speech murdered

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Downing Street Shaggers: Update From The Boggart Blog bookie

Leaks from “a fleet street source” in The Tap blog and Guido Fawkes (though it is not in Guido’s blog today) have brought in a rush of money for Sam Cam and Bo Jo in the Downing Street Shaggers Stakes.

The leaks also suggest Nancy Cameron (9) is the product of the affair. That would explain why Dave left the child behind in a pub last year.

Sources close to Downing Street (Guido’s wife) say young Nancy bears a stronger resemblance to BoJo’s sister than either of her legal parents. See for yourselves. Dave and family

The Boggart Blog bookie has announced the book is now closed.

Bozza’s Tree Crusade

I was snooping around the Blog of Bozza (or Boris Johnson M.P or Bo – Jo to his fans) the other day. You might think this strange behaviour for an unrepentant old Liberal like me, but I always find Bozza good value). On that occasion I enjoyed his fulminations against the Health and Safety Executive (H.S.E.)
“There are now 3621 pages of Health and Safety legislation, that’s 76* times the length of War and Peace” the Blonde One thundered, ending with the question that mustn’t be on everyone’s lips “is this good for the country?”
Well it is certainly not good for trees. Which is perhaps why the arboreal population of this sceptred isle is coming in for some attention from the HSE which is worried about the safety risks posed by uncontrolled trees.
But we will be returning to that issue tomorrow.

*probably an exaggeration. If it was my blog it would be for comic effect but as its Bozza we’re talking about, who knows?