Old Chinese Proverb: Beware Jumped Up Dictators With Ill Thought Out Scheme

Lord Stern of Brentford, who is quite possibly a climate change czar, or at the very least a marquise, called yesterday for everyone in the world to cut out meat in an effort to save the planet.
Ring any bells with Chairman mao’s diktat, that in order to increase food production they would have to stop the birds eating the crops.
Millions of Chinese peasants dutifully mobilised themselves, banging tins, sticks, utensils and tools together thus scaring the birds and preventing them fom landing.
The birds were kept airborne until they literally dropped from exhaustion.
The crops had been saved!
That is until a plague of locusts, that would normally have been eaten by the birds, turned up and destroyed most of the crops, much more than the birds ever would have done.