Give and take: guess who gives and who takes – Anna Raccoon

An excellent post from Anna Raccoon that sums up the kind of warped, totalitarian thinking behind Obama’s “You didn’t build that” speech. Here’s an extract:

Self Sufficiency, the American dream, a return to the lifestyle of the pioneers. Take care of yourself, take care of your own, live on the bounty of nature. Even in Oregon the State is encroaching. Those who dream of a similar lifestyle might care to take note of the result of a court case that has been on going there for ten years now.

Water, that most essential ingredient of life for mankind. It doesn’t belong to mankind though, even when it falls from the sky. It belongs to the State. Allegedly.

A Oregon man has just been jailed for 30 days and fined $1,500 dollars for allowing rainwater that fell from the sky onto his 170 acres farm to drop into the ponds on his farm, …

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I had to leave this comment for Anna:

The realities of life in Obamaland:

See that tasty pie you just took out of the oven Anna? You didn’t bake that, the government did.

See that sparkling clean upper story window from which you look on the french countryside? The window cleaner did not run up his ladder and polish that, the government did.

See that rather smart hairstyle your commenter Mr. Thorpe, poser that he is, is sporting? Justina the hairdresser did not style that hair, the government did.

See that nasty red ink on all our bank statements? We did not spend our money, the government did.

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