Another Lie exposed, TV Detector Vans Are Fake

I worked in computers, computer communications to be exact, when the government propaganda campaigns to enforce that fraudulent tax, the Television Licence, was at it’s height. My colleagues and I, armed with considerably more knowledge than the average punter, were sure the technology these vans allegedly contained, that could “see” what channel we were watching on TV, did not actually exist.

We were right, but the scam has always been denied by government until now, with the blatant political bias of those rabid lefties at the BBC, and the blatant politicisation of general entertainment content making the licence fee more unpopular than ever.

“Detector vans are a myth,” the UKIP MEP Gerard Batten, a long-time campaigner against the licence fee, told me this week.

Prosecution for not having a TV licence depends on the accused being caught in the act of watching live broadcasts, or admitting to it. The non-existent threat of Detector Van evidence is just a means of getting suspects to incriminate themselves.

Sceptics such as Batten point out there isn’t a single documented case in British legal history in which so-called ‘detection evidence’ from vans has been used to prosecute a licence fee evader.

This was, sheepishly, confirmed by the BBC in 2011 in response to a (hitherto unreported) Freedom of Information request.”

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