5G Was Going to Unite the World—Instead It’s Tearing Us Apart

As readers might have noticed over the past few years, we Boggart Bloggers (especially the two cynical old gits whose careers primarily involved technology,) have a lot of doubts about 5G, the health risks, the threat to privacy, and the prospect of your ‘fridge spying on you for Nanny State all horrified us. And when we learned that governments were planning to adopt Chinese suppliers for the hardware and firmware, that was just beyond the pale. I mean, fucking China, the world’s biggest slave state? WTF?


from Wired

The world came together to build 5G. Now the next-generation wireless technology is pulling the world apart.

The latest version of the 5G technical specifications, expected Friday, adds features for connecting autonomous cars, intelligent factories, and internet-of-things devices to crazy fast 5G networks. The blueprints reflect a global effort to develop the technology, with contributions from more than a dozen companies from Europe, the US, and Asia.

And yet, 5G is also pulling nations apart—with the US and China anchoring the tug-of-war. Tensions between Washington and Beijing over trade, human rights, the handling of Covid-19, and Chinese misinformation are escalating global divisions around the deployment of 5G. A growing number of countries are aligning with either a Western or a Chinese version of the tech … Continue reading >>>



Facebook Bans All Content On Vaccine Awareness
Authored by Mike Adams via NaturalNews.com,
Just as we warned would happen, the tech giants are now moving aggressively to ban all speech that contradicts whatever “official” position is decided to be “the truth” by the corrupt establishment. This week, Facebook announced it would block all content on Facebook that questions the official dogma on vaccines,

German politician calls on facebook to abolish free speech
A German politician has given the clearest indication yet that the political elites of the free world are ideologically much closer to Adolf Hitler’s National Socialists than the social liberalism they claim to support. Free speech is the basis of all liberal democracy. Heiko Maas, the German justice minister has has written to the Facebook it removes “xenophobic and racist” anti-migrant posts from its website and apps., has written to the company to demand an urgent review of its policy over hate messages.

Free Speech Is Being Murdered By The Media And Left Wing Authoritarianism
Without free speech there is no democracy. Without democracy there is no freedom. But all over the developed world free speech is under attack from politically correct politics. It is time to start resisting, do not believe the propaganda published by mainstream media, question everything and make up your own mind. as The Buddha said, “Believe nothing you read or are told unless it agrees with your own experience and common sense.”

Farage Reckless Facing Rabid Left Wing Fanatics
Following the defection to UKIP of Conservative MP Mark Reckless, who yesterday shocked the media and political establishment (everyone else knew it was on the cards.) by announcing his switch from con to Kipper from the podium at the closing session of UKIP’s conference, the Kippers latest recruit and his new leader yesterday faced angry but ineffectual protests

Farage Reckless Facing Rabid Left Wing Fanatics
Following the defection to UKIP of Conservative MP Mark Reckless, who yesterday shocked the media and political establishment (everyone else knew it was on the cards.) by announcing his switch from con to Kipper from the podium at the closing session of UKIP’s conference, the Kippers latest recruit and his new leader yesterday faced angry but ineffectual protests

Obama administration ‘blocking’ information from the press
Uncovering information that should be available to the public has become increasingly difficult under the presidency of Barack Obama, an Associated Press bureau chief says. In some cases, it surpasses the secrecy of the George W. Bush administration. The White House’s penchant for secrecy does not just apply to the federal government, according to AP’s Washington bureau chief, Sally Buzbee.

Western Hypocrisy In Reporting News about Ukraine And Russia
The opening paragraph of a CNN report on the latest developments in the crisis in Ukraine illusrate perfectly the hypocrisy of Western media in the way they cast Russia as the danger to world peace and America as bringer of freedom and democracy. In fact in the crisis over the US attempt to draw Ukraine into NATO the positions taken by the USA abd Russias are the opposite of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

Scandal hit Rotherham ‘deleted abuse files’
In a move that puts them among the contenders for lying, self serving shits of the decade, but still in a league of their own un terms of complete and utter shittiness, it has emerged that the scum sucking scab lice of Rotherham Council’s controlling Labour group and the public servants they employed had deleted files in order to cover up their complicity in the blatant and systematic child abuse perpetrated under the noses of council officials.

Centralized power – the worst of all possible worlds
The centralization of power over the past few decades in nations of the developed world has led to the evolution of a sociopathic managerial class formed mainly from the old petite bourgoisie who have now gravitted to public sector careers where their delusions of social status and the unaccountability of office lead them to abuse such power as they have.

Kick Political Correctness Out Of Football
As another football versus politiocally correct authoritarianist brings ‘the beautiful game’ even further into disrepute, we wonder is it time to kick politically correct authoritarianism out of sport.

Intrusive Surveillance Technology, Internet control freaks and The Orwell-Huxley-Dick Dystiopianometer
Are privacy campaigners right to be worried about intrustive internet technology and the massive databases that log our behaviour and parse the data for patters that enable us to be targeted for advertising? Should we bee worried by surveillance or are those that raise doubts just scaremongering? The Orwell-huxley-Dick dystopianometer is rising.

So Who Is Anti – science? Those Who Question Climate Change Or Those Who Would Abolish Free Speech
It was looking as if the global warming scare was dead, then that Nazi shit Barack Obama, seeing his dream of being President Of The World slipping away, gave his science whores enough money to enable them to kick some life back into it. Now the “science” lobby, unable to put together an convinging argument against their challengers are demanding the abolition of free speech.

New World Order War On free Speech Comes To Britain – Guardian editor accused of treason
The right to free speech is under threat from intolerant, authoritarian elitists, call them The Illuminati, New World Order, Scientific Dictatorshgip, Global Elite, whatever. Their goal is absolute power and they know that while the right of free speech, the free press and free access to information exist they cannot succeed.

How academic debate is suppressed on science topics like Climate Change, GMOs, Pesticides and Toxicity of medicines
Intellectual intolerance and the supposed superiority of the scientific education have led not just to the politiciisation of science but to it’s being seduced by corporate money and political power. Science was ever fascism’s whore of course and the egos of scientists are easily bought. This has led to a very unhealthy emergence of dogmas and orthodoxies and an intolerance of the dissent that is essential if scientific research is to have any credibility.

Phobophobia – Fear Of Being called Phobic?
Homophobia is not fear of homosexuals but fear of thec same thing which does not make sense. Just as politically correct thinking uses the word bigot nonsensically so it’s accusations of phobia are irrational – as irrational as the groundless fear familiar to those who suffer the recognized medical conditions called phobias.

The Importance Of Free Speech And A Free Press
Politicians around the developed world including leaders of the two most powerful democracies, Barack Obama and David Cameron have been falling over themselves to join the attack on free speech. On subjects as diverse as climate…

Coronavirus: Pointing fingers -18 April 2020

Did Xi Jinping Deliberately Sicken The World?

Authored by Ben Lowsen via TheDiplomat.com,

PRC moral turpitude forces us to consider the unthinkable…

We often ascribe a basic level of humanity to even the cruelest leaders, but People’s Republic of China leader Xi Jinping’s actions have forced us to rethink this assumption. Although the emergence of the novel coronavirus now known as SARS-CoV-2 was probably not due to China’s actions, the emphasis that its authoritarian system places on hiding bad news likely gave the disease a sizable head start infecting the world. But most ominously, China’s obsession with image and Machtpolitik raises serious questions about its lack of moral limits.

At some point the Chinese Communist Party learned of the epidemic and made a decision to hide its existence, hoping it went away. Exposés in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post and the Chinese mainland’s Caixin show that the information that did flow out of China early in the crisis did so only because of the courage of individual Chinese people in the face of government repression. People in the Wuhan epicenter, however, began to get wise — and scared (here and here) — by the end of December 2019, forcing their government to say something. The authorities gave the impression of a nontransmissible disease already under containment. We know now this was entirely false, likely designed more to ease civil unrest than protect the people.

The mayor of Wuhan even suggested that the central government prevented him from revealing details about the epidemic until January 20.

Considering the first public announcements came out of Wuhan on January 1, we can assume that Xi had a sense of the danger prior to that … Continue reading >>>

UK Govt Spent £16m on Two Million Chinese-Made Coronavirus Tests that Didn’t Work

The British government reportedly spent £16 million on two million coronavirus home test kits from two separate Chinese companies, none of which work.

The New York Times claimed on Friday that a laboratory at Oxford University found that the tests, intended to be rolled out as home kits, were insufficiently accurate at detecting antibodies. The American newspaper alleged that half a million from one company are now in storage and the other 1.5 million from the second Chinese firm have also gone unused. The tests were manufactured by AllTest Biotech and Wondfo Biotech, both of which claim that their products met European Union (EU) standards.

Following complaints from the British government that the tests were useless, both Chinese companies attempted to blame British officials for misunderstanding how the tests worked, with Wanfo Biotech claiming that the test for only to be used supplementarily for patients who already knew that they had the virus.

A spokesman from the Department of Health and Social Care told the newspaper that the government had ordered the smallest batch the vendors would sell, and it would seek to recuperate taxpayers’ money for the faulty medical equipment.

It is unclear if these tests are the very same batch of millions of faulty Chinese-made tests that the British government admitted to having bought at the beginning of this month … Continue reading >>>


The Timeline Of WHO’s Cover-Up Exposed

by Peter Svab via The Epoch Times,

The World Health Organization (WHO) is facing a flurry of criticism for its response to the CCP virus pandemic, and much of the problem can be attributed to the growing influence the communist regime in China has on the organization.

Critics mainly point out that the WHO was too slow to recommend travel restrictions and some other preventive measures, and also that the agency accepted information from China at face value, despite numerous red flags.

While China experts were sounding alarms about a coverup, the WHO continued to praise China’s response and never warned the world that data coming from the regime was suspect.

WHO, an agency of the United Nations, has long been swayed by Beijing’s political preferences. Its current head, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is a former member of a Maoist group in Ethiopia.

As The Epoch Times previously documented, China has been increasing its power over U.N. institutions for years. Beijing’s clout has now gone so far, it undermines WHO’s basic functions, such as providing timely and accurate information about the world’s health situation.

Case in point: the CCP virus.

The CCP virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus, broke out in the central Chinese city of Wuhan around November 2019, before spreading across China and the world.

As of April 14, there are some 2 million confirmed cases of the virus, which causes the disease COVID-19. Almost 130,000 deaths have since been attributed to the disease worldwide.

The WHO has said that Chinese authorities first informed it about the outbreak on Dec. 31, 2019. While that would have been a golden opportunity to mitigate the spread of the virus worldwide, the WHO conveyed none of its information to the world that day.

It appears that only one country had its ear close enough to the ground at that point to respond meaningfully—Taiwan.

By Dec. 31, the island nation off the coast of mainland China had already started monitoring travelers coming on flights from Wuhan. Taiwan authorities also told the WHO that day that Taiwanese doctors had learned from their mainland counterparts that health care workers had been falling ill with the mysterious new virus … Continue reading >>>


Daily Stirrer March 2020
Daily Stirrer, February 2020
Daily Stirrer, January 2020

Coronavirus breakthrough by Chinese Scientists?

Hope rose of a vaccine for  COVID-19 becoming available in the near future when Scientists at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences found that monkeys infected with the coronavirus variant developed immunity to the disease after recovering from it.

Unfortunately the hopes were quicky dashed when it emerged that after complting their tests to researchers ate the four monkeys for lunch.

A young rhesus monkey wonders why that Chinese research scientist is wearing a chefs hat and sharpening a butcher’s cleaver (picture: change.org)


A deadly sickness is sweeping across Ethiopia – and no one knows how or why it came to be

For most of this month the news has been full of the coronavirus outbreak in China, and the possibility this will turn into a pandemic like the Spanish flu’ outbreak in 1919 which killed millions of people worldwide. First we need to allay freas spread by scaremongering propaganda aimed at diverting public scrutiny for several very unpleasant and undemocratic agendas currently being implemented by the ruling elites. We are talking about the cashless society, the mass migration policy and the suppression of free speech amongst other attacks on individual liberty. Spanish ‘flu, occuring as it did in the wake of World War One rampaged through European societies in which many people were poorly nourished, in which standards of food hygiene, public sanitation and healthcare, which a century ago were poor by modern standards anyway, were still recovering from a destructive war, and when people were much less well educated on how to deal with illness or take steps to avoid catching it.

Coronavirus is not likely to wipe out millions of people in the developed world, if people like you and I take sensible precautions, should we be unfortunate enough to develop the disease we are unlikely to experience effects worse than a heavy cold. It is in third world nations where the infection, aidfed by poor nutrition, overcrowded living arrangements, poor sewerage systems etc. is likely to wreak havoc. And coronavirus is not the only health threat the third world is currently facing.

A “mystery” disease is currently epidemic in rural communities across eastern Ethiopia’s Somali region. A report published in The Guardian reveals locals and officials believe that this deadly mystery disease may be linked to a nearby Chinese natural gas project. Though this claim has been repudiated by government officials in Addis Ababa they have also denied the existence of a health and environmental crisis, as well as issues with large-scale energy projects, in the region.

The natural gas extraction project in question is operated by Poly-GCL, a Chinese oil and gas company that has been investing heavily in East Africa for some time. The company has been involved in talks with Ethiopia and Djibouti government agencies to build a 767-kilometer (or 476-mile) gas pipeline that will run between the two countries. In the region of Ogaden Basin, the Chinese engineers have been prospecting for oil and gas since 2014 and are planning to start commercial production soon.

Something in the water?

For local community leader Khadar Abdi Abdullahi and many other people the disease can be traced back to hazardous chemical waste that has contaminated their water supply and is linked to the gas extraction project.

“It is the toxins that flow in the rainfall from Calub [gas field] that are responsible for this epidemic,” Khadar told The Guardian. He had been discharged from hospital shortly before the report was published, after collapsing from a fever. Before that, his eyes and his palms first turned yellow, he was bleeding from his nose and mouth, and he was swollen all over. By the time he was released, his doctors said there was nothing they can do for him.

Khadar died shortly after his release from hospital.

In a statement, Ketsela Tadesse of the federal ministry of mines and petroleum said that the government is unaware of any reports of spillages in the Ogaden Basin, adding that, in any case, there were “there are no permanent settlers” in nearby areas.

An adviser to the Somali regional government says otherwise. In the report, he said the region is now experiencing new diseases “that have never been seen before in this area.”

“Without any public health protection, it is very clear that Poly-GCL uses chemicals that are detrimental to human health,” he added, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Khadar wasn’t the first in his neighbourhood to succumb to the mystery disease. Other locals in the area have died from the same symptoms – swelling, fever, sleeplessness, yellowing eyes and palms, and lack of appetite. According to Xuseen Sheekh Siraad, the chairman of Dhoobaweyn district (where Ogaden Basin is located), there have been at least 2,000 similar deaths since 2014. At the time of writing the cause of the disease has not been identified.


Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”: Claim Stokes Fears Over Genetically Modified Bioweapon
The theory that China obtained the coronavirus via a Canadian research program, and started molding it into a bioweapon at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan before it somehow escaped could be an attempt by the establishment (the Davosocracy,) to spread fear and panic as they see resurgent nationalism across the developed world and growing scepticism about

Mother jailed for child cruelty after rejecting NHS care to seek treatment at foreign clinic for teenager’s hormone therapy

from: The Ledbury Reporter:
“A MOTHER took her daughter for medical tests for conditions she didn’t have and gave her medication that would not have been prescribed by doctors in the UK, a jury has been told. Health professionals, police and social services became involved after an article written by the girl’s mother was seen by her father, Worcester Crown Court heard.

NHS Money Wasting Machine And The One Budget That Is Never Cut
After the usual empty promises made at the annual conferences of the three main political parties – all three party leaders swore that only their party can save the National Heath Service (NHS) eternally a key isue in UK politics, we decided it was time our we too a close look at why NHS finances are always in a mess. We assigned the task to our team of old gits with a vast store of business experience behind them and no fears of suffering career damage as the Politically Correct Thought Police exact retribution for the crime of being ‘off message’.

Evil Labour Government Helped Private Companies Profit From NHS
If you live in Heywood and Middleton and were thinking of voting for the greedy, paedophile loving, elitists’ party, Labour because you have been taken in by the lies peddled at the Labour conference that the wicked Tories plan to privatize the NHS, think again.

UK Health Watchdog: Studies Show Mobile Phones Cause Brain Tumours
Over the past last two years, following publication of metastudies like World Health Organisation’s International Agency For Research On Cancer report on the effects of radio frequency electromagnetic waves, there is new evidence that mobile phones use can be dangerous to our health. A less technical summary of that is available from Cancer Research UK. Wireless phones, even those DECT systems you use with your landline so you can wander around with the handset, emit radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) when in use…

UK Health Watchdog: Studies Show Mobile Phones Cause Brain Tumours
Over the past last two years, following publication of metastudies like World Health Organisation’s International Agency For Research On Cancer report on the effects of radio frequency electromagnetic waves, there is new evidence that mobile phones use can be dangerous to our health. A less technical summary of that is available from Cancer Research UK. Wireless phones, even those DECT systems you use with your landline so you can wander around with the handset, emit radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) when in use…

India To Prosecute Bill Gates For His Vaccine Crimes
It’s about time someone prosecuted him, every version of Windows has been a crime against humanity. The man who made “Not fit for purpose” marketable quality, the man who made it possible for the NSA to spy on us all, has been protected for far to long by the US Government. Someyhing to do with his father having been a director of the CIA perhaps? …You may say that, I couldn’r possibly comment.

US Centre for Disease Control Opposes Blocking Air Travel from West Africa to Stop Ebola
Right of return and gender dimension more important than stopping spread of disease? Well that sounds about right for the admistration of The Rent Boy President. Always put acting in a politically correct way before common sense. How about this for a totally fickwitted attempt to deal with a crisis (or mayve a smart but totally evil way to create a crisis.

The science of saturated fat: A big fat surprise about nutrition?
After years of being told saturated fat is a killer and we should avoid it in favour of Big Food products that are the nearest modern chemistry can get to packaging arterial plaque, yet another scientific meta analysis shows the sat fat scare was based of fraudulent science and there is no evidence your steak is harming you.

Ebola and the Absent “Humanitarians”
When the FUKUS axis leaders, France, United Kingdom and the Unites States of America were calling for approval to intervene in Libya, Yemen, Syria and Ukraine, they justified their lust for war by claiming that bombing the crap out of those counties was necessary on humanitarian grounds. And the member of the FUKUS axis and their allies spent billions of $£€ on humanitarian bombs that wreaked hiumanitarian havoc among the innocent poor and middle class citizens of those nations. Now they have work out their ‘The Jihad Is Coming’ scare but have a new weapon Ebola …

Why Does The US Government Hold A Patent On The Ebola Virus? Just Askin’
The outbreak of Ebola fever in west Africa has been making headlines since January this year, but as usual we are only being told half the story by mainstream media. It took a lot of digging by myself and colleagues in the blogosphere to dig up this pile of dirt which suggests the “new strain” of Ebola faver that has killed far more people than previous outbreaks may have resulted from attempts to weaponise the virus. And guess which national government is allegedly responsible.

A Message For Nanny State
Nanny State is on the warpath, admonishing finger wagging furiously, lips compressed into a thin line, she is launching another determined effort to make sure we are all too scared to think for ourselves or make our own choices, Nanny is now warning, with the usual threats of early and painful death is we disobey, that we should …

Zika Virus Outbreak Centred On Area Where GM Mosquitos Were Released In 2015 – Why Are We Not Surprised
just as it was new media that broke the story of the Ebola / US Department of Defense link last year (Why does the DARPA bological Warfare Agency need a patent on the virus and why did The Pentagon and a US University have a research team in Africa working on genetically modifying the virus? – links below this article) so a link between american GM scientists and Zika has been exposed.

Docors, Scientists Greased by Big Pharma? Told You So.
The Physician Payments Sunshine Act, which was passed by the US Senate with the help of an extensive investigation led by Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), provisions that doctors who receive payoffs from drug or vaccine companies must disclose this when pushing new therapies or medical procedures from what would otherwise appear to be unbiased intentions. (It happens in Europe too, see links in article)

GM insects for disease control should be trialled in the UK, says House of Lords Committee

Man Sues Wife Over Ugly Baby

Back to China for this nutty story. In the week the Chinese Renminbi replaced the US$ as the reserve currency it seems the Chinese are getting ready to replace Americans at the world’s top nut jobs.

According to a Local 10 news report Jian Feng sued his wife over their ugly baby recently.

According to the lawsuit the “beautiful” couple could not have produced a child together, who is so ugly it “horrifies” the man.

Court documents state that when Feng’s wife gave birth to their baby girl, he was immediately startled by the child’s appearance. He referred to the infant as “an extremely ugly baby.”

Suspecting his wife had an affair — after all, they are both “beautiful” — he filed for divorce and demanded a paternity test. When the results proved was the father, the wife confessed to having cosmetic surgery in South Korea prior to getting married.

He was awarded $120,000 on the grounds that China’s one-child rule scuppers his chances of getting a good looking baby next time. Personally I can’t see what the guys problem is, the baby looks like all other babies to me.

See a video of the alleged ugly baby:


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New Two Flies Rule For Chinese Toilets

We know the Chinese government can be a bit weird and control freaky but this new law limiting the number of flies in a Chinese public toilet for men is bizarre even by their standards.

The first thing that came to my mind was what if the lads have been for a beer, had ten, and all want a wee. Are the authorities saying there should be an orderly queue. I know when me and my mastes were younger there would have been as rigby scrum. And several of us would have pressed the wall into service.

Now some might think that only allowing two flies in a toilet at once is a move aimed at stamping out cottaging but no, it turns out the Chinese government are talking about the winged, nasty kind of flies.

The new rules, set by the Beijing Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment, also include standards on odour, demands for the number of pieces of discarded rubbish – no more than two – and that discarded items should not be left for more than half an hour. Well in Boggart Blog’s humble opinion items discarded in a toilet should be flushed away immediatey but what do we know about Chinse customs and traditions. It might be a religious obligation for Chinese to return to the toilet to comtemplate their jobbies for several days.

It is not clear what penalties will be imposed on flies congegating in groups of three or more. Installing Venus fly trap plants or stinking corpse lilies or even a few domesticated lizards to eat them is a possibility as is installing movement sensors so that when more than two small, buzzing insecta are detected a cloud of insecticide is realease.

This will no doubt enrage the human rights for flies brigade, but sometimes we have to balance fairness with a commitment to hygiene.

Online critics of the move raised questions as to whether officials will visit lavatories to count flies or simply send in SWAT teams.

In February, a Chinese woman launched an “Occupy” movement – in the men’s lavatory – in protest at waiting times.

Fed up with long queues for ladies, Li Tingting led 20 women into a men’s public bathroom in the southern city of Guangzhou carrying colourful placards calling for equal waiting times for both sexes.

We hope the flies will not adopt a similar response.

When Baby’s First Word Is MOO!
Chinese Footballers For Merseyside
No flag, no country

Chinese Football For Merseyside

It looks as if the proposed takeover of Liverpool Football Club by an agency representing The Peoples’ Republic Of China is going ahead.

So next season we can expect to see Roy Hodgson hold up cards 4 & 16 to make a substitution and someone brining him a plate of spring rolls and chicked in cantonese sauce.

And the crowd will be singing “You’ll never wok alone.”

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Two flies rule for Chinese toilets

To Boldly Go Where No Man…

For reasons not worth mentioning I did not watch Wossy last Friday Night and so was unaware that Captain James T. Kirk of the Star Ship Enterprise had been one of the guests until I heard someone talking about him on Radio this morning.

“Did you see William Shatner on Wossy? How much cosmetic work has he had done?” The guest asked on the presenter. Good question, these days Captain Kirk looks as if he had had a frying pan implanted under hus facial skin.

Still it’s nice to know the old boy is still working, he’s an international treasure.

The mention of him trought to mind though the 107 year old Chinese woman who we featured a couple of weeks back because she is hoping to find a husband “before it is too late.”

Talk about “To boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Another chance to read Saving It Until She Is Married if you missed it last time.

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Gone To The Moon More on people who do not live on this planet.
Happy Cows Scientists seem to be on the verge of discovering the moon is made of cheese after all.

Saving It Until She’s Married?

News this week of a 107 year old Chinese woman who was afraid to marry when she was young but has now decided to look for her first husband. She hopes to find a fellow centenarian so they will have something to talk about.

Wang Guiyang is worried she is becoming a burden to her family since breaking her leg when she was 102 which prevented her from doing chores such as washing clothes.

“I’m already 107 and I still haven’t got married,” she said. “What will happen if I don’t hurry up and find a husband?”

And, as we know, the sexually repressed Chinese girls of the 1920s and 1930s did not shag around, what a lucky man he will be when he finds her. Who would think it possible these days to marry a woman over thirty and find she is still a virgin…

And while this lady has been saving it for a century over the pond in America couples are so desperate to zap up their sex lives they are seeking Sexual Salvation by inviting Jesus round for a threesome

To Boldly Go 107 year old virgins and wild adventures in cosmetic surgery, these are the voyages of The Star Ship Enterprise.

More humour every day from Boggart Blog