Privatise Child Protection?

According to reports leaked yesterday the power to take children away from unsuitable families could be privatised along with other child protection services under controversial plans to bring us into line with America’s for profit prisons, hospitals and social services systems.

The plan, originated in Department for Education (DfE), to permit the outsourcing of children’s social services in England to companies such as G4S and Serco and a few new contenders for public service contracts, Smith – Savile, Stuart Hall & Co. and PIE enterprises whose political adviser Harriet Harman said the move was long overdue. Not all experts are as supportive however. Some say profit-making companies should not be in charge of such sensitive family matters, and warn that the introduction of the profit motive into child protection may distort the decision-making process and encourage the wrong type of pimps people to get involved in the industry.

As usual when any fascistic idea emerges from the Department of Education, lefties are quick to point fingers at their favourite hate figure, Michael Gove. We preempt that by reminding you the idea is not new, it originated before the 2010 alongside a bunch of other liberal and progressive ideas floated by Gordon Brown’s national Socialist Labour government including the abolition of free speech, creating a new class of criminal activity for those who criticise the establishment or academics, andrestoring the death penalty for people who don’t vote Labour.

A DfE consultation paper published last month argues that enabling local authorities to outsource children’s social services will encourage innovation and improve outcomes for at-risk youngsters.

Innovation eh? Does that mean pedophiles would be able to experiment with new ways of abusing children under the proposed system.

Healthy Active Girl Branded Obese by the Thought Police

The parents of a healthy and active seven-year-old girl have been left angered after health chiefs warned the child, who excels at gymnastics, was borderline obese. Libbie Boardman, was weighed and measured as part of a pilot scheme in Bolton, Greater Manchester. The schoolgirl, who is 4ft 2in tall and weighs 5st 5lb, was described as being at the top end of the overweight category bordering on clinically obese by statistics obsessed penpushers working for the NHS in Bolton.

Libbie has a body mass index (BMI) centile of 97. Between 91 and 97 is overweight, and 98 and above is clinically obese. She had her height and weight measured by NHS staff to calculate her BMI as part of a scheme to crackdown on childhood obesity by inventing excuses to take normal kids into care. There they will soon become withdrawn, undernourished waifs looking at the world through haunted eyes as they are subjected to regular abuse by specialist paedophiles who are recruited by councils to staff care homes.

Boggart Blog asked were the fascist nut jobs responsible for this program safe to be let out among school children. An NHS spokesman assured us they are all clinically sane.

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No "Rough Music" In Wetwang

Went to the seaside on Sunday, well for a walk along the cliff tops at Flamborough Head, then back to the cafe for superb fish and chips – but as we had left BBC in charge of knocking up Sunday dinner to be ready upon our return we only had, my dear old Mum would be proud of me, one portion and two plates.

Lovely drive there, along the A166, through lots of quaint little villages, one place even boasted a genuine Open All Hours Arkwrightesque hardware and grocer’s shop.

And nearly every village we meandered through greeted us with a sign displaying the white rose of Yorkshire, the name of the village and the information that Wetwang fr’instance, “welcomed careful drivers”.

But they didn’t.

We drove through each village carefully and in not one did we receive any sort of welcome at all, although I daresay Arkwright would have been happy to charge me for a ch-ch-ch-cheery hhhhhhhhello.

There wasn’t any bunting, nobody lining the roadside waving flags, neither cheering nor clapping, no little street urchins happily trying to keep pace with our carefully driven Audi TT, no words of encouragement daubed in white paint on the tarmac. Not a sausage. Zilch. Nada.

I was a bit disappointed because I had been looking forward to the opposite greeting that a careless driver might receive.

Jeers and abuse, rotten egg throwing, heckling, pitch forks being waved and perhaps even a dentally challenged old farmer aiming his trusty twelve bore at the careless mescreants.

Perhaps we would even see some rough music, as the feckless sped through the village, mounting kerbs, knocking over dustbins, causing old ladies to hurry out of the way, gangs of villagers would pursue them down the road, banging away on old pans with sturdy kitchen utensils.

That’d show them, they’d think twice about driving carelessly through Wetwang the next time.

If Only…..