I’ll Save EU" War Criminal Blair tells Angela Merkel.

bliar - merkels white knight
Picture courtesy David Icke

As I have said before the world of politics and business is now so insane, it has become impossible to write satire. No worries, reporting the news should be enough to give you a laugh.

One of this morning’s main stories was the row brewing over who is to be the next president of the EU Commission. German leader Angela Merkel and most of Europe’s federalist parties support Jean-Claude Junker who apart from being the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and for many years a leading advocate of the dissolution of sovereign states in the EU and their replacement with a centralised bureaucratic dictatorship in Brussels can offer among the many qualifications that make him ideal for the job the fat that he has held the title of world’s most boring man for the past twenty years.

When I worked in Luxembourg in the 1980s, Junker was known as Mr. Personality (all together now) because when God made him he missed a personality.

David Cameron and Francois Hollande however are vehemently opposed to Junker’s candidacy, saying such a boring bell end can only make politicians like Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen who have a little charisma look even more attractive to voters.

It was looking as if poor Angela was outnumbered until a knight in shining armour rode to her rescue.

“I will defend Europe from the extreme right,” Blair said, as he threw himself into the fray, thus fuelling speculation that he was preparing to mount another bid to become President of Europe.

The former Prime Minister reacted angrily after the Financial Times ran a leaked account of his meeting with Angela Merkel last Tuesday, claiming he had offered his services to the German Chancellor in a high-profile ‘pro-European role’.

The newspaper – which enjoys a close relationship with the Brussels elite – said the former PM had made it clear to Ms Merkel that he was willing to ‘defend the EU from its increasingly vocal critics’.

It good be a good offer for the federalist camp. Junker has an amazing track record of under achievement whereas the traitor and war criminal Blair has proved his ability, having saved Britain from the political right by selling us out to the American right.

Blair, who is increasingly believed to have been directly intrumental in blocking publication of the Chilcot Inquiry* that could prove him guilty of war crimes in Iraq (a charge which the former Prime Minister denies) remains unashamedly active on the political stage and is desperate to get into any postition of power.

According to numerous reports he is angling for a Brussels position which would give him a ‘pan-European role’ campaigning against Euroscepticism, which sounds suspiciously like a disguised bid to become the next president of the European Council.

*Sir John Chilcot’s Iraq Inquiry was expected to report in 2010. But since then, blair and his advisers have been locked in a dispute with Chilcot and Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood over which Government documents could be released as part of the final report.

The Great selfie fake.

Do you remember that selfie taken at the Nelson Mandela memorial service of the Danish Prime Minister Heller Vanicearse flanked by Barack ObamaObama and David Cameron both with their idiotovator turned up to eleven. You know the one, Dave, Heller and Barry are lining up a threesome while Michy Obama is sitting off to one side with a face like a smacked arse.

well even more like a smacked arse than usual

We told you at the time it was a fake and Camerton was not there. In fact we showed you the real picture, before Dave was photoshopped in.

Well now the full sequence of pictures has emerged which show Obaman’s goofing around with Heller Vanicearse (before) and Obama looking chastened after Michy tweaked his ear and made him switch seats.

They Tried To Save The President’s Face By Only Showing One Photo

Hell hath no fury like an Angry Black Woman scorned.

But look at the top picture on the linked page (the officially approved fake) and then scroll down and look at the full sequence, particularly the last two. Do you still believe anything you see in mainstream media?

The Death By Debt Of Western Civilization

debt burden
Picture: The Debt Burden. Source: financialhelper.co.uk

For every £1 which the Labour government added to the British economy between 2001 and 2009, they added £5.40 in debt (source below). That statistic puts into perspective the news that unemployment is down, inflation is on target and growth is up. This does not really mean the economy is staging a Lazarus style comeback. It is bad news really because the wrong message will be inferred, as Cameron’s showboating in Parliament and Gideon’ Osborne’s jumping on the conference table in Davos and yelling, “We’re the Bits, we’re well hard and we’ll take you all on,” have demonstrated.

Among the youngish men who have never had a proper job in the real world but think a PhD in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and a few years experience as a political researcher makes them an expert in everything Nick Clegg is furthest off the mark in thinking that the signs point to closer links with Europe and eventual entry into the Single Currency system. He wants more public spending and will we all stop accusing pervy Lib Dem politicians with perviness please. Boris Johnson has argued in the past that we should “dump the rhetoric of austerity today,” while rousing choruses of “Happy Days Are Here Again” have been heard around Conservative headquarters. At a time when the economic situation demands a serious attempt is made to explain why austerity is necessary and a more vigorous implementation is vital, the Prime Minister and Chancellor want us to buy bigger houses, the Deputy Prime Minister wants to spend more and the Mayor of London wants us to close our eyes and ears and pretend we’re in a safe place.

If the latest statistics tell us anything at all, it is that despite that the official huffing and puffing about recovery, Britain’s economy has run aground on the shoals of stagnation (don’t we British love a nautical metaphor). There many be more jobs, but we must remember that many of them are part-jobs, only offering twenty or thirty hours work per week. This is evidenced by the lower productivity and no real growth in the economy.

Let’s be honest for a while, pumping the equivalent of five per cent of GDP into the economy by printing money (aka Quantitative Easing) while only managing to show two per cent growth is a recipe for financial catastrophe. And with official inflation still running ahead of GDP growth (and real inflation even higher) in real terms the economy is still shrinking. If people earn roughly the same as they did seven years ago, before the credit crunch, and the real cost of living has risen in the region of four to five per cent each year, the difference in lifestyle will be enormous.

While interest base rates (the rate government lends to banks) remain near zero while the banks charge much higher interest rates for lending the money straight back to government at over three per cent (yes, that’s how Quantitative Easing works when governments have a structural deficit), costs will continue to rise and wages will not . Currencies will continue to go down like the proverbial Lead Zeppelin against commodities and energy costs will go on rising. We truly do live in Interesting Times, and they will not be ending soon.

The question of when Britain will return to real growth as opposed to growth through manipulated statistics (there’s an election just over a year away remember) is difficult, but from every side of the argument there is one common but completely wrong headed assumption, that if we follow the right policies now then we will be back up and running at 3pc annual growth in three or four years.

The fault lies with neither Labour, Conservative nor even Coalition government. The rot set in decades ago, when Margaret Thatcher’s government (and Ronald Reagan’s administration in the USA) started to base their economic policies on the Kumbayaism of academics rather than the sound advice of people who ran businesses. Back then the panacea that did not work was controlling the money supply. Yes, it would be lovely if we had free trade and everybody could sell their goods on equal terms in a free market, without let or hinderance. Such utopianism is fine on paper, where the economics of academia start and end. but exporting jobs to India and China in the sure and certain knowledge of those nations buying services from our countries that they could provide more cheaply and just as efficiently “in house” and buying into our values and tradition of fair play was just delusional.

So we are stuck, economies go west as jobs disappear over the eastern horizon while national, business and personal wealth disappears down the drain. One of the big problems those visionary economists were too myopic to see even though it was staring them in the face is that if you create a huge pool of Labor by exporting jobs, it places an enormous financial burden on the state as welfare and social security bills rocket. This forces up taxes and eventually, as higher taxes cause more unemployment it leads to more borrowing in the bond markets to fund the deficit. Every bond sold increases the amount of interest the government must pay which again forces up taxes. It is a series of concentric vicious circles.

And example of the sheer idiocy of academic economists like Paul Krugman (Krugmanomics) is their belief that increasing benefits (funding the extra spending through borrowing of course) contributes to GDP growth. They are too naive, too ignorant of real life, to understand that GDP is only a measure of churn in the economy. An increase in GDP does not indicate greater productivity.

Until low income earners have the tax burden lifted, which would mean getting the deficit (NOT the National Debt, that’s a different problem) to near zero, consumption spending will be low and living standards will decline. The Conservatives seem to understand this but do not have a clue how to achieve it, while Labour are still advocating their own version of Krugmanomics, created by finance spokesman Ed Balls, which future historians may come to call Bollocksonomics. Bollocksonomics involves expanding the public sector vastly by creating non – jobs in town halls and government departments. A non – job is a position which caries a salary without any job description, functions or tasks having been defined. For examples non – jobs follow this link.

Such drastic deficit reduction also cannot happen without people accepting that others can afford to give them less through the state. That won’t happen at all, one only need witness the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the hand wringers and bleeding hearts of the Labour voting, middle class left at any mention of benefit cuts to understand why.

The political will, and more importantly the reforming zeal needed to take on the smug, affluent wailers just isn’t there. Another fly in the ointment is the grip on the public sector of the Unite Union, an anti British organisation that will do absolutely anything to prevent necessary reforms to the financially crippling benefit system.

Soon none of this will matter. The compound effect of the rapidly increasing debt burden we are under will be such that the deficit will need to rise again to sustain it. Add to that the financial disaster that will ensue should Labour return to power in 2015 as well they might, and open up the borders to uncontrolled immigration (as they certainly will) while giving those unskilled immigrants generous benefits and free health care, and the debt burden will reduce us to a Greek style basket case economy by the end of their first term.

Further Reading: Perfect Storm by Dr. Tim Morgan, Tullett Prebon


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Prime Minister’s Climate Change Gaffe

On Tuesday Prime Minister David Cameron, commenting on the recent bad weather, told MPs in the House of Commons that he “very much suspects” the recent extreme weather is connected to global warming.

Nicola Maxey from the Met responded by reiterating the crucial distinction between weather and climate change.

“What happened at the end of December and at the beginning of January is weather,” she said.

“Climate change happens on a global scale, and weather happens at a local scale. Climate scientists have been saying that for quite a while.

“At the moment there’s no evidence to suggest that these storms are more intense because of climate change.

She added: “In real terms we had a low depression over the Atlantic which deepened, which caused the swell, and that combined with the spring tide caused the coastal waves.”

If we translate the pseudo scientific gobbledegook into plain English, what Ms. Maxey is saying amounts to: “Weather is what you see when you look out of your window, climate only exists in computers running mathematical models of reality.

Bur obviously it is quite important that the Prime Minister learns how to tell the difference.

Right Dave, lesson one.

This is an arse (source)

This is an elbow (source)

Get you head round that Dave, and we are halfway to understanding the difference between weather and climate.


Compromising Picture Of Cameron Seen By Peoples’ Voice

David Icke has a radio and TV Chanel now, The People’s Voice and it is proving to be quite a lot of fun.

Recent revelations include a story about the owner of a call girl agency possessing a highly embarrassing picture of David Cameron and other leading figures in the Conservative Party in compromising positions with ladies of negotiable affection they had booked for a Bullingdon Club do from the aforementioned agency. The woman, Natalie Rowe* (aka Miss Whiplash) also claims the deal, negotiated by someone named “Joe”, who she identifies in the embedded video as George (Gideon) Osborne, included supplies of illegal drugs to fuel the Bullingdon “High jinks”.

In an interview with Peoples’ Voice contributor Sonia Poulton, Rowe speaks of harassment she has experienced as members of the political elite desperately sought to prevent the story becoming public. to keep her quiet.

She says that during a police raid on her home she was interogated about the memoirs she was writing in which she alleges that as well as people who are now senior politicians her clients also included top lawyers, bankers, police officers and business leaders.

Natalie (not her real name) said ‘I’m a Black Yorkshire girl and had those kind of guys under my control – on all fours, being spanked’. Many are gay, and she claims she set them up with black boys. Natalie wants people to know what kind of people run the country and how they behave.

People’s Voice Sonia Poulton Talks To Natalie Rowe (YouTube):

So why is this story not going viral you might well ask. Why is it left to shit stirrers like Boggart Blog, People’s Voice and The Tapto get it out into the public domain. You worshippers of technology who believe that Google is a force for good that has put all the information in the world at your fingertips had better sit down or hold onto something solid, I am about to rock the foundations of your world.

This massive news story that should be all over the front pages is invisible on the internet because Google has deindexed it. You need a direct link to find it. As I have always said, Google is not about freeing information, it is about giving wannabe fascist corporate and political regimes a lever of control over information they previously only dreamed of. It is known Google work closely with the world domination freaks on the US government and the global banking cartel (which owns mainstream media) and is helping to control news in an effort to suppress dissent. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE AUTHORITARIANISM!

Nelson Mandela Died Back In June – Told You So

Really few people except the terminally gullible will be surprised by this revelation printed in South Africa’s Guardian Express newspaper.

That the deception has gone on so long is perhaps the most powerful proof yet that the ruling elites everywhere maintain their grip on power by lies, deception, misinformation and subterfuge. It is understandable perhaps in this case that news of the death might be suppressed until the country was prepared for a possible outbreak of lawlessness and factional conflict onece its figurehead was gone.

But as the actual death was so widely leaked in new media and even discussed by some mainstream reporters, it can only erode what little trust remains in government and the media.

And to those who accused me of bad taste when I compared Mandela to Leonid Brenev, the Soviet leader who, it is rumoured was preserved as a corpse and wheeled out on state occasions to be seen mechanically waving to the crowd, I say “Fuck the fucking fuck off, if you can’t handle truth don’t read Boggart Blog.

From the Guardian Express website guardianlv.com , 5 December 2013

“The charade began in June of 2013, and Guardian Express has maintained Mandela has been deceased since we were informed of his passing in June via one of our reporters embedded in South Africa.
That reporter had received a text message from her close friend who works for the South African News which stated that Mandela had died the night prior. Since June, The Guardian Express has come under attack; first from a “denial of service” attack which shut the site down on and off for three days right after we published the news that Mandela had died. That denial of service attack was traced back to South Africa.
The Guardian Express was also attacked by people denying that the Nelson Mandela family was carrying on a charade. However, we stood by and continue to stand by our account that Mandela was declared permanently brain dead with total organ failure in June of 2013. Now, today, the family has finally decided to give up their charade.”

Now how about “President” Obama telling us where he was really born, how, if he is a natural born citizen of the USA he managed to enroll at a university as a foreign student, whether he still uses crack cocaine and if his relationship with Reggie Love is still hot?

Or David Cameron admitting that he’s a c… yes that, but also, he did thousands of pounds worth of damage to Oxford restaurants with his Bullingdon Club chums and that he has to keep pissing off traditional Conservatives because if he does not do what his wife tells him she will go on the Jeremy Kyle show and reveal and reveal the biological father of the little girl Cammers tried to dump in a pub is really Boris Johnson.

The Mystery Of The Disappearing Dave

What’s happened to our Prime Minister? He has disappeared, either kidnapped by terrorists in south Africa, abducted by aliens (must message David Icke about that), eaten by Michelle Obama who looked angry enough to eat a bull elephant while her hubby and Dave were larking around like Beavis and Butthead with the rather attractive Danish Prime Minister (OK, she’s not as attractive as the REAL Danish Prime Minister, Birgitte Nyborg, shortly to disappear from my life for ever as the last two episodes of Borgen screen tomorrow, but better looking than any Prime Minister we have ever had.

OK so you all saw that goofy pic of Helle Thorning-Schmidt at the Mandela memorial ceremony, taking a selfie with Obama and Dave in the shot. It may have been Photoshopped of course, maybe Dave never made it to South Africa, or maybe he is being held against his will somewhere (it’s also possible Michelle accidentally sat on him and he is now wedged between the cheeks of her arse. Well he’s not much of a Prime Minister but he’s the only one we have and we want him back. Or maybe a couple of beers by way of exchange.

Here’s the evidence and it’s weird. Dave was never seen after that selfie, his place was taken by some local dignitary as Mrs O made Barry swap seats to keep him and Helle apart.

mandela funeral pics

See, Dave is just disappeared. Perhaps they sent him to room 101.

The Great Selfie Fake

Phew, relief. Mandela slips out of news in a dignified way.

Have you ever suffered from news fatigue? you know what I mean, last Thursday, 5 December, we all received the news of Nelson Mandela’s death with heartfelt emotion. (Let’s pretends we had not all know for several months he was dead and the South African government were buying time by keeping him on a life support system.)

By Friday we were thinking:

“Mandela dead,that’s terribly sad, the world has lost a great and wise leader and the only politician in the last fifty years who was respected everywhere. We will all miss his humanity and quiet dignity and South Africa will struggle to maintain its progress without his stabilising influence.”

After a weekend of saturation coverage by Monday we were thinking, “Mandela’s gone, what I’ll miss most of him is his amusing shirts.”

As coverage of the funeral ground on throughout yesterday we were thinking, “Are they still on about Mandela, is there noting else going on in the world FFS?”

And it was not just us, pictures were hitting the front pages of a couple of aressted adolescents, the Beavis and Butthead of world politics, misbehaving at the memorial ceremony.

obama - cameron
Beavis Obama and Butthead Camoron do a selfie at the Mandela memorial ceremony. (Picture: Getty Images)

This prompted one commentator in The Daily Telegraph to ask “Why do Cameron and Obama feel the need to behave like idiots?”

What does he mean, “behave LIKE idiots”?


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Well The Iran Nuclear Deal Didn’t Last Long

Earlier today I posted a somewhat sceptical blog on the alleged deal struck between western foreign ministers and the Iranian government that is being hailed as a triumph for western diplomacy and the Obama administration’s foreign policy of Kumbayaism.

Basically Obama and Cameron sent John Kerry and William Hague over there to say, “Stop enriching uranium and you can come on over and fuck our bosses up the arse any time.”

This was not a great offer as no matter what western politicians might like to think, Iranians are none too keen on rent boys (well not openly anyway)

So after all the ballyhoo and “peace in our time” bollocks on television and radio and in this mornings papers we hear Mohammad Javad Zarif the Iranian Foreign Minister had this to say today.

“Western diplomats have said that one the main problems during the negotiations earlier this month was Iran’s insistence that it has the “right” to enrich uranium.

“Not only do we consider that Iran’s right to enrich is non-negotiable, but we see no need for that to be recognized as ‘a right,’ because this right is inalienable and all countries must respect that,” told ISNA news agency. Full story at Activist Post

Meanwhile, even as the six Foreign Ministers were cracking openm the champagne and slapping each other’s monkeys backs, The Jerusalem Post was running this story.

“Fars news agency quotes Tehran’s deputy nuclear chief as saying two nuclear reactors being planned in addition to Bushehr core.

Iran is planning to construct two new nuclear power plants in the near future, the Fars News Agency quoted a senior Iranian nuclear official as saying Saturday.

“The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has put construction of the second and third (nuclear) power stations on its agenda due to the government’s programs and the emphasis laid by the President (Hassan Rouhani),” Fars quoted AEOI Deputy Chief Hossein Khalfi as saying. Iran currently has one such operational nuclear power plant at Bushehr.”

More at Jerusalem Post

So much for western diplomacy.


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They’re All In It Together

Told you so. The three main political parties are all the same organisation, a local branch of the New World Order, they cover one anothers’ arses and serve the same masters. Want proof?

Here it is:

David Cameron blocks report that exposes Tony Blair’s Iraq war crimes

‘David Cameron is blocking publication of the Iraq Inquiry report because it confirms a secret conspiracy by Bush and Blair to take the US and Britain into an illegal war.

While David Cameron was laying wreaths of poppies at the Cenotaph this weekend, to remember the past war dead, he has been blocking an inquiry set up to tell the truth about the war in Iraq.

That is the meaning of the refusal of the Cabinet secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, to release records of conversations between then prime minister and US president George Bush, in the run up to the war on Iraq.

Read full article

Now WTF is a Conservative Prime Minister whose party is trailing in the polls thinking about when he passes up the chance to nail a Labour former Prime Minister as a traitor and war criminal? If Cameron was a politician rather than a New World Order office boy he could have stitched up Labour and guaranteed winning the next election three times in the past three weeks.

And you know how the old saying goes, once is circumstance, twice is coincidence and three times means you’ve been kicked up the arse by your corporate bosses.

I’m not going to do a Russell Brand and say don’t vote. I say vote for absolutely anybody so long as they have nothing to do with the three main parties.