Compromising Picture Of Cameron Seen By Peoples’ Voice

David Icke has a radio and TV Chanel now, The People’s Voice and it is proving to be quite a lot of fun.

Recent revelations include a story about the owner of a call girl agency possessing a highly embarrassing picture of David Cameron and other leading figures in the Conservative Party in compromising positions with ladies of negotiable affection they had booked for a Bullingdon Club do from the aforementioned agency. The woman, Natalie Rowe* (aka Miss Whiplash) also claims the deal, negotiated by someone named “Joe”, who she identifies in the embedded video as George (Gideon) Osborne, included supplies of illegal drugs to fuel the Bullingdon “High jinks”.

In an interview with Peoples’ Voice contributor Sonia Poulton, Rowe speaks of harassment she has experienced as members of the political elite desperately sought to prevent the story becoming public. to keep her quiet.

She says that during a police raid on her home she was interogated about the memoirs she was writing in which she alleges that as well as people who are now senior politicians her clients also included top lawyers, bankers, police officers and business leaders.

Natalie (not her real name) said ‘I’m a Black Yorkshire girl and had those kind of guys under my control – on all fours, being spanked’. Many are gay, and she claims she set them up with black boys. Natalie wants people to know what kind of people run the country and how they behave.

People’s Voice Sonia Poulton Talks To Natalie Rowe (YouTube):

So why is this story not going viral you might well ask. Why is it left to shit stirrers like Boggart Blog, People’s Voice and The Tapto get it out into the public domain. You worshippers of technology who believe that Google is a force for good that has put all the information in the world at your fingertips had better sit down or hold onto something solid, I am about to rock the foundations of your world.

This massive news story that should be all over the front pages is invisible on the internet because Google has deindexed it. You need a direct link to find it. As I have always said, Google is not about freeing information, it is about giving wannabe fascist corporate and political regimes a lever of control over information they previously only dreamed of. It is known Google work closely with the world domination freaks on the US government and the global banking cartel (which owns mainstream media) and is helping to control news in an effort to suppress dissent. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE AUTHORITARIANISM!