Why Are Mainstream Media All Telling The Same Lies Over US Voting Fraud Claims

Ian R Thorpe 20 Nov 2020 2:18PM

Mainstream Media’s reporting regaring the aftermath of the USA’s chaotic presidential election, both in the US itself and here in Britain (you can throw in the rest of Europe too,) has been completely dishonest and absolute garbage.

Every mainstream media organisations including the usually right leaning Fox News in the USA and all British print and broadcast news organisations have been slavishly parroting the propaganda of The Obama-Clinton-Pelosi Organised Crime Network (formerly known as The Democratic Party,) that the claims of Donald Trump and his supporters of electoral fraud are not backed by “evidence.” But is this true?

When the US Government’s General Services Agency refuses to release the funds allocated for the transfer of power so that Biden’s team can prepare to take over, citing the cases of several states where counting is incomplete, and other states where there is evidence of “significant irregularities” in voting and electoral procedure how can news editors keep allowing their journalists to write that the Trump campaign’s allegations of fraud are “without substance and that there is no evidence to support fraud claims.”

What the millennials who write for the mainstream news these days struggle with is understanding the difference between evidence and proof. Evidence can be witness statements, documents or results of forensic examination. Evidence is not the same as proof.

So far there is no PROOF of fraud because officials are blocking efforts to investigate the EVIDENCE offered to back allegations and if there is no investigation it ensures no proof (i.e. several pieces of corroborating evidence,) will ever be found.

And when sloppy, lazy journalists can learn of hundreds of votes bearing identical marks and similar signatures and say, “Well that’s not evidence, it’s just hundreds of identical coincidences,” that is a case of the public being told by those in authority, “We know something illegal has gone on, but as we also know the outcome of a fair investigation would be highly embarrassing and damaging we’re going to pretend there is no cause for concern.

Most readers are aware of all this, it’s the journalists and who need remedial education.

Shame on mainstream media for their ridiculous attempts to disenfranchise half of American voters by denying those voters a full investigation of their concerns.  How dare mainstream media adopt the position that because the complkainant is Donald Trump he must be in the wrong. That is not how justice works. For four years mainstream media have called into question Trump’s ability to serve as president, without a shred of evidence to back up their allegations of mental instability. Where was the evidence for The Democrats failed attempts to impeach him (twice)? It fell apart the moment it was subjected to scrutiny

How often did mainstream media comment on Biden’s far more questionable fitness for office?   Probably never, yet we all saw the evidence of that during the campaign, and those of us who have had to watch the mental decline of elderly relatives as their dementia developed recognise the symptoms far too well..

Systemic fraud is hard to detect on a vote by vote basis, however there is more than enough circumstantial evidence, corroborated by witness statements to warrant going to court, which is exactly what the Trump team is doing.

Amongst other things, there are many precincts reporting more cast votes than number of voter registered. That is a mathematical impossibility, then there are the batches of thousands of votes delivered that were 100% for Biden, not one for Trump. That is a statistical near impossibility, not impossible but the odds against it are trillions to one.

Add the scandal of the ballot harvesting, (illegal in any other democracy,) made possible by the extension of mail in voting and how easily it becomes to organise large scale fraud.

It’s amazing there has been no mainstream media coverage about the huge issues with postal ballots. Journalists simply repeat the same establishment lies despite previous know problems with this type of voting in the USA, Britain, France and other nations where it has been found vulnerable to fraud.

In some US states, for this election postal votes were issued to ALL registered voters, whether they requested the facility or not. Bearing in mind that there are an estimated 1 in 8 voters are incorrectly registered on the role, that’s a huge number of postal ballots being issued to addresses where people no longer live or people have died.

There are accounts of hundreds of ballots being delivered to some addresses and piling up in doorways. Whichever side you vote for, surely you wouldn’t want all those ballots being left out for someone to fill in and post?

Note also that in some states the signature information is torn off the votes and the only the vote counted (see Georgia). So any fraud and multiple voting will not be discovered and a meaninful audit is not possible. It’s the worst possible system and open to huge amounts of corruption, whichever side is doing it.

Or a think of the opportunities to interfere with the election outcome afforded by a foreign-based vote tallying computer software company with unexplained huge shifts in the number of Biden votes (and some large batches of 100% Biden votes mysteriously recovered late during the count, or the unconstitutional absence of Republican observers in the vote counting facilities in Philadelphia, and so on and so forth.

In the 2000 election Al Gore spent OVER TWO months haggling about a few thousand votes in Florida the recount of votes for just one state, Florida. The media and Dems were behind him in the name of procedural democracy and the constitution. so why can’t Trump be given at least as much time?  Why is there this obscene rush to certify results for Biden when serious issues with voting and counting have not been resolved satisfactorily. 

LIkewise, Hillary Clinton warned Joe Biden a month or two before this election that he should “never concede if you lose no matter what” while Nancy Pelosi blatantly announced the intention to cheat by announcing the party “had a plan” to stop Trump in the key states.   Typically The Democrats demonstrate their adherence to no standards, except double ones. I’m not saying the Republicans would behave differently were the positions reverses, this artice is about the state of liberal democracy rather than party politics.

But The Democrats dodeserve a special mention for their hypocrisy. After years of screeching about equality and the evils of white supremacism and institutional racism, bizarrely having to name a senile, white Anglophobe as their presidential candidate and surrounded him with a crowd of pretty disjointed woke extremists.

PS: I have never been a Republican but always an Independent but happily voted for Trump twice. I did not do so for this questionable personality style of courses but for the fact he has been the only one to finally question the establishment politics of the past 30 years or more and address key issues that both parties have doggedly avoided.   Maybe the Dems and their media mouthpiece should start looking into these (these key issues are NOT going away unfortunately).  That would be way more constructive for all (truly unifying, to follow Biden’s fake attempt at it), rather than practicing this form of intellectual fascism in demonizing Trump and his supporters and calling them the worse names on the planet.

The Republicans should not just passively play cave in to attempts to pressure Trump into conceding and abandon their challenges to the vote. After been subject to 4 years of hell from the Democrats, the very people who have tried to reverse the result of a democratic elections by way of their “resistance”, including in 2016 demanding a vote recount and the after the fact result was beyond doubt trying to claim victory based on the primacy of the popular vote (over the electoral college,) which morally right or wrong has no basis in US law. Then they tried tio impeach Trump and have him removed from office with the made-up “Russian collusion” fiasco and again with the other impeachment hoax in 2019, which cited “abuse of power. Then in election year, 2020 the party was effectively complicit of months of violent riots on the part of the Antifa (fascists) and BLM black nationalist extremists (The Democrat Convention not a single time denouncing the daily riots in those mainly blue states or cities) and blackmailing the voters over the threat of more riots if Trump ever won a second mandate. 

It’s interesting to not what maverick left wing freelance journalist Glenn Greenwalk, never a friend of Trump or the Republicans has to say on this election debacle:

from The US Inability To Count Votes Is A National Disgrace by Glenn Greenwald, https:greenwald.substack.com

The richest and most powerful country on earth — whether due to ineptitude, choice or some combination of both — has no ability to perform the simple task of counting votes in a minimally efficient or confidence-inspiring manner. As a result, the credibility of the voting process is severely impaired, and any residual authority the U.S. claims to “spread” democracy to lucky recipients of its benevolence around the world is close to obliterated.

At 7:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday, the day after the 2020 presidential elections, the results of the presidential race, as well as control of the Senate, are very much in doubt and in chaos. Watched by rest of the world — deeply affected by who rules the still-imperialist superpower — the U.S. struggles and stumbles and staggers to engage in a simple task mastered by countless other less powerful and poorer countries: counting votes. Some states are not expected to finished their vote-counting until the end of this week or beyond.
[ … ]

Given the record of failures and humiliations they have quickly compiled, what rational person would trust anything they say at this point? A citizen randomly chosen from the telephone book would be as reliable if not more so for sharing predictions. And the monumental failures of the polling industry and the data nerds who leech off it, for the second consecutive national election, only serve to sow even further doubt and confusion around the electoral process.

A completely untrustworthy voting count is now the norm. Two months after the New York state primary in late June, two Congressional races were in doubt by what The New York Times called “major delays in counting a deluge of 400,000 mail-in ballots and other problems.”

As for evidence that calls the election result into question, leaving aside the alleged (but very obvious,) malfuntioning of vote tallying software, which will be dealt with by the US courts, that are the questions of votes being altered by national guard officers brought in to help with the counting chaos and a decision by a prominent member of the state legislature in one of the key states to allow counting of thousands of postal votes that arrived without a postmark. These are specific incidents and were they isolated cases, would be of little significance. But when the same problems occur in many states, that is evidence of activities which need to be investigated.

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Hijab wearing, Jihad supporting U.S. Congresswoman refuses to condemn stoning of gays.
Ilhan Omar (with Bernie Sanders behind thinking “I wouldn’t mind giving her a taste of my pork sausage) – picture credit http://www.thenation.com

It had to happen, and it was always going to be great comedy value when it did. U.S Liberals were always going to face the moment when their love of Gays, Lesbians and Trannies clashed head to head with their love of terrorists and the Islamic Jihad.

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U.S. President Donald Trump is adopting a tough on the European Union, after the Union’s unelected leaders threatened to impose punitive tariffs on leading American brands in retaliation for his attempts to protect the jobs of American steelworkers. “So now we will also impose import tariffs,” threatened Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the unelected European Commission, at an event in Hamburg, Germany.

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Authored by Ivan Pentchoukov via The Epoch Times,

A growing number of Americans feel that the political climate is preventing them from sharing their views, according to a new survey by the Cato Institute.

The institute surveyed 2,000 Americans and found that 62 percent are reluctant to share their views due to the political climate. In 2017, 58 percent of people surveyed expressed the same opinion.

Republicans are much more likely to be afraid to share their opinions than Democrats and independents, the survey found. More than 3 in 4 Republicans—77 percent—said they are afraid to share their views compared to 52 percent of the Democrats and 59 percent of the independents.

The reluctance to share one’s views appears to grow as respondents shift right on the political spectrum, the survey found.

Compared to 2017, the reluctance to share one’s views increased across the political spectrum. Liberals, moderates, and conservatives were all 7 percent more likely to be afraid to express their opinions.

The increase in reluctance was more pronounced among strong liberals, rising 12 points to 42 percent, compared to 2017. Reluctance to share their views among strong conservatives notched up 1 point to 77 percent.

“This suggests that it’s not necessarily just one particular set of views that has moved outside of acceptable public discourse,” Emily Ekins, research fellow and director of polling at the Cato Institute, wrote about the survey.

“Instead these results are more consistent with a ‘walking on eggshells’ thesis that people increasingly fear a wide range of political views could offend others or negatively impact themselves.”

The self censorship cut across demographic groups as well, with roughly 2 in 3 Latino Americans and white Americans and nearly half of African Americans holding views they are afraid to share. More men (65 percent) than women (59 percent) said the political climate prevents them from speaking their mind.


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Until recently Universities were places where any ideas were welcome and any economic, social, or scientific theory, no matter how extreme would be given a fair hearing and debated openly. So where did it all start to go wrong? How did the idea that there is only one set of acceptable answers to society’s problems (the ‘pensée unique’ to use a French phrase I am fond of, redolent of The Borg in Star Trek and much more demeaning than “Social Justice Warriors”) and that those who challenge the orthodoxy should be silenced and prevented from broadcasting their ideas in print or verbally.

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Our right to free speech is under threat from intolerant, authoritarian left wingers or ‘progressives liberals’ as these illiberal reactonaries like to style themselves. The ‘Politically Correct Thought Police’ as I have somtimes called them in acknowledgement of Geoge Orwell’s novel ‘1984’, are determined that in they egalitarian dystopia they dream of (but that fortunately could never be) nobody will be able to say or do anything that may offend s member of any racial, sexual or social minority. This kind of fascistic tyranny is justified by invoking politically correct ideals, but it is having a deeply damaging effect on human society and could eventually result in civil conflict in the developed nations.
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