How Times Change

A quickie as I have just found out I have an errand to run.

We were watching Dambusters lasr night and it came to the scene where the Wing Commander is told that his labby has been run over outside the gates and is dead.
Therre is a brief moment of silence then the Batman is instructed to bury the lab and W/C gets on with his job of destroying the dams where the water is used to help the German war effort.

Imagine what it would be like now!

The batman would arrive to tell the W/C that Brownie had been run over, W/C would be unable to stifle tears, flowers would be laid at the site of the incident, Brownie’s lead would be framed whilst Brownie itself would be either freeze dried and stuffed or turned into a gem. W/C would be overcome with grief, the dams wouldn’t get bombed, Germany would win the war and we’d all be under the control of Angela Merkel… oh hang on a minute….