I Told You Google Were Evil

Dr. Evil’s even more evil twin, Dr. Google (source)

Google eavesdropping tool installed on computers without permission

I was always puzzled by they way Google became so dominant in the internet search market, OK Google would return a million results on your search and nerdy types are always impressed by big numbers but really, nerds aside, who would consider ‘most linked’, ‘most viewed’, ‘most recent’ and likely to earn most advertizing revenue as the best criteria foe grading the quality of content?

When however I learned beyond reasonable doubt last year that Google is really a subsidiary of the United States Department Of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) things made sense. Almost anything can be made to happen if you have unlimited money to throw at making it happen.

It also explains why Google (corporate motto – Don’t be evil) are the most evil corporate business on the planet (well, apart from Monsanto maybe, but they are the only serious contenders.

So how evil are Google? Have a read at this from The Guardian:

Privacy campaigners and open source developers are up in arms over the secret installing of Google software which is capable of listening in on conversations held in front of a computer.

First spotted by open source developers, the Chromium browser – the open source basis for Google’s Chrome – began remotely installing audio-snooping code that was capable of listening to users.

It was designed to support Chrome’s new “OK, Google” hotword detection – which makes the computer respond when you talk to it – but was installed, and, some users have claimed, it is activated on computers without their permission.

“Without consent, Google’s code had downloaded a black box of code that – according to itself – had turned on the microphone and was actively listening to your room,” said Rick Falkvinge, the Pirate party founder, in a blog post. “Which means that your computer had been stealth configured to send what was being said in your room to somebody else, to a private company in another country, without your consent or knowledge, an audio transmission triggered by … an unknown and unverifiable set of conditions.”
Google to exclude ‘revenge porn’ from internet searches
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The spyware feature is installed by default as part of Google’s Chrome browser. But open source advocates are up in arms about it also being installed with the open source variant Chromium, because the listening code is considered to be “black box”, not part of the open source audit process.

“We don’t know and can’t know what this black box does,” said Falkvinge.


More Technological Fascism From Microsoft And Google

A heartfelt rant against Microsoft and Technological Fascism in general posted on From The Trenches spoke for many people I think …

Here’s an extract:

Microsoft Forcing People To Accept Windows 8 and NSA’s Prism Technology

Recently, I have been shopping for a new computer and have been looking for any computer that does not have Windows 8, as I am an American and I FREELY CHOOSE to NOT want that operating system on my computer. I am fully aware of all of the bugs in the new operating system, including the fact that Microsoft has a default setting in their system that allows the NSA to go in, view and copy any information on your computer to be used against you WITHOUT your explicit authorization and going against any or all privacy laws.

Microsoft’s basically uses the pathetic excuse, “Well, we already had the default setting checked in order to prevent us from giving any information to the government before and no one knew about it in our earlier operating systems, so we are just going to leave that default unchecked and the user can have the option to check it if they want.”

Are you kidding me? This is an invasion of privacy, is unethical and goes against every law in the book! There shouldn’t even be anything to allow anyone into your computer unless you specifically say so!

So knowing this, I refuse to get Windows 8 and decided to go shopping for a simple $400 laptop that has Windows 7 on it (knowing that Windows XP is phased out and Vista is a mess).

As I went to Frys, Best Buy and even a local computer store, I have gotten plenty of information from salesmen who mostly give me a look that they know what is going on, while others pretend to not know and then say there are other reasons why they don’t allow anything but Windows 8 to be sold anymore in stores.

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And here’s my reply

Microsoft is not the only technology company to go to war against customers freedom and consumer rights. A few days ago Google Chrome landed on my desktop, I don’t know how it got there, I did not request it and none of the sites I had visited warned be that it was about to be installed. Now my view of Google (Don’t be evil, that’s our job) places them somewhere between syphilis and The Plague, I don’t want anything from that company on my PC, I search with BING or Duck Duck Go (a decent search tool despite its silly name), I don’t use Google Maps or Google earth, I try to avoid any Google product.
So when Chrome started making threatening noises about my not having installed it as my default search engine I uninstalled. And in the process uninstalled a lot of browser stuff I did not want to uninstall including my ftp capability.
OK, I have a spare computer so I’m not seriously inconvenienced but who the hell do these people think they are. And can we raise class actions against technology firms that refuse to understand the implications of “I bought it with my money and it is mine, nobody else’s” (or as a T Shirt I once had proclaimed, ” If I want mayonnaise I’ll ask for effing mayonnaise.”) We want source disks, printed manuals and an operating system that does not require daily patches to keep it running.

If you don’t fancy switching to Linux or have too much legacy stuff why not get hold of a second hand copy of XP and buy a raw system to load it on, XP having become just about fit for purpose by the time they announced phasing it out. Or get some nerd with principles to copy the windows source files from your old PC.


Come on everyone, it’s time we stopped taking this crap from nerds, remember the only reason these guys like Page and Brin, Gates, Jobs etc. are so good at frigging around with computers (and none of the little script kiddies can actually write proper programs, like wot I can) is they are sad, dysfuctional, semi – autistic little Billy – No – Mates who have no lives and thus spend all their time playing around with scripts that make modern, bloated operating systems do things televisions, hi fis, camcorders etc. have done far better for decades. And the creepy little shits have the nerve to call this progress.

And if any smug little webhead is thinking of replying “Well I don’t care if the government can take over my computer, I have nothing to hide,” I have only one thing to say to you.

“Get a life you pitiable wretch.”

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