Doctors and Scientists Warn Of Covid Vaccine Dangers Government And Big Pharma Corporations Are covering Up


Doctor says mRNA vaccines
“will kill most people” through heart failure, 62% of vaccinated people
already show microscopic blood clots

ALERT: Doctor says mRNA
vaccines “will kill most people” through heart failure, 62% of
vaccinated people already show microscopic blood clots

Image: ALERT: Doctor says mRNA vaccines “will kill most people” through heart failure, 62% of vaccinated people already show microscopic blood clots

(Natural News)
The vast majority of people who are getting injected for the Wuhan
coronavirus (Covid-19) will die within a few short years from heart
failure, warns Dr. Charles Hoffe, M.D., a medical practitioner in British Columbia, Canada.

In one of his latest updates, Dr. Hoffe explains that he is observing
in his patients who took an mRNA (messenger RNA) “vaccine” from either
Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna that their capillaries are now plugging up,
which he says will eventually lead to a serious cardiovascular event.

Chinese Virus mRNA shots are programmed to turn a person’s body into a spike protein “factory,” and Dr. Hoffe says that over time these mass-produced spike proteins cause progressive blood clotting.

No fewer than 60 percent of people who take an mRNA injection will
suffer from these blood clots – and in the end, an overwhelming majority
will end up six feet under due to the damage caused.

“We now know that only 25 percent of the ‘vaccine’ injected into a
person’s arm actually stays in your arm,” Dr. Hoffe explains one his

“The other 75 percent is collected by your lymphatic system and
literally fed into your circulation so these little packages of
messenger RNA, and by the way in a single dose of Moderna ‘vaccine’
there are literally 40 trillion mRNA molecules.” …….. Continue reading >>>

Doctors and Scientists Accuse Medical Regulator of Downplaying COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers


Doctors and scientists from 25 countries have today issued a rebuttal letter
to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), following the regulator’s
dismissal of their earlier warnings regarding COVID-19 vaccine dangers
from clotting and bleeding.

Within days of the EMA receiving the group’s original letter
on March 1st, outlining risks of blood disorders from COVID-19
vaccines, over a dozen countries suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine
following deaths from clotting and bleeding, as the doctors had warned.

On March 23rd, however, the EMA dismissed
the group’s concerns as relating to “minor” and “rare” events,
concluding that “a positive benefit-risk balance has been established.”

The doctors and scientists have today hit back, accusing the EMA of
misleading the public on the vaccines’ true risk-benefit profile. “Your
reply of March 23 is unconvincing and unacceptable,” they wrote, noting
that recorded cases of life-threatening cerebral venous thrombosis
(CSVT) post-vaccination likely “represent just the tip of a huge
iceberg”. Common reactions to vaccination, including headache, nausea,
blurred vision and vomiting, they state, are symptoms of CSVT, and
should be assessed as such, immediately.

Clotting and bleeding after vaccination can also “be expected to
increase with each re-vaccination, and each intervening coronavirus
exposure” the group warned. Over time “this renders both repeated
vaccination and common coronaviruses dangerous to young and healthy age
groups, for whom – in the absence of ‘vaccination’ – COVID-19 poses no
substantive risk.

“Such is the real risk-benefit analysis of the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’.
Either the EMA lacks the subject-matter expertise to appreciate the
molecular science of this reality, or it lacks the medical ethics to act

The group, Doctors for Covid Ethics, which includes professors of
immunology and microbiology, described the EMA’s responses to their
concerns as “unscientific”, “vague”, and lacking credibility. They have
offered to liaise with the agency to mitigate against vaccination risks
and ethics violations, including helping the EMA to “craft a focussed
pharmacovigilance plan.”

The group warned that continuing to administer inadequately tested
gene-based COVID-19 vaccines represents dangerous medical
experimentation, whose “true risks far outweigh any theoretical
benefits”, reflecting “serious violations of medical ethics and
citizens’ medical rights.”

“Misleading populations into accepting investigational agents such as
the gene-based COVID-19 ‘vaccines’, or coercing them through ‘vaccine
passports’, constitutes clear and egregious violations of the Nuremberg
Code”, they caution.

The letter is addressed to Emer Cooke, Executive Director of the EMA,
and was copied to the lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, Charles Michel,
President of the Council of Europe, and Ursula von der Leyen, President
of the European Commission. … Continue reading >>>




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AIER reports that the following letter has made an impact on public health authorities not only in Belgium but around the world. The text could pertain to any case in which states locked down their citizens rather than allow people freedom and permit medical professionals to bear the primary job of disease mitigation.
So far it has been signed by 435 medical doctors, 1,439 medically trained health professionals, and 9,901 citizens.

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Covid virus tests useless

As the Coronavirus rolls on with every trumpeted breakthrough fizzling out into a great big nothing, political leaders and media ‘influencers’ keep telling us we must follow the science. Yet with so much contradictory and conflicting evidence, perhaps it’s time we learned that “following the science” is the worst thing we can do? The Daily Stirrer has been telling you since the start of the farrago that scientist is a synonym of wanker,

Covid 19: Statistics, Lies and the Corruption Of Science.As the COVID — 19 pandemic continues to dominate the news and defy the efforts of researchers to understand its many mysteries, including its origins and why it affects people who contract the virus in wildly different ways, one thing we have learned for certain so far is the extent to which the Pharmaceuticals manufacturers cartel (colloquially Big Pharma,) exercise a pernicious influence over medical research and healthcare.

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Regular readers may recall this blog was among the first to expose the fact that the pandemic model predicting 500,000 COVID – 19 deaths if the entire nation was not placed under indefinite house arrest was based on a deeply flawed mathematical model of the pandemic built by a “scientist” at Imperial College, London, a college heavily reliant on funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. You may also recall we have reported on the determination of psychopathic megalomaniac Gates to insert himself into this phoney crisis

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An impressive array of more than 500 prominent world leaders, academics, and Nobel Laureates have written “A Call to Defend Democracy” in the face of a worldwide rise in government authoritarianism during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. The June 25 text declares that beyond health concerns the COVID-19 pandemic is “a political crisis that threatens the future of liberal democracy.”

Are You Sitting Comfortably? Then I’ll Begin To Patronise You.

I’m sure you all have, at some point, been on the receiving end of a government department’s letters, if only when they were telling you that they had lost yours and 17 million other peoples’ personal data, which had been stored on a disc and sent in the post, or by courier, to a new destination 6 months ago but which they have only just dicscovered did not arrive.
I don’t know if it is just me but I do find the tone of these letters invariably patronising.

” We need to make sure that we continue to pay you the right amount of Child Benefit.

Please read the notes we have sent with this form. They tell you what changes you must tell us about and will help you to complete pages 3 and 4 of this form.
You can tell us about changes by phone or in writing. Our phone number and address are shown at the top of this form. The phone number is the one with numbers and no letters, the address is mostly letters. If we thought you could tell your left from your right we would have included that helpful information too.
Oh, hang on, we also have two(2) other lines of letters and numbers. Oh dear, perhaps you had better take this form along to the post office where one of the helpful people behind the counter will be able to patronise you in person and then charge you a considerable fee for the privilege. Yes that was a big word but we didn’t want you to understand what we were saying there. O.K., off you pop now, look here’s little Johnny, he needs his nose wiping.”

Indeed this attitude seems to be rather endemic at the moment, what with new government campaigns to make us aware of how much alcohol we consume…. (I haven’t got a drink problem, I drink, get drunk, fall over, throw up… no problem!)
how to get a balanced diet… eat on a see saw
how much exercise to get…. carrying the tinnies back to the house is aerobic exercise as is seeing how fast and how far you can throw last week’s apples
what rubbish we can put in which bin and even how much rubbish we can put in each bin.. why do boys always leave the lid up?
how to save energy…. forget about the above exercise regime and order your shopping on line, if you leave the apples long enough they will eventually disappear.

However, the fight back begins! The GMC have announced new guidelines for doctors which state that doctors should avoid patronising their patients and should discuss conditions, treatments and side effects and respect patients decisions, including a patients decision not to have any treatment. ( Yes doctor I do know that drinking twenty units of alcohol a day is bad for me, but whose liver is it anyway?)

Today the doctors sugery, tomorrow the world, well hopefully HM Revenue and Customs, Department of Health, Department for Work, Benefits and Pensions or whatever it is called now and all the rest.