Big Trouble Looms For Merkel As German Government Coalition Talks Collapse In Chaos

Following September’s inconclusive election in Germany, the government has been paralyzed as Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat Union and their traditional allies the Christian Social Union which only operates in Bravaria,  have been locked in negotiations with the classical liberal Free Democrats and the loony left Greens in an attempt to form a “Jamaica coalistion,” a refrerence to the fact that the campaign colours of the three parties reflect the flag of Jamaica.

Senior CDU politician and current President of the Schleswig-Holstein provincial government, Daniel Günther tried to rally members of the party saying that a coalition deal between the CDU/CSU, the libertarian Free Democrats, and the Green Party must be agreed on soon as another election could be a disaster for the party.

Günther appealed to CDU negotiators to concede more to the left-wing Greens on asylum seeker issues or they may trigger a snap election which, he said, would fuel the continued rise of “extremism”,  Der Spiegel reports.

When he refers to extremism Günther means the anti – immigration, Eurosceptic AfD (Alternative for Deutschland) party, which is actually not extreme in the way the Greens are extreme

A new election, “would be a signal of the incapacity of democratically elected parties and be a breeding ground for extremists”, Günther said, revealing his party fears another election would result in massive gains for the anti-mass migration party which in September’s election came from nowhere to be the third largest party in the Bundestag. Other right wing political groups in Germany have no significant support.

Much of the current dispute stems around asylum seekers. The Greens have insisted that failed asylum seekers from Afghanistan should not be deported because the country is too dangerous, while Merkel promised last year that she would seek to increase deportations of illigal immigrants and failed asylum seekers.

Despite the promise, very few asylum seekers have been deported and Horst Seehofer, head of the CDU’s sister party the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), said that large-scale deportations were “almost impossible“.

Last month, CSU negotiator Alexander Dobrindt accused the Greens of deliberately attempting to stall the negotiations in the hope that Mrs. Merkel would be desperate enough to give in to all their extreme left wing demands. This of course would drive the Free Democrats to quit the coalition.

“The Greens provoke the failure of Jamaica. Anyone who presents their arguments completely without regard to the refugee crisis, the polarisation in our country, the resulting electoral successes of the AfD, and the tensions in Europe, seems to have no serious interest in forming a government,” he said. The Green’s attitude is typical of a Marxisty party of course, ideology is all, the concerns of citizens are irrelevant.

The latest polling shows the CDU / CSU still with a comfortable lead and the AfD in third, but a collapse of the coalition talks could shake up the political landscape and some say it would be unlikely that Angela Merkel cold continue as leader of the party should a snap election be called.


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Four Way Coalition To Rule After Election?

Government coalition partners discuss policy in Hungary or somewhere. (source)

Big political news today is that theConservatives are manoeuvring themselves into a four party deal that could see David Cameron staying on as Prime Minister even if he does not gain a majority in the General Election. According to a leak from Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, Tory party managers are trying to broker a continuation of a the coalition deal with the Liberal Democrats but include UKIP and the DUP in what they call a ‘confidence and supply’ deal.

With polls showing Labour and Conservatives dead heated on around 32 percent, with the Liberal Democrats on 8 percent and UKIP on 15. Because of the way parliamentary seats are distributed, Labour need far fewer votes to win the election, so on current polling they would be a larger party. However, no party looks like getting an overall majority, and the SNP are demanding too high a price for propping up a Labour Government (in effect they want to exclude English, Welsh and Ulster MPs from voting on Scottish law while exercising the casting vote on any laws affecting the rest of the UK) so another coalition is on the cards.

Under the terms of the deal being discussed, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives would remain as ministers, whilst UKIP and the DUP would vote for the government in confidence motions.

Officially both the DUP and UKIP will do a deal with whichever party offers the biggest sweeteners. as it is unlikely Labour activists would countenance a deal with UKIP or the DUP, this makes the Conservatives favourites to lead such a coalition.

UKIP have stated they will do a deal with either Labour or the Conservatives, but privately acknowledge Miliband is unlikely to offer them an in/out referendum on the EU. This would make cooperation almost impossible.

What is that demonic sound we hear echoing across the nation. Don’t worry, its only old Iain Paisley over on The Dark Side laughing his bollocks off.


French Goss Mag Outs Gay Politician, Sparks Privacy Row
Gossip magazine Closer has sparked a privacy row in France after it outed a homosexual senior member of France’s right – wing National Front party. Closer published photos of the man with his male partner. Politicians and journalists have reacted angrily to whhat they call a gross breach of privacy.

Hypocrites and Political CHIMPS

Coalition CHIMPS
A Coalition of CHIMPS (that’s singular as well as plural – each of the men you see is CHIMPS, see below. Picture Source)

The hypocrites of the left are getting their knickers in a twist of double standards again, this time it is because of their hate figure in chief Michael Gove (I’m not a fan of Gove but lets have a bit of truth here, the reason lefties hate him is because he is more working class than anyone on the Labour front bench.)

It’s actually the Lib Dems who have kicked it off this time, protesting over the removal of Labour’s Sally Morgan as chair of schools inspectorate Ofsted. Now as it is one of the few good guys in the Lib Dems, David Laws, who raised the issue I’m inclined to think there might be substance to the complaint.

But the usual suspects, idiot University lecturers, media chatterati and showbiz luvvies have jumped on the band wagon and accused Gove of trying to politicise education. They are being two faced twats as usual (remember how a week after the Coalition took office the lefties were trying to blame the “evil Tories” for the economic follies of Gordon Brown and Ed Bollocks?

A brave soul in the Guardian Comment Is Free thread had these very valid points to make:

01 February 2014 10:50pm
Link to comment

Two reality points.

Point (1) Politicise? … what about Education Education Education

Point (2) Huge imbalance at with political affiliated public appointees:

Figures out yesterday show that 77 per cent of politically active quango appointees last year were Labour supporters. Not even Gordon Brown dared top up his government-in-exile at such a rate – 25/10/2013 – The Telegraph

Reforming Public Appointments …”When the editor of The Spectator, Fraser Nelson suggested in October 2012 that David Cameron had, according to his political allies, been “too much of a gentleman to play Labour’s game and start stuffing quangos with Tory placemen”, he based this view on figures issued by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments for 2011-12 showing that “77 percent of politically active quango appointees last year were Labour supporters.” He warned of serious political consequences, calling Labour-supporting quango appointees a Labour Party ‘government-in-exile’ – Policy Exchange (2013)

p10 – Figure 5: Annual number of appointees with declared
Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat affiliations,

If NuLabour can stuff their cronies into public roles during 13 years why can’t The Coalition appoint people to ensure their reforms have a better chance of succeeding.

So again we are reminded that most of the stuff lefties complain about now, this and NHS privatisation being good examples) was actually begun by The British National Socialist Workers Party between 1997 and 2010.

Before you cast your vote in 2015, make sure you know what you will be choosing to replace The coalition CHIMPS (Completely Hopeless In Most Political Situations – h/t Chris Spivey)

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Lib Dems almost pull off greatest by election triumph ever

The result of the South Shields by election made necessary when Thunderbird 2 was engulfed in a meteor shower, lost its navigational equipment and left previous MP Virgil Tracy David Miliband stuck in a distant orbit must have left Lib Dems heartbroken.

After their unexpected victory in Eastleigh, when the party’s candidate held the seat for the coalition partners even though previous MP and Lib Dem deputy leader Chris Huhne had been banged up for dodging speeding fines, being a lying, conniving shit, a bully and a general twat, the Liberal Democrats had expectations of an even more headline grabbing result in South Shields by election in which eight candidates took the field and theirs had led a blameless life.

In the event Nick Clegg’s party were pipped by the Loonys and could only manage to finish seventh of the eight contenders.


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At Last, I Found Out Why Lefties Hate Michael Gove

I’ve always wondered by lefties, even those who can seem like reasonable people if we overlook their love of neo – Nazi authoritarianism and their yearning to be stripped on all their individual rights and freedoms and live under a totalitarian global government, can be reduced to incoherent rage at the mere mention of Michael Gove, Education Secretary in the Coalition Government.

Last night, as I watched a few minutes of BBC Question Time while Mrs. T. examined the Radio Times searching for some slightly entertaining late night viewing (we settled for Road Wars) I found out.

The Labour contender on last nights panel was lawyer (hoch, phut) and spin doctor Emily Thornberry, MP for Islington South and Finsbury who has been called “A white Diane Abbott” (’nuff said). The programme also featured the aforementioned Education Secretary, children’s author Anthony Horowitz, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett and Lib Dem Mark Littlewood.

Thornberry is a clever, quick thinking lawyer and highly effective in adversarial debate which is Labour like putting her up for the big broadcasting programmes (personally I’d rather see Caroline Flint but she seems out of favour with the Labour Kommissars). Last night Thornberry met her match however. She buzzed and fluttered and Gove, who has a rather reptillian look about him, flicked out a long sticky tongue and swallowed her.

Thornberry’s mistake was to invoke her working class background in attacking Gove’s revolutionary plan to replace subjects like feminist studies, sexual identity awareness, multiculturalism and how to speak without saying anything that might offend somebody with traditional subjects like arithmetic, reading and history. She dismissed Gove as an elitist posh boy.

Thornberry thought Gove intended to drive the working class back to medieval ignorance by teaching only important life skills. Labour of course want to drive the working class forward to medieval ignorance by teaching only politically correct indoctrination.

Gove then revealed his own working class credentials. It turns out the adopted son of a Glasgow fishmonger is a lot more working class than Guildford born and raised Ms. Thornberry.(I must admit that like most people I had been misled by the left wing media into believing Michael Gove was just another Tory posh boy.)

So now we know why lefties hate Michael Gove.
(a) They fear him
(b) He is actually working class while most Labour leaders are privately educated elitists.
(c) They don’t have anybody that smart on their side.

If you are watching on BBC iPlayer start at about 35 minutes in.

As UK Loses AAA Credit Rating, Labour Celebrates For The Wrong Reasons

the Shadow Business Secretary in Ed Miliband’s team, Chuka Ummuna (what’s an ummuna and how far can he chuck one?), can hardly contain his glee while Ed Balls, looking more like Jabba The Hutt every time we see him and talking bollocks as per usual, chortles merrily about the failure of the Coalition’s austerity measures which have resulted in Britain’s AAA credit rating being downgraded.

“For a Chancellor who placed such great store on what the ratings agencies say, this downgrade is hugely embarrassing,” Ummuna tweeted yesterday. This morning balls was on television banging on about the only way out of the economic crisis being to increase public spending rather than cutting it.

Both these men are products of our university system and if you wanted reasons for shutting down universities there could not be two better than this pair.

Senior Labour MPs, in their rush to claim total victory in the long-running argument about the best way to stimulate economic growth, have not bothered to read the Moody’s report in full.

Far from admonishing the Chancellor for cutting “too deep, too fast” (as Mr. Bollocks put it), the credit ratings agency criticises him for the slower-than-expected “pace” of “deficit and debt-to-GDP reduction”, “mounting debt levels” and failure “to reverse the debt trajectory” set in motion by the last government. Most pointedly, the agency threatens to downgrade Britain even further if the Chancellor shows any signs of a “reduced political commitment to fiscal consolidation”.

In other words the downgrade is not an indictment of The Coalition’s economic policies but their failure to do enough to reverse Labour’s tax and spend loonytoons economics.

Nick Clegg Calls For Ban On Heterosexual Marriages.

Nick Clegg has to threatened to bring down the coalition over Tory plans to encourage marriage between people of different sexes.

In his sternest warning yet to the Tories of dire consquences if they go ahead with plans to give tax breaks tax breaks to people of different sexes who get married Mr. Clegg said: As Liberals we cannot support measures which reward people for entering into marriage contracts that expose them to the temptation of committing bestial and perverted sex acts such as kissing, petting and full intercourse with people of another gender.

Such behaviour is not natural in human beings and while we would not want to be party to the persecution of people who, of their own free will, embark on reklationships that involve such sexual practices neither can we continue as coalition partners of a party that wants to tun the clock back to the 1950s. How revolting a society it must have been when men were not allowed to have sex with each other and women could only have sex so long as they did not enjoy it.

Asked to comment on Mr. Clegg’s outburst Prime Minister David Cameron said, “Nick who?”

Tory backbenchers are pressing for an election pledge to make membership of the Liberal Democrats a capital offence as buggery was in the 1950s.

Senior Liberal Democrat Lord Knob Of Knobcaster commented, “Oh bugger, if we don’t dump that twat soon we will be lucky to poll 1% at the next general election.

Read Nick Clegg sneers at Mr & Mrs Britain in the DOSE

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