Health Fascism With Teeth

Heath news: A survey out today has “proved” that everyone who does not clean their teeth at least twice every five minutes is going to die of heart disease before they are five years old.

Right so.

Leaving aside the hyperbole it seems, though we we have not seen the figures yet, that people who clean their teeth less often are at a slightly higher risk of suffering from heart disease.

Which kind of suggests the old Scottish habit of sending a young person to the dentists to have all their teeth pulled “so they’ll be nae more trouble tae ye” as a twenty first birthday present might have been a better idea than anyone suspected.

On the other hand having their teeth yanked out early did not stop the Scots having the highest rate of heart disease of all British regions.

OO – er missis, have we stumbled on yet another “scientific” survey based on entirely false logic? Did the survey fail to consider that people who can’t be arsed bruhing their teeth might perhaps also smoke and drink heavily, eat lots of fry ups and take aways and generally have unhealthy lifestyles?

British Teeth

Muslim Dentist Omar Butt Makes An Arse Of Himself

Omar Butt, a Muslim dentist who worked at the Unsworth smile clinic like Muslim women to be “modestly dressed” when they turned up to have their teeth done. We don’t know if Omar was ever a member of the boy scouts but he was certainly prepared for secular Muslim women who turned up niquabless and said, “Ayup, I fergot me effin’ veil, ferget me ‘ead if it weren’t screwed on, me. (That’s how Muslim women in Bury talk.) Omar you see kept a box of spare veils in his surgery and would ask unveiled Muslim women to one on.”

Mr Butt has also been accused of asking patients if they prayed three times a day and performed their ritual ablutions diligently before deciding what treatment he would ofer people. We have not heard of any instances where he has pulled out all somebody’s teeth because they fell short on their religious obligations. Nor has there been any suggestion that he removed the teeth of infidels with rusty pliers.
Omar also had signs in his surgery reminding Muslims that sharia law still applies even when they are having teeth pulled. He says he is not an extremist but wanted people to know he is a Muslim. Well that’s very nice but what about women patients who didn’t want people to know they are Muslims.

As a result of his bizarre behaviour Omar, having already served one suspension after being found guilty of serious professional misconduct in 2007 is facing another disciplinary hearing. If he is judged guilty on the current charges he will lose his job.

We would like to know how can you work on somebody’s teeth when they are wearing a veil? Would a surgeon try to do a hear transplant without taking the patient’s shirt off?

Muslim dentist found guilty of discrimination

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The Official Tooth Fairy

A New York dentist, whose exhorbitant claims on the state’s Medicaid programme suggested she treated more than 100 patients an hour, faces prosecution in what looks set to become a major political scandal. In one day in 2003, Dr Dolly Rosen claims she treated 991 patients.

In Britain of course we are used to a much higher standard. The average National Health Service dentist treats one patient in 991 days.