Miserable Buggers Should Not Be allowed To Hold Influential Positions

According to news reports today, the miserablist, testicle biting BBC commissioning editor Melissa Hardinge says sexy women should not be allowed on children’s television and the BBC should aim to provide good role models like former Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton, who was sent on intrepid expeditions to the South Pole and the Amazon.

Has there ever been a more clear illustriation of the evil, feminist, left wing agenda at work within the BBC. OK, the aforementioned Helen Skelton his the sexual allure of cold porridge and while sending the irritating little goody two shoes up the Amazon was a great idea the BBC spoiled it by letting her come back.

But sex appeal is in the mind of the observer. I always thought another Blue Peter graduate, Anthea Turner, aka Princess Tippy Toes was so sexless her vagina had healed up and she was like a Sindy doll. Apparently though, a lot of men desperately wanted to knob her. There’s no accounting for taste.

Princess Tippy Toes
Princess Tippy Toes – Source – BBC

And how much poorer would the lives of my son (40 this year) and his generation have been without the sexy-without-trying Sally James of Tizwaz.

Sally James, not consciously sexy
The Not Consciously Sexy Chldren’s Presenter Sally James – oh, bad photo choice … Source
Try the next one down …

Sally JamesSource

You just can’t say, “No sexy women on Childrens TV.” Some women can’t help being sexy. And there’s always going to be someone out there who thinks Helen Skelton is the hottest thing since Vindaloo Curry.

My Little Porny

If you thought you had heard it all, if you thought the internet had already sunk to the deepest depths of depravity, you were wrong. The latest treding item on the creepy but strangely comical fringe of the world wide web is My Little Pony porn.

Yes, you did just read the phrase My Little Pony porn. What kind of sick creeps would post My Little Pony porn online you might well ask.

It should be quite easy to think of at least one, guys and gals, as it happens, yes indeed, yes indeed. But he’s dead and Stuart Hall is in prison so WTF is going on. Are there more total sickos out there than we imagined?

It seems that an undesirable element among fans of the popular childrens’ TV show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” have started creating porn animations dealing with the ponies in the show.

This is a common occurrence with cartoons, and many innocent shows end up becoming hentai or cartoon porn. My Little Pony porn is particularly weird and alarming however due to the fact that the show is targeted towards children of five and under.

Since we live in the age of technology, many young kids, even at 4 years old know how to get online and look up their favorite things. The fact that this stuff comes up in a normal My Little Pony search results should alarm some parents.

Some of the photos can actually get a bit graphic, even showing penetration and other sexual acts that kids shouldn’t see. I’m not going to give yuou a link to any such sites because that would mean visiting them but here’s a link to my search results for my little pony porn
This shite is real you see.

Who would watch this kind of porn, or spend time making it it for that matter. Don’t answer, that was a rhetorical question. I really would rather not know as I have no wish to face murder charges.

The animations depict famous characters such as Pinkie Pie and others taking part in sexual activities including penetration. Most of these pictures are accompanied by lurid narratives to aid the viewer’s masturbation enjoyment. Why people would look at this is up for answers. However it does exist, and once again demon-strates what a great folly it was to close the mental hospitals.

my little pony pinkie pie

Pinkie Pie demonstrates the twerking pose made famous by Miley Cyrus


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By TwitterButtons.net

Jimmy Savile reincarnate?

A Middlesborough man was arrested after he collected hundreds of videos of children that he convinced into trusting by posing as Justin Bieber online

The BBC reported Monday 35-year-old Robert Hunter has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for inciting children to engage in sexual activity and for collecting indecent photos.

A young girl in in Tasmania called police after Hunter tried to solicit her, which allowed them to track where the indecent messages were coming from.

Hunter was charged with more than 30 counts of these crimes after police found 800 videos of young boys and girls stripping and revealing themselves on camera.

The Hunter presented himself as pop star Justin Bieber from 2010 to 2012 and told young girls that he would be their boyfriend if they would strip and perform certain acts on camera.

So how did he get away with it? Take a look at our secret twins shots below…

Jimmy SavileJustin Bieber
Top: Robert Hunter … Below: Justin Bieber. Almost indistinguishable.

Hell’s Little Angels

Anyone old enough to remember the Monty Python Hell’s Grannies sketch (or anyone who has been duffed up by toothless, grinning hags for queue jumping in the post office will know how feral oldies can instil fear in entire communities.

But what about @Hell’s Little Angels. We’re not talking about chavs here, not street gangs of hoodie wearing bathsalts sniffers but really young children.

Children as young as three have been sent warning letters from police for playing outside their homes raising the possibility of antisocial behaviour penalties being handed out to babies who cause noise pollution by waving rattles too enthusiastically.

One little girl’s parents were shocked to hear their neighbours had complained about the child’s ‘intimidating behaviour’.

Caidence Leadbetter, three, appeared to have been accused of antisocial behaviour while playing outside her house in an official letter sent to her startled parents.

A neighbour, Bessie Wintergreen (82) told Boggart Blog, “That child is the spawn of Satan, since she stuck her tongue out at me in the street I’ve been so frightened I can’t sleep at night”.

Two othe girls, – seven-year-old Ellie-Louise and Caidence’s sister Isabel, four – also seemed to be implicated. Another eye witness, Walter Retention (76) said, “The three of them practically accused me of paedophilia, they sang Baa Baa Black Sheep as I was working in my garden, and we all know that’s really about sex don’t we?”

Caidence’s mother, Claire Cox, from Solihull, West Midlands, said: ‘I’m shocked – the letter implies they could be given Asbos.’

Police Community Support Office Allan Cameron (5′ 2″) wrote to the children’s parents telling them there had been reports of ‘a rise in antisocial behaviour’and warned that action would have to be taken.

He described ‘minor damage to trees drawing black magic symbols such as circles and squares on pavements, and trampling of grass underfoot’ by ‘large groups of children of up to four children’ as ‘intimidating to elderly neighbours’ and said the council would be informed about any subsequent damage.

West Midlands Police has moved to reassure parents their young children would not face Asbos. That assurance may be withdrawn we hear as Caidence’s dog Gnasher has since pissed on PCSO Cameron’s Raleigh Chopper.

The real story

Black characters put parents off books, new Children’s Laureate says

It seems very strange to me the new children’ laureate is a person descended from the dark skinned races and the first thing she does in her new role is make children’s literature a race issue.

Isn’t that erm, you know … a tad racist.

Marjorie Blackman (no pun there, that’s her name)also said that when she was younger, she never once read a book that featured a black child, which left her feeling “totally invisible”.

Obviously she never read Rudyard Kipling. Oops, pardon, he was denounced as racist for having black characters in his stories wasn’t he?

And what about Wind In The Willows, Mole was surely almost back and ratty would be brown.

Blackman, a former script writer for children’s television series Byker Grove, (hmm, were there any black characters in that, I mean, I’ve never seen any around Newcastle) intends to spend her time as laureate concentrating on older children and teenagers, a group she feels it is “time to embrace”.

The people who gave her this award have learned nothing from Jimmy Savile then?

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I was amused by this comment from the thread.

“If you have ever attempted to buy books for children recently it is impossible not be absolutely appalled by some of the offerings,which are little more than dire multicultural politically correct progressive politics themed propaganda.

One particularly nauseating book had on the cover a pretty drawing showing mixed race couple, one Asian male child, one African female child and a white girl in in a wheelchair and a happy smiley woman in the background

The subject matter? All about the joys of being taken away by the nice social services lady and put with right on foster parents (not UKIP supporters presumably)

Happily the classics still sell and there is some splendid modern children’s literature around.”

Education Menu
Comedy and satire menu

Road Wars? Rubber Balls Of Terror, Skipping Ropes Of Mass Destruction?

You’ll be glad to know that fat sweaty coppers from the Politically Correct Thought Police are keeping you safe in your homes by operating a zero tolerance policy against little girls.

And why not, the Labour Prime Minister who ushered in the Politically Correct Thought Police reign of terror promised to be tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime. Well crimes are committed by adults and children grow up to be adults so it makes sense to crack down on childhood games and make sure the kinds are well intimidated.

Or so it might seem to parents in Kent.

Officers of Kent finest (who said a bunch of Kents, come on, let’s have some resprect for the men and women who harrass our children) reportedly reprimanded Lilly Allen, 10, earlier this week for drawing a hopscotch grid on the pavement on the pavement near her home.

The traditional game’s outline she drew was akin to criminal damage.

The schoolgirl was said to have been given the warning by two unnamed coppers officers as she played the centuries-old game.

Lilly was issued the warning after making the outlines in white chalk, which washes away in rain. Drawing on the pavement is criminal damage, two plods in a patrol car told her.

Lilly’s dad, Robert Allen, 51 has lodged a formal complaint to Kent Police over the incident, which occurred on Monday. He told reporters “Two policemen in a car drove up to her and said it was illegal to draw on the floor as it was criminal damage. I am absolutely seething.”

After posting a picture of the grid on his Facebook page, the pub entertainer joked: “I call her Banksy now.”

Scores of his friends commented on the posting, labelling the police comments as “ridiculous”.

Jeanette Elliott wrote: “It’s crazy it’s what we all did as kids the worlds gone mad!”

Vernon Vandell added: “Poor copper…..how many weeks basic training do they have to do before they are ‘qualified’? He’ll be nicking the toddlers for leaving tricycles unattended next!”

It is understood that police were today “trying to establish” which officers may have spoken to the girl.

“We cannot currently trace any car being in the area at the time,” a police source said; (well they would, wouldn’t they?) full story

The police action might not be as ridiculous as it first seems. While the coppers are busy harassing little girls they can’t be sent off to chase real crims who might have guns and knives and baseball bats with nails through the end.

Boggart Blog legal expert A Cheever Loophole said, “You could say drawing on the pavement is defacing public property by the offence would be had to prosecute as the evidence would be washed away by raid before the case came to court.

Children indulging in criminal behaviour


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The greatest tragedy of modern life?

Statistics show that women are leaving it later and later to have their first child. More children than ever before are being born to mothers between 35 and 45.

This has led on to another statistic that caught our eye.

According to the National Statistics Office Forty-something mothers are more likely to lose their baby in the first year of life.

A tragic consequence, we suppose, of not starting a family until after the age early onset dementia sets in.

Kill Obese Children To Save Their Lives says Doctor..

Obese children must be given gastric operations to save their lives’a leading obesity expert has said.

OBESE children under the age of 16 should be given extreme stomach surgery because it is the only way to save their lives, Professor David Haslam, of the National Obesity Forum, has said, calling for every child with a weight problem to be considered for a gastric bypass.

Well that’s all very well, but what about the kids who die under anesthetic, develop complications, get septacemia or simply explode and pain the walls pink when the scalpel pricks their skin.

Wouldn’t it be better to make the little shits get some work done.

Full story: Daily Express

Scientists have only questions but Boggart Blog has answers

In one of those scientific studies that was set up for the sole purpose of proving that to get a job as a scientist you have to be too stupid to make a living claiming benefits, a bunch of scientists have found that mothers who suffer from depression are more likely to have short children.

Researchers tracked the progress of more than 6,000 mothers and babies and found that when mothers reported moderate to severe symptoms of depression in the nine months following delivery, their children were more likely to be shorter than others by the time they started school, according to a report published in the journal Pediatrics.

5-year-olds with mothers who’d suffered from post natal depression were almost 50 percent more likely than their peers to be in the shortest 10 percent of kids that age.

The new research doesn’t explain how kids with depressed mothers end up shorter. Scientists say another project will have to be set up to look at that.

Boggart Blog can save them the trouble. When the kids are howling hungry the mother is so busy sitting around feeling sorry for herself she can’t be arsed feeding them.

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Maths Fascism

Is It really That Easy?

Journalist, Carol Midgley, has written a book for children entitled,”My Family and other Freaks”.

The book is the anguished musings of a pre-teen child who suffers abject mortification anytime any of her family breathe by the sound of things.

In the children’s section of the paper today Mrs Midgely writes a light hearted guide for children to present to their parents to help said parents avoid being soooo embarrassing, outling potential embarrassments and the effect on the child.

These include not using hip language; not dancing, ever, never mind at weddings; not dressing inappropriately for ones age.

The one that caught my eye was “… and never say to your eldest, ‘How’s my big boy/girl today?’ This could a) make them vomit and b) make them want to leave home.”

Really Carol? Is that all I have to do to ensure BBC is asking to borrow a suitcase?

Hmmm, if you’ll excuse me I just have to go and find out how my big boy is today….