The flu vaccine is a spectacular failure

As part of The Daily Stirrer’s commitment to stirring things up for the environment, we feel obliged to question the 2sacred cow” narratives of the establisment, particularly those which are presented as “for the public good,” but which on closer examination are for the good of corporate profits and the increase of political control over our daily lives. One of these narratives in recent years has been the promotion of vaccines, particularly those of dubious value such as the ‘flu vaccine, which people of a certain age and above are urged to get each year.

The ‘flu vaccine is big business for the pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines, but how effective is it?

from NewsTarget, 03 March 2020

We’re often bombarded with “helpful” reminders to get our flu vaccines as winter rolls around, but when you take a closer look at the medical literature, there’s a lot about the shot that simply doesn’t add up. There are really two main qualities that you’d expect a vaccine that is pushed on the masses to possess: safety and efficacy. Unfortunately, the flu vaccine fails on both counts.

There’s a huge body of evidence showing just how ineffective the flu vaccine is and how easily its effectiveness can drop depending on personal factors. The CDC can never really say just how well a particular season’s flu vaccine will work as it must be created well ahead of the flu season, and there’s no way of knowing which strains will dominate in a particular year – they can only guess. Then, they point out that past seasons have seen efficacies in the range of 40 to 60 percent, as if that’s somehow something to brag about!

And when you look at particular years or groups of people alone, it fares far worse, with the overall effectiveness of 2018-2019 vaccine being just 29 percent across all the various age groups and flu viruses. This is according to information compiled by Children’s Health Defense.

In February of 2019, flu vaccines were actually ineffective 91 percent of the time. And that upper efficacy of the range the CDC touts of 60 percent has only been reached once in the last 15 years. Some years have seen failure rates of as high as 90 percent, which is what happened in 2004-2005.

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Media admits that 10% of those infected with measles were already vaccinated, and that measles vaccines only work for a few years

Though its official failure figure is somewhat questionable, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is finally admitting, at least, that the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella doesn’t always work as claimed – and even when it seems like it does, the vaccine’s effectiveness always wanes over time.

Doctors admit vaccines are harmful and turn our immune systems against us

This article is reproduced from Science News under ‘fair use’ terms in the public interest.

Vaccine makers panic as scientific study solves the riddle of why flu shots don’t work

Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”: Claim Stokes Fears Over Genetically Modified Bioweapon
The theory that China obtained the coronavirus via a Canadian research program, and started molding it into a bioweapon at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan before it somehow escaped could be an attempt by the establishment to spread fear and panic …

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Weaponised Ebola Virus? The World Always Cathches Up Eventually?

Gratifying to see the rest of the blogosphere are now asking questions like this:

“What is a US Army Bio-Weapons research lab doing at the heart of Ebola outbreak” (see below)

ebola under control
Image Source: Zero Hedge

It’s a good and valid question and one Boggart Blog asked some weeks ago as the Washington / London / Brussels propaganda machine was ramping up the Ebola fear and panic to a new level.

We actually said that the time that if you are a well nourished westerner there’s not much to worry about. Unless you (like us) are among the ‘crazy conspiracy theories’ who want to know just WTF a US biological weapons team were doing in their experiments with the Ebola virus in the area where the current outbreak began.

See our previous report by clicking the link below:

Fear and Panic and Ebola Fever

In this post you will learn that the government of Sierra Leone recently ordered that the experiments cease and the research unit be closed (Learn more). One of the reasons for the action might be linked to THIS.

And the question Boggart Blog and many others posed;

Why Does The US Government Hold A Patent On The Ebola Virus.

When the ‘Conspiracy Theory’ screechers start up, just remind them that said patent od recistered at the US Patents Office, (thus it is a matter of public record) and is viewable online HERE.

And when you combine that patent with the presence of a US biological weapons research team in the area where Ebola occurs, anyone who does not smell the putrid odour of malfeasance is suffering from either anosmia or brain death.

We are not supposed to ask such questions of those in authority however, but merely to accept that whatever they are doing is for the greater good (of the elite) and nothing to worry our pretty little heads about.


Is the World Health Organization involved in biological warfare research?
Dr. Francis Boyle, a professor of international law, talked in a recent interview with about the Wuhan coronavirus now sweeping through the far east, laboratory in Wuhan, China, where the genetically modified virus appears to have originated, and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) clandestine involvement in biological warfare research …Continue reading

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Boggart Blog Prevents Deadly Virus Pandemic

Several people have died following an outbreak of a rare lung disease among people who have visited California’s Yosemite National Park .

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) was first identified in the US in 1993, but researchers subsequently discovered Americans had been dying of the disease since at least 1959.

The Hantavirus infection is caused by ingesting by swallowing of inhalation microparticles of faeces and urine from infected rodents.

The Boggart Blog health expert Dr. Peasemold Phibes said, “To prevent themselves contracting this disease people should avoid sniffing rat turds. If somebody offers you rat turds to sniff just say no. Or when a friend suggests it is safe to sniff squirrel turds tell them they are misinformed. Just because a species is cute or looks innocent it does not mean their turds are safe to sniff. There is no such thing as an innocent rodent, thus these is no safe quantity of rodent poo.”

A few years ago in Scandinavia there was a spate of cases of young people throwing themselves off cliffs after sniffing lemming turds. Investigators eventually discovered pushers had told the teenagers they would be sniffing the poo of flying squirrels.

You Just can’t Be Too Paranoid

Heart Attack Pill: Medicate Everybody And Abolish Death

There’s been new talk of a polypill: a pill the entire population are required to take by law on a regular basis in the expectation that such fascistic measures will eradicate the health problems that cost the National health Service most money.

“Is there a pill to cure bureaucratic incompetence and money wasting?” You might well ask.

Well no, those boffins with their white coats, cone shaped heads and personal odour issues are not quite that clever yet.

The new polypill is just plain old statins, the cholesterol lowering drug that causes arse dribble while totally overlooking the fact that people who have low cholesterol don’t need it lowered any more.

The loonytoons scientific thinking behind this is dish it out to the whole population above a certain age, sit back and wait for heart disease rates to fall thus saving the NHS loadsamoney. And they few who die because they are forced to take a drug they don’t need are not statistically significant so fuck ’em. As with most scientific great ideas it has not really been thought through, in fact Dr David Wald, the cardiologist leading the research, is the son of Professor Sir Nicholas Wald, who came up with the concept and is a patent holder for a version of the pill. You may say there is a possible conflict of interest there, Boggart Blog could not possibly comment.

Margaret McCartney, an outspoken Glasgow GP and medical commentator who has never been afraid to challenge the Big Phrama lackeys of the British Medical Association and the Department of Health nails the key point: that medicating entire populations sounds a great idea but often causes unexpected harm. It is more effective to target medication at the patients who need it rather than needlessly medicating a bunch of patients with nothing wrong with them. All those well patients get is a few possible side-effects, and no benefit. That’s a pretty crude method.

As Dr McCartney says, the healthy patients are also the ones most likely to take the pill. The sick ones, who might actually benefit, are also less likely to comply. The sort of diseases that this tablet is aimed at – cardiovascular, diabetes and so on – are very often associated with lifestyle and poverty. Addressing these causes would surely be a more sensible solution to the problem than offering a promise of immortality wrapped up in a nice little pill.

Doctor, Doctor

Da-da da-da da-da da-da da-da da-da da-da da-da Bat Flu

Our world was not turned upside down this moring by a story reporting a new health threat that could kill tens of millions millions hundreds of thousands thousands a few people worldwide.

“For the first time, scientists have found evidence of flu in bats, reporting a never-before-seen virus whose risk to humans is unclear. “

Bat Flu? Will it be as dangerous and Bird Flu and Swine Flu which both caused mass hyestreria in medical science, the health professions and the political establishment and the symptoms of which caused massive swelling of Big Pharma’s profits.

Both were treated with indifference by the public of course, and being pissed off by the lack of fear and panic they engendered both these mass killers went away without disrupting the life of the nation.

Will Bat Flu be any different? Well it seems to us very much like a disease we reported a few years ago. And back then, despite a big furore in some parts of the world, nobody died.

Holy Pandemics Batman, It’s Bat Flu
The Good News Is The VSE Epidemic Is Over, The Bad News Is We’re All Dead
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Health Fascism With Teeth

Heath news: A survey out today has “proved” that everyone who does not clean their teeth at least twice every five minutes is going to die of heart disease before they are five years old.

Right so.

Leaving aside the hyperbole it seems, though we we have not seen the figures yet, that people who clean their teeth less often are at a slightly higher risk of suffering from heart disease.

Which kind of suggests the old Scottish habit of sending a young person to the dentists to have all their teeth pulled “so they’ll be nae more trouble tae ye” as a twenty first birthday present might have been a better idea than anyone suspected.

On the other hand having their teeth yanked out early did not stop the Scots having the highest rate of heart disease of all British regions.

OO – er missis, have we stumbled on yet another “scientific” survey based on entirely false logic? Did the survey fail to consider that people who can’t be arsed bruhing their teeth might perhaps also smoke and drink heavily, eat lots of fry ups and take aways and generally have unhealthy lifestyles?

British Teeth

Swine Flu – No worries, you’ll just gain a few pounds

The government of control freaks are keeping up their fear and panic campaign to turns us all into gibbering wrecks who cower in fear of swine flu. Boggart Blog has always said this scare is simply about making money for drugs manufacturers. Well now we can prove it.

Take a look at the picture below of some Swine Flu germs.


They look like mince pies don’t they? And the medical authorities try to tell us it is not a seasonal disease. What could be more seasonal than mince pies.

Boggart Blog says stop worrying about Swine Flu or H1N1 as we are now supposed to say to distinguish it from Avian Swine Flu (if you know what I mean). It might make you put on a few pounds but who doesn’t in December.

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New Pandemic! Holy Hibernation Batman, The Bat Cave Is Closed.

Bad news for eccentric millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne and his witless ward Dick Grayson, aka Batman and Robin. Bat caves across the USA are being placed out of bounds and boarded up to stop the spread of a disease that threatens to destroy the bat population.

The bat disease, white nose syndrome, is caused by spores of a mutant fungus that first appeared on the walls of sties filled with pigs quarantines because they were suspected Swine Flu carriers. FBI agents suspect the fungus was genetically modified with Swine Flu virus by mad scientist Prof. Max Megalo and introduced to the bat population through felonious felines controlled by Catwoman.

The disease strikes in winter while bats are hibernating. Once the fungus has colonised their nostrils the bats produce copious amounts of nasal mucus and thus dehydrate themselves.

The Bat Cave close to Wayne Manor, Mr. Wayne’s luxurious mansion just outside Gotham City is no exception to the restrictions and the caped crusaders crimefighting capers have been curtailed.

The crimefighters gracefully accepted the closure of the Bat Cave but Mr. Wayne warned that once master criminals intent on world domination learn that the preternatural peacekeeping abilities of the dynamic duo have been neutralised Gotham City can expect a crime wave of unparalleled proportions.

Mr. Wayne told a Boggart Blog reporter the city could expect some catastrophic criminal calumnies from the many mendacious miscreants the city attracts. Then he excused himself as he had a scheduled meeting with Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara of Gotham City P.D.

His ward Dick said on his behalf: “Bats are sentient creatures and as such have rights but pustulating pipistrelles, people do not yet understand how serious this is. If there was an outbreak of fear and panic when Swine Flu think of the danger bats pose. As well as being a lot smaller than pigs they congregate in huge swarms and fly at night so they are much harder to see and avoid. And spores of the fungus are carried in their droppings which are tiny. So if you have been out at night and a bat shat on your hat you are already at risk.”

Next our reporter spoke to Dr. Pam Dennick of the Gotham City General Hospital Epidemiology Department. When asked if there was any chance of the disease jumping the species barrier to humans Dr. Dennick gave this warning.

“Normally we would have to say no, there are huge genetic differences between bats and humans. having said that, Vampires can take the form of humans or bats so there is a possible bridge across which the disease can enter the human population.

The Doctor offered this advice: Do not date people with very pale skin, eyes that are unusually sensitive to light and who have a penchant for wearing black. They may be innocent Goths but you can’t be too careful. Also avoid physical contact with such people. If you experience a runny nose rub Canesten or a similar treatment for fungal infections on the inside of your nostrils. (people who prefer natural remedies may find tea tree oil helpful) Take plenty of fluids and if you experience any symptoms of the disease do not sleep hanging upside down as humans are built differently to bats and you will drown.

We leave the last word to caped crusader Robin.

“Streaming Sinuses, this is worse than we thought. If the infection spreads civilisation could perish in a sea of batsnot.”

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If you, like the Boggart Bloggers found the panic over Swine Flu totally over the top you might enjoy reading PANICOLOGY by Simon briscoe and Hugh Aldersley Williams (Penguin Books) a book which dissects the scare stories and presents a balanced view of the true level of risk in relation to the level of fear and panic raised by vested interests.

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