I know Canadians are liberal but Crack Pipe vending machines?

Canadian TV Channel CTV News ran a story reported on Saturday about crackpipe vending machines being placed in public space in downtown Vancouver. Crack users can now purchase a crack pipe that meets health and safety regulations for twenty five cents (crack cocaine not included). The idea is the clinically approved pipes will prevent the spread of diseases among drug users because they are less likely to injure a drug user’s mouth, which for people sharing a pipe spreads diseases like HIV and hepatitis C.

crack pipe vending machine
Picture: Canadian Crack Pipe Vending Machine. Source: CTV News

The vending machines are part of a project introduced by InSite, a controversial safe injection site located in Vancouver’s poorest district.

The Canadian government supports the program and claims 800 people per day use the facility. InSite says that monitoring addicts saves lives and reduce overdoses.

Sounds great, now all the authorities have to do is find a way to stop users selling their arses for drug money.

Read more at CTV News

The Nutty Professor Nutt Strikes Again

Earlier this year (or maybe it was last year) Boggart Blog featured a story about the very nutty Professor Nutt who, as chief scientific adviser on drugs to Gordon Brown’s government, embarrassed his employers by pontificating government drug policy was bollocks and that alcohol is a more harmful drug than cannabis and if cannabis is illegal so should alcohol be.

Well the Nutt(er) is at it again.

Now he has published and independent scientific survey, carried out scientifically using science which he claims proves drinking alcohol causes more damage to health than heroin or crack cocaine.

The point nutty Nutt misses (because he’s a scientist and they always miss the point) is that very few people are imbibing ten pints of heroin chased down with a few shots of Tequila every Friday night. A few milligrams of heroin will kill and so heroin users are fairly rare and old heroin users even rarer.

Alcohol users are numerous and drink much larger amounts of alcohol for much longer periods. So we can never truly know if some old soaks liver’s failure is due to alcohol, the speed they took in their dissolute youth or just because they’re fucked.

Another nutty claim Prof Nutt makes is that smoking ciggies does more harm than smoking cannabis.

Bollocks. Many people some twenty ciggies a day and live an average lifespan, most spliff smokers only have a couple of joints a week. And a lot of tobacco smokers also smoke weed so how can we know which if either has done them more harm?

Are there any cannabis users who get through twenty joints a day to give us an idea of the results of comparing like with like?

Yes there is one. Bob Marley, and look what happened to him.

Alcolhol Will Kill 250,000 a year

Not The Sunday Morning News

Front page of one of the screaming red tops was a picture of a wide eyed George Michael with the headline,

Star arrested in toilet in park at 2am

Well hell, is the pope catholic?

It really does raise the question of whether it was an anatomical crack or the chemical kind.
Given George’s past history we have no way of knowing, probably both, judging by the expression on his face.

AND on the topic of substance inhalation I spotted this intriguing item.
As sally is red hot on literature and drug related stories are always good for puns I thought I ought to link it :- Ian
The Jolly Return Of Sniffups

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