Four Way Coalition To Rule After Election?

Government coalition partners discuss policy in Hungary or somewhere. (source)

Big political news today is that theConservatives are manoeuvring themselves into a four party deal that could see David Cameron staying on as Prime Minister even if he does not gain a majority in the General Election. According to a leak from Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, Tory party managers are trying to broker a continuation of a the coalition deal with the Liberal Democrats but include UKIP and the DUP in what they call a ‘confidence and supply’ deal.

With polls showing Labour and Conservatives dead heated on around 32 percent, with the Liberal Democrats on 8 percent and UKIP on 15. Because of the way parliamentary seats are distributed, Labour need far fewer votes to win the election, so on current polling they would be a larger party. However, no party looks like getting an overall majority, and the SNP are demanding too high a price for propping up a Labour Government (in effect they want to exclude English, Welsh and Ulster MPs from voting on Scottish law while exercising the casting vote on any laws affecting the rest of the UK) so another coalition is on the cards.

Under the terms of the deal being discussed, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives would remain as ministers, whilst UKIP and the DUP would vote for the government in confidence motions.

Officially both the DUP and UKIP will do a deal with whichever party offers the biggest sweeteners. as it is unlikely Labour activists would countenance a deal with UKIP or the DUP, this makes the Conservatives favourites to lead such a coalition.

UKIP have stated they will do a deal with either Labour or the Conservatives, but privately acknowledge Miliband is unlikely to offer them an in/out referendum on the EU. This would make cooperation almost impossible.

What is that demonic sound we hear echoing across the nation. Don’t worry, its only old Iain Paisley over on The Dark Side laughing his bollocks off.


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Now We Know – Conservatives Do Not Want To Win.

Plat the video for this, Conservative Contender at the Greenteeth Labyrinth web site.

Some of us were not surprised by the poll published today that shows the Conservatives lead over Labour is down to 2%. We have suspected for a long time something like this would happen. When Boggart Blog asked Mr CAmeron for his reaction on seeing the poll resaults he said “It felt as if I had been kicked in the bollocks.

What destroyed the Tory lead of course is the campaign slogan they used to launch their election campaign last week, “Vote For Change.”

The slogan is obviously borrowed from Barack Obama so no Brownie points for originality. And the punters are sick of all the talk of change when change only ever means things get worse.

Ah well, plus ca change, plus c’est le same old shite as they say halfway across the Channel. Last time of course the meme chose Labour because they promised change and what we got was precious little change out of a Trillion pounds spent on Private Finance Initiatives.

Cameron hopes to emulate Obama who swept to power on a promise to change America (and a tidal wave of Arab oil money).

Well it took American’s about twelve minutes to see through Obama and we Brits, traditionally more sceptical and firmly grounded in reality have bettered that by seeing through The Boy David before a vote has been cast.

The Conservatives are authors of their own misfortune however, their performance while Brown has been hunkered in the foetal position sucking his thumb and whimpering “Mummy,” has been so lacklustre and inept those few voters who ever had any confidence in them have lost it. Ironically a private poll commissioned by the Conservatives showed the party would now have one foot in Downing Street if they had kept William Hague as leader.

And what a contest the election would have been then.

Laydeeeeez an’ Gennelmen, Your main fight tonight, for the heavyweight political championship of Grrrrrrreat Brittttain, on my right in the blue corner, the Yorkshire /Bruiser, William “Forty Pints” Hague and on my even further right in the red corner The Scottish Psycho Gordon “Gi’ ‘em one wi’ the heid” Brown.

Finding out that Hague could have been a contender is doubly ironic because the signs are the Conservatives are not eager to win an election and whoever leads them will be pressured to throw the contest.

But why? What do Central Office know that we don’t?