Russel Brand Anti Bankers Documentary Funded By Bankers

It’s taken the avid publicity seeker Russell Brand less than twelve months to go from channeling wealthy, elitist leftie Tony Benn to channeling capitalist’s conscience money into his own growing bank account. Russel Brand’s journey from comedy leftie to hypocritical twat has been quicker than any before.

from The Daily Telegraph

When Russell Brand wanted to film himself confronting bankers about their bonuses, he chose to storm RBS, regarding the bank as the very embodiment of the capitalist system he so despises.

But, not for the first time, Brand has left himself open to accusations of hypocrisy after it emerged the film company he set up is largely funded by City investors – including a former RBS banker.

Brand raised almost £1 million by issuing shares in Mayfair Film Partnership Ltd, the production company making his next film, a documentary called Brand which will explore his ideas on the redistribution of wealth.

At least 11 of the 21 main investors in the company are current or former employees of banks or other financial institutions, while a 12th is a pension fund.

They were all able to claim tax relief by offsetting the money they invested in the shares against their income tax, as part of a government scheme to attract investment in high risk start-up companies.


Question Time. Time Out for Brand.

I was looking forward to the BBC’s Question Time last night, the big face off between Russell Brand and Nigel Farage it was billed as. Unfortunately it turned out to be as much a non event as those World heavyweight Boxing Championship contests in the 1970s when Muhammed Ali was on his bum o’ the month campaign, with the UKIP leader taking the role of Ali and Brand huffing and puffing a little but fearing to come out of his corner before throwing in the towel at around the halfway mark.
(Nice sustained metaphor Ian, take a bow)

Brand, audience member who savaged him, Farage, gobby woman who screams ‘racist’.
Pictures shamlessly stolen from BBC Question Time web page under terms of Fair Use

The fact is when Russell Brand decided about a year ago I guess, to revive his flagging career by coming over all political, he was talking like a libertarian (or maybe just channeling Alex Jones or David Icke) but while that grabbed headlines it did not play to Russell’s natural audience who love globalism, big government, immigration, the dissolution of national sovereignty and national cultures and the idea that if we all join hands and sing Kumbaya we’ll turn into fairies and live happily ever after.

Still, despite the destruction of the Brand brand, the show was worth watching, for the man in the audience who excoriated Brand for patronising the disabled, and for the Labout representative on the panel who excoriated him for sexism when he tried to shout down the voluptuous but otherwise uninteresting Conservative, Penny Morduant.

Particularly enjoyable however was the blue-haired, loud mouthed female audience member who raged that Farage was a racist and advised that she was “coming for you Farage, don’t you bl**dy worry.”

I read in a comment thread earlier her name was Penny La Roche, if that is true then she is a professional race baiter who makes her living charging local Anti – Nazi League and Unite Against Fascism groups exorbitant fees for personal appearances at anti – BNP or anti – EDL demonstrations. If that is true it’s sad sad commentary on the mentality of the ANL and UAF that they can’t screech, “Racists, Fascists,” for themselves.

Whoever the woman was, she epitomised the thoughtful, reasonable and liberal face of the modern left.

After a second interruption as she tried to shout down a female audience member and was firmly put in her place by the commenter (“It is not racist to want to stop murderers and rapists coming into our country”) the stewards must have decided she had fretted and strutted her hour upon the stage because she was heard no more.

Our next Prime Minister commented that she was “lovely”. Or maybe he was referring to the extra votes she had just pushed UKIP’s way.

Brand Plays A Blinder

I never thought I’d say this but Russell Brand is playing a blinder. The self proclaimed prolific shagger, official jester to the metrosexual left, quasi – Dickensian cheeky chappie and fan of David Icke has, almost single handedly, made it respectable to dissent from the government line again. He has become a hate figure for both left and right after his outburst against the ineffectual nature of the failed political system, the corporate and scientific hijacking of public debate, government, the legal system, education and the media (the science is never settled guys, not now, not ever, never so shut the fuck up or take your insane cult of Scientism to Crazifornia, the home of post modern idiocy).

Now normally I would rather sup surströmming from a shit shovellers salopette than watch Russell, I don’t think narcissism as comedy is funny, but having pissed off both the left and right simultaneously he must be onto something.

The left are sneering at Brand’s naïveté in wanting to talk about corruption in high places, the unhealthy influence wielded by banks on society and other ‘trivial’ issues instead of understanding that the most important things society has to deal with are gay rights, equality for paedophiles and the scrapping of all immigration controls. The political right are raging that Brand is just another media luvvie playing at being a leftie to get a ride on the politically correct bandwagon.

In fact he is neither, what Russell Brand has been advocating is far more radical, he is talking about real liberalism bordering on anarchy. While the neo Nazis of the Lib Dems, Labour and the Cameronist wing of the Conservatives are talking about authoritarianism disguised with a veneer of political correctness, Brand and conspiracy theorists like David Icke are talking about real genuine individual freedom, the freedom to think for ourselves (and not least the freedom to promote themselves). The kind of freedom that will defend those who oppose uncontrolled immigration against charges of racism, who are against legalising same sex marriage against charges of homophobia (fear of the same thing?) or call for our withdrawal from the EU against accusations of being Little Englanders. A true liberal believes everybody has a right to express their own opinion, rather than just to repeat the opinions approved by the establishment and printed or broadcast by establishment / corporate controlled media.

Though never a fan of fan of the pre – Raphaelite featured comedian I find myself in sympathy with him as he faces hate attacks from all sides. The hate campaign has as always been led by the conformist left whose polemical ravings about Brand’s narcissistic belief that he has the right to speak for the left, yoof, the future, etc., although the traditional right have not been far behind. But Russell Brand has not elected himself, he has been co – opted by default, by the vacuum at the core of British politics. He is speaking for some of the most alienated and disenfranchised groups because, fearful of offending the Politically Correct Thought Police, nobody in the political establishment will step up and speak for them.

In the same way Nigel Farage has become the unofficial and unelected spokesman for the traditional Conservative constituency while George Galloway sometimes acts as the voice of the traditional Labour voter. More mainstream politicians, in their desperation to “engage with minorities” have abandoned the heartlands and are far too ready to dismiss the concerns of white, straight, cultural Christian, middle and working class voters as “bigotry”.

After Brand’s demolition of lefty bully boy Paxman on BBC’s Newsnight, which followed a similar demolition of the cliché spouting presenters of an American political talkshow a few weeks earlier it would be dangerous to assume we have discovered a new political messiah. What Russell Brand has done is expose the intellectually bankruptcy of both left and right, their total inability to propose anything that looks remotely like a solution to our problems (a return to the borrow and spend economics of the past twenty years will only achieve our total enslavement to the Debt Baron Rothschild clan and further austerity will lead to deflation higher unemployment and eventually to more borrowing and our enslavement by the debt barons.

Now someone has stood up and said these things will our political leaders understand they have lost touch with the voters or will they whine wimpishly about how overwhelmingly important it is, compared to trivialities like economics, jobs, ending conflict and shaking off the yoke of the debt barons that we make sure bearded queens in bridal gowns are getting what they want.

Paxo gets stuffed by Brand

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Nike Stands By Its Tiger As Porn Star Alleges Affair With Woods

The thunder of stampeding feet shows no sign of decreasing in volume as the stampede of sponsors running away from Tiger Woods continues. Latest blow for the Tiger Woods brand image came when a porn star who alleges she had an affair with the world’s No. 1 golfer and most prodigious shagger of 2009. Joslyn James, pictured here, the tenth woman in two weeks who claims she had intimate knowledge of the shaft Tigers of Tigers No1. Iron spoke of tender and sensitive lovemaking with Tiger. We should not place two much faith in this testimony to Tiger’s skills in the bedroom bunker as Joslyn had only ever screwed plumbers with ridiculous moustaches before.

The sponsors that have dumped Woods include soft drinks manufacturers, management consultancies and financial services firms. One sponsor determined to stand by Tiger is Nike, the company named after the Greek goddess of victory. Phil Knight, founder and CEO of Nike, the sports clothing company famed for paying kids in the third world 10 pence an hour to make it’s expensive sports shoes that people like Tiger Woods were paid fortunes to endorse said of the billionaire golfers career meltdown, “When Tiger’s career is over people will look back on these few weeks as a minor blip.”

What does he mean “when Tiger’s career is over?” Isn’t the word ‘when’ redundant?

To show how solid its support for Tiger is they should perhaps change their slogan from ‘Just do it’ to ‘Just do her.’

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Sachs For Arthur’s Valet

Rumour has it that Russell Brand is toying with the idea of a remake of Dudley Moore’s classic “Arthur”, in which Moore’s debauched playboy is shepherded through life by his loyal valet, originally played by Sir John Geilgud.
Adam Sherwin, writer of The Times People column, wonders who would take on Sir John’s role, mischieviously mooting Jonathan Woss.
Lacking in imagination there Adam, there is only one actor who could take on the part to Brand’s Arthur….who else but Andrew Sachs.

The Talentless Twosome, Ross and Brand

I was going to tear to shreds the shits Wussell Bwand and jonathan Woss today but I see fatsally has already blogged on that topic. Suffice it to say then that Wossy is twenty years past his sell by date and the mostrously unfunny Russell Brand never had a sell by date. His comedy carer should have been condemned and thrown in the skip before some media trendy at BBC television decided to inflict more misery on a world already suffering from a surfeit of self indulgent “comedians.”
Anyone who is thinking of telling me how hilarious Brand is, before you do I’ve fucked your grandaughter. Or Daughter, or wife or mother. Or husband, son etc. See, its not funny at all is it? It’s peurile and insulting just like Brand. Not what you pay your licence fee to hear on television or radio

Wossy’s idea of comedy seems to consist of trying and failing to insult people, telling us, Robbie Williams style, what an enormous knob he has and begging women to have sex with him. (I’ve never forgiven Ross for micking all my original and very funny jokes after a radio show I did a few years ago. C.U. Next Tuesday Jonno.)

Brand’s humour also relies on talking about all te women who have fallen over themselves to have sex with him. The only thing remotely asmusing in this is the irony of our knowing Russell Brand’s sex life is confined to a monomgamous relationship with his right hand.

Others might try to suggest we Boggart Bloggers are old dinosaurs unable to appreciate modern humour. So how’s this for being cruel and insensitive:

Comedy is the hardest job in the world (to echo an old Fast Show sketch) On the other hand suicide is so easy even rock stars can do it.

Russell brand has tried to kill himself several times. If you can’t successfully off yourself Russ how do you ever expect to succeed in making people laugh. (Actually that’s not comedy, it’s cruelty. I hope he reads it :))

Iain Dale – Don’t throw all the blame at Ross and Brand

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Ross and Brand: The Power of the Press

On the 18th of October Radio 2 aired prank telephone calls from Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross to the answering machine of Andrew Sachs, the veteran actor who played Manuel in the 70s sitcom Fawlty Towers, concerning an alleged encounter between Brand and Sachs’s granddaughter.
One week later Saturday’s Mail (or Express, can’t remember – they all look the same to me) frontpaged the story, although it did receive attention in most of the other dailies.

The Times noted the show had aired late in the evening, had a listenership of about 2 million and the phonecalls had drawn two complaints from the public.

Ah, the power of the press. Since Saturday, during which time the offending material has presumably not been aired again, the BBC has received over 10,000 complaints, is under pressure to hold an urgent inquiry, sack both of the presenters and the controller, and has been the subject of questions in The House of Commons.

Indeed, spotting , at long last, a passing bandwagon the PM, Gordon the Terrible has leapt on to it with alacrity, calling for the Beeb to “discipline” the two presenters. (Perhaps he’s taking advice from Max Mosley.)

So, let’s have a little review here.

First of all I’m no particular fan of either Wossy or Russell Brand, nor of practical joke humour.

However of the people who heard the broadcast only two complained, one of whom may well have been Mr. Sachs’s agent.

Out of a population of 66 million, only 2 million were listening, that’s approxiamately 3%, and of those how many would have just had the program on as background, driving the car or enjoying a glass or two of wine for instance.

The messages were left on an answering machine, so there was no opportunity for the audience to experience Mr. Sachs’s reaction, sorry but isn’t that the point of a practical joke?

But since the press got involved a much greater number of people are aware of the incident. The recordings have been printed daily in the newspapers, so now instead of just a few people , everybody knows.
The granddaughter is said to be upset because of the effect on granddad. Granddad is upset and wants an apology for his granddaughter.

The public are upset because Manuel is a national treasure and Wossy and Brand are foulmouthed upstart motormouths who get paid far too much of licence payer’s money.

People with a sense of humour are upset because the entire premise of the joke was just not funny in the first place, oh and to be pedantic, the phrase ‘the elephant in the room’ refers to a fact that everybody knows but nobody acknowledges, imagine a group of bankers whose portfolios are full of sub-prime mortgages, talking about how mush they are worth. (That ‘mush’ is a typo but I think it’s quite appropriate really so I left it in.) It certainly doesn’t mean an alleged piece of information that other people in the conversation know nothing about and that wouldn’t be relevant in any case.

In fact the only person who may think he is benefitting from this expose by the press is Gordon himself, who senses an opportunity to put last week’s faux pas behind him.

So, tabloid editors, you could have let almost sleeping dogs snooze on, but no, you had to stir things up, making mountains out of molehills.
I just hope you are pleased with yourselves.

Jonathan Ross Russell Brand The reaction.

Ross and Brand condemned two weeks ago – BBC Boss