Student sues University for ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree that hasn’t boosted her career

A disgruntled graduate is suing her university after claiming that two years of study at £9000 per year plus attendant living expenses has left her with nothing more than a “Mickey Mouse” degree that has proved useless in advancing her career. Despite graduating with a first. Pok Wong is suing Anglia Ruskin University for more than £60,000.

She alleges the institution’s claims regarding a “quality education and prospect of employment after graduation” were fraudulent, she told The Sunday Telegraph. The case echoes that of Oxford University Faiz Siddiqui, who tried to sue the institution for £1m after it did not give him a first-class degree.

Mr Siddiqui’s case was that “negligently inadequate teaching” was partly to blame for his 2:1 degree, which he claimed prevented him from getting into a top US law school and becomeing an international commercial lawyer.

Lawyers believe the case could influence universities present their courses in marketing materials, as students who spend around £9,000 a year for their education demand value for money and see themselves as customer rather than pupils. Ms Wong said she moved from Hong Kong to Britain to study at the Lord Ashcroft International Business School in Cambridge after being influenced by the claims in the prospectus.

Now the 29-year-old alleged in a complaint lodged with the courts that the university failed to deliver on its promises. She also accused it of a breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation, listing poor discipline among staff and students being told to “self-study” among her complaints.

The degree, in International Business Strategy “does not play a role to help secure a rewarding job with prospects”, she claimed, adding that the prospectus had promised the course would leave graduates “well equipped” for jobs in the business world, following two years of “high quality teaching”.

Pok Wog outside Angela Ruskin University

She also alleged she was “locked” in a room for trying to speak out about the quality of her course during her graduation ceremony, which she has branded as false imprisonment.

Ms Wong hopes the case will encourage other students to demand value for money and seek compensation if universities do not deliver.

“The prospectus convinced me that the university is really impressive,” she told The Sunday Telegraph. “But, as soon as I started in 2011, I realised there were failings. Although I graduated with a first class degree in 2013, it is a Mickey Mouse degree. I hope that bringing this case will set a precedent so that students can get value for money, and if they don’t they get compensated. Anglia Ruskin talked a good talk but then they didn’t deliver.”

She has justified the money she is demanding as a refund of her tuition fees for the international business strategy course and the living costs for her time there.

The University is ranked below 300 in the Time Higher Education World University Rankings for 2018.

A spokesperson for Anglia Ruskin University told The Independent: “We are well aware of the claims made by this former student and we are robustly defending the current litigation.

The case echoes that of Oxford University Faiz Siddiqui, who tried to sue the institution for £1m after it did not give him a first-class degree. Mr Siddiqui claimed that “negligently inadequate teaching” was partly to blame for his 2:1 degree, which he said prevented him from getting into a top US law school, and, in turn, meant he could not become an international commercial lawyer. It was inevitable, given the way higher education has been turned into a branch of industry or commerce, with profit as the main motivation, that failure by universities to deliver on claims of enhanced career and earnings potential would result in litigation.

My daughter may even have a case, she was sold the idea of studying for a degree in the history of art, design and film. In the years since her graduation I have spoken to her about art history, a topic on which I am quite well read, and found that aside from hardly touching on film, the course had left her almost totally ignorant of the influence of the Italian renaissance Neapolitan, Florentine and Venitian schools, the Dutch masters and even the more recent pre – Raphaelites and impressionists. In art they focus had been on twentieth century abstract expressionism and surrealism, but most of her course had covered 1950s and 60s pop art design developments.

Career wise it was a total waste of money and has not even equiiped her to have many interesting converstations, what is there to say about plastic chairs.

Academics Warn Politically Correct Universities ‘Are Killing Free Speech’
Free speech is under attack from politicians and minority rights activists, but when universities start censoring ideas, society is in trouble. So what is going on when speakers who have challenged the politically correct consensus are denied a platform to speak on unrelated topics.

Students censored – An Academic Community In A Crisis Of Collectivism.
Intellectual freedom in our universities is under threat from … intellectuals. So overbearing have the left wing screechers of bourgeois politically correct leftism now become that even the universities have surrendered to the intellectual control freakery of cultural Marxism. But if universities are now dedicated to turning out dull minded conformists, what hope is there for western society?

Poor white pupils put off school by multicultural timetable
Education, should it be about learning to read, write, spell and calculate? Or should it be about feminism, gay rights, black history and ‘gender awareness’ whatever that is? For many years we have had multiculturalism and politically correct thinking rammed doiwn pupils throats but noe a study by a local education department suggests this obsession with politicallly corret diversity is responsible for the failure of white working class pupils.

The Degree Factory: The Decline Of University Education
The decline of university education in parallel with dumbing down of the general population is contributing to the economic and social problems of the industriaised democracies. But why have standars been allowed to slip so far and can the trend in university education towards theraputic and politically correct courses be reversed?

Where Is Bicycle Repair Man When The World Needs Him
A superhero whose superpower is repairing bikes? It was a sketch in a Monty Python’s Flying Circus show. But forty years on is it as crazy as it sounded then? We seem to have plenty of people with degrees in things that are not every practical and shortages of people who can do useful stuff. And when we have health and safety officers stopping people from climbing ladders unless they have been properly trained, people are discouraged from learning those everyday skills by themselves.

Comedy and humour

Modern Maths Teaching Is Making Children Mentally Ill
It is a well established fact that people who are good at mathematics are insane so why are we making such a big deal of abstract maths in proressive education when what most people will need to earn a living is a good command of basic arithmetic – which modern education is failing to give them.

The Science Fraud: Many Scientific Research Papers Are Pure Gobbledegook
The war between humanities and science goes on, both in academic faculties and internet comment threads. But in an environment that is increasingly politicised and influenced by corporate profit motives rather than the pure and unsullied pursuit of knowledge, can we trust either side? This article suggests not.

The STEM Education and Scientism – the curse of modern education.
Education, education, education, said Tony Blair. He meant indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination of course. The thing the Politically Correct intellectual bullies of the new left fear most is an educated working class capable of questioning the dogmas of the scientific dictatorship …

Black characters put parents off books, new Children’s Laureate says
It seems very strange to me the new children’ laureate is a person descended from the dark skinned races and the first thing she does in her new role is make children’s literature a race issue.Isn’t that erm, you know … a tad racist.
Marjorie Blackman (no pun there, that’s her name)also said that when …

Education Is Out, Indoctrination Is In.
This is about a teacher in america who has quit the profession in disgust at the way left wing indoctrination is replacing neutral education in schools. Many British teachers have said similar things and Daily stirrer occasional contributor Sally Redfern quit the teaching profession for the same reason.

Captive Minds And Cowardly Intellectuals
The pose intellectuals and academics like to strike is that of detatched, independent minded individuals who reject materialism and devote their lives to the expansion of knowledge and understanding and a quest for truth.In reality…

Some reality on employment prospects for young graduates.
‘Work experience’ and unpaid internships have created a moneyless vacuum between education and pa employiment that only the rich are able to fill. For others a degree only means a masive debt without any improvement in earning prospects

Trendy left wing education policies accused of inhibiting ambition in school pupils
Shocking new revelations about the state of the education system show that trendy education policiesz are not only dumbing puypils down, they are trampling on ambition and aspiration as well.

Left elite’s determination to dum down now bars bright pupils from University
Latest plans put forward by elitist lefties to make university access ‘more equal’ can only lead to higher education being dumbed down as skin colour, sexuality or being from a single parent family will count for more than intelligence.

The Failure Of Education, The Subversion Of BureaucracyGovernment plans to toughen up the penalties that can be imposed on parents guilty of ‘bad parenting’ and tolerating truancy do not signal determination to deal with the problems in the education system but are an admission that progressive and ideological ideas in education havre failed generations of bored and disengaged pupils.

Back To basics Policy To Save Education?
Coalition Ministers revealed their proposals for a back-to-basics curriculum for state schools, with the focus shifting away from soft subjects and abstract studies back to basic arithmetic, times-tables, spelling, grammar, reading and history. Predictably Teachers’ Union leaders warned it would lead to an unexciting “uniform education” for children. Maybe so, butonce pupils are equipped with those basics they can go on to study whatever they finmd interesting. There is little point talking about Shakespeare to kids who can’t …

We told you so, University Degrees Are Worthless
The Daily Stirrer has been saying it for years, now a leading British businessman has come out and said it too. University Degrees are worthless.Self-made multimillionaire Simon Dolan left school at the age of 16 and went on to form a business empire which now turns over close to £100m a year, putting him 703rd on the Sunday Times Rich List. Mr. Dolan also criticised the designer degree business that is responsible for creating such oddball courses as waste management with dance. He described these and even the less insane courses like …

David Cameron On Mickey Mouse Degrees

“Britain must end the “snobbery” surrounding degrees such as “music studies and golf course management”, David Cameron, BA hons PPE, has said”.

Mr Cameron said that for too long people have assumed that there “is something wrong” with the kind of higher education qualifications qualifications which have in the past been described as Mickey Mouse degrees.

He’s right. As the coalition government follows Labour’s lead and exports more and more proper jobs to low labour cost nations, people with degrees in golf course management, leisure studies, theoretical science with modern dance (I will now explain Einstein’s general theory of relativity through the medium of free dance) and Simpsonsology are going to be indispensible in advising the bulk of our sixty million people on how to fill the empty hours of their post industrial lives.

Can’t see much use for people with degrees in the in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) however. After all there are only six hundred and fifty jobs available for such useless tossers.

The STEM Education and Scientism – the curse of modern education
Education Is Out, Indoctrination Is In.
Captive Minds And Cowardly Intellectuals
Some reality on employment prospects for young graduates.

The Triumphs Of Higher Education

Who says education is going down the pan (well we do for a start).

Higher education is still the portal to great success, fame and wealth as these examples show …

The PPE student who who believes “Urban Guerillas” are primates trained to murder people.

The girl with a Desmond* in Travel & Tourism who thought Denmark was “down south, next to Cornwall”.

A group of 5 University graduates (!!) who unanimously agreed, after a five minute discussion, that Belgium was a part of France not an independent country.

There are just three examples that sprang to mind.

… yes, if you are a young person hoping to become wealthy and famous in comedy, get yourself a degree.

* Desmond = 2.2 (Desmond Tutu)

Was Blair Right Or Is Education Shite

Education, Education, Education said Tony Blair, promising a university degree for everyone (so long as they were prepared to go into debt for life.

So is education universally ‘A God Thing’ or it is just another scam aimed at parting people from their hard earned. here, courtesy of my friend, US political journalist Renee Nal, a list of the twenty stupidest courses oin offer in American colleges and universities.

Listed below are 20 completely ridiculous college courses being offered at U.S. universities. The description following each course title either comes directly from the official course description or from a news story about the course…

1. “What If Harry Potter Is Real?” (Appalachian State University) – This course will engage students with questions about the very nature of history. Who decides what history is? Who decides how it is used or mis-used? How does this use or misuse affect us? How can the historical imagination inform literature and fantasy? How can fantasy reshape how we look at history? The Harry Potter novels and films are fertile ground for exploring all of these deeper questions. By looking at the actual geography of the novels, real and imagined historical events portrayed in the novels, the reactions of scholars in all the social sciences to the novels, and the world-wide frenzy inspired by them, students will examine issues of race, class, gender, time, place, the uses of space and movement, the role of multiculturalism in history as well as how to read a novel and how to read scholarly essays to get the most out of them.

2. “God, Sex, Chocolate: Desire and the Spiritual Path” (UC San Diego) – Who shapes our desire? Who suffers for it? Do we control our desire or does desire control us? When we yield to desire, do we become more fully ourselves or must we deny it to find an authentic identity beneath? How have religious & philosophical approaches dealt with the problem of desire?

3. “GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity” (The University Of Virginia) – In Graduate Arts & Sciences student Christa Romanosky’s ongoing ENWR 1510 class, “GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity,” students analyze how the musician pushes social boundaries with her work. For this introductory course to argumentative essay writing, Romanosky chose the Lady Gaga theme to establish an engaging framework for critical analysis.

4. “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame” (The University Of South Carolina) – Lady Gaga may not have much class but now there is a class on her. The University of South Carolina is offering a class called Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame. Mathieu Deflem, the professor teaching the course describes it as aiming to “unravel some of the sociologically relevant dimensions of the fame of Lady Gaga with respect to her music, videos, fashion, and other artistic endeavours.”

5. “Philosophy And Star Trek” (Georgetown) – Star Trek is very philosophical. What better way, then, to learn philosophy, than to watch Star Trek, read philosophy, and hash it all out in class? That’s the plan. This course is basically an introduction to certain topics in metaphysics and epistemology philosophy, centered around major philosophical questions that come up again and again in Star Trek. In conjunction with watching Star Trek, we will read excerpts from the writings of great philosophers, extract key concepts and arguments and then analyze those arguments.

Invented Languages: Klingon and Beyond (The University Of Texas) – Why would anyone want to learn Klingon? Who really speaks Esperanto, anyway? Could there ever be a language based entirely on musical scales? Using constructed or invented languages as a vehicle, we will try to answer these questions as we discuss current ideas about linguistic theory, especially ideas surrounding the interaction of language and society. For example, what is it about the structure of Klingon that makes it look alien. What was it about early 20th century Europe that spawned so many so-called universal languages? Can a language be inherently sexist? We will consider constructed/invented languages from a variety of viewpoints, such as languages created as fictional plot-devices, for philosophical debates, to serve an international function, and languages created for private fun. We won’t be learning any one language specifically, but we will be learning about the art, ideas, and goals behind invented languages using diverse sources from literature, the internet, films, video games, and other aspects of popular culture.

7. “The Science Of Superheroes” (UC Irvine) – Have you ever wondered if Superman could really bend steel bars? Would a “gamma ray” accident turn you into the Hulk? What is a “spidey-sense”? And just who did think of all these superheroes and their powers? In this seminar, we discuss the science (or lack of science) behind many of the most famous superheroes. Even more amazing, we will discuss what kind of superheroes might be imagined using our current scientific understanding.

8. “Learning From YouTube” (Pitzer College) – About 35 students meet in a classroom but work mostly online, where they view YouTube content and post their comments. Class lessons also are posted and students are encouraged to post videos. One class member, for instance, posted a 1:36-minute video of himself juggling.

9. “Arguing with Judge Judy” (UC Berkeley) – TV “Judge” shows have become extremely popular in the last 3-5 years. A fascinating aspect of these shows from a rhetorical point of view is the number of arguments made by the litigants that are utterly illogical, or perversions of standard logic, and yet are used over and over again. For example, when asked “Did you hit the plaintiff?” respondents often say, “If I woulda hit him, he’d be dead!” This reply avoids answering “yes” or “no” by presenting a perverted form of the logical strategy called “a fortiori” argument [“from the stronger”] in Latin. The seminar will be concerned with identifying such apparently popular logical fallacies on “Judge Judy” and “The People’s Court” and discussing why such strategies are so widespread. It is NOT a course about law or “legal reasoning.” Students who are interested in logic, argument, TV, and American popular culture will probably be interested in this course. I emphasize that it is NOT about the application of law or the operations of the court system in general.

10. “Elvis As Anthology” (The University Of Iowa) – The class, “Elvis as Anthology,” focuses on Presley’s relationship to African American history, social change, and aesthetics. It focuses not just on Elvis, but on other artists who inspired him and whom he inspired.

11. “The Feminist Critique Of Christianity” (The University Of Pennsylvania) – An overview of the past decades of feminist scholarship about Christian and post-Christian historians and theologians who offer a feminist perspective on traditional Christian theology and practice. This course is a critical overview of this material, presented with a summary of Christian biblical studies, history and theology, and with a special interest in constructive attempts at creating a spiritual tradition with women’s experience at the center.

12. “Zombies In Popular Media” (Columbia College) – This course explores the history, significance, and representation of the zombie as a figure in horror and fantasy texts. Instruction follows an intense schedule, using critical theory and source media (literature, comics, and films) to spur discussion and exploration of the figure’s many incarnations. Daily assignments focus on reflection and commentary, while final projects foster thoughtful connections between student disciplines and the figure of the zombie.

13. “Far Side Entomology” (Oregon State) – For the last 20 years, a scientist at Oregon State University has used Gary Larson’s cartoons as a teaching tool. The result has been a generation of students learning — and laughing — about insects.

14. “Interrogating Gender: Centuries of Dramatic Cross-Dressing” (Swarthmore) – Do clothes make the man? Or the woman? Do men make better women? Or women better men? Is gender a costume we put on and take off? Are we really all always in drag? Does gender-bending lead to transcendence or chaos? These questions and their ramifications for liminalities of race, nationality and sexuality will be our focus in a course that examines dramatic works from The Bacchae to M. Butterfly.

15. “Oh, Look, a Chicken!” Embracing Distraction as a Way of Knowing (Belmont University) – Students must write papers using their personal research on the five senses. Entsminger reads aloud illustrated books The Simple People and Toby’s Toe to teach lessons about what to value by being alive. Students listen to music while doodling in class. Another project requires students to put themselves in situations where they will be distracted and write a reflection tracking how they got back to their original intent.

16. “The Textual Appeal of Tupac Shakur” (University of Washington) – The UW is not the first college with a class dedicated to Shakur — classes on the rapper have been offered at the University of California Berkeley and Harvard — but it is the first to relate Shakur’s work to literature.

17. “Cyberporn And Society” (State University of New York at Buffalo) – With classwork like this, who needs to play? Undergraduates taking Cyberporn and Society at the State University of New York at Buffalo survey Internet porn sites.

18. “Sport For The Spectator” (The Ohio State University) – Develop an appreciation of sport as a spectacle, social event, recreational pursuit, business, and entertainment. Develop the ability to identify issues that affect the sport and spectator behavior.

19. “Getting Dressed” (Princeton) – Jenna Weissman Joselit looks over the roomful of freshmen in front of her and asks them to perform a warm-up exercise: Chart the major moments of your lives through clothes. “If you pop open your closet, can you recall your lives?” she posits on the first day of the freshman seminar “Getting Dressed.”

20. “How To Watch Television” (Montclair) – This course, open to both broadcasting majors and non-majors, is about analyzing television in the ways and to the extent to which it needs to be understood by its audience. The aim is for students to critically evaluate the role and impact of television in their lives as well as in the life of the culture. The means to achieve this aim is an approach that combines media theory and criticism with media education.

Are you starting to understand why our college graduates (those that can read and write and do not need remedial education)can’t function effectively when they graduate and go out into the real world?

All of this would be completely hilarious if not for the fact that we have millions of young people going into enormous amounts of debt to pay tuition fees due for crap like this.

We Told You So. Education overrated – official.

Boggart Blog has said it before and we’ll say it again. Education is overrated. How much do we poor taxpayers stump up to put little no marks through higher education only for them to make a career of claiming benefits> (Mind you, you need a PhD to hay your way through the claim forms these days.)

Well now it is official, higher education is a waste of time. A graduate has no more chance of getting a job than someone leaving the local chav academy with nothing more than an ASBO to their name.

Figures released today from the Office for National Statistics (ONS will once more raise questions over the value of higher education, and whether the education policy over the past 25 years based on dumbing down should be scrapped. The ONS reports that almost 26 per cent of 16-year-olds who left school with “only a GCSE qualification” are unemployed.

At the same time, almost 25 per cent of all 21-year-olds who left university with a degree are unemployed.

The problem is compounded by the fact that many of those unemployed graduates have had expectation raised atrificially by Education Dept propaganda that not only are they too dim to retrain as plumbers, sparks and mechanics, they are too pompous to take a vocational course in Macology and get jobs as burger flippers.

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More Gaga Degree Courses

We have often been criticised by education profressionals for the way we take the piss out of Mickey Mouse degrees and courses such as Sci Fi studies and Waste Management with Modern Dance offered by so many University of Usedtobeapoly type establishments.

Do we care? No, and here’s why:

University Offers A Course In Lady Gaga Studies

You just can’t get any more ga-ga than that.

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Mickey Mouse Degrees – Nuff said?

Boggart Blog has often made fun of those oddball degrees thrown up by the politically correct education system. They are the university degrees that even the government’s own officials call “Mickey Mouse courses”.

A far cry from the conventional humanities and sciences, a modern university education can involve studying subjects like pop music, Harry Potter, Star Wars philosophy, filigree lacework and feminism, or even the whacky combination of “waste management with dance”.

A quick scan of courses available through the university clearing system reveals that while most traditional courses, geography, history, physics, biology etc. are now full up, there are empty places in scores of vocational degree courses.

Commentators have said it is inappropriate that such courses appeare to be proliferating at a time when school-leavers with good grades could not get places in their preferred subject.

Among the courses on offer this year and with places still to be filled and little chance of a related career at the end of them are Waste Management With Dance (sic), Puppetry and Equestrian Psychology. ’nuff said?

Posting may be sparse for the next fews days. Fatsally is off on holiday and Cleo is taking the opportunity to join me and he Dear Old Mum on a short break in a luxury hotel. Things will be back to normal soon.

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Last Of The Summer Whine

The zombie of British television will finally be decapitated and laid to rest this weekend, thirty years after the show was pronounced dead by everybody under ninety. The final episode of this ‘national institution’ will be shown sometime over the weekend but I don’t know when and don’t much care.

My dear old Mum will probably dab a tear from her eye as the final credits roll for the final time, she and a few dozen other loyal fans from her generation still watch apparently. it is a sort of act of faith for them I suppose, like going to church on Sunday was for their parents.
It would have been cruel to take the show from them, they have few pleasures left, those who can remember what pleasures are that is. They can no longer reminisce about what a great time they had in the war having forgotten what both a war and a great time are.

The only reason I am aware of this momentous event is because while I was nibbling my croissant and sipping my apple and mango juice this morning Breakfast TV ran a feature on the show. There were clips of long dead actors sliding down Pennine slopes in old fashioned enamel baths or paragliding from a pair of Nora Batty’s big knickers. There were many examples of antique canned laughter. Then came the highlight, a reporter and crew visited the Last Of The Summer Wine museum where the permanent exhibition offers ordinary punters like you and me (well, like you maybe) the chance to fondle Nora Batty’s wrinkled stockings. Alas the lovely Nora (played by Kathy Staff) is no longer filling them having gone to that great sitcom in the sky to join most other members of the original cast.

There they can trade one liners eternally with Sergeant Bilko, Lucy, Mrs. Slocome’s pussy, Terry and June, Captain Mainwaring’s barmy army and Robert Lindsay’s effing family as the dead and those still dying every week strive to fill the abyss that opened up between the number hours that need to be filled on a hundred unwatched channels and the amount of money and creative talent available to fill them.

For me the saddest thing of all about this morning’s tribute was the interview with a guy billed as “Last Of The Summer Wine expert. This poor fuck has devoted a considerable portion of his life to becoming the world’s greatest authority on a tired old TV show.

“Fuck me,” I thought, “well at least they are not offering Last Of The Summer Wine studies as a degree course yet”.

But I could be wrong, after all Durham University which is perhaps not the august centre of scholarship it once was, now offers a degree course in Harry Potter studies.

There really is something very very wrong in our post industrial society.

A Degree Of Punishment

A charity that campaigns and works for prison reform has said that prison officers should be required to have a University degree.

Successfully completing a degree course in beating people lightly with iron bars, administering electric shocks and performing body cavity searches will give applicants the necessary skills to do the challenging jobs on offer in the prison service.

Being the very essence of enlightened liberalism Boggart Blog would take this suggestion even further. We suggest that as well as having written a ten thousand word thesis on why it is a very bad idea to leave ladders propped against the perimeter wall, wannabe officers should also be trained in handling fierce dogs and the most effective ways of swinging a baseball bat with nails through the end.

Our mole in the Department of Trade, Industry and Organised Crime tells us if the idea is taken up the only jobs available to people who do not have a degree will be digging holes and filling them in again on a Government welfare to work scheme.

Failed to get a place in University – Why not get a job A very interesting suggestion for school leavers from The Daily Telegraph.
Devaluation by degree Are degree qualifications being devalued?

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If you enjoyed our condensed version of Wuthering Heights (previous post) but found the Harry Potter film good but a bit long winded you will surely enjoy the saga of Boggart Blog’s own Boiy Wizard hero. Click this link to read Gary Trotter and the Portal Of Pleasure in seven very condensed volumes.

The Long And Winding Road That Leads To PhD

We have often reported on the wonders of New Labour education policy with it’s worthwhile and meaningful targets like “There shall be a University on every street corner” or “Every child shall pass a million examinations,” or “A degree is not just for Christmas, it’s for life,” but now we hear even the NuLab government’s Department of Education, Science and Silly Walks has surpassed itself in devaluing a University degree qualification by making PhDs accessible to the huddled masses.

Now we are delighted to bring you news of a new initiative from Liverpool Hope (and change) University (formerly Scally Street College Of Further Education) is to offer a post graduate degree in Beatles Songs. Not the music of The Beatles mind you but Beatles Songs. From Me To University, She Loves University, Across The University, are natural choices while the exam cheat’s song With A Little Help From My Friends, the student wasters song A Hard Day’s Night (In The Union Bar) seem to sum up student life. And what about The Fool On The Hill as an introduction to existentialist philosophy.

Well Oo – bla – di – oo – bla – da , you might say in sheer indifference.

Don’t be too quick to knock it though. Some of the more progressive American Universities have been offering post grad qualifications like M.Phil and D. Phil in pop music related subjects like the songs of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springstein, Tamla Mowtown and Elvis Presley as poetry. Some are even offering a rock music MBA (Metallica, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith)

Poetry hmm? I am the eggman, they are the eggmen, I am the walrus goo goo ka joob. Obviously post modernist deconstructionalism.

The point we must not miss is that although such educational qualifications offer zero employment opportunities they do identify the holder as having advanced research capabilities and the organisational skills and communications abilities required to put together a 5000 word dissertation as well as being able to read the tiny font used in CD insert notes, they are cheap. A PhD in Bealteology costs about £3,500 in total. Compared to the £3000 a term charged by Manchester Grammar School as we reported yesterday, multiplied by three terms per year and seven years in senior school and we can see a Professors of Beatleology are a very cheap way for the government to move nearer its target of having 50% of people leave fulltime education with a degree and 20% with a higher degree.

Thus Britain will have moved forward to meet the modern challenges of a modern world by implementing progressive education policies that equip young, bright people with degrees that qualify and equip them for jobs as burger flipping, shelf stacking, call centre clerking and prostitution.

BSc. in Stating The Bloody Obvious

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Graduation Blues -comic verse by Ian on the folly of too much education.

Education was seen as one of the great social levellers. Will the devaluation of educational qualifications and the effects of the recession combine to undo some of the progrss of recent decades? Read Women Must Not Go back In The Kitchen a reality ignoring wail from a feminist writer.

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