Mrs Balls Talks Bollocks

Some of my readers think Labour Shadow home Secretary Yvette Cooper (Mrs. Ed. Balls) is a potential future Prime Minister (or maybe a former future Prime Minister now). I have never rated her but as previously acknowledged I am very shallow when it come to female politicians and the only two I do rate are lovely Caroline Flint:


or lovlier French Gaullist Rachida Dati:


Against those two Yvette Cooper looks like a transsexual Kenneth Williams tribute act.

Yvette Cooper - transexual Kenneth Williams tribute act

Ms. Cooper has been talking to the Labour Party Conference about labour’s plans to reform sex education in schools (because Labour has its priorities right, fuck English, Mathematics, History, Georgaphy, Music, Art and the rest, teaching the little darlings how to do pervy sex must come first.) Here’s a little of what she had to say:

“That is why a Labour government will make sure there is updated sex and relationship education for boys and girls, with zero tolerance of violence at its core. And we will make it compulsory too.”

Hmm, zero tolerance of violence? Not so long ago Labour’s current deputy leader and likely head of the Politically Correct Though Police, Harriet Harperson was amending her equalities bill to make it OK for Muslim men to beat their wives (because we have to accommodate multiculturalism dontcha know)

So which is it to be from a future Labour government? Zero Tolerance in the accepted sense, or zero tolerance unless you are in one of those minorities whose votes Labour depend on.

Imaginary Iranian Threat Propaganda Dangerous says Iranian Leader

UKIP’s Godfrey Gobshite Strikes Again

UKIP politician Godfrey Bloom has been disciplined after joking that a group of female activists were “sluts”.

MEP Bloom made the comments while addressing a “women in politics” event at UKIP’s annual conference.

Challenged afterwards, he said it had been a joke and the remark prompted laughter from some of those present.

But UKIP leader Nigel Farage said he believed disciplinary action should be taken, since the row had overshadowed his earlier conference speech and that as Bloom had a track record the party management had no alternative but to withdraw the whip from the MEP.

Asked how he felt about this Mr. Bloom said he didn’t give a flying fuck as he was sure his favourite slut had a couple of spares stashed away.

Politics defined

Politics is the business of getting power and privilege without possessing merit”—

P J O’Rourke

And what better time to remind ourselves of that than as we recall the Lib Dem shambles last week, watch with morbid fascination the antics of Labour and like the crowd at a Roman Circus look forward to the Tories tearing each other to shreds next week.

A move to oust Cammers is a very long shot for this year, but next time …

Discord at the Lib Dem Conference

There are a lot of very pissed off Lib Dems at the party conference this week. Now OK we know a pissed off Lib Dem is about as menacing as a smelly fart but this topic is worth looking at because it tells us how out of the loop many Lib Dems are about the state of society and therefore how uncomfortable they are being in the governing coalition.

A lot of the pissedoffness around the conference halls is focused on the security vetting procedure. In the days when the party was part of the political fringe security vetting for delegates consisted of checking they were wearing sandals, a hand knitted sweater and horsehair undies. Not so now.

Chris White, from Hereford sounded a note of realism when he said the fact the party were in government meant things had changed, adding: “There are people out there who want to do us serious harm.” Well yeah, about 55 million of us at a guess.

Stephen Gilbert, MP for St Austell and Newquay, and a leading voice in the woolly brained vegan Nazi section of the party said: “Many people have experienced real concerns about the new process of accreditation.” He and his supporters felt the vetting system was particularly intrusive for transgender people, who would be asked to reveal their previous identities. Is it unreasnoable however to want to know that Fatima Houri used to be Omar Al Suicide Bombar?

Conference organisers acknowledged that the days had gone when security consisted of “fierce little old ladies with knitting needles, rather than special branch and MI5”.

With Labour Shadow Treasury Minister Chief Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander due to make a speech castigating the party’s Eurosceptics and claiming that if we do not stump up 999% of national revenue to bail out basket case nations it will stifle economic growth Boggart Blog feels it is only a matter of time until security at the Lib Dems conference is once again in the hands of fierce little old ladies with knitting needles.

Nuclear Jolly For Government Officials

Top of the news today.

Delagates from over 100 coutries are meeting this week for another pointless and hugely expensive jolly funded by taxpayers to discuss ways of making nuclear power safer in the wake of the Japanese earthquake that wrecked the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Boggart Blog can give them the solution in ten words.

Don’t build nuclear power stations on top of geological faults.


Nuclear Power Risk
Nuclear Energy Less Dangerous Than Bananas

50 Ways To Lose Your Leader

After he split from the weird looking Garfulkel, the equally weird looking Paul Simon recorded an album track titled 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover. It went something like this:

Just slip out the back Jack,
Hop on a bbus Gus,
Hand back your key, Lee
Just set yourself free.

After watching coverage of the first day from the Labour Party conference I thought the party migh rewrite that song as 50 ways to lose your leader. It go go like this:

Stab him in the back, Jack
Push him in the grave, Dave
Put a snake in his bed, Ed
Give him the hard word
Whack him with a bat, Hat
Make him feel the heat, Pete
Slip him a pill Hil
Just get rid of Gord

Who else has the feeling he will be moving out of Downing Street before the end of the year. Was Andrew Marr preparing the way for a resignation on health grounds I womder.

The Boggart Blog Bookie will be revising the odds in the next few days.

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