Guest Post:I called for diversity of thought. My peers compared me to a neo-Nazi.

As I took part in a recent student leadership board meeting for the Department of Political Science at Boston University, a group that works to advise faculty on ways to improve, I offered some advice: the department could use more intellectual diversity.

I suggested more debates in the classroom, as opposed to what I had witnessed in my three years at the school, that being an assumption during class that everyone agrees.

I broached my idea after I had sat and respectfully listened to the ideas of others for an hour, but my peers, and a professor and an administrator in the room, were not about to return the favor.

One student chided me that “debate” was too aggressive of a word, that I should use “discussion” instead. Another student, a College Democrat in the room, then compared me to a well-known peer from Boston University who is often regarded as a neo-Nazi and who went to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, noting “he has sat here in these seats asking for intellectual diversity as well.”

I felt shocked and insulted. I waited to see if either the professor or administrator or any of the other students in the room would defend me. None did. One student suggested conservatives shouldn’t major in political science at Boston University, as they’d have a hard time. The room erupted in laughter.

I wish I could say I was surprised. But after years of experiencing liberal bias, both at Boston University as well as Lehigh University, where I attended before I transferred, it felt like just another day on campus.

To that end, there are plenty of anecdotes I could supply. Here are just a few.

As a freshman, or as the administration likes to say to avoid being sexist— as a “first-year”— I was required to take an English class. My instructor was a teaching assistant, but insisted we call her professor. The morning after President Trump won, she dismissed class early because she could not stop crying. Later that day, she sent out an email giving us information about a designated “safe space” on campus to commiserate the election results. Nevermind that my university has an entire police department to protect it.

During a course I took on political theory, my professor dedicated the entire chapter on fascism to President Trump. He constantly referred to Trump as a fascist, and brought up the Mueller investigation during each class session.

In my statistics class, my professor made an entire exam question that necessitated a final conclusion that Fox News is not a reliable news source. The chi-square test is a statistic that measures the “goodness of fit” between how well an observed distribution fits with the expected distribution. We were given the average amount of gun deaths that occur per year in the United States and the average amount of terrorist attacks that are perpetrated toward Americans per year. We were also given the amount of times CNN, MSNBC, ABC and Fox News reported on each of these issues, and the idea is that one would expect the news organizations to report on the respective issues a proportional amount. When one worked out the math, Fox News’ reporting ended up having the worst goodness of fit, and we had to write that meant they were the least reliable and most unbalanced.

In other courses, I’ve been forced to include my “pronouns” in my introductions at the beginning of the term. After revealing I’m Catholic, I’ve been asked if my priests ever “microaggressed” me. I’ve been told by a climate-alarmist professor that I would face consequences if I ever brought single-use plastic into his classroom.

Were these experiences kind of annoying because I just want to get my degree and not feel like I was sitting in on my professors’ therapy sessions? Yes. Do I feel oppressed? Not even close.

These experiences have given me a beautiful thing — they’ve helped ground me in my conservative beliefs. I’ve always had these values in me, but never cared to dig into them until they felt endangered.

The more my professors and peers mocked, challenged and disputed conservatism, the more time I spent studying and learning the counterarguments against their arguments. I watched videos, read books, listened to podcasts to hear another perspective, and even helped start a Young Americans for Freedom chapter.

Because of my experiences on campus, I have become the proud conservatarian I am today. To my professors and peers, I am certain this was not what you had intended, but thank you anyway.

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The Hate The Bourgois Left Find Acceptable

You’ve heard them screaming often enough, the left wing bourgeoisie, jumping on every ism and phobia bandwagon that passes, accusing everybody who strays even slightly from the Politically Correct straight and narrow. UKIP are racist, people who read Nuts or Loaded are sexist, anyone who thinks same sex marriage is a joke is homophobic, anyone who says we don’t need sharia law in the UK is Islamophobic.

Strangely there is one prejudice and it is a real, deep-seated hatred rooted in fear, that these people find perfectly acceptable. It is the hatred the left wing bourgeoisie, for all their blether about fairness and equality, direct at the real working class.

Hatred that leads to this irrational attack on high street pie shop Gregg’s. This graphic, which originated on the Uncyclopedia website, appeared on Google search results for Gregg’s after a hacker attack.

Greggs – supplying shit to scum for 70 years the photoshopped logo reads

I don’t know why Gregg’s in particular attract such hatred from the pretentious left, but I’ve noticed quite a few of the current generation of painfully unfunny posh boy comedians categorizing Gregg’s customers as ignorant, drunken, knuckle dragging neanderthals. Which obviously makes it OK to deride what these nasty little bigots see (incorrectly) as a shop that caters to the hated working class.

Why? Nothing wrong with Gregg’s stuff – their sandwiches are better than stuff from the trendy Subway chain, their coffee does not taste much like coffee but it tastes better than Starbucks dish water and their sausage rolls may be filled with lips and arseholes but as my brother will tell you, on a cold day on Whitehaven Market a Gregg’s patsy just what you need (I’ve enjoyed them too but not in such extreme circumstances).

I suppose the people who think Greggs have built their success on supplying shit to scum would have us all eating vegetable samosas that taste as if they are made from ground up rat turds bought from the Waitrose deli counter.

One again we see that the people who scream and shout about ‘diversity’ don’t know what the word means.

The middle class twatocracy whose twitterings dominate social media, seem to think that while the favoured ethnic, sexual and religious minorities are beyond criticisms or satire, but having find some outlet for their natural anger and resentment somewhere, targets the working class in general and Greggs in particular. Yes, the Labour voting luvvies think, let’s have a good snort at Greggs, with its customers in high-vis vests, its steak bakes and unsophisticated chocolate eclairs. Greggs is seen as being fair game because it’s old-fashioned and blue collar: the very antithesis of organic, hand-reared, home-style, pretentiously labelled, overpriced food.

Makes you realise what nasty, illiberal bigots these lefties are.


The Genocide Of Ideas
Interviewed on UK Television the director and former Monty Python Flying Circus member Terry Gilliam said he did not like anything among the recent output from Hollywood. “I don’t know what they are about,” he complained, “there is a car chase, a few fights, a threat to civilisation and the hero saves the world.” Continuing to critique the formulaic Hollywood blockbuster genre Gilliam said films, books and plays ought to be about ideas.

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Oxbridge bias equals unfunny comedy says Bob Mortimer

Good to see Bob Mortimer of Reeves and Mortimer fame sticking the boot in the elitist lefties who run the media.

Speaking to The Times, the co presenter of Shooting Stars and partner of Vic Reeves said, “I sometimes wonder, with the Oxbridge comics, the broadcasters seem to say, at some point, now I trust you to do a documentary, you can be the voice for a maths show, or whatever. I don’t think we’re ever considered in that way.
“You meet them and some are funny, some of them not so funny. I find it hard to believe that they are […] the funniest people on Earth.”

He’s right, some are funny and other are Marcus Brigstock, an upper middle class twat whose idea of funny is to stand on stage and talk about how screwed up, neurotic and pathetically uninteresting upper middle class twats are. Does he think we don’t have eyes or ears of our own with which to discern these things? And don’t get me started on Lee and fucking Herring.

A big part of the problem is the modern education system. Everybody, no matter what their social background is to go to university and be indoctrinated with middle class, politically correct values. People who have not followed that route do not get a look in. And unfortunately the middle class are not funny, middle class people do angst and embarrassment, working class people do mockery, irony, litotes (even if they don’t know how to spell it), and ridicule, all based on sharp observation and native intelligence and all rooted in personal experience even if it not their own personal experience.

Want to learn to do comedy? Work on the factory floor for a while. With that experience under your belt and the lesson Mel Brooks delivered to those who try to impose politically correct boundaries on comedy, “You can’t do comedy without bad taste,” you are far better equipped to make people laugh than any molycoddled Oxbridge graduate. Delivering a sociology lecture is not going to play well to an audience in the Byker and Gallowgate Welders and Riveters Club.

It is universities that are killing entertainment just as they are killing music, film, theatre and literature. These things thrive on diversity you see and universities, in the way they promote a monoculture, are the graveyard of diversity. Oh they might make a big deal of having quotas for people with different coloured skin, different gentials, different sexual preferences and different silly hats but these people will all end up with the same accent and attitudes.

What I fear most is that if we let these fascists continue unchecked we will have imposed on us a society that has no room for eccentricity, individualism, for people whose careers and material ambitions take a back seat to grand passions for growing begonias, playing tuba in the local brass band or studying the life cycle of the two toed toad.

A big problem is that mainstream society accepts to readily what is imposed on us. The reason we are no longer likely to meet a man who spent his entire working life as a centre lathe turner but in his own time and of his own volition has become and expert on the works of John Milton.

The attempts of such a person to join the academic debate would be scoffed at now, not because of amateurish ineptitude but simply because such a person would not possess a bit of paper issued by a university to certify he had kised enough academic arses to qualify him as intelligent and so guarantee admission to the club. It’s a closed shop just as the aristocracy was a closed shop before The Black Death and various wars killed off enough of the fuckers to make room for new blood.

Most Television comedy or drama is made by organisations managed and staffed by middle class, university educated types, whether it is BBC in house productions or independent producers, and like the rest of the media, government and the professions, it is dominated by a certain element of British society almost totally drawn from upper middle class arts graduates. To these people, the hand wringers and bleeding hearts, bleaters about civil rights and equality, the working class masses are the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, absolute lowest of the low, even more despicable than the hated Tory toffs (Left wing intellectuallls have always despised the masses.)

And that sadly is the joke the posh boy and girl comedians will never get.

BTW your Boggart Bloggers are bohemians and two of us are old enough to remember what ‘liberal’ really means. We defy you to put us into any narrow class culture.

A Rant About Self Righteous Labour Luvvies

Today Tim Stanley wrote in the Daily Telegraph:

Bijan Ebrahimi’s murder had nothing to do with class. We are all capable of horror and of tolerating it

On July 14 this year, two men dragged the unconscious Bijan Ebrahimi onto his front garden, doused him in white spirit and set him on fire. They suspected the quiet Iranian immigrant of being a paedophile and had decided to “take the law into their own hands”. The incredible thing is that they were surrounded by a silent jury: local residents watched from their windows and did nothing. It’s a tale of horror to rival the Bulger killing or the patio graveyard of Fred and Rose West.

What does it tell us about anything? Dan Hodges (the Telegraph’s politically correct, blairite, Labour supporting token leftie – Boggart Blog) has written a powerful piece arguing that it undermines the Left’s narrative of working-class life as an “oasis” of solidarity. On the contrary, it exposes the “the other side of working-class Britain. The intolerance. The suspicion of distinctiveness. The naked hatred of anything, and anyone, that dares not conform.”
Read full article

After forty years of watching Labour drift from being “the people’s party” to now being the “millionaire, academic and elitist party” why are you surprised that a Blairite fool like Hodges does not understand the working class.
I’ve employed a fair few working class people over the years, they are a very mixed bunch, far from the stereotypes Labour elitists like Hodges would like to apply to them. What they do have in common however is a strong feeling of having been totally abandoned by government and the political parties, of their concerns being ridiculed and derided and of their social class being as despised by these new elitists as the old peasant classes were by the gentry.

It is because the left is now the new elite and Labour are their party that the working class vote has become more volatile and the atmosphere across the nation is so angry.

And when our police are such wusses they have an emotional crisis if someone calls them plebs, is it any wonder that vigilante law, with all the prejudices and injustices that contains, is becoming the law of the streets.

It is not that Bijan Ebrahimi to whom Stanley refers, a totally innocent man from what I read of the case, was suspected by the mob that led to this horrible crime, it is that the people who carried out the attack and those who stood by and did not intervene, suspected the authorities, from the local police to the highest in the land would do nothing; that the man would be protected by his race, just as Jimmy Savile was protected for decades by his celebrity status and the fact that he did a lot for charidee (which he never talked about but made sure others did) as well as the tendency of all elites to close ranks and protect their own.

It was widely rumoured from the 1960s onwards that Savile was a paedophile, everybody in the north west knew from the 1970s that Stuart hall was a paedo too (though as least hall was a good broadcaster). The media luvvies and lefties in broadcasting and the press, for whatever reasons, saw fit to cover it all up.

The victims were not part of the elite so they did not matter, their lives and feelings were worthless.

And that is why the working class have turned against labour (although they will still vote for the party because the guilt tripped posh boys and girls will keep the benefits flowing). Prof. Tim Stanley knows absolutely nothing, Dan Hodges MA knows even less.

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News From The Girls School

A rather unsurprising admission from The Department of Education, Science and Silly Walks informs us that in the secondary school phase of education, which children embark on around the same time as they sprout hairs in funny places and drown in unfamiliar hormones, girls do better in single sex schools. It has been known for many years that at this point in their academic lives girls forge ahead of boys in terms of achievement but it now turns out that relieved of the stress of fighting off spotty little chavs who are only interested in getting inside their knickers girls do even better.

One of the first triumphs of Politically Correct Fascism was the almost total abolition of single gender education in the state sector. It was bad for children to be segregated by gender, reinforced sexist attitudes and condemned women to spend their lives barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen claimed the strident feminists as if co-education was wisdom handed down from the high towers of academia carved on tablets of LSD. Sharing classrooms with girls would help boys overcome their macho, testosterone fuelled tendencies and get in touch with their feminine side. Girls were not allowed to skip metalwork classes while boys were forced to study cooking and sewing. The male allies of the combat suit clad feminists in advancing this agenda were pasty – faced, matchstick thin academics who had formulated their theories, tested them and knew beyond doubt such an approach would work. Education must be approached scientifically if pupils full potential was to be achieved.

The co-educational approach has not worked.

Far from flourishing in the non – sexist, non – racist egalitarian atmosphere of co-ed schools the kids took over. Adolescent boys, already distracted by obsessing about the size of their willies, trying to delude themselves and their mates that the crop of dark specks on their chin were whiskers and not blackheads and hoping mum did not discover their pyjama pants had developed the ability to stand up unaided, were suddenly confronted by the most delightful, fascinating, frightening thing in the world. Girls.

Adolescence is a desperate stage in human development, no less so perhaps for girls than boys but I can only speak from personal experience. Every fourteen year old boy thinks every other boy in his class except the obligatory nerd is cooler than himself. So all the boys try very hard to be cool and only succeed in being even bigger dorks than they imagine themselves to be. At that age boys are also fearful that they are freaks because they have more / less body hair, bigger / smaller nipples or more and much more toxic zits that anyone else. And if they squeeze the zits the wound will fester and flies will lay eggs in it and the maggots will eat their brains and if they don’t squeeze the pustules their head will become a giant carbuncle and if they masturbate they will go blind / stammer / get zits / drain the fluid from their spinal cord and lose the use of their legs. They also worry about their trainers not being as good as anyone else’s, whether they will be ostracised if their mates find out mum only buys Rola Cola instead of The Real Thing and whether they might be gay because a guy in a pink shirt smiled at them.

On top of all this, plus the constant stress of trying to avoid Pignose Dimmock the school bully, in a mixed school they have to worry about keeping their end up (oops, pardon) in front of the girls. The average fourteen year old has no idea how to go about getting inside a girls knickers and even less idea about what to do if he does get there. That aside, the boys secretly find the idea of “doing it” as frightening as it is desirable. Everybody knows at that age vaginas have teeth and a game of hide the sausage with the class slut could be the nightmare that ends his dreams.

For girls the process is no easier. Diverted from the girlish business of excelling in class and dreaming up fiendishly cruel, non – physical ways of humiliating each other by the constant attention of strutting, posing little boys with permarections and by pretending they are having love affairs with thirty – five year old billionaires and are thus too sophisticated to ever bother with the spotty little oiks who are constantly trying to help with their cookery classes by putting a bun in the oven for them, the girls fail academically, get pregnant, end up as single parents trying to bring up three or four kids, all different colours in a near derelict house with mildew coloured walls on a forlorn sing estate where the “green spaces” have more dog turds than blades of grass.

Of course girls do worse in mixed sex schools as do boys. The only people who benefit from politically correct education policies are the ever expanding army of bureaucrats who administer it all.

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Social mobility is on the move.

The Cabinet Office strategy which is something to do with Gordon Brown and his government has released a report showing that people are socially mobile again after decades of stagnation.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s despite the explosion in home ownership and material prosperity young people tended to “stay on the same rung of the social class ladder as their parents.”

Now, the report goes on to say, we are seeing movement between social classes indicating that social mobility has returned to British society.

Could it, we wonder, be anything to do with people having their houses repossessed and joining traveller communities?

It is harder now to identify somebody’s social class. Income is no indicator and changes in education and community structures have cause traditional class indicators to blur. Other measures, pronunciation, grammar, corrrect punctuation in written communication have all become meaningless. So what defines our class?


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If You Don’t Think The Turner Prize Is Shite You’re Talking Bollocks

Amid claims that class distinctions are what define British Society, an intriguing theory was put forward at the weekend. In view of the fact most of us are not in the class we think we are because we have no idea what makes anybody working class or middle class anymore, one writer thought our individual opinion of The Turner Prize contenders would reveal our true class.
If we think the shortlisted entries are witty, ironic and thought provoking, the theory goes, then we are middle class. If on the other hand we think the entries are shite (literally sometimes) we are working class.
This does not work for me and Daily Mail Readers will be up in arms. But if we leave the gutter press out of it and look through a critic’s eye at two leading entries, it becomes clear that though the theory might be onto something, its conclusions must be re-evaluated.

Two of the top contenders this year are a 150 minute video of a man walking around a big, empty room while dressed in a dodgy bear suit and another big empty room with a plank on the floor.

Now the bloke in the bear suit could be a witty and ironic post-modern statement about how modern man, detached by the social structures of the post-industrial world and divorced from the shamanic origins of his spirituality feels alone and alien in a life he no longer has control over.

Or it could simply state that the fancy dress hire shop had run out of pirate, Superman and gorilla suits.

A third, even more ironically radical possibility is that the installation reminds us the linear nature of time is a human delusion, the bear has entered 2007 through a timewarp and is looking for a can of Hofmeister.

The plank is even more fascinating, its title, threshold suggests we may see it as a boundary we cross at our peril, a threshold we must cross in order to achieve a higher state of being or as the symbolic doorstep we trip over as we look around the installation for some nice impressionist landscapes.

These works then show us that the discerning eye sees modern art not as painting and sculpture, works which use line, texture and form interacting with light to communicate ideas, but as ideas themselves. It is not the bear suit or the plank that express the idea but the artist’s ability to talk bollocks about it in order to get money.

So the case is resolved. Our attitude to The Turner Prize does indicate our class status, if you think this stuff is shite then you are clearly middle class but if you appreciate the art of talking bollocks to get money then you are working class. Talking bollocks to get money is a skill the working class perfected twenty years ago, after Thatcher’s government abolished proper jobs.

Flushing Social Staus Down The Toilet

Little Katie Middleton is not good enough to become part of a family descended from impoverished German immigrants it seems, even though after eight generations some of the people have still not properly mastered the vowel Or vile should we say?) sounds of the English language. (NB its mastered not marstered OK you monarchy fans.) Apparently her unacceptability is due to the fact that her mother says “toilet” which makes the family too common to mix with the Royals.
The upper middle class, of which the Royal family is part (let’s not insult the proper toffs who in my experience are foul mouthed, drunken, libidnious degenerates, its the middle classes who have the hang ups.) never use the toilet because it is common. There delicate sensibilities insist that they only use lavatories which is tough if you need a dump becausde the lav. is very specifically for washing.
Similarly upper middled class bottoms cannot sit on a settee or couch, only a sofa will do for them. Well I suppose when your farts smell of Yardley’s English Lavender your arse is entitled to be picky.
Woe betide one also if when visited by a member of the middle class one has tomatoes in the fridge. Tomatoes are so common people of the haughtiest particularity will not give them houseroom. This is not an issue for the working class who al;ways buy tomarters of course, nor does it bother the toffs who don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of them and will fill their fridge with anything they choose.
Not that you could be ostracised by the gorf (not golf, that is for common people) club committe for serving tomatoes with a meal. The middle classes would never accept your invitation to a meal, meals are common.
No wonder Posh Spice is anorexic, better to lose muscle tissue than to lose face.
The Middle Classes have to create all these stupid social conventions of course because they have no style. It is impossible to have style while living in terminal fear on embarrassment.
Embarrassment is what the middle classes fear most so they take refuge in being seen to do the correct thing. Which is always very different from doing the right thing.

You’re well out of it Katie girl, all that was waitijng for you down that road was the life of a brood mare and and ending in a Paris underpass.
Go out now and get a life.

You Shall Know Them By Their “Ears”.

It was only a matter of time before The boy-boobs David Cameron let slip the “man of the people” mask and revealed his true self, posh boy, Tory boy, Old Etonian. The Tory leader has been stomping around proclaiming his egalitarian and multiculturalist credentials in the shires but in a speech last week he exposed himself to criticism from the cultural minorities. And as a result he was accused of holding the faiths and cultures of minorities in contempt.
We have to be fair to The Boy-boobs Dave here though. After all he comes from a class that is genetically predisposed to hold everything in contempt. So as Boggart Blog is committed to true democracy let us explain how you can recognise Cameron’s class and thus avoid judging them too harshly.
You Shall Know Them By Their Ears.
To us down to earth folk ears are just the funny squiggly things on the side of the head but to Cameron’s class “ears” is a way of giving an affirmative answer while indicating that having to speak to the person one is answering arouses in one an emotion akin to the disgust and loathing felt at discovering dogshit on one’s shoe. e.g.:
“Mr Cameron, do you think the Conservatives will win the next election?”
“……Ears, of cworse we will.”
You see what I mean?
Another way to spot the upper crust is by the way they stick a “ph” in front of the “w” sound, as is “phwhat, phwhy, phwhere and phwhen”, e.g. “phwhy am Ay being arsked such stupid questions?”
You see phwhat I mean?
The other major tell is the “y” sound. The Upper Crust really have problems with this one, generations of inbreeding have caused their vocal cords to mutate causing lots of problems with vowels or “viles.” Thus they have to resort to replacing “y” with “argh”, “o” with “wah” and “u” with anything that comes to hand, e.g.:
“Ay reallargh, high awbsaylewteleargh spiffing.”
We should really differentiate between omicron (little o) and omega (big O) though. Big O, like I can be pronounced as “ay” while little o is usually left unmolested. If you were to say to an upper-crustie “we were just about to have some toast, whould you care to join us?” they might reply, “Ay reallyargh, tayste, phwhat an awbsaylewtelargh splendid ideargh. Ears, Ay’d lahve tay jayne yew.”
You se what I mean?
Composite vowels or viles do not escape ritual mangling either, the upper crust are as enthusiastic about murdering vowels as murdering small furry animals. We have all seen Boy boobs Cameron “wriding his bwaysaykwel arind Lawndon, trizers tucked in his swarcks as he makes his way to the Hice of Cwommons.
By now I’m sure some people are bristling with iterage as they grumble “whom does this northern oik think he is, mwocking his betters in such a wude manner simpleargh becwause they knay hay tay speak properlargh.
But posh people do not speak properly, their is an accent just as Cockney, West Country, Brummie and Geordie. Worse, it is an affected accent, having not evolved from Middle English but been developed by sycophantic courtiers in the time of King George II who could hardly speak the language of the nation he ruled. Sycophantic courtiers could hardly be seen to correct their King by pronouncing his mangled vowels correctly so they began to imitate him.
Reallargh, that is phwhat they did.
Alert minds amongst you will have noticed that above I misused “whom.” This was a lead in to a lower stratum of irritatingly posh people, those who say “whom “ when they mean “who” and I or “Ay” when they mean “me.” They also use an aspirated a, “ah” when a short “a” is called for. Thus they think their middle clahss status is demonstrated. These are classic (not clahssic) mistakes.
Those are the “would like to be posh but are a bit insecure about their status” stratum of society. We shall look at their speech patterns another time.
We have come a long way from Cameron’s ears, but the message should be clear. Do not be fooled by the contempt of the posh and wannabee posh. It is they who are to be pitied, not us.

Boggart Blog Comes Over Oscar Wilde.

You may have noticed that Boggart Blog has literary pretensions, well today a couple of stories have prompted us to come over Oscar Wilde. Not in a colloquial sense of course, even the French would be a bit pissed off by such exhibitionist behaviour in Pere-Lachaise.
No, we have suddenly developed a penchant for the epigrams and bon – mots of Wilde.

Firstly, a letter in the local paper (from my wife’s old English teacher as it happens) complained about the celebrity culture promoted by TV shows like Big Brother. “Money cannot buy class,” she wrote, “and while young people are encouraged to look up to the ignorant, uneducated, foul – mouthed quasi – celebrities paraded is such shows society will continue to sink into the gutter.”
I agree with her point, but as Oscar might have said, “We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars – while the rest are fawning on Z list celebrities.
And in the same vein we cannot let the latest Home Office fiasco pass without comment so: “To lose one sex offender is unfortunate, to lose three hundred and twenty two looks like carelessness.”