A Rant Against Renewed Climate Change Scaremongering

If I have to hear one more emotive plea from Pippi Longstocking lookalike Greta Thunberg about how my lifestyle is destroying the planet, or watch one more ugly, unwashed Extintion Rebellion crusty talking about how we the people must make sacrifices (so the elites can continue to fly around the world by private jet,) I’m going to fill Leonardo di Caprio’s trousers with cold porridge and make him wear them all day. I don’t believe CO2 will destroy the planet by the end of next week, you probably don’t either but opinion makers do, because it suits their material interests to persuade our social classes to volunteer for genocide, and that view is backed by political propaganda and mainstream media.

Look at the paens of praise that go up in response to news that China is building more wind turbines than any other nation. The news is presented as if China has ‘seen the light’ and committed in full to Kyoto, Copenhagen, Paris and all the other meaningless accords and agreements.

If fact China has seen a light, but a very different light to the one the west is looking at, they see a civilisation prepared to destroy itself for the mythical goal of ‘saving the planet,’ a planet that is perfectly capable of saving itself BTW, whether our descendants are around to enjoy it or not. And the Chinese see an opportunity to take advantage of our collective wallowing in guilt and end the dominance of the western nations. Russia is playing the same game, and our political elites, for the sake of creating a politically correct monoculture, are helping them.

The Green blob are wrong to blame us, we are not hypocrites but too many of us are prepared to believe what we are told, that consumption is good, that our lives will be enhanced if we have the latest iPhone (how many new versions have been launched in that brand’s short life,) that a new computer running Windows 10 will do all our thinking for us when in fact Windows XP wil do everything 90% of users want, and the power users will probably not be working on Microsoft’s clunky products. but people will probably have bought 3 new computers since XP was launched.

We are all being pushed towards electric cars “to save the planet” to the extent that not long ago the idiot Macron was being quoted as saying France will ban fossil fuel vehicles by 2040, a totally unrealistic target and unnecessary as research has shown over the whole life of a car from obtaining materials to scrapping and recycling, EVs have an only slightly smaller carbon footprint and manufacturing processes, particularly of the battery packs, dumps some very unpleasant chemicals in the environment in exchange for that small saving of harmless CO2. But there are an estimated 1.4 billion fossil fuelled cars in the world, and sales are falling not because large numbers of drivers are switching to EVs, (they’re too expensive and are inefficient, totally useless in a hilly area it seems,) but because people have rejected the planned obsolescence business model and are keeping their cars much longer. So the auto corporations and the tech corporations see future profits coming from scrapping those 1.4 billion conventional cars and replacing them with EVs.

If you want to blame someone for the state of the environment, blame the politicians, corporate businesses and the ‘scientists’ who have made all these polluting industries possible. And blame the organisations in government, business and advertising for promoting the lifestyles of the consumption led economy. But don’t blame the people for behaving in ways the propaganda has manipulated them to behave.

And get your yellow vest on (the protest movement is now entering its second year, get out and join the pushback. We can stop the global elites.

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A God Walks Amongst Us And He Is Called The Stig

It’s funny how profound insights can be gained from seemingly flippant remarks.

Last week co-author Fatsally, commenting on the hysterical bigging up of every banal utterance of The Obamessiah , questioned Barry’s claim to divinity by pointing out that while he is President – elect he’s not The Stig is he?

The high priests of The Top Gear Church of the Petrolheads sect that worships The Stig, the Lords Clarkson, Hammond and May would surely agree and might point out that even Caligula had the decency to wait until after his coronation as Emperor of Rome and Pontifex Maxiumus (that’s Latin for Commander – in – Chief BTW) of the Sol Invicta cult. before declaring himself a God.

In the thread that followed our friends Ri Thompson pointed out that nobody knows what The Stig looks like as he never takes off his helmet.

A couple of days after Ros mentioned that I was looking through a folder of paintings and source material by our newest recruit Cleo Hart (arts, piste, celebrity correspondent who will be blogging from the Alps for us) and among the source material came across a Mesolithic cave painting showing humans apparently worshipping an alien as a god.

The humanoid alien stood in front of a large phallic object, clearly his spacecraft or UFO, wearing a white overall with a dome shaped helmet. a visor covers the facial features.


When that cave painting was done, around 15,000 years ago, Stig was probably visiting earth to sow the seeds of civilisation.



Now he is back amongst us, but why?

To wrap up a failed experiment perhaps?

Stoneage UFO sightings at ancient_aliens.com

Today’s Blog roundup:
Not had a roundup for a while, we haven’t been getting around much. Today though we found a few items with interesting and amusing threads.

Are there just too many people asks johann hari at Huffington post. When Little Nicky Machiavelli tackled the problem of overpopulation he was accused of being a eugenicist by someone who opened up with I’m a scientist. This only proves that some scientists are barely literate.
(Boggart Blog comment, permalink)

Free to believe Andrew Brown revels in the rout of the militant atheists in The Guardian’s Comment Is Free blog. Now it is possible once more to have a sensible thread on matters of religion, faith and the mystical side of human experience.

A sixth sense Science minister Lord Drayson claimed in an interview he has a sixth sense. This is great news, all politicians need a sixth sense… a sense of humour.