Republican US Presidential Candidates And Guns

America’s favourite guns (image source)

I was somewhat surprised to see in the online version of a British national newspaper a story about which of the seventeen contenders for the Republican Party nomination to contest the 2016 Presidential election own guns.

It turns out the only one of the seventeen who does not own a gun is Jeb Bush, brother of George Dubya who was president from 2001 to 2009 and scion of the notoriously gun crazy Bush clan.

But them to state starkly that Jeb Bush does not own a gun is perhaps misleading. I have read at reliable sources that Bush J does not need to own a gun, he employs four heavily armed and highly trained ex marines to accompany him everywhere and to quote Goldfinger: “Take care of any unpleasantness.”

Washington Moves Ukraine – But Is It A Safer Location

American Presidents have something of a reputation for being crap at geography. George W Bush famously could not find Iraq on a map of the world (some suggested Dubya could not find the world on a map of the world). Still at least Iraq is a long way away.

Barack Obama who famously thought America had 57 states screwed up on geography much closer to home.

“If we don’t deepen our ports all along the Gulf — places like Charleston, South Carolina, or Savannah, Georgia, or Jacksonville, Florida — if we don’t do that, those ships are going to go someplace else. And we’ll lose jobs. Businesses won’t locate here.” He said during a speech.

Small problem? Charleston, Savannah, and Jacksonville are all along the East Coast, and not along the Gulf.

But as I said this post is not for mocking the ineptitude of politicians. It’s for mocking the ineptitude of the media. Anyone in east Ukraine who happened to be watching a recent CNN news broadcast would have been surprised to see their vote for separation from western Ukrain had been interpreted literally and their homes had moved to Pakistan.

east ukraine moved to pakistan

Is USA Turning Into North Korea

I always understood that a constitutional Republic did not have ruling dynasties.

So what’s this all about?

The former US President describes his brother Jeb Bush as “a marvellous candidate” as speculation intensifies that the White House race in 2016 may feature members of both the Bush and Clinton families as support gathers for Hillary Clinton to seek the Democratic nomination.

Is the United States turning into North Korea or are we just seeing a rerun of the Hatfields versus the McCoys feud.

Fortunately Sasha and Malia Obama will not be old enough to serve as President by 2016 so unless Bammy has a secret son (a little fat git with a dodgy haircut?) stashed away somewhere, we’re safe from four more years of his financial incontinence.

We Should Give The Maldives Back To Argentina

When Argentina was banging the drum about wanting the Malvinas (Falklands) back Brack Obama said he would support the greasy dagoes entirely goundless claim. But did The Prez Dude know what he was talking about?

Yesterday at the Conference For The Americas, another hugely expensive jolly for people with a hugely inflated sense of their own importance, Obama referred to Argentina’s territorial claim to The Maldives.

Now when the world laughed at George W. Bush’s errors or the revelation that Dubya could not find the world on a map of The World the hilarity was led by lefties. So just observe how hypocritical these people are as they now try to stifle any suggestion that Obama is every bit as much a thick, inept gobshite as Bush by saying the only reason anyone with mock the dear leader beloved President is because they’re racist.

A thick, inept gobshite is still a thick, inept gobshite no matter what colour their skin is.

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Cameron, Obama and The Coriolanus Syndrome

Coriolanus is not my favourite Shakespeare play but it has it’s moments.

In today’s political atmosphere however it is no surprise people are looking at the story of a vail egomaniacal politician with renewd interest. The way the general expreses his contempt for the electorate and for democracy is so reminiscent of Margaret Thastcher, Tony Blair, Godrton Brown, George W. bush, Barack Obama and the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels who would suck us into an European superstate.

Coriolanus addresses the voters thus:

What’s the matter, you dissentious rogues,
That, rubbing the poor itch of your opinion,
Make yourselves scabs?

Which is a bit like saying “Anyone who opposes me is too stupid to understand politics and should shut the fuck up.”

His unwillingness to schmooze the voters, his insistence on telling them they are a bunch of thick, ignorant, overweight, malodorous plebs who will never be enlightened enough to understand what he is saying to them leads to a catastrophic loss of support and from there to exile (special enoy to the middle east or something?) and eventual death. What should troubles those of us who still know what democracy means is that Coriolanus seems to have judged the mentality of the ‘many-headed multitude’absolutely correctly.

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The New Conspiracy Theory On The Block

After the attack on the World Trade Centre (9/11) the people who pointed to inconsistencies in the evidence that pinned responsibiliry on Al Qaeda as proof the Bush adminstration was somehow complicit were called ‘Truthers’.

The people who question Barack Obama’s elegibility to serve as U.S. President because his Kenyan born father was a British Colonial citizen and not even a resident of the USA are called birthers.

So what should we call the people now questioning Obama’s fitness to hold office after his claims to have masterminded the raid on a squalid shithole in Pakistan and the killing of an elderly midle eastern guy who was allegedly none other than terrorist leader and multimillionaire Osama bin Laden have ben shown to be false? Proof of the killing of ObL offered so far amounts to the fact that Osama had / has a beard and so did they guy the US Navy SEALS killed.

Deathers does not slip easily off the tongue so the naming of this conspiracy theory is still open to suggestions.

Boggart Blog offers ‘The Afterbirthers.’

Missing Me? Asks Bush

I instinctivly mistrust hype so was never swept up in the whole Obama thing. The guy had put himself up for a job that put his finger on the trigger of the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world and nobody was asking him the difficult questions.

Well some of us hard headed old sceptics were pointing out that simply not being George Bush did not qualify Obama for the job of President of the United States but most people seemed so besotted with the idea of a black man in the White House they forgot it is not skin colour but competence that makes a good President.

Americans have learned the hard way via Obama’s imprerious attitude, total ignorance of basic economics, solipsistic approach to domestic and foreign problems, contempt for the US Constitution and his attempts to turn the Presidency into a White house version of The Osbournes how true those observations are.

Still things are pretty desperate when someone is paying for digital billboards on main roads featuring a huge picture of a smiling George Bush asking “Miss Me Yet?”

They were on the case of the Bush poster over at The Times too and have provided the answer to who paid for the Bush Miss Me Yet Billboard

Some may find it tragic that the US Democrats found the only man in the world who could possibly be a worse President than Bush but it makes me laugh.

V2G: Technology You Can’t Believe In.

“Technology will solve the climate change problem” said George W Bush and Tony Blair slavishly echoed his words. President Hopeanchange went one further, “Technology,” said The Obamessiah, will solve the climate change problem AND lead us out of the recession,” said Obama, the soaring rhetoric, having soared, falling somewhat short of making any sense as usual.

Obama’s position is particularly bizarre. So far the man’s political success, rather than resting on any great achievement at lower levels or perceived success in holding any of the offices of state rests solely on the fact that he is not George W. Bush. And yet Barry can’t come up with any better policy.

Like Bush though, Obama has has little Sir Echo in the current British Prime Minister who shows every sign of a pathetic need for a pat on the head from his American boss than even Blair did.

From the empty words of politicians has been born a new industry, catastrophe capitalism, the business of making money out of the fear and panic raised by political hyperbole.

So what of these wonderful technologies? So far we have seen proposals for a carbon capture system that will generate more carbon in manufacture and recycling than it can ever capture, a method of generating clean power that will use more dirty energy that it can ever generate clean energy, a landscape covered with windmills that do not generate any electricity when the wind does not blow (anyone notice how still the air has been on many occasions during the cold weather?) or when the wind blows too strongly. Fortunately with the exception of wind turbines these technologies are still on the drawing board and will probably stay there.

Now however we learn of a technology so gobsmackingly stupid and utterly useless it will probably get made, it’s inventors will trouser £££ billions in taxpayers money and disappear into darkest Monaco or somewhere and scrap metal dealers will get slightly less rich but still rich.

V2G or Vehicle to Grid (don’t you just know it is going to be crap by that txt spk acronym?) is a propulsion system to power electric cars that will make money for its owners goes the hype. Here’s how it works. We will buy electric cars powered by V2G systems, charge them up overnight on cheap rate electricity and during peak rate hours discharge the batteries back into the grid.

And what happens when you want to drive you car. The best electric cars have a range of about 100 miles at best, considerably less if driven around town or in commuting conditions. That is not very far. It might just get me up to visit my Dear Old Mum and back so long as traffic was free flowing in both directions on the M6 (yeah right, dream on!) but fatsally could not do it without a recharge even in ideal conditions. Poor Mum. Still as she whiled away the lonely hours in the solitary confinement of her flat she could console herself with the knowledge that her offspring loved their planet if not their parent.

Just to show how profoundly the people pushing this technology have failed to think it through properly, were we all to start using overnight cheap rate electricity to charge our 30 million cars, how long do we imagine it would be before overnight cheap rate became overnight peak rate.

If developing new technologies is our best hope for beating climate change and reversing the economic slowdown and this is the best technologists can come up with you had better get ready for a long recession and a lot more freak weather.

UPDATED 11 Feb 2009, 14:49
Climate Change scientist Vicky Pope writes a level headed complaint (Scientists must rein in misleading climate change claims) about the kind of scientist who sensationalises the risks of climate change to gain celebrity or financial advantage. I wonder what she would think of ideas like the one above.

FOOTNOTE: If you search V2G you will find a lot of enthusiastic burbling from geeks on science and technology blogs. Look at the comment threads though, were Planet Earth dwellers show a lot more scepticism. Of all the electric cars so far proposed from the Sinclair C5 clunk-alike G-Wiz to the Expensive and decorative but for practical purposes useless Tesla Volt, the only one that shows any real potential as a practical vehicle for people wjho live normal lives is the Honda Insight 2 a new generation of electric car (the Insight 1 was an ordinary hybrid).

In the interests of balance here is one of the less hysterical V2G reviews from a technology blog

Updated 15 April 2009: Will the new GM Segway P.U.M.A electric scooter be a bigger joke than the Sinclair C5?

93 months and counting. Are the magic bullet technologies claimed by the nerdosphere anything more that optimistic pitches for research grants that will distract us from the serious problems of climate change?

Some new technologies are promising though, e-book readers such as Amazon’s Kindle and others for example look as if, once prices come down they have a real future.

We’re F****d and it’s no wonder. have you seen what Blair is up to these days.

Tony Blair’s most astute political act was handing over to Godron Brown just before the shit hit the fan. But did Blair go willingly or was he told if he did not resign he would be sectioned on grounds of galloping insanity.

Appearing alongside Barack Obama who is so deluded he thinks he is President Of The Universe And Everything Else at the National Prayer Breakfast (it could only be in America couldn’t it?) Blair told the audience “restoring religious faith to its rightful place as a guide to our world and its future is of the essence.”
Later in his speech he said : “In surrendering to God we become instruments of his love”.

This poor, insane bastard was running our country for years remember. The man who casually lied to Parliament and the nation in order to take us into an illegal war because he thought supporting a warmongering christian US President would secure personal advantage for him imagines he is a world leader.

Blair was of course trying to suck up to the nauseatingly pious Barack Obama who manages to pull off the unique trick of being both a devout christian and a devout muslim at the same time. Obama has become a paranoiac magalomaniac within two weeks of taking office of course (it took Bush almost a year) so, considering he had been properly worshipped, he praised the example Balir’s dedicated and determined leadership had set the world.

Its all a bit projectile vomit inducing isn’t it. Still, nice to know Tony has not lost his talent for shit – sucking.

READ Blair Calls For A Return To Faith and see video clips of the former Prime Minister and perpetual national embarrassment getting a pat on the head from Obama at Ben Brogan’s blog.

Tony Blair To Barack Obama – read the full text of Blair’s sickeningly sycophantic speech at Telegraph News Blog.

After meeting Blair, The Obamessiah made a sppech in support of his economic stimulus. Basically what he said was he, Barack Husein Obama was sent by God to save the global economy and anyone whodoes not support his financial stimulus is a heretic and an unbeliever because he, The Obamessiah, is the only person who understands or has ever understood economics. If any people, even just one person in the whole of the USA does not support the stimulus it will fail and the ruination of western civilisation will be the fault of the unbelievers because they did not open their hearts and accept The Obamessiah as their economic saviour. In this article, Creating Jobs Is Not Wasteful one of The Obamessiah’s disciples argues that it is not wasteful to employ people on candy floss projects and anyone who says it is dous not understand The Lord Moves In Mysterious Ways His Woodwork To Perform.

Dagda, the only god whose name, in his own language, really means god shares a few thoughts on the God question in God’s Blog.

Update 7 Feb, 2009
Obama talks up religion as the magic solution for the world’s problems at the National Prayer Breakfast

Only read this link if you are a person with strong nerves. The Guardian’s American politics correspondent and full time Obama worshipper Michael Tomasky writes a puke inducing and factually incorrect paen to The Obamessiah, claiming that the insane drivel about “faith based initiatives has swung the Rebublicans behind Obama’s stimulus bill.
Obama’s bill is a triumph Tomasky does not mention of course that the Republicans softened their resistance to the bill because they got removed from it most of what they wanted removed. He also does not mention Obama’s petulant outbursts when he found he was not getting all his own way.

Meanwhile, back in Blighty, we are still determined to ride The Atheist Bus though there are some who would hedge their bets by having a punt on Pascal.

The Obama Administration has hinted they may set up a “Commission Of Truth” to investigate the crimes of the Bush administration.
Commission of Truth? Hmmmmm , sounds a tad like the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s 1984 to us, you know the department in big Brother’s government that was responsible for ensuring the only information to reach the public was lies. Huffington Post: A Truth Commission to investigate Bush Cheney Administration. Well some of us did warn you Obama was just a front man for a Big Brother style regime.

Will We Make It To 2009?

Will any of us make it to 2009?
We’re talking about everybody, not just the Boggart Blog team staggering through an alcoholic haze towards the end of the year.
Only a couple of days to go you may think, what could posibly stop us? Palestine? Bush or Obama doing something stupid? The country going bankrupt and daily life being frozen along with all personal assets? The Large Hardon Provider restarting itself and making a black hole as big as Rutland?

No, it’s worse than that, it’s the very last news anybody wanted to hear. It’s The Big One, it’s the Yellowstone Park volcano.

This of course is the inevitable consequence of people pouring their leftover Exploding Gravy down the drains on Dec 27th.

Well it’s too late to do anything about it now, let’s get the End Of The World Party started. There will be drinking, feasting, unrestrained boffing and gangs of people running through the streets playing medieval stringed instruments. But if the world is about to end who cares about a few luters?

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