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It’s not often you will see a link to a newspaper like The Catholic Reporter in this blog, but we have always been critics of the principle globalist think tank The Bilderberg Group (The NewWorld Order’s lunch club,) so when we read that the current Pope, Francis the 666th or something had sent a cardinal to this year’s Bilderberg meeting to deliver a message to the elitist global government advocates, knowing the current Pope’s papacy has been characterised by his enthusiasm for Islam, we were gratified to see the world’s Catholics appear to be waking up to the fact that their spiritual leader is The Bilderberg Group’s placeman.

This article, referring to a speech made by Pope Mohammed’s predecessor, Benedict, who did not die in office as Popes do, but was shoved aside, is well worth revisiting.

Regensburg redux: Was Pope Benedict XVI right about Islam?

Eight years ago Sept. 12, Pope Benedict XVI delivered a lecture at the University of Regensburg in Bavaria in which he seemed to diagnose Islam as a religion inherently flawed by fanaticism.

It was an undiplomatic assertion, to say the least — especially coming a day after the 9/11 anniversary — and it sparked an enormous outcry among Muslims and came to be seen as one of a series of missteps that would plague Benedict’s papacy until he resigned in 2013.

Now, with the Islamic State on the march in the Middle East, leaving a trail of horrifying brutality and bloodshed that has shocked the world, some of Benedict’s allies on the Catholic right are saying, in effect, “He told you so.”

“Regensburg was not so much the work of a professor or even a pope,” wrote Fr. Raymond de Souza in a column for the National Catholic Register, a conservative publication. “It was the work of a prophet.”

Eight years later, “we have ISIS” — an acronym for the Islamic State — “And beheadings. And persecution. And hatred. And war,” added Elise Hilton in a blog post for the Acton Institute, a libertarian Catholic think tank.

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“It appears that the world owes Pope Benedict an apology,” she wrote.

So what did Benedict say at Regensburg that continues to resonate so widely?


The Pope Wants You to Pray for a One World Religion

‘You will all obey the world religion’ – Pope Francis (Image source)

The Marxist, globalist, Soros apparatchik currently posing as head of the Catholic faith wants to scrap the Catholic Church. He didn’t say that in so many words but he has called on Catholics to pray for the creation of a world religion (because love and peace) which would embrace Catholicism, the Protestant denominations, Orthodox, Syriac, Armenian, Ethiopian and Coptic Christians, Christian Scientists, Rosicrucians, Theosophists, Freemasons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Amish, Latter Day Saints, and presumably Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jain, Sikh, Shinto, Pagans, Shamanistic Animists, Jedi, Wiccans and Satanists. In other words they guy’s a deluded fuckwit.

from Truthstream Media:
The Hegelian dialectic has been defined as “the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution”. What we’re seeing now is the thesis + antithesis = synthesis of a centuries-long plot unfold before our eyes — politically, economically, and religiously.

The Pope (or the guy with the pope robe and silly hat everyone is calling the Pope, whichever you prefer) is now openly calling for everyone to pray for a one world religion “because love and peace”. It’s the closest we’ll get to a one world religion commercial, complete with swelling emotional music and claims that this is about peace and love and acceptance and love and peace. They sure do always promise a utopia, don’t they? Reminds us of Jeremiah 6:14, when they say “peace, peace,” when there is no peace…

Funny, while he calls for this open discussion about religions coming together, the comments section of the original YouTube video have been closed.

For the rest of the article and a video CLICK HERE The punchline? The video was put together by the Jesuit global prayer network.

This latest move will come as no surprise to those who have dubbed Frankie, “The New World Order’s Pope” because of his support for globalist, anything-but-christian ideology, his contempt for Catholic theology, dictatorial attitude towards the College of Cardinals and his determination to trash traditional Catholic values.

It is very doubtful that Pope Frankie is The Antichrist as some are suggesting, he seems to us to be just another shallow, opportunistic, egomaniacal world domination freak pitching for a global totalitarian government in which he probably has been promised a role.

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Nick Clegg’s Kids Will Attend Same School As Tony Blair’s Did.

The London Oratory School is a Catholic faith school, well the lovely Miriam is spanish so that’s OK but even so Nick is in trouble over the decision. In the 2010 election manifesto you see, the Lib Dems promised to put an end to faith-based admissions arrangements.

“We will ensure that all faith schools develop an inclusive admissions policy and end unfair discrimination on grounds of faith when recruiting staff, except for those principally responsible for optional religious instruction,” it said.

Now those nasty Tories and Labourites are accusing Nick of betraying his principles.

Unfair we say, how can he betray his principles when he hasn’t got any.

Pope Benedict Resigns: Who Will Lead The Catholic Church Now? A Surprise Front Runner Emerges

The resignation of Pope Benedict as head of the Roman Catholic Church has shocked the world this morning and kicked of wild speculation that a bigger scandal than the Jimmy Savile story could be about to erupt. Boggart Blog’s main rival, The Daily Smear, led on a story that thousands of Catholic nuns had been heard chanting Benny Dicked Us.

The resignation could destabilise many third world nations where the Catholic Church still has a strong political influence. With no obvious contenders among the Vatican hierarchy, disunity could be seen as an opportunity for disruptive elements within the church and nations where is is close to those in power, while too conservative a candidate could cause conflict with progressive political forces.

Some commentators are suggesting this time the Cardinals should elect a Pope who is younger and more in touch with the modern world. This has led to the emergence of a surprise from runner. Not only is he young and progressive by Papal standards, he is British too.

Step up to the mark Tony Blair. Though Blair is only a comparatively recent convert to Catholicism, he is slippery enough to be an effective operator in international politics, dishonest enough to convince both radical and conservative Catholics he is on their side. And he is currently looking for a way to get back into British politics.

What better reason could there be for confining him in The Vatican.

Pope Bliar 1st

Cardinal Sin?

I heard on the news that the people in charge of Westminster Abbey are senDing memberS of the boys choir to The Vatican to sing for the Pope.

The Vatican? The Headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. There are more priests in The Vatican than there are germs on a month old sausage.

And he people at Westminster Abbey are sending a bunch of little boys there?


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Catholic Cardinal Declares War On Shiny Face

Catholic leader Cardinal Keith O’Brien, know to his congregation as “the wee fat guy in the funny hat” has thrown down a challenge to David Cameron over the governments plans to leagalise sdame sex marriage.

This has set the Catholic Church on a collision course with The Prime Minister who also faces a rebellion among his own backbenchers although the proposed law change which is hugely unpopular with voters will be carried in the support of Lib Dem and Gaybour MPs.

The fact that one of the Catholic Church’s most senior figures has issude such an outspoken statement on the issue indicates there will be a long and bitter battle over this law change.

Here are Boggart Blog we can’t understand what is bothering the cardinal. We think he would look beautiful walking up the aisle wearing his long white frock with its gold and purple trimmings as Here Comes The Bride played on the church organ.

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Erm – aren’t we forgetting what democracy is about?

Sex Education Kerfuffle

There’s a bit of a kerfuffle going on in among the faction of the “Progressive Left” that thinks the Politically Correct Thought Police are just not authoritarian enough. The “Hello, we’re liberals, you must never question our authority” brigade are upset because the Education Secretary Ed “The Ball” Balls wants to relax rules on sex education in schools to allow religious schools to teach total abstinence from sex outside marriage.

The Thought Police are absolutely outraged that the change will allow Catholic Schools to inculcate the message that sex is wrong. Balls on the other hand is responding to pressure from Muslim groups who also think sex outside marriage is wrong. The Politically Correct Thought Police have not yet worked out that in their zeal to prevent Catholic Schools oppressing pupils they are in fact insisting that the government oppresses Muslims by forbidding them to teach their faith in Muslim schools to Muslin children. It will be wonderful to see the hypocritical somersaults that will be performed when the PCTP catch on to this.

For the moment however the “More Authoritarian Than The Thought Police” Police are claiming the Department’s move will undermine efforts to reduce numbers of unwanted teenage pregnancies.

Unusually, I am with the Minister on this one. Poor Ed is in a no win situation. If you want pupils to accept that sex in or out of marriage is a good, normal, healthy thing then schools should hire a fundie preacher to teach that anyone who succumbs to temptation will be cast down to burn in Eternal Fire! If you tell teenagers not to have sex because it is evil they will only go out and have lots of sex with lots of people. Now people who do not have sex with anybody cannot make babies (unless they work in an IVF clinic) so teaching abstinence cannot undermine efforts to reduce pregnancies.

On the other hand if schools in official sex education lessons teach teenagers that sex is only OK if you use condoms the teenagers will continue to shun condoms when having sex because condoms are uncool. The result is the same.

Teenagers like having sex. Teenagers are irresponsible. The world consequences never features in their vocabulary until they are face with the consequences of what they have done. The only reason teenagers abstain from having sex is because they are terminally uncool and can’t get anybody to have sex with them.
As far as sex education in schools goes, teaching about condoms does not prevent pregnancies, teaching abstinence does not prevent pregnancies so what can be done?

Our solution is to organise school discos. Hire a really cool DJ to attract the cool dudes, promise the nerds and geeks they will get laid to make sure they are there. Then hire a busload of beautiful, sophisticated high class hookers and tell them to go to work on the nerds and geeks. This way you send out the message that sex is for nerds and geeks and everybody who wants to be cool will stop doing it.

Problems are so easy to solve when you just think things through properly.

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St Thérèse gig at Paddy’s Wigwam

Who would have thought it possible? St Thérèse is touring the UK again. Last week she was packing them in at the Paddy’s Wigwam venue in Liverpool. People queued round the block to get in we hear and the “Little Flower” is drawing bigger crowds than Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet on their comeback tours.

It says a lot for the pulling power of the Saint and her band The Carmelites when you realise there is less left of the lead singer than there is of the original Sugarbabes. Punters in the ’pool last week and this week in Manchester and Birmingham are quite happy to pay for their tickets knowing all they will see of the original act is a thighbone, a finger and a couple of ribs. That is more than anyone at a Slade gig will see of the original band while people paying to see 1950s harmony group The Drifters who are still working the cabaret circuit will see five guys who were not even born when the group was at its peak.

I guess any St. Thérèse and The Carmelites gig must rely heavily on session musicians and backing singers. But what happened to the band you might well ask? Did member suddenly start to spontaneously combust on stage like Spinal Tap drummers had a way of doing, or were they wiped out in a bizarre gardening accident. Well no, after the death of their leader in 1897 the band gradually decomposed.

The rest is an all too familiar story of greedy and exploitative management by Vatican Enterprises Inc. and the manipulation of talented but naïve people. Parts of St. Thérèse are now touring the six inhabited continents. Her skull and the bones of an arm tour the Catholic nations of Europe, six ribs and her pelvis work the American circuit and other bits are busy in Africa and Asia.

St. Thérèse, know to her fans in France as Petit Fleur was destined to become a legend in her own lunchtime but she lived her life in poverty and never enjoyed the rewards of her success. Like Eva Cassidy, her career only too off after her death aged twenty three, by a mystical coincidence the age at which Buddy Holly died.

(As it happens my wife was named after St. Thérèse though one would hesitate to apply the sobriquet Petit Fleur had you hear her giving our son a bollocking yesterday.)

The fragmentation is modest by Catholic standards. Medieval saints were much more prolific. St Augustine apparently had thirty four little fingers, S. Francis eighteen ribs and Jesus himself had eleven foreskins if medieval records are to be believed. Some of these relics are still touring after a thousand years. From this we can see The Rolling Stones could keep going for centuries.

Bigger Than The Pope – More on the St. Therese tour from The Independent.

Pictures of Paddy’s Wigwam as it is affectionately know from the official Liverpol Metropolitian Cathedral web site. This page is a must see for people who need convoncing that modern architecture can be beautiful.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Stop Hating Blair

We all thought Tony Blair had got out of our faces and gone off to help the Israelis and Palestinians out with their target practice. WRONG!

Having popped up in Sardinia a couple of weeks ago, taking a break from his holiday on a multi billionaire’s luxury yacht to deliver a speech on the spiritual benefits of poverty the, self appointed Papal Emissary to the elite is now lecturing us again on the wonders of catholicism.

Speaking to L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s daily newspaper, Blair said today he considers Pope Benedict’s belief that God is central to politics, society, economics and culture “brilliant”.

Fuck me, he’s turning into that bloke from The Fast Show. I’ll repeat my earlier warning: The little shit is up to something, be on your guard.

Now, if you can bear it, read about how wonderful Blair is finding his new faith in Granny Told Me Not To Marry A Catholic

Blair is lying about his commitment to Catholicism of course. Catholicism is all about guilt. If he had really embraced the faith the scablouse would be totally guilt tripped and talking about locking himself in a private room with a bottle of vintage brandy and a loaded revolver and doing the decent thing.

But as we all know Tony Blair is so up himself he is not capable of feeling guilt. So he can’t be a proper effing catholic then can he?

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