Unlawful Killing

This is interesting … I’ve always liked Keith Allen’s “fuck ’em” attitude.

from The Tap

A documentary film, titled “Unlawful Killing,” by producer Keith Allen that has been suppressed since its initial release at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2011, is now getting wide circulation via the internet, and is going to stir up new controversy around the role of the British Crown and MI6 in the murder of Princess Diana.

While reviewing longstanding evidence about the Aug. 31, 1997 Paris crash, the documentary, which was supported by Mohammed Al Fayed, breaks new ground by focusing on the vicious coverup during the Royal Inquest into the crash. The film focuses heavily on the role of Prince Philip in ordering Diana’s murder, and prominently features the quote, made infamous by Executive Intelligence Review, of Prince Philip declaring that he hopes to be reincarnated as a deadly virus so he can contribute to population reduction.

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Aliens Are REAL! Sci Fi Film Was A Documentary Says Star.

I love the Before It’s News Website More and More. Take this headline post today for example:

“Former wrestling superstar ‘Rowdy Roddy Piper’ has dropped a bombshell via Twitter, the movie ‘They Live’ was a documentary. “They Live” was a John Carpenter 1988 film that starred Piper as a drifter who fended off an alien invasion and according to recent ‘Rowdy Roddy’ tweets, the movie was not science fiction but actually a documentary. If you don’t remember, Rowdy Roddy’s character was armed with special sunglasses that allowed him to see the aliens walking among us, secretly controlling the media, banking and the government as shown in this first video and second video below. Does Rowdy Roddy know something that we don’t know and is this proof that aliens actually DO control most of our society?

Read full post with Rowdy Roddy Tweets and see a demo of his Alien Spotter sunglasses (which look like ordinary Ray Bans to me)HERE


Alien Life: Who needs lizard men when there is a universe of ideas out there?

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Baby Born On The Bog

Before Christmas the Boggart Blog news room were alerted to a story of a woman in Wales who was in court for killing her baby by flushing it down the toilet. The woman’s defence at her trial was that she had been using the toilet for normal reasons (Number 2s) and as she was straining the baby popped out and landed head first in the water where it got stuck in the U bend. At the time we rejected this story which we did not think could possible be true, Boggart Blog is a responsible publication, we don’t report made up news unless we have made it up ourselves.

Earlier this week however, while watching a Sky 3 television documentary that set out to find Britain’s roughest village we discovered a place named Skellingrove in North Yorks where one of the locals, a youth who had not just one central eyebrow but one central eye was explaining that his anti social behaviour (he was a one man gang of chavs) was perhaps because of his inauspicious start in life. He had been born on the toilet.

“Me mam thowt she needed a shit so she sat down and I popped out” he proudly told the camera. The story continued with the lad’s mother sending his elder sibling to fetch a woman from up the street who had also given birth while sitting on the toilet expecting to pass a turd (in a manner of speaking both women had done just that of course.)

Clearly we were wrong to pass over the story of the Welsh woman. Among the underclass popping babies out while straining is a common occurrence.

How the other half lives eh?

More humour every day from Boggart Blog and Greenteeth


Before we get started, I have to say Glastonbury has not been the same this year. All the usual things are going on but since that flash flood made the toilets overflow people just seem to be going through the motions. (that intro was provided bythe Greenteeth Multi Media Corp. Tired old jokes department)

Since the phrase “reality TV was coined the people who make TV programmes seem to have lost their grip of reality, or perhaps they never had much of a grip on reality anyway. Even when the word “celebrity” is left out of the title the content just gets more surreal. Just as an aside I am disappointed that celebrity reality shows have fallen out of favour before anyone got the idea to do Celebrity Stools, a show in which members of the public vote (£1.00 per call) on which celebrity laid any particular one of six turds; the whole thing presided over by Davina McColon – no relation to the person who presents Big Brother of course. (I am just reclaiming that joke as it popped up on a TV show last week after I did it on a very small radio station about two months ago. It is not the first time people on TV have used my material without so much as a “by-your-leave.” That Jonathan effing Ross had better watch his back I can tell you.)
Sorry, where was I. Ah yeah, reality. The main reality offering this solstice week was a schlockumentary featuring a project to build a life size replica of Stonehenge using … read full post Extrudedpolymerhenge here.

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