Student sues University for ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree that hasn’t boosted her career

A disgruntled graduate is suing her university after claiming that two years of study at £9000 per year plus attendant living expenses has left her with nothing more than a “Mickey Mouse” degree that has proved useless in advancing her career. Despite graduating with a first. Pok Wong is suing Anglia Ruskin University for more than £60,000.

She alleges the institution’s claims regarding a “quality education and prospect of employment after graduation” were fraudulent, she told The Sunday Telegraph. The case echoes that of Oxford University Faiz Siddiqui, who tried to sue the institution for £1m after it did not give him a first-class degree.

Mr Siddiqui’s case was that “negligently inadequate teaching” was partly to blame for his 2:1 degree, which he claimed prevented him from getting into a top US law school and becomeing an international commercial lawyer.

Lawyers believe the case could influence universities present their courses in marketing materials, as students who spend around £9,000 a year for their education demand value for money and see themselves as customer rather than pupils. Ms Wong said she moved from Hong Kong to Britain to study at the Lord Ashcroft International Business School in Cambridge after being influenced by the claims in the prospectus.

Now the 29-year-old alleged in a complaint lodged with the courts that the university failed to deliver on its promises. She also accused it of a breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation, listing poor discipline among staff and students being told to “self-study” among her complaints.

The degree, in International Business Strategy “does not play a role to help secure a rewarding job with prospects”, she claimed, adding that the prospectus had promised the course would leave graduates “well equipped” for jobs in the business world, following two years of “high quality teaching”.

Pok Wog outside Angela Ruskin University

She also alleged she was “locked” in a room for trying to speak out about the quality of her course during her graduation ceremony, which she has branded as false imprisonment.

Ms Wong hopes the case will encourage other students to demand value for money and seek compensation if universities do not deliver.

“The prospectus convinced me that the university is really impressive,” she told The Sunday Telegraph. “But, as soon as I started in 2011, I realised there were failings. Although I graduated with a first class degree in 2013, it is a Mickey Mouse degree. I hope that bringing this case will set a precedent so that students can get value for money, and if they don’t they get compensated. Anglia Ruskin talked a good talk but then they didn’t deliver.”

She has justified the money she is demanding as a refund of her tuition fees for the international business strategy course and the living costs for her time there.

The University is ranked below 300 in the Time Higher Education World University Rankings for 2018.

A spokesperson for Anglia Ruskin University told The Independent: “We are well aware of the claims made by this former student and we are robustly defending the current litigation.

The case echoes that of Oxford University Faiz Siddiqui, who tried to sue the institution for £1m after it did not give him a first-class degree. Mr Siddiqui claimed that “negligently inadequate teaching” was partly to blame for his 2:1 degree, which he said prevented him from getting into a top US law school, and, in turn, meant he could not become an international commercial lawyer. It was inevitable, given the way higher education has been turned into a branch of industry or commerce, with profit as the main motivation, that failure by universities to deliver on claims of enhanced career and earnings potential would result in litigation.

My daughter may even have a case, she was sold the idea of studying for a degree in the history of art, design and film. In the years since her graduation I have spoken to her about art history, a topic on which I am quite well read, and found that aside from hardly touching on film, the course had left her almost totally ignorant of the influence of the Italian renaissance Neapolitan, Florentine and Venitian schools, the Dutch masters and even the more recent pre – Raphaelites and impressionists. In art they focus had been on twentieth century abstract expressionism and surrealism, but most of her course had covered 1950s and 60s pop art design developments.

Career wise it was a total waste of money and has not even equiiped her to have many interesting converstations, what is there to say about plastic chairs.

Academics Warn Politically Correct Universities ‘Are Killing Free Speech’
Free speech is under attack from politicians and minority rights activists, but when universities start censoring ideas, society is in trouble. So what is going on when speakers who have challenged the politically correct consensus are denied a platform to speak on unrelated topics.

Students censored – An Academic Community In A Crisis Of Collectivism.
Intellectual freedom in our universities is under threat from … intellectuals. So overbearing have the left wing screechers of bourgeois politically correct leftism now become that even the universities have surrendered to the intellectual control freakery of cultural Marxism. But if universities are now dedicated to turning out dull minded conformists, what hope is there for western society?

Poor white pupils put off school by multicultural timetable
Education, should it be about learning to read, write, spell and calculate? Or should it be about feminism, gay rights, black history and ‘gender awareness’ whatever that is? For many years we have had multiculturalism and politically correct thinking rammed doiwn pupils throats but noe a study by a local education department suggests this obsession with politicallly corret diversity is responsible for the failure of white working class pupils.

The Degree Factory: The Decline Of University Education
The decline of university education in parallel with dumbing down of the general population is contributing to the economic and social problems of the industriaised democracies. But why have standars been allowed to slip so far and can the trend in university education towards theraputic and politically correct courses be reversed?

Where Is Bicycle Repair Man When The World Needs Him
A superhero whose superpower is repairing bikes? It was a sketch in a Monty Python’s Flying Circus show. But forty years on is it as crazy as it sounded then? We seem to have plenty of people with degrees in things that are not every practical and shortages of people who can do useful stuff. And when we have health and safety officers stopping people from climbing ladders unless they have been properly trained, people are discouraged from learning those everyday skills by themselves.

Comedy and humour

Modern Maths Teaching Is Making Children Mentally Ill
It is a well established fact that people who are good at mathematics are insane so why are we making such a big deal of abstract maths in proressive education when what most people will need to earn a living is a good command of basic arithmetic – which modern education is failing to give them.

The Science Fraud: Many Scientific Research Papers Are Pure Gobbledegook
The war between humanities and science goes on, both in academic faculties and internet comment threads. But in an environment that is increasingly politicised and influenced by corporate profit motives rather than the pure and unsullied pursuit of knowledge, can we trust either side? This article suggests not.

The STEM Education and Scientism – the curse of modern education.
Education, education, education, said Tony Blair. He meant indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination of course. The thing the Politically Correct intellectual bullies of the new left fear most is an educated working class capable of questioning the dogmas of the scientific dictatorship …

Black characters put parents off books, new Children’s Laureate says
It seems very strange to me the new children’ laureate is a person descended from the dark skinned races and the first thing she does in her new role is make children’s literature a race issue.Isn’t that erm, you know … a tad racist.
Marjorie Blackman (no pun there, that’s her name)also said that when …

Education Is Out, Indoctrination Is In.
This is about a teacher in america who has quit the profession in disgust at the way left wing indoctrination is replacing neutral education in schools. Many British teachers have said similar things and Daily stirrer occasional contributor Sally Redfern quit the teaching profession for the same reason.

Captive Minds And Cowardly Intellectuals
The pose intellectuals and academics like to strike is that of detatched, independent minded individuals who reject materialism and devote their lives to the expansion of knowledge and understanding and a quest for truth.In reality…

Some reality on employment prospects for young graduates.
‘Work experience’ and unpaid internships have created a moneyless vacuum between education and pa employiment that only the rich are able to fill. For others a degree only means a masive debt without any improvement in earning prospects

Trendy left wing education policies accused of inhibiting ambition in school pupils
Shocking new revelations about the state of the education system show that trendy education policiesz are not only dumbing puypils down, they are trampling on ambition and aspiration as well.

Left elite’s determination to dum down now bars bright pupils from University
Latest plans put forward by elitist lefties to make university access ‘more equal’ can only lead to higher education being dumbed down as skin colour, sexuality or being from a single parent family will count for more than intelligence.

The Failure Of Education, The Subversion Of BureaucracyGovernment plans to toughen up the penalties that can be imposed on parents guilty of ‘bad parenting’ and tolerating truancy do not signal determination to deal with the problems in the education system but are an admission that progressive and ideological ideas in education havre failed generations of bored and disengaged pupils.

Back To basics Policy To Save Education?
Coalition Ministers revealed their proposals for a back-to-basics curriculum for state schools, with the focus shifting away from soft subjects and abstract studies back to basic arithmetic, times-tables, spelling, grammar, reading and history. Predictably Teachers’ Union leaders warned it would lead to an unexciting “uniform education” for children. Maybe so, butonce pupils are equipped with those basics they can go on to study whatever they finmd interesting. There is little point talking about Shakespeare to kids who can’t …

We told you so, University Degrees Are Worthless
The Daily Stirrer has been saying it for years, now a leading British businessman has come out and said it too. University Degrees are worthless.Self-made multimillionaire Simon Dolan left school at the age of 16 and went on to form a business empire which now turns over close to £100m a year, putting him 703rd on the Sunday Times Rich List. Mr. Dolan also criticised the designer degree business that is responsible for creating such oddball courses as waste management with dance. He described these and even the less insane courses like …

Do as I say, not as I did – Blair

Tony Blair delivered a veiled attack on Ed Miliband and other modern political figures for lacking experience outside politics, claiming they should work normal jobs for several years before heading to Westminster.

The former Prime Minister said in an interview with The Independent (titled somewhst naughtily “How I Became Prime Minister Of The World”) there is a “general problem” in western nations with career politicians who have never worked outside the political sphere.

The husely successful Middle East peace envoy said: “I advise any young person who wants to go into politics today: go and spend some time out of politics.

“Go and work for a community organisation, a business, start your own business; do anything that isn’t politics for at least several years.

“And then, when you come back into politics, you will find you are so much better able to see the world and how it functions properly.

“So – but I – you know, this is an issue that they’re debating in the US right now, in many places in Europe, and I do think there is a big gene pool problem with modern politics and how we get round I think is very challenging.”

This might seem a reasonable enough outburst of gibberish typical of the man until we examine the former Prime Hypocrie’s early career.

B lair’s wild adventures as a rock music promoter, putative rock star, mature student and pupil barrister in a law practice founded by a family friend is hardly an impressive CV to build before entering politics and of course there was that conviction for cottaging in the early 1980s but we’re not supposed to mention that so I won’t, you’ll have to follow the link (scroll down to the sub heading ugly rumours).

Clearly though some of us, like good wine, inmprove with age, Blair, like cheap plonk, becomes more unpalatable.

And finally:
here’s an opinion from a retired commercial lawyer who was his senior at Derry Irvine’s Chambers.

“He wasn’t very good” says “Frankly he didn’t listen to the brief, and he caved in to the Judge…to the fury of my clients. So I fired him. I told Derry, ‘Don’t ever send that twat to me again'”.

Prostitution: Not Just A Job, A Way Of Life

On one of the websites of The Welsh Government (The Business Wales Site), career-seekers were gladly advised to consider being strippers (lap dancers to be correct) since this trade together with escort services or jobs on sex chat lines are considered as aspirational career opportunities. (I can’t bring you a link the page has been blocked to casual visitors)

The site goes on to provide a detailed job description of each of the two careers complete with how much you can earn from such a job (somewhere in the region of £200 to £300 per evening) or year £73,000 a for taking it all off.

After much complaining, the First Minister of Wales decided to launch an investigation as to how and why one of it websites published such career advice.

What I can tell the Welsh government is that stripping or lap dancing is a shite job and unless a girl has big tits or a really nice arse she might realistically expect to earn ten per cent of figures quoted for entertaining the ugliest, creepiest males imaginable.

Election Explodes Oxbridge Myth

Evan as the wrangling over what kind of government we will have is continuining between Liberal Democrat, Conservative and Labour negotiators in the Whitehall political village some interting insights into the development of British society are emerging from the election results.

For eaxample it has long ben an ambition among parents of all social classes and income groups that their children should go to one of the great Universities, Oxford or Cambridge. An Oxbridge education has been considered the first step en route to a glittering career.

Unfortunately analysis of the election results has shown that of the 231 newly elected MPs heading for Westminster 160 went to Oxford or Cambridge. This represents around 70%.

What devastating news that must be for parents who have made personal sacrifices to help their chldren get to one of those colleges. If they get an Oxbridge degree the only job they will be qualified for is politics.

Unless of course they widen their options by taking a post grad course in MacOlogy

Cameron Seduces Clegg Well they are both publlic schoolboys, if you know what I mean.


Solipsism: symptoms and and the cure.

Solipsism, if you are not familiar with the word, can be defined in two ways:

(i) the theory that the self can be aware of nothing but its own experiences and states

(ii) the theory that nothing exists or is real but the self.*

I don’t know where this belief or philosophy origniated but it was very popular with the more space-cadettish hippies I knew in the 1960’s and 70s.

Looking at a recent comment by fatsally on one of my posts I see solipsism has found its way into the school curriculum. “You can be whatever you want to be” is one of the motivational phrases used in education (see comment on Brown, a lust for glory). That solipsism should be offered to young people as a career choice is a tad disturbing as we have observed in television shows like The X Factor. In the auditions rounds a lot of seriously deluded people turn up who are sure a career in pop music awaits them simply because they “want it.”

Fortunately they have Simon Cowell to filter out those he does not think he can make money from.

Tony Blair is a solipsist, in his mind he is a revered world leader, an elder statesman looked up to by east and west alike. Bono is a solipsist, in his little bubble of self made reality the characters he creates actually give a fuck about what he says. Nick Clegg is a solipsist, he behaves as if he is leader of a political party.

Another case of solpsism is apparent in America where a novice politician decided he could be anything he wanted to be, even President. When people said, “You have no experience” or “You are not elegible under the consitution because your father was Kenyan,” this deluded man said:
“It is not those things, it is because I’se black you say I can’t be President.”

Not wanting to be thought racist the Amereican people let him be President and it quickly became clear that he thought the US economy ran on monopoly money.

Today it was announced the credit rating of the American government will be downgraded amid fears that they plan to pay their bills with monopoly money because they have no real money left.

Strangely, President Obama does not learn from his mistakes. In his mind the Standard & Poors rating agency does not exist or is run by mean spirited while folks who can’t stand to see a black man making such a great job of feeding the blind, healing the poor and leading the sick. And his mind is the only thing that truly exists.

Solipsism must be eradicated, it is an idea so dangerous it could wipe out intelligent thought. If Osama Bin Laden was a solipsist he would believe he is the third world war, if Damien Hirst was a solipsist he would belive he is an artist, if Robbie Williams was a solipsist he would believe he is Robbie Wiliams, if Lenny Henry was a solipsist he would believe he is still funny.

There are probably more solipsists in the world than people with Swine Flu. Still, while there is no effective cure for swine flu, only a vaccine that relieves manufacturers of the symptoms of the recession, there is a cure for solipsism.

If you come across somebody who displays the characteristic symptoms of the disease just hit them in the face with a shovel. That way they will not be able to deny the shovel exists.

Vaccine administerd by mosquito

*Excerpted from The Complete Reference Collection
Copyright © 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 The Learning Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Childhood Drinking:The Slippery Slope That Brought Us To Boggart Blog.

Well now we know how it came down to this sorry end for your Boggart Bloggers.

Fatsally and I were set on our degenerate paths that led through decadence and debauchery to the final state of ruin that is being a Boggart Blogger at an early age it turns out. Our indulgent, bohemian parents would not just allow us to have a sip of beer from Dad’s glass or a teeny weeny taste of Mum’s G & T but sometimes a small glass of watered wine with Sunday lunch.

It seemed innocuous at the time but in those days of course children did not have an army of (cue portentous chords) GOVERNMENT EXPERTS to protect them from the irresponsibility of their loving parents. Now anybody who does not heed the dire warnings issued by (cue portentous chords) GOVERNMENT EXPERTS has only themselves to blame when the slippery slope upon which they have set their children leads to success, hapiness and a well – balanced personality rather than the alcoholism, drug addiction and health breakdown those brought up in fear of adult life can look forward to.

Eleven year old alcoholics might not be binge drinking had their parents not encouraged them to have a supervised suppeen. Right. Can anyone really belive what the (cue portentous chords) GOVERNMENT EXPERTS tell us, that it would never occur to our precious little darlings to get into the voddy while Mum and were down the supermarket had the evil bogey woman The Snot Breathing Bag Lady been invoked at any mention of drink?

So what became of fatsally and I? How were we destroyed by early exposure to the demon drink. Well we both look ten years younger than we are, a sure sign of a wasted youth. Neither of us have grey hair though in my case that may be due to my genes. 2000 of them are Grecian. Fatsally’s girlish figure (her name isn’t Sally either) is probably down to her considerable athletic prowess as a swimmer. Oh yes, whenever she is up at our Dear Old Mum’s in Morecambe she leaps into the sea at Heysham and swims to Dublin and back before breakfast, (that may be a slight exaggeration but she is a very good swimmer.)

We both were sucked into good careers and enjoyed prosperous, rather Bohemian middle class lifestyles this was no doubts due to those sips of booze, teenage tokes on shared joints that an earlier generation of ( cue portentous chords) GOVERNMENT EXPERTS warned would inevitably lead to anybody who partook becoming hopelessly addicted. We did of course, we became addicted to living well and having a good time. When working in London I would sometimes walk from the office to Piccadilly Circus, passing the street dwellers on The Strand, pathetic bundles of human wreckage who had lost all self respect and as they gazed enviously at my Guiseppe Alessi suit and Crombie overcoat I wondered what kind of blameless childhood they must have suffered to have come to that condition. But obviously if Fatsally and I got it all so wrong,living in a cardboard box is what we should have aspired to.

Who could have know that we would eventually be Boggart Bloggers rather than the semi – tranparent down-and out I could have been had I only listened to the GOVERNMENT EXPERTS.

BTW GUISEPPE ALESSI was very good a bespoke tailor in Blackburn (retired now) His name sounds as good as any celebrity designer though.

The Lazy Pupils Examination Aid

Merchant Bankers Hired As Science Teachers…

A news story in one of the quality Sunday papers yesterday reported that in the wake of huge redundancies among employees of financial institutions in the wake of the global banking crisis, science graduates tempted by the astronomical salaries on offer to take up careers in the financial markets are now finding themselves unemployed.

A scheme has been launched by the Department of Work and Pensions to fast track these new dole bludgers into careers as science teachers.

Wait a minute. Considering the mess they made of the banking system do we want these fuckers teaching anybody anything

Darling must go further

Darling Has Gone Gone Too Far

We can’t leave the talking to Dawkins

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