No Whites, No Conservatives, No Dogs: BBC Advertises Jobs For ‘Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse Candidates Only’

BBC closed shop
BBC shuts out mainstream society – Picture: Olly Scarff, Getty Images

Our taxpayer – funded national broadcester The BBC has warned white people to not bother applying for an entry level job in Glasgow, in the the most blatant to date demonstration of anti-white bigotry from the leftie – run corporation.

A job advert posted by Creative Access — a firm that seeks to increase minority representation in the media and the arts — said that the BBC’s Science Unit in Glasgow was seeking non white applicants for a one-year, £17,810 per year trainee production management assistant position.

A spokesperson for the recruitment agency that placed the ad said the position was “only open to black, Asian and ethnically diverse candidates,” according to The Mail on Sunday. Now a lot of leftoies will chant in chorus “You can’t believe anything you read in the Main, demonstrating again the anti British sentiments that pervade left wing thinking.

Joe Ventre campaign manager for the Taxpayers’ Alliance, said: “BBC bosses shouldn’t be supporting race-based recruiting with taxpayers’ money. Taking an approach like this further undermines confidence in the Corporation and their use of licence fee payers’ cash.”

While positive discrimination was made illegal under the Equality Act of 2010, there is a loophole for ‘positive action’ to discriminate on the basis of race or gender for trainee and internship roles within companies.”

The cooperation between the BBC and the Creative Access agency in discouraging white applicants has been longstanding, with Breitbart London reporting in 2016 that the firm advertised for four positions for the public broadcaster for “Black, Asian and non-white minority ethnic backgrounds”.

What is particularly noticable in this case and others like it is the absence of outrage from feminists, communist, Gay BLT and equal opportunities organisation including the Trade Unions. But then hypocrisy and double standards were always the stock in trade of left wing organisations and their supporters.

What is being proposed in this recruitment campaign is unlawful positive discrimination but subtle obfuscatory terms such as “positive action” are used to circumvent the precison and scepifity of the way discrimination law is worded. Weasel words are another speciality of the racist, virtue signalling left. The BBC and their contractors must be called to accout and requires to explain how “positive action” in favour of one group does not constitute “positive discrimination against another.”

The result is exactly the same. And it is blatantly obvious to every intelligent person old enough to have missed or strong enough to have resisted the indoctrination and brainwashing they are subjected to in the left dominated education and higher education systems.

Has everybody forgotten these words spoken by Martin Luter King slightly over 50 years ago: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today.”

To the rabid extremists of the modern left, even the 1960s civil rights leader MLK is a racist now. According to the pseudo – intellectual bullshit passed off as philosophy in academic institutions King was guilty of what they call Colourblind racism and what intelligent, articulate people whose uttering are not tainted by Cultural Marxist bullshit call open mindedness. People who subscribe to colorblind explanations claim they do not see the color of people’s skin and believe everyone to be equal. The cultural Marxists of the far left claim Colorblindness prevents us from seeing the historical causes of racial inequality and how racial inequality persists in our society.

Their fear is that if we treat everybody equally then there are no victims, and those useless whiners who make a nice living in the race baiting industry which has its snout deeply inserted in the trough of taxpayers money will be out on their arses.


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Social Justice Warriors Inflitrate Google – Organise Staff Protests

Google employees in London join the global protest against sanity(picture:

Thousands of Google employees staged walkouts in offices around the world this week in protest at the company’s bias toward while males in its hiring policy and the alleged protection of senior employees accused of sexual harassment and assault. Staff in London, Zurich, Dublin, Haifa, Tokyo, Singapore and its Silicon Valley headquarters arranged protests backed by management, after a post on Google’s internal social network suggesting a “women’s walk” gained hundreds of votes.

What has happened here is due to the politicisation of education, Google (a company this blog has no sympathy for,) can only recruit people who though they might be very clever at solving mathematical equations, have been indoctrinated with the Cultural Marxist dogmas of the far left. This is not the first we have heard of the political monoculture fostered by Google’s senior management:

It was back in September 2016 that the world first heard of James Damore a software engineer employed by Google who became so pissed off with the tech and world domination gian’t hypocritical posturing on issues of political correctness he blew the whistle and revealed that the company’s ‘equal opportunities’ hiring policy was not quite as equal as their public relations information liked to pretend. Google’s technical staff were predominantly male Damore revealed, before going all out off message by stating that scientific studies showed men were biologically better equipped than women for certain roles. More >>>.

In this latest example of how quickly the politically correct though police turn on their strongest supporters at the fist sign on deviation from ‘the agenda,’ more than a thousand employees at the company’s head office in Mountain View, California, paraded outside the building carrying signs that said “Stand up for Google women” and “Act now for our future”. Staff chanted “Women’s rights are workers’ rights”, and “Not OK, Google!”

Hundreds of employees at its San Francisco office staged a similar walk out, holding signs with “Don’t Be Evil”, the company’s original motto, printed on it. (Greenteeth Digital Media have always said it was incomplete – Google’s real motto was “Don’t be evil, that’s our job.”

Meirav Rotsten, an employee who took a leading role in the protest, said: “We’re here to collectively stand up and say ‘No, no more, not here’.”

Workers took to a makeshift stage to share stories of harassment they claimed to have experienced at Google. One app developer said that she would never encourage children to think about a job in technology, likening it to “sending lambs to the slaughter”.

Cathay Bi, one of the march’s organisers, said: “I experienced sexual harassment at Google [and] I did not feel safe talking about it. That feeling of not being safe is why we are here today.”

A Google employee who helped organise the event said: “Boy did I underestimate how big this was going to be.

We wonder how naive these sill females are to accept jobs in an organisation that by its nature will always be organised not just by men, but by nerds, socially dysfunctional men whose lack or interpersonal skills and personal hygiene deficiencies mean that not only will they be sex starved, but they will not know where the line that separates exploratory flirting from sexual harassment is drawn.

It is understood the protestors also have concerns about inequalities in the number of women, blacks, gays and transgendered people Google hires. As somebody who believes Google’s abuse of users privacy and their secret tracking of individuals strayed over the line between creepy and downright criminal years ago, this is good news.

If Google is forced by its SJW staff to start hiring on the basis of ethnic or sexual identity rather than professional or technical merit, the company’s fortunes will soon start to decline.